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Thread: Posting Files
23/07/2014 23:02:09

OK, I checked on the ftp upload thing. Apparently, neither IE or FF will let you upload to an ftp site in the basic browser. There is an ftp-client add-on for FF (FireFTP) but that's probably over the top for many.

It turns out though that, for Windows users, there's a better way .... at least for Win8, probably Win7 and possibly Vista (I suspect not for earlier versions but who knows?):

You just open up a Windows Explorer window and put the ftp address in the address bar and hit return. It will go to the remote site and treat it just like a folder on you own computer and you can copy files in either direction by your own favourite method (assuming the remote site allows uploads).

I didn't know you could do this. Now I do.

Edited By OMG on 23/07/2014 23:03:23

23/07/2014 22:26:16
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 23/07/2014 21:44:43:

I fear that once a file is 'up' someone will complain if it comes down.

Download is OK, is there an easy route to upload?

Good question actually, though I had assumed that files would be sent to you or yours probably as mail attachments (which would limit their size for good or bad). It would be a way of using some of your spare time wink Or perhaps one of the moderators could be persuaded to undertake it - I'm kind of assuming that it would be more a case of the occasional file rather than hundreds per day (like similar Yahoo groups). It might be safer to do it that way anyway rather than having public write access.

I'm curious enough though to go looking to see if the browser can send files via ftp as well as receive.

How long files are left up for is a function of how much storage space is available and therefore the cost of the whole setup. Personally, if it were made clear that the storage is temporary and that that is the price for having the capability at all, I wouldn't be unhappy to see files pulled after a month (or whatever).

Then again, muti-terrabyte drives are pretty cheap these days and you can get an awful lot of text/small-graphics/small-executables on drives that size so maybe it wouldn't be necessary to delete files anyway.

(If anyone read this between edits, I'm sorry - I'm having a bad day)


Edited By OMG on 23/07/2014 22:33:48

22/07/2014 22:40:47
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 22/07/2014 21:44:21:

Until it falls over losing everyone's files... any files server is only as good as the backup arrangements. Plus, ftp is no good for 90% of users.

True it would need a modicum of maintenance (although I've had an old machine doing pretty much the same thing for the last 10 years 24/7 with only the occasional reboot - whether it needed it or not). In any event, I wasn't thinking of it in terms of archival storage. Just a transient area where people could place the odd file arising from discussions here to make it available for a short time ( few weeks).

I don't agree that ftp is "no good for 90% of people". Most regular browsers these days will respond in quite simple fashion to an ftp address/link without needing to resort to a separate ftp client. Try this.

22/07/2014 19:19:15

When you come to think of it, an off-lease Dell fitted with a decent-sized drive and set up as an ftp server would probably cover the fundamental need for £50.

Thread: posting pictures
21/07/2014 22:01:21
Posted by Les Jones 1 on 21/07/2014 20:49:22:

I have PSP 9.1 on my XP systems and hav not really noticed any disadvantages over V8. I did not realise that Symantec had bought out Coral.

I didn't like V8 much either actually so perhaps that's why I didn't like V9. It's the old story: V7 did everything I needed and any further mucking around with it was just bloat and a new learning-curve to me. On the odd occasion that I need something better I use Photoshop or derivative. I did check and I have PSP installed in XP-compatibility mode. I probably did it as a matter of course for software that old.

Re Symantec .... sorry, imperfect memory (funny that doesn't happen often smiley ).... it was a former boss of Symantec taking over the reins at Corel that I remembered (inmperfectly).

Thread: Drill Press Options
21/07/2014 21:43:00

I'm surprised no-one has yet mentioned the usual reference source There's some explanation of the "light milling" reference there including several pictures with the drill-press set up to do so.

Thread: Posting Files
21/07/2014 21:34:32

This has come up before. AFAIK there's no way to post data files on this site (other than to print them, scan them and post them as an image).

Thread: posting pictures
21/07/2014 15:06:51
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 21/07/2014 11:04:38:


the answer for W8 haters is free upgrade to W8.1

Yes, I know that Neil but although that allows you to bypass the front-end, you have to make the effort to do so and many don't realise that you can.

I actually have 8.1 myself but upgrading made little difference to me because I was already using Classic Shell to bypass the front-end .... not to mention doing a large part towards returning the Windows GUI to something sensible.

[ Not long after Win8 came out I was on a MS support forum (staffed by actual MS people) and the typical attitude was (paraphrased) " If we continually give you people options of "classic" setups, you will never move on the way we want you to so we're not doing that any more. It's our way or the highway". Hence the popularity of Classic Shell. ]

21/07/2014 14:55:29
Posted by Les Jones 1 on 21/07/2014 08:41:56:

I would be interested to know how you managed to get Paintshop Pro V7 to work with Windows 8 I still use V9 on my XP systems but I could not get it to work with Widows 7.


As far as I recall (I could be wrong) V9 was the first version put out by Corel after they subsumed JASC and as you imply, it was a dog from that point on. (Actually, it wasn't due so much to the fact that Corel got JASC but that Symantec got Corel).

Anyway, I never liked V9 or later so I stuck with what I had (V7). As far as I recall, I simply installed it in Win8 ... don't remember any particular problem. I'd have to check, but I believe I have it on the laptop too, with Win7.

In the same vein, and for much the same reasons, I still use Eudora as an email client. That works too.

Edited By OMG on 21/07/2014 14:56:38

21/07/2014 01:41:33
Posted by Muzzer on 20/07/2014 05:33:07:

When I "upgraded" (haha) from Windows 7 to Windows 8 with the purchase of my current laptop, I found that I could no longer rotate the photos in a way that this website could recognise (before uploading them and laboriously pasting them into a post etc).

Not really a function of what Windows version you have but rather what graphics client you use.

Of course if you use the stock graphics clients that MS provides, then all bets are off. I'm still using Paint Shop Pro V7 (with Windows-8) for most things with no problem at all.

Anyway, Windows-8 is only Windows-7 with that stupid touch-screen/Apple-wanabee front-end. If you're using that I'm not surprised you don't like it. Dump that front-end and you're left with Windows-7.

Thread: Issue 218 will be a bit special...
21/07/2014 01:27:25
Posted by Bogstandard2 on 20/07/2014 18:25:12:

I showed how to make a toolholder for the piston type of holders many years back, and it is made out of a few bits of wood and whatever round bar you have knocking about. No hard work, laser cutting or welding involved.

Interesting. I came up with the same thing independently 3 or 4 years ago .... although mine used plastic rod. I'm honoured to be in the same company, John.

And talking about cheap and nasty pliers mods, if you take a pair of end-nippers (this kind of thing) and machine/grind the tops of the jaws (to remove the top part of the bevel), they're handy for removing most of the burrs left by machining even when these are quite heavy. The merest stroke with a file will finish the parts off.

You'd probably want to use a cheap imported pair for this.

Thread: Thread mill
21/07/2014 01:13:00

That seems to describe a "milling attachment" rather than a "thread milling attachment"

I believe issues 3437 and 3438 are the ones in question.

Thread: WM 16 Milling Vice
20/07/2014 17:32:59

Make something like this.

easy to make

as low-profile as you can get

as long as your milling table

drops in and out (aligned) in seconds



Thread: 101 things to do with an Adept Lathe
16/07/2014 22:05:10

Posted by John Alexander Stewart on 16/07/2014 17:13:46:

......lathes like this do not seem to exist on this side of the atlantic.

There was one listed off and on for a year or so in the Toronto Craigslist. He started off at $150, which I thought was kind of "up there" considering its condition (poor but possibly restorable). Then the asking price was raised to $200 (perhaps in the hope that the inevitable "offers" would come in at around the original $150).

The ad seems to have disappeared recently - I don't know if he sold it or got fed up.

Thread: Metric Threads
14/07/2014 21:55:09
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 14/07/2014 21:28:54:by plain wheels, just touching.

A 40-tooth 20DP gear will have 40 teeth, for example.

A 40-tooth gear will have .... er .... well .... 40 teeth surprise

Thread: Glasses
06/07/2014 17:03:39
Posted by OuBallie on 06/07/2014 16:57:36:

I use Meths to clean my glasses, applied using a paper towel.

Works well, and none of the smell from proprietary products.


Are they plastic lenses? Coated?

Thanks for the spoiler (haven't seen the race here yet). Wasn't expecting a spoiler in this forum.

Edited By OMG on 06/07/2014 17:04:29

Thread: Enlarging a hole in knurling wheels
06/07/2014 16:53:37

Since it hasn't been suggested and it might be food for thought .... what about making the pin in two halves so that you can accommodate both the smaller knurl ID and the caliper larger holes and still assemble it? Probably key the two halves together with a counterbore on one and a shoulder on the other with a though screw to join the two halves of the pin (counterbored if you don't want any projection).

Thinking out loud ..


Edited By OMG on 06/07/2014 16:54:30

Thread: Glasses
05/07/2014 18:57:03

I'd be careful what you clean coated lenses with too. I'm pretty sure dish-detergent (washing up liquid) is bad over time also home made concoctions using isopropyl alcohol with or without dish-detergent (ask me how I know).

These days, I mostly just run them under the tap (warm water) and lightly swab them at the same time with a paper handkerchief. Then just pat off the excess water with a dry piece of the paper hankie. (I don't rub dry paper hankies on the lenses - bit too abrasive for that). Normally, that's all it takes.

Occasionally, if the lenses are really bad, I go the whole hog and, after washing as above to get the dust off, I clean them with proper lens-cleaner and a lens-cleaning cloth.

Thread: Slotted spring pins
05/07/2014 15:38:08
Posted by mick on 05/07/2014 08:21:06:

I've already got a selection box of roll pins and didn't really need another one just to get the couple a needed.

And you call yourself a Model Engineer? wink

Thread: Infra Red Tacho
05/07/2014 15:31:19
Posted by John Shepherd on 05/07/2014 08:21:19:

35mm IR film comes in a metal cassette and can rather than plastic ones to keep it light tight and even then it is recommended that the camera is loaded in the dark.

I have tried various black plastics as cheap IR pass filters.

Given that "dark" is usually taken to mean outside the visible spectrum, I wonder if they define "dark" in this instance.

I seem to recall from way back that a piece of unexposed, but developed, slide film makes a tolerable IR filter.

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