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Thread: ARC Catalogue No.11
28/11/2019 15:58:50
Posted by ega on 28/11/2019 11:11:23:

If John Stevenson failed with the stub drills then I clearly have no chance!

PS I wasn't quite clear whether the 127 gear comes as standard with the SC4?

Re stub drills... you never know

127 gear comes as standard with the SC4.

Ketan at ARC.

27/11/2019 16:00:59

Nick: Glad to read that the subscription copies are getting through.

Andrew: Ron possibly/hopefully gave you a good link

Vidar: All I can do is apologise. Original plan was to send the catalogues out with all subscribers of MEW including overseas, but the people involved in overseas subscriptions were unable to accommodate on this occasion. In a way, it was a good thing, because costs to send out with MEW to U.K. subscribers and retail outlets have increased heavily since we last did this exercise in late 2016. We did consider sending the catalogue out to overseas customers ourselves, but at present we are unable to get the right deal which we seek with Royal Mail/fulfilment centres, so we are having to charge for handling and postage. If it helps, we are happy to send a catalogue out to you with your next order. You can order it with any other items you order.

Ketan at ARC.,

26/11/2019 15:11:49
Posted by ega on 26/11/2019 14:11:35:

I'm hoping the new catalogue will include stub drills.

That used to be John Stevenson's standard request ..... but unfortunately, no.

Ketan at ARC.

26/11/2019 14:03:42
Posted by Emgee on 26/11/2019 12:29:54:

Hi Ketan

I did message you via the on-site contact link asking why you don't have a PDF type catalogue to download ?


Hi Emgee,

Thanks for your message.

Its just a matter of company policy. ARC prefers to keep the print copy as print format only, rather than offer or promote any pdf version. Please accept our apologies.

Ketan at ARC

26/11/2019 11:34:36

Hi Ian,

Thank you for your reminder. At present.. likely mid 2020!....apologies... We still have the 8"..

Ketan at ARC.

26/11/2019 11:15:39

ARC is pleased to announce the release of Catalogue No.11.

If you would like a free copy, please click on this link.

If you are a U.K. subscriber of Model Engineers Workshop - printed publication, you will receive a free copy with your subscription during this week... hopefully.

If you live outside the U.K. mainland, you can still order a free copy, but handling and carriage will apply.

Ketan at ARC.

Thread: Precision Tool Vice Type 2
19/11/2019 13:35:26
Posted by Frances IoM on 19/11/2019 06:35:08:
yes had the same damage - it's something to do with the initial position of the jaws wrt to the tightening nut - my solution was always to push the jaw up to the item then tighten

That is the intended method of use, rather than the solution.

Our Brett tried to explain this to Phil....

Before our engineer (now retired) explained how to use the vice in the correct way to Brett (his apprentice at the time), he had similar problems.

Phils's is the first and only complaint we have had regarding this vice.

It is difficult to explain this without sounding arrogant or patronising. ARC sells enough of these vices to consider this to be a 'how to use' issue. At the same time, we are aware that some customers will fail to agree, or simply not get on with this particular type of clamping arrangement. Some of them prefer the Type 3.

To clarify the point about 3 reports... yes... ARC only considers it to be a problem - especially for this product range, if it receives 3 valid complaints in a row, 'within a short period of time', at which point we will evaluate the item to see if it is indeed a 'product fault' or something else.

Ketan at ARC.

Thread: My new lathe a Warco 918
17/11/2019 09:51:43

Morning Ron,

In addition to Sumitomo, ARC have just expanded their range of inserts.

CCGT along with some others will be uploaded to ARC website during the coming two weeks.

If you need them before they are on the site, call and speak with our Ian.

Ketan at ARC

Thread: Mills with tilting heads..?
27/10/2019 15:36:10

Hi Ron,

Here you go:

For SX2.7 around 19 3/4":

For SX3 around 21 1/2":

Ketan at ARC

Edited By Ketan Swali on 27/10/2019 15:36:55

Edited By Ketan Swali on 27/10/2019 15:38:11

26/10/2019 12:19:01
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 26/10/2019 12:14:31:

I wouldn't avoid buying a mill with a tilting head. It's a mostly neutral feature!


I wouldn't avoid buying any manual milling machine which has a tilting head... I would just consider it to be a limited use 'novelty'. angelteeth 2

Ketan at ARC.

26/10/2019 12:00:15

Hi Ron,

I would tend to go along with Andrew's comments, and avoid using the tilting facility on the head.... of most manual milling machines.

Based on discussions over the years with various users of manual milling machines with a tilt facility, about 3 out of 10 are able to get on with the facility. The other 7 either can't or don't want to use the facility.

At the time of development of the SX3s JS and my comments on the subject were out voted by those who wanted the feature on the machine.

Ketan at ARC.

20/10/2019 14:48:52

I made my positive comments about what I thought of the visit to the show. How certain people read that is up to them. They are entitled to their own opinion.

Ketan at ARC

19/10/2019 10:43:20

Members of my team and I went yesterday to have a look.

I think the show was great. The organisers had managed to cover up the 'green Warco space' with new stands and displays. Having missed a visit last year as a spectator, the feeling I had was that there were many good new models on display. From what I could see, there was plenty of technical engagement between people presenting their displays and visitors. This was good to see on the club stands as well as on the SMEE and Stirling Hot Air engine society stands.

Didn't get a chance to try out the catering, as queues were long upstairs. As the caterers are consistent, I would expect that the food was good.

It was great to catch up with the usual traders, especially Andy from Polly with his new million dollar leg. , celebrating 20 years in business. I believe that traders with unique businesses like Polly, and Adrian from Engineers Emporium were experiencing 'good business as usual', and the show is the best way of presenting their unique offering. The impression I got after taking with BB Engineering, Home and Workshop , J.B.Tools , Noggin End, RDG, was that trade was up and down depending on time of day.

I am uncertain if traders are being priced out of attending. The visitor numbers were there, and the organisers had done their job in that respect by presenting the visitors to the traders. I think that as a trader, if you had something unique, second hand old gold at good prices, or current new tooling at a reasonable price, then the show is okay for you as a trader, especially as the big stand holders are out of the picture. All I would suggest for a new visitor to the show is to beware of some of the products being sold on certain new trader stands. When something seems to be too good to be true... it is. The older traders have gone though such experiences, whereas some of the new ones fail to realise what they are doing... or may be they do. This has nothing to do with our loosing any business to new comers. It is just based on observations we made, but at the same time, it would be better for us to keep quiet about what we saw, because at the end of the day, it is our opinion only, on a small selection of products.

I hope that more new comers visit these shows, using it as a learning ground to gain knowledge from experienced makers of things. On one or two stands there was a concern raised about the average age of the visitors being 50 to 60+, and the usual 'this is a dying hobby'. I would suggest that there are plenty of younger people about who are, and want to be working with metal as a hobby, be it making models or carry out restoration work on things like motorbikes and classic cars. We as a business come across them as customers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many lack knowledge or experience, but have plenty of enthusiasm. The fact that they are unable to visit the shows for some reason doesn't mean that this is a dying hobby. The car park was full on Thursday and Friday with a more mature retired audience visiting teeth 2. Perhaps today and tomorrow being Saturday and Sunday, the younger 'working' audience will appear. If they don't, just accept that they are definitely out there.. In our opinion, people attending the shows only represent about 30% of the market place.

As for ARC, we will continue with web sales, rather than participating at shows which we left a while back due to a variety of reasons, other than the cost of the shows, based on competition for generic products. There is no point getting into discussion over this.

For the future of shows: From what I can see, the development of the shows based on presentation of models and a place for imparting or sharing of knowledge is probably a good direction, complemented by a limited number of traders serving the hobby.

Ketan at ARC

Thread: Afternoon All
13/10/2019 23:42:25

Sorry, I forgot to add, current brushless machines from competitors are NOT the same as those made by SIEG. Do read this thread if you feel a need to understand further.

Apologies to Nick for butting in on this thread. I just needed to clarify ARCs position.

Ketan at ARC.

13/10/2019 23:29:10
Posted by Lainchy on 13/10/2019 21:31:10:

I did the Axminster Small lathe engineering course, and they used the SC4's for machining. I was very impressed with those, although I believe they are about £1800 inc VAT. Arc Euro do the same SC4 badged Sieg for less. I believe these are brushless. Quality control.....??? Maybe Axminster do some hence the steeper price... don't know if Arc do similar. These two are 210 swing, so slightly smaller.

Hi Lainchy,

Just for clarity:

1. SC4 is made by SIEG, so original maker badge SIEG. Axminster sells the same machine badged as Axminster - SIEG. It is part of the requirement by SIEG.

2. No importer, be it Axminster, ARC, or other does QC in the U.K. regardless of what impression is given by marketing.

3. SC4 is brushless, available in two bed lengths. ARC sells the longer bed length only.

4. ARC has been selling ORIGINAL SIEG made machines for a longer period of time than Axminster. ARC received the first SC4 in the world for testing, which ARC rejected at that time for technical reasons. After the technical issues were addressed, ARC added the SC4 to their range.

5. The reasons why Axminster price may be high could be due to their overheads, and their ability to offer 3 years guarantee, where as ARC only offers a 1 year guarantee. Also, ARC concentrates on a limited number of models from the SIEG range, based on various factors. Generally, based on model, the quantity of stock which ARC carries for each of these models is higher than most of SIEGs distributors around the world. As a result, ARCs purchase price from SIEG may be different - lower than others. Also, ARC buys direct from SIEG, without involvement of one or two additional Chinese buying agents/trading companies working on behalf of certain importers.

6. ARC is involved directly with certain marketing and certain R&D at the SIEG factory. ARC is only interested in working on machines with the SIEG factory, rather than a variety of factories. This allows ARC to work with one set of working ideas from one source, concentrating only on one variety of gremlins. This close co-operation helps to develop long term relations and understanding.. even though strained at times... with agreeing to disagree on occasions.

7. History: The word 'Super' was used by SIEG to promote machines with higher specification than the base model. Unfortunately, competitors - especially in the mini-lathe brigade decided to use/abuse this word as a marketing tool to promote lower specifications of their own machines. At this point, sales for SIEG started to suffer because of competitor marketing abuse of the word 'Super'. This was a marketing problem which both ARC and SIEG had to solve. One day, looking at Little Machine Shop's website in the U.S., ARC noticed that they had abbreviated 'Super C3' to 'SC3. Looking at this, ARC had lengthy discussion with the marketing team at SIEG to adopt this format, moving away from the word 'Super', and putting the focus onto 'HiTorque' and 'Brushless'. For this reason, you see the terminology SC or SX.. followed by the model number... with further focus on HiTorque and Brushless.

8. Other than Little Machine Shop in the U.S., ARC carries the highest range of SIEG spares in the world.

9. If you subscribe to the MEW magazine, you will see a beginners series of articles sponsored by ARC over the past 12 to 14 months, written by Neil Wyatt based on the SC4 lathe, and by Jason Ballamy on the SX2.7 mill. These series were commissioned with input by ARC (based on questions ARC has come across over the years) to help new people coming into the hobby, how to use various tools on a lathe or in a mill. Now a days, most people entering this hobby have plenty of enthusiasm, but very limited knowledge or practical experience of 'making things' because many have had no or little training in schools, collages or universities.The series helps those who are unable to attend a practical course for one reason or another.

I see these kind of questioning over price every one or two years as new people enter the hobby or this forum. On another thread, I even noticed a suggestion that Axminsters price may be higher because somehow their same specification machine was built better from them, or, at one time, I saw the marketing statement 'V.2' to justify the higher price for a machine which was the same as sold by ARC. If a competitor is selling a machine made specifically by SIEG, of the same specification model number, then the build quality is the same as one made for ARC.

In future, if such comments are made, I will be grateful if the poster of such a comment can be directed to this thread, as it would be wrong to suggest that a like for like SIEG machine sold by ARC is different from a competitor.

I request every ones understanding on this issue with the greatest of respect. smiley

Ketan at ARC.

Thread: Issue 286 - Bridgeport Article
30/09/2019 16:50:17

Hi Andrew,

I can and do understand your frustration. Once something is in print, it feels like that is what you wanted to say and it feels like the end of the world at the time you first read it. But rest assured, this feeling of frustration will pass hopefully over time.

On another thread, you said:

"Soooooo, we should be offering ill-considered advice based on things we know nothing about? smile o


Over the many years of working with these publications I have often come across such situations (although different from your current situation), where the writer of the article is simply offering ill-considered advice based on things he knows very little about. This has resulted in some loss of business, or more detailed explanation having to be offered by ARC to deal with the crap which has been printed.... especially in the ME, but less in the MEW.

If it is any consolation, your frustration is without financial loss. Hope that thought helps you get through your particular frustration. Keep writing as its all a good read. Life is too short for frustrations.

Ketan at ARC.

30/09/2019 16:14:19


You just cant get the staff nowadays teeth 2

At least your article got printed... Neil totally forgot to print the article on the beginners series for lathe work!sadsmiley

Ketan at ARC

Thread: Syil X3 CNC Spindle Failed
12/09/2019 18:13:42


SIEG control boards are designed for use with SIEG machines.

Unfortunately, they will fail to work with SYIL machines, and for these reasons ARC would be unable to supply any SIEG spares for use with SYIL machines.

I would suggest you find a solution from the supplier of your machine. Apologies for being unable to assist.

Ketan at ARC

Thread: Home Workshop Site
10/09/2019 11:54:26
Posted by 9fingers on 10/09/2019 08:40:06:

+1 on that Jason.

I noticed some dodgy typing in his post too indicating that he might still have a way to go before firing on all cylinders.

Yes indeed Bob.


08/09/2019 11:12:04

Adam is on the mend... progress is slow.


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