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Thread: Yet another scam
18/07/2022 20:25:47

Got a text the other day supposedly from the NHS saying I've been in contact with someone with covid & to ring the number they sent needless to say I deleted it as I've not been anywhere, To be honest I'm fed up with it all the loads of rogues trying to rip us all off all the time.

Thread: fixing loose valve guide
28/05/2022 20:23:12

A lot of yrs ago I had a 500cc gold star & the exhaust valve guide was loose in the head [bronze guide,alloy head], I got some copper sulphate & a piece of copper ,cleaned the guide & corked the ends & copper plated it, never had anymore bother.


Thread: Backyard Foundry - oil burning furnace - moulding and casting a spider
30/03/2022 22:27:52

Hi Luker these hall mirrors were for the wife,to give as presents to family,members,I'm always on the lookout for ready made "patterns" to use for castings these were made from a resin ornament, if I'm loaned anything I make a copy in petrobond with type metal which was used in the newspaper industry as it does not shrink when it cools,I also use roses metal which actally expands when it cools, we used it in the glass trade for setting armourplate glass doors into channel rails we chiseld it out & replaced it with modern rubber pressed in with a hydraulic press, needless to say I salvaged all the scrap, it melts at the boiling point of water, thank you for your kind words.


30/03/2022 10:18:14
Posted by noel shelley on 29/03/2022 20:20:53:

Very Good, clear definition, You beat me to it with the comment about the fire bar not lasting long. Many years ago I did an invicta horse ! Good luck, Noel

Thank you for your kind comments Noel,[praise indeed from yourself ]I've seen & follow you in action on F B & good it is too, when I make nameplates with any fine letters/details I usually sieve a layer of petrobond on as it's stronger & finer [& expensive now] then the rest is mansfield red [well it's black now with use!!.

Regards Graham.

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29/03/2022 19:44:53

No1 Invicta we borrowed the castings from an aveling that was getting repaired,one of the 1st castings I did many years ago,No2 me pouring[never mind the junk behind!! hehe No3 2/1 scale traditional fingerpost signs we used to have round here alas all gone now, this miniature is ,in my front garden between Worsall & Yarm Rosecroft is our cottage, no 4 is the 2 part pattern with core print for the North Yorkshire c c top of the post, all letters cut out on the Hegner,No5 is one of the roses with 2 different pouring sprues,one with a pouring baisin,, one without, not much difference to be honest, No6 straight out of the flasks with a brass firebar off a 2" traction engine [for a friends ornament ] wouldn't last 5 mins in his firebox!!,lastly the 2 roses mounted on the pediments.

  Oops !! go to part 3 for pictures of  what this is all about!!

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29/03/2022 19:22:32

dscf0481.jpgdscf0472.jpgfinished fingerpost sign making 008.jpgdscf0480.jpgdscf0479.jpgdscf0474.jpgHi Luker, sorry about the delay re "yorkshire rose" these are traditional yorkshire roses not with lots of separate petals [& they have to be displayed the right way up!!] & a few other snapshots of castings I've the past.dscf0476.jpg

Thread: Prepping/cleaning CZ120 brass for epoxy resin paint.
26/03/2022 23:49:47

I make cast alloy signs with fine detail & lettering on them & also cast brass nameplates & signs & I polish the details with 1200 wet & dry [wet] wrapped tightly on a rubber block,then I sandblast them with fine grit then polish again with w & d & polish with solvol autosol rubbed in to a cloth but wrapped tight round a rubber block so you don't polish the background I clean up with celly thinners & a paint brush & repeat three of times using fresh thinners then the final time I blow the [now clean] thinners off with the compressor blow gun & in my case I 2k etch prime before airbrushing with coach enamel 2 coats,sounds a faff on but I've never had a sign returned faulty. even years later.

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Thread: Backyard Foundry - oil burning furnace - moulding and casting a spider
07/03/2022 21:41:22
Posted by Luker on 07/03/2022 13:16:44:

How the other casting came out....

Great casting, Luker, nothing like polished brass, & that's a really nice finished casting, not had chance to make your burner yet, had to cast a couple of brass yorkshire roses for some mahogany mirror units Ive made for the wife tuned out good ,polished brass stands out well on the mahogany pediments, like the drill polisher,I have a similar set up with a horizontal spindle with a 1'2" chuck driven underneath by a 1/4 hp motor I use it for polishing all sorts from safety valves to bevelling & polishing barometer glasses,I rarely waste the lathe on polishing,Good luck finding your mansfield red Noel I got mine a lot of years ago from friends at a local foundry I found your video interesting ,looks good fun, The beauty of coke fired furnace is it's very quiet.
25/02/2022 19:38:51
Posted by Luker on 24/02/2022 18:21:07:

Hi Noel, thanks but technically I'm not a tradesman, just a guy who plays engineering in his back yard wink. Those were fines so they do get cast at a slightly higher temperature. I have found the loss of Zink is negligible for all the castings I've tested so I don’t worry too much about it. I've set my furnace up in such a way that the exhaust acts as an extractor for the immediate area which clears up very quickly.

I’ll give your ingate maker a bash, thanks for the tip!

Unfortunately buying from the scrap industry is very difficult with all our legislation. Lucky my boxes were made some time back. I do like your idea for a box though…

I have experimented with home-made insulating risers and even hot capping (that can be a little dangerous if you get the calcs wrong), but to be honest I don’t bother. Most of my casting issues can be solved with proper risering or mould orientation. BTW here’re some pictures of the one piece in the video. It’s been machined and gone over with a little emery, just needs to be polished…



Beautifull,brass castings not a blow hole in sight.

25/02/2022 19:34:02

Hi Luiker the local jobbing foundry where I go to [not many of those left now] don't like brass either also ,they use co2 sand & many years ago I asked for some greensand [mansfield red] & they said "go round the back" & dig as much as you like,needless to say I dug a few cwt up along with grass & weeds I riddled it & still use it, occasionally adding a handfull of "fullbond 100" bentonite to keep the bond,. Roger when I first started I thought I would make some home made Aluminium Bronze 90/10 mix needless to say I got the mix wrong with too much alloy & it turned out absolutely rock hard in lumps,, never bothered again, bronze would be easy enough to make but not with zinc in it, fortunately over the years folk get to know you & I've built up stocks of brass/bronze & alloys for odd jobs I've done for people so I'm ok for "pot fodder"

24/02/2022 18:49:48

Another excellent casting video Luker, I modified a couple of my flasks a good few years ago as I had a number of

"claw feet" to cast for a large alter cross for our local church that had "lost" them,[traditional

brass casters flasks] they all came out well,cast like this, brass is a "dirty metal" to cast, bronze being much nicer,as an aside I have a great supply of zinc, the garage in our village get's the odd machining done by me & as well as getting alloy from him he saves me all the wheel balance weights as they don't use lead now but steel or zinc,& they usually have zn cast in them so I sort them & make nice clean ingots.


05/02/2022 15:13:42

Hi Luker thank you for that info [priceless!] it's a faff on 2 part molding from bar I'll get the furnace fired up this week.& see how I go,.

05/02/2022 14:25:18

Hi Luker,I need to cast bronze barstock but the last time I tried it [a few yrs ago] vertically it was great on the outside but after turning it it was full of porosity,inside so I cast some horizontally with sprue & feeder & they came out ok but a mess on molding them, this of course was before & knew about your inoculant which I've just used[big thanks] perhaps I'll try again vertically.,saves time .

Thread: Tangential tool sharpening
18/01/2022 21:42:30

I've had a tangential tool for years & use it for all of my plain turning,& facing but be careful of taking "bonus cuts" in brass unless you grind it with no top rake as it grabs.all my brass tools have no top rake.


Thread: Backyard Foundry - oil burning furnace - moulding and casting a spider
16/01/2022 16:22:12

Oops, added more pictures & got details mixed up!!1 & 2 ok 3 first lighting up with wood4 moulding boxes ready to pour 5 pre warming brass on top of crucible with more on the top of the lid 6 ready for lift out 7shake out & finished castings!

16/01/2022 15:56:46
Posted by Luker on 10/01/2022 17:13:25:

Hi Graham, that's great news! Thanks for the feedback. I'm always glad when someone can take something I've written about and reproduce the results, then I know I'm sharing knowledge and not just boasting wink.

Yep my furnace design, including the burner, is in ME4626. I gave the ratios of what will work based on my calculations, but my actual sizes are also given.

Please let me know how you get along!

PS have you got some pics of the name plates?

Luker, [son came up & loaded up for me!! thanks Philip] a few pictures of my set up 1st one showing the drag with the patterns removed,2nd one the "pot fodder" bath taps rally plaques plumbing fittings etc,3rd one moulding boxes ready to pour 4th one shakeout & lastly the finished castings for the little lads loco fettled polished acid etch primed & 2 coats of 2k suzuki red.







Shake Out

Finished Castings

10/01/2022 21:20:52

Hi Noel, thanks for that info, when I started work at the local high school one of the first things I did was get the unused flamefast crucible furnace up & running I had no ingot moulds so I poured surplus alloy into large jam tin till it was semi-hard then tipped it out into crucible sized lumps all ok for a few melts till one day the bottom fell out!!! after that I made moulds & got refractory wash. hehe .I'll look at your " melting brass in a spin drier"


10/01/2022 18:27:09

Hi Luker, thank you for that info, [embarrassed now as I have the back numbers of ME, & should have looked,!!] I've taken some photo's of the melt & the furnace in action & have just been fettling the castings up today I'm etch priming then paint with traditional red background I've polished the letters but I'll have to get my son to print them in here as I don't know how to, he should be up this week sometime once again thanks for your help, photo's to follow.


09/01/2022 19:03:34

Hi Luker, lit the furnace today, [coke fired] & cast 2 nameplates & 2 number plates in brass for a friends little boy [6 yr 0ld] for his 5" battery loco he built for him, patterns made from mdf cut out on a fretsaw, I had small turnings chrome plated brass bath taps few plumbing fittings & few old steam rally plaques,,Put a tablespoon of your additive in the crucible & the brass cast really well, no porosity lovely castings, cleaned up well, very little if any zinc loss I always keep a lid on my crucibles & coat tools,skimmers pyrometer probe etc in contact with the metal with zircon based refractory wash also ingot moulds & tart tins as well as you will know molten alloys corrode steel as well as poss contaminating the melt, did you put details of your oil burner in model engineer? I'm interested in building one & like the sound of it ,thanks.


03/01/2022 19:54:56

Thanks for the info Luker I'll let you know how I get on.


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