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Thread: Hi from Birmingham
27/11/2021 19:09:41

Welcome from me Michael, I'm a born and bred Brummie from Sparkhill. Live in Somerset now.

Grew up in Brum in the forties, fifties, and sixties so surrounded by industry, Austin cars, Rover cars, Girling brakes, Joseph Lucas, BSA motorcycles, James motorcycles,Ariel motorcycles, Dawes cycles, Watsonian sidecars and on and on.

Sadly all gone now of course.

Got into model engineering when I retired from a lifetime in engineering.

Good luck with your hobby, this forum has a wealth of experience from people in all disciplines so you are unlikely to have a question that won't be answered.

Bill D.

Thread: Does charging your car battery on fast charge damage it?
23/11/2021 22:17:54

Happy memories of my first car, a 1946 Austin 8. I think I ran it for years with a dead battery, started with a handle and then probably just ran off the generator, driving along country lanes at night was especially exciting, slowing down for bends caused the engine to die, clutch quickly in, lights off, bump start, first gear to keep revs up, lights back on just in time to negotiate bend.

A bit of 'expert' tuning of the regulator to increase charging the next day kept me going for a little longer.

Bill D.

Thread: Clive Sinclair
23/11/2021 22:01:06

When the Sinclair ZX90 came out I agonised whether to have one as christmas present or a SLR camera. From memory (excuse pun) the ZX 80 was about 1kb memory.

Thankfully I went for the camera, a Pentax ME super, still have it stored away somwhere.

Also have up in the loft an Amstrad a CPC 6128 I think with a dot matrix printer (remember those) a few plug in cartridge games, 'Burning Rubber' was one (now now no rude responses please)

Why am I keeping those, good question, suppose I thought they might gain some cult status and be worth a fortune one day.

Bill D.

Thread: Phoenix Locos
23/11/2021 21:45:44

I'm not a technophobe but resolutely refuse to have anything to do with Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, Linkedin et al.

I do use Whatsapp however so maybe I am misguided.

Anyway thanks for the tip Stuart.

Bill D.

23/11/2021 19:02:47

Hi all anyone know if Phoenix Locos are still in business, trying without success to contact them for price and avilability of bogie bolster wagon with brakes.

Bill D.

Thread: 80th birthday
21/11/2021 14:07:45

Thanks guys, I did have a driving experience a few years ago at the Avon Valley railway, no reason not to do its again I suppose.

As an exiled Brummie I well remember Len Vale Onslow, his shop was just called Vale Onslow I think.

When I was very young my mom and I spent a lot of time at my Nans house who lived right opposite Tyseley engine sheds.

Bill D.

20/11/2021 18:57:42

After the day I've had crawling around in our loft (literally, it is bending room only thanks to the stupid dormer design) pulling up boards, lifting out dusty insulation trying to trace wiring to extend lights in a bedroom which I foolishly told my wife I could do, I think I will ask for a robot for all those jobs that require a contortionists body to carry out. You know like, bending down to read a nameplate on a domestic appliance that is placed near the floor so you need a telescopic neck and your specs are always at the wrong angle anyway, ditto for getting to the plumbing under the sink etc.

Thanks for birthday wishes guys.

Bill D.

19/11/2021 21:19:36

Well guys, despite me being certain that I am 38 years old I have it on good authoriity that in fact I will be 80 years old in December. Totally perplexed as to how this state of affairs came about.

So I am being badgered from all directions for ideas of what I would like for my "special" birthday and would you believe I am struggling to think of things, this is not unusal I should add, I struggle every birthday and christmas to be honest.

Any ideas what to buy the man that has everything.

Over the last few years most of my pressies have been of the workshop kind but I am now overloaded with cordless drills, various types of saws, grinders, polishers, sanders, I have a lathe, milling machine, bench drill, vise, anvil, rolls/bender/guillotene, propane torch et al.

(still rubbish at model engineering I should add, all the gear no idea sort of thing)

I like books but Bill Bryson has retired so that's one of annual sources gone.

I have come up with a complete works of Charles Dickens, seen plenty of films/tv plays but never read his books.

I have a nice camera, binoculars, three watches (cheapish ones and can't justify an expensive one) racked my brains over adventure experiences but don't think my body would stand up to well to being battered.


Bill D.

Thread: Guided bus lane
17/11/2021 19:42:48

Thanks Michael, everybody I have related the story to all said 'how on earth do the council get away with that, if I did the same thing on my drive I would be hung drawn and quartered'

Bill D.

16/11/2021 11:08:09

Well my car is still up in Cambridge being repaired, damage to suspension and steering substantial.

Thankfully the repairers have been brilliant, in constant contact with updates, they probably don't need to as AA insurance are their customer not me, but for anyone living around that area I would thoroughly recommend them, based on service to date, Cooper Barnes, Linton Cambs. Even had an email off the MD Matt Cooper apologising for confusion (not of their making I hasten to add)

Bill D.

Thread: Book Your Covid Booster! Errr, How? Where?
11/11/2021 10:02:55

My wife was trying to book hers on line yesterday, she finally phoned 119 but they said they could only look at what we were on line. I took over last night and finally got one come up. for this morning You just have to keep trying, every time I tried different places came and went.

Bill D

Thread: Music on TV Programmes.
09/11/2021 10:40:10

Regional accents should not be a problem, you can be true to your accent and still speak clearly.

I watched an episode of the Larkins the other day, Bradley Walsh as Pa was ok but some of the others I had difficulty with. Later watched an episode of the Saint, not one problem understanding anybody.

So is it modern 'actors' or sound techniques or a bit of both. You would think modern audio equipment for studio recording and playback would beat the old mics on poles hands down but does it?

Bill D.

04/11/2021 18:13:02

Agree with all of the above, my constant bugbear is indistinct speech, so much mumbling and poor diction. My hearing is not perfect, who's is at 79, I have excellent Bernafon aids but still struggle. I know for certain that is not just me, any 'old' programme will not have such problems. That is not because everybody spoke like royalty either, listen to any old film or tv programme, I love the Carry On films (revel in the non pc) and whatever the accent never miss a word. Modern electronics should make sound quality far superior to the old mikes used in tv and film studios but in the main it is not or is it today's actors, don't they have speech training these days.

Saw someone on the beeb a while ago responding to such complaints, say they go to great trouble to ensure sound quality, don't they actually listen to it afterwards.Listening to something with my 30 year old son a couple of years ago I asked him if he heard what someone had said and the answer was no, I rest my case.

Bill D.

Thread: Wanner grease-gun thread ?
04/11/2021 17:51:48

Wanner grease gun, mine goes back to my early motoring days and was my pride and joy, looking back I can't believe I could afford it then, no idea how much it cost then but it couldn't have been cheap I assume, cheap far eastern stuff didn't exist then. Also bought a set of Wihiworth ring spanners, made in Poland and 60 years later still unmarked.

Bill D.

Thread: Mysterious Russian Emails
01/11/2021 18:41:27

Get loads of these at work (yes 79 years old and still working) sometime ago there were a lot of what looked like random extracts from medical research reports.

Bill D.

Thread: Vac
01/11/2021 18:31:07

The first thing I said to my wife when we saw this on the news this morning was "I bet Vax will be pleased, free advertising"

Vacuum cleaner a misnomer? it creates a vacuum (or partial vacuum or negative pressure) to 'suck dirt out* as an industrial fan engineer I would be interested to know why it is a misnomer.

Bill D.

Thread: Oxy propane welding kit
29/10/2021 20:12:06

Hi Peter, sorry a bit late in the day but I bought an Oxy Turbo 200 kit a few months ago, was getting extremely frustrated at all the heat I was having to put in to my 5" boiler to repair a few weeps. I did it but jury still out to be honest, I put some background heat in with my Sievert propane torch and finished local area with the Oxy Turbo. A first timer with it so quickly used up the oxygen cylinder getting the flame right, not used it since but I need to have a bit more practice, Small O2 cylinders expensive unles you are good at it and its a quick in and out.

A friend of mine uses oxy acetylene but he is a qualified welding engineer as well as a good welder.

Bill D.

Thread: Guided bus lane
29/10/2021 19:45:54

Thanks for your sympathy Dave. I consider my self a law abiding citizen and I'm not one of those 'Nobody tells me what I can do and where I can go' type of people.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who is familiar with this particular car trap in St.Ives to confirm whether or not my wife's memory of it that it was full of grass and/or weeds, I can be certain of one thing I didn't see it, I did see the bus lane signage on the red tarmac strip and would have thought that I would have seen a large hole in the road ahead.

As I said though, such was the shock at what happened, like sitting in your armchair at home minding your own business and the ground explodes beneath you that my senses didn't tell me to stop and have a calm look at what caused it. As we had to stop with car once I had parked it for about 5 hours of very stressful phone calls with AA insurance services and then wait in car park for a taxi after our car was collected we dare not go back to the scene of crime to take stock.

Even when we got back home we had several days of different messages saying where our car would be repaired.

Fortunately I had struck up a good raport with the repairers where the car had been first sent to, Cooper Barnes of Linton, we were providing each other with updates neither of us were getting from the insurers. Cooper Barnes were brilliant and I opted for car to be left there for repair. Already had several updates from them.

To be fair to people at AA I think they were being let down by a totally chaotic system, must be demoralising to work there.

Bill D.

26/10/2021 21:39:21

Thanks for that Michael, from that view it looks impossibe that you would not see it but from the drivers seat it is not that visible. Amazed even more at how my Kia Niro dealt with it, I guess if the lights are on green some people would have nosedived at a greater speed.

Howard assume you are taliking about Cambridge not St.Ives, we have a similar one in Bristol and I don't think it is likely I would stray onto that one having been on the bus into Bristol most of it that I remember is a dedicated purpose built route separate from a public road, bearing in mind my wife and I were in a state of shock our recollection was that it was just a continuation of an ordinary side road in the town of St.Ives, we were aware it was a bus lane, red tarmac with bus lane writtem on road but I thought going through that bit of a few metres up to the traffic lights at the main road seemed the lesser of two evils, caught in a bus lane or go back down the wrong way of a one way street.

Bill D.

26/10/2021 19:35:23

Michael G, those traps look quite shallow not much worse that potholes these days unless it is an optical illusion, I did not see the one I went in, maybe full of grass/weeds. As I said I feel extremely annoyed with my self but angry with the council for thinking this was an acceptable deterrent, it isn't if you don't see it it cannot deter.

A google report in 2017 said that already had reports of 50 cars suffering same fate on the St. Ives one and that was 4 years ago.

It is a mystery to me, if it's not a deterrent, unless you are a local and know about it and it causes problems with buses being delayed while breakdown trucks are called to pull cars out what is the point of it. I was 'lucky' in that my car fell and hauled itself out, maybe a function of being a hybrid with electric motor and auto gearbox so possibly less easy to stall engine which I guess a conventional IC engine and manual box would have done.

Anyway thanks for notes of support, I await fines to arrive, will have mega whinge about that but no doubt will fall on deaf ears as they must surely have gone through this many times. It makes you feel that you should really raise this issue with some 'Ombudsam' or other but then can I be arsed, been through enough stress with insurance company which is still continuing but that's too protracted to go into on this forum.

Bill D.

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