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Thread: 4 facet drill grinding
14/04/2022 20:02:17
Posted by bernard towers on 14/04/2022 19:08:13:

I do like that setup jig Joseph.

likewise.. well impressed..yes


14/04/2022 17:23:10
Posted by bernard towers on 14/04/2022 12:00:47


Edited By andy mulholland on 14/04/2022 17:30:57

14/04/2022 17:23:09
Posted by bernard towers on 14/04/2022 12:00:47:

By the way Andy I'm a little concerned at how shiny your grinding wheel is in the first photo, possibly time to reface.

yes I has thought that as well..they do need dressing.. thanks


13/04/2022 19:24:35
Posted by Howard Lewis on 13/04/2022 17:59:38:

I have a Worden and use one of the accessories to four facet grind drills.

The technique is to mount the drill on a 31 degree wedge (118 /2 = 59. 90 - 59 = 31 )

With the table set square to the wheel, and the cutting edge of the drill set vertical, the jig can be swung to the 30 degree position to grind the secondary clearance. The drill should be rotated through 80 degrees, frequently to ensure that the lips are the same length, without abusing the wheel too much.

Once the secondary clearance has been ground, the jig is set to 10 degrees for grinding the primary clearance. This will almost certainly require the table to be repositioned to clear the wheel.

I unknowingly followed the late Giles Parkes and made up a holder for ER collets (ER20 in my case ) from inch square bar, to hold the drills, rather than an individual collet for each drill.

To save space, I turned the back of the clamp nut at 59 degrees so that the face was parallel to the front face of the jig, and gave a more positive location, which helps with accuracy..

With the cutting edge set vertical, turning the block over frequently allows the lips to be kept to the same length without having to take deep cuts, and heat the drill, or wear the wheel.

The result is like that shown by Bernard Towers.

The drills perform extremely well!

By the looks of it, we have all found slightly different means of achieving the same end..

It helps to mark the square, so that you can keep track of where you are!


I follow your instructions and they are similar to the instructions I have..but when it comes to setting the primary clearance of 10 degrees it also states that the table will most probably have to be elevated a few states about 4 and a half degrees for a 10mm drill...that is in order to produce a correct secondary clearance..the exact angle is ascertained bt mak8nh sire the whole lip contacts the wheel over its full length..

I was producing triangular faucets on the primary before I read the instructions but still feel it's a bit fiddly compared to the basic jig and bench grinder method I have been using..

The jig I have made employs a shallow V and a setting pin to locate the drill and cater for the 180 degree rotation..


13/04/2022 19:12:58
Posted by John Hinkley on 13/04/2022 17:32:37:


I no longer have my Worden grinder, but I made a couple of modifications to the four-facet jig to set the angles more accurately. Instead of the thumb depressions, I set a couple of dowels in the jig and, using my CAD program, measured the required positions to allow a 32mm long dowel to fit between them to obtain that angle. A sort of primitive sine bar arrangement, if you will. A picture probably explains it better:

4-facet drill grinding jig

Other pictures are in the associated album. Link to Worden build album

Choose different dowel positions and lengths to get your alternative angles.


A neat solution to setting the jig angle.. I'm using a little magnetic digital angle gauge..


13/04/2022 19:10:35
Posted by bernard towers on 13/04/2022 16:32:57:

its possible that the drill orientation is slightly off, to get parallel primary facet the drill face needs to be exactly horizontal. I use a jig on my stent but would imagine its similar.dbacaca5-9df8-4e28-a043-38ae8bd8086a.jpeg

Thats a possibility and a difference in the way the drill is set up...depending on what jig I'm using..the Harold Hall jig requires the drill lips to be horizontal to the base of the jig...the worden instructions indicate the drill should have its flute lips at the 5 to the hour position....

That prompted my question of whether anyone had used the worden jig set up with the lips horizontal and using the engraved scale on the table to set the drill point angle rather than the angle set on the jig relative to the base to produce the point angle..

The only problem i found trying it that way was the jig can not be set at low angles relative to its base for the 10 degree clearance with larger drills due to the location of its back stop bar..

It's just using this method seems to me to be a bit more reliable in producing the primary clearance correctly compared with the basic instructions i have on using the worden jig..


13/04/2022 13:39:42

The gig I'm using with the worden


13/04/2022 13:38:29


Does anyone use the worden and the jig used with it to grind drill in this fashion..

I've been playing around with it and not getting results I can previous experience been with a bench grinder and the Harold Hall rest and gig he described.

It seemed to produce fair results....

Ill add photos if I can..

Using the jig with the worden was producing g a triangular shaped primary clearance...I later checked the notes that came with it and it said the table would have to be altered when grinding this primary clearance of 10 degrees..which I hadnt been doing ..but it seemed to be a furthur complication to using it that the simple set up I used before didn't include..

Has anyone modified the worden jig so that the scale on the table can be used to set the drill point angle rather than the angle of the gig...

And then use the gig angle to set the clearance angles...

Cheers Andy..


Thread: Sieg SX3 Z axis adjustment
14/01/2022 09:41:47
Posted by Mike Donnerstag on 07/01/2022 19:01:49:

Andy: I am having the 'clunking' problem with my SX3. Would you say this is due to the gib too tight or too loose?


Hi.. sorry mike , I missed your post...and my thoughts would be its binding as you wind the head down because the gib is to tight or able to move fractionally because its not locked in place.....but that's just been my experience.. I dont think I've experienced the sticking problem if the gib strip was loosened off a little..

The only way you can know for sure is to keep playing with .. it is as I said a time consuming setting to get right..and as I said above if the head is geared when you are trying to adjust the jib clearance you loose the feel of what is going on..


31/12/2021 12:29:53

I recently has an sx3 dismantled ti re install in the workshop.. I seem to remember asking on here how the jib actually worked ... the description above does cover it in terms of the two screws.. again I remember using light taps to try and settle the jib in place before locking it with the screws..

because I had the mill dismantled I pretty well set about the task with the mill head disconnected from its geared that the adjustment process was purely by gravity lifting the head manually and observing how it then dropped down... a right pain... but you loose the sensitivity of the adjustment with the gears in play.... quite often you only know its over adjusted when the head hangs on its slide on the backlash of the gears and then catches up with itself with a bit of a clunk... its certainly not as straight fwd as you would wish...


Thread: sx3 mill again im afraid
02/12/2021 16:25:19

I have just caught up with the additional comments... all noted and the words of encouragement appreciated..

everything is back together now including the dro that was fitted... ive never had the luxury of such a system before and was surprised to see all the available functions.. it appears to be very clever. laugh...was getting a bit worried cause the instructions were a bit unclear in the translation but a few trips on the old you tube has helped a bit... I hope I can get to grips with it eventually...getting rather excited at the prospect of using the mill..


29/11/2021 18:51:37

that was the first thought I had Jason , and Id like to think if I had run it on the pallet then I would have avoided all the grief and time ive spent looking for faults when logic was that it had to be the link I inserted..

a feeling of great relief but also one of total stupidity....

the thought of having to get that mill downstairs again was making me feel poorly crying 2


29/11/2021 17:50:02

and sorry John I did see your points about providing the relevant information and posting pictures.... ill have to check on how to post pictures again ...but your points are noted for the next time ..



29/11/2021 17:43:48

can I thank you both for the replies...

to say I feel like a right plonker would be putting it mildly... you are spot on about the chuck guard switch... inserting the link prevents the machine from starting... im getting to old and my brain just doesn't function logically any more..

thanks again



29/11/2021 16:02:36

im wondering if anyone can offer any pointers in how to identify my issue...

my mill arrived on a pallet and had to be transported to a 1st floor workshop..I didn't try and run it on the pallet but stripped it into parts to allow for the move..I took the opportunity to clean and oil the machine and re assembled it ...switched it on and it won't run...

in no electrician but the electrical disconnection points that enabled the dismantling were straight fwd connectors and plugs into boards so I felt confident enough... as a back up I took photographs and im happy its reconnected as it arrived... I did remove the chuck guard and microswitch...but briged that connection with a link..

when power is turned on the mains tell tail light illuminates.... the digital rpm display also lights and the emergency stop switch seems to function the digital display light does out till the emergency stop is reset....

ive disconnected the motor windings and done continuity checks between the 3 wires and get a consistent 2.4 ohms between the 3 pairs,,.no obvious circuit to earth on the windings when checked with a multimeter...

thats where I am... I know some on here are clued up on such things so if anyone knows of other checks I could do with basic multimeter id be grateful...



Thread: sx3 mill head slide adjustment
25/11/2021 16:14:46

thanks for that Jason... that makes sense ... its in bits so that I can transport it to an upstairs workshop but ill have a play along the lines you suggest and see how it goes..


25/11/2021 15:58:07

hi, im hoping someone can explain the mechanism for adjusting the jib strip ci the head of the above bench mill..

the x and y axis slides are the conventional slide adjustment on their dovetails, but the head jib strip has a screw at the bottom which appears to be for limiting its depth at where the jib strip sits , and a screw at the top which has a machined collar that locates in a cut out on the jib strip... I can not see how those screws alter jib strip clearance..

thanks in advance for any help..


Thread: Lathe suds drain ideas
08/11/2020 20:16:00

similar idea on my Myford as mentioned above.. I fabricated a small steel tin which is clipped under the drain hole on the lathe stand..

the pipe that empties the tin is raised above the base , just like a weir, so all the debris that makes it to the tin is trapped and tin is emptied from time to time.. similar idea on the bench mill... works well..


Thread: MEW
09/02/2019 20:21:53
Posted by JasonB on 09/02/2019 10:12:49:

Assuming you are quoting prices per 1/4 or per 3 mags then if you want to get a printed mag and have access to the digital archive you need to select the "print + digital" option which is an extra £9.00 per year ontop of your current print only sub.

thanks for the reply..


09/02/2019 09:43:31

hi, I've been a subscriber to the mew magazine for a good few years and at one time am pretty sure I could view it online as well ..

its sometimes handy to have a look at an online issue while on the site if a particular topic is referred to..

anyway apparently I have to pay to do that now, and an e mail suggests that the digital issue will cost me £11.25 by direct debit.. I currently pay £10.50..

so my question is do I still receive a printed copy of the mag as well as been able to view it online for the £11.25 subscription..

thanks, Andy.

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