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Thread: The sneering detractors
25/05/2020 11:20:16
Posted by Andrew Johnston on 25/05/2020 10:56:14:

If I'm challenging a previous poster, or pointing out an error, is it fair and am I confident that I'm correct?


Now the only thing we need to work on Andrew is 'the delivery', or perhaps a bit of diplomacy without sticking the challenges back up devil and I wasn't referring to me.smiley

Meant as a joke. Sorry I couldn't resist teeth 2

Ketan at ARC.

Edited By Ketan Swali on 25/05/2020 11:22:04

Thread: A polite note to beginners from ARC
21/05/2020 16:08:51

Thank you all for your kind comments.

Reading all this now also makes me feel a little embarrassed and silly for creating this thread.

Initially my intentions were to just give polite advice to beginners to be respectful and grateful to the collective for freely sharing knowledge, rather than getting carried away as I did.

At the time of making the post, it felt good to release what I was thinking. However, after further discussions with one or two forum elders, Michael G in particular, and after reading some of the comments on here such as the thought presented by Hopper, I now have a better understanding of how things got miss-understood.

By the response, different from what I was expecting, I can see that I let my ego get the better of me by overthinking negative thoughts. A new lesson learned - thank you all. smiley

Ketan at ARC.

21/05/2020 16:06:49
Posted by CHARLES lipscombe on 20/05/2020 23:59:16:

Nowadays I usually buy what are obviously ARC items from Ausee here in Australia, simply because that way I avoid horrendous postal charges from the UK. I would be interested to know what the link is between Ausee and ARC.

Hi Charles,

Steven Tao runs Ausee. He is the nephew of the General Manager of one of factories we work with under the SIEG Group. He was sent to ARC for training over a period of six months, before setting up shop in Melbourne.

Ketan at ARC

20/05/2020 19:22:59
Posted by Mick B1 on 20/05/2020 18:53:56:

Wow. What sort of a spat have I missed to give rise to this? laugh

No spat at all Mick. It’s all good smiley

Ketan at ARC.

20/05/2020 19:15:45
Posted by Bandersnatch on 20/05/2020 18:31:43:
Posted by Ketan Swali on 20/05/2020 17:59:09:
Posted by Bandersnatch on 20/05/2020 17:22:41:
Posted by Ketan Swali on 20/05/2020 14:42:35:

Yes, this shows off the ARC product in question. He does not get extra commission for this.

"extra" That's an interesting word. Does that mean he does get commission from Arc in other situations?

Coming from a person who once suggested to me 'if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen', I cant tell if your post is meant to be a joke or sarcasm teeth 2...

Neither one Ketan - I honestly don't see why you would assume that.

Simply that the conjunction of "extra" with "commission" suggests, to me, that there is a level of commission which is not "extra" and I was curious.

Maybe curious (or picky) would be a better word than joke or sarcasm.

Wow! you have a long memorysmiley

Thanks Bandersnatch. The only reason I remembered that was because it was a reality check for me at that time, for how the market was changing. smiley

20/05/2020 17:59:09
Posted by Bandersnatch on 20/05/2020 17:22:41:
Posted by Ketan Swali on 20/05/2020 14:42:35:

Yes, this shows off the ARC product in question. He does not get extra commission for this.

"extra" That's an interesting word. Does that mean he does get commission from Arc in other situations?

Coming from a person who once suggested to me 'if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen', I cant tell if your post is meant to be a joke or sarcasm teeth 2...

Either way, the answer is NO. Various people on this forum have PMed Jason, Howard Lewis and others about machines, before purchasing from ARC. No one has received any commission.

Ketan at ARC

20/05/2020 14:42:35

During lock-down, we have seen an increase in number of beginners entering the hobby.

In many ways, this is a good thing. We see a lot of questions on here relating to set-up/use of new tools, used and new machines.

All these questions are great. There is a lot of enthusiasm with beginners, but the knowledge is limited, because of lack of previous hands-on experience. Sometimes this results in questions over fitness of purpose, especially resulting from bargains obtained through auction sites. There is nothing wrong with that. We - the collective - are all here to help, even if one members opinion is different from anothers.

Keeping this in mind, ARC commissioned a beginners series in Model Engineers Workshop, relation to using a modern day lathe or mill. These series dealt with how to use the respective machines and tools associated with them.

This series started with issue 260 onwards for using a lathe - by Neil Wyatt, and 261 onwards for using a mill - by Jason Ballamy.

Judging by the questions we see on the forum, as well as over the phone and emails, can I please suggest and encourage beginners to subscribe to the digital version of the magazine?... which in turn will give beginners access to the back issues.

The machines and related tools were given to Neil and Jason, precisely to write the series for beginners to address many of the questions which are being asked so regularly now.... more so during lock-down.

If you do not have time to read, or if you don't want to, that is up to you. Under such circumstances, please be considerate and respectful of the time the collective on this forum spend to help the beginners.

Many on here have years of experience. I would particularly like to draw attention to regular references to ARC products which Neil and Jason in particular make. The reason why they make reference to ARC products is because they have used them. Many of the YouTube videos to which Jason refers are directly linked to the beginners series which he wrote. Yes, this shows off the ARC product in question. He does not get extra commission for this. He is trying to show the process to a beginner, and yes this promotes sales for ARC. It does not mean that the beginner should only purchase ARC products.

Both Neil and Jason along with others give their time for free on this forum. ARCs contributed to the hobby by establishing a beginners series on the subjects in question. We paid Neil and Jason by giving them the products. In real terms, if I had to pay for the series in terms of time invested by Neil and Jason, instead of paying them by product, it would have cost ARC a lot more.

I am aware that this 'investment of helping people' has gone down like a lead balloon with a minority of members on this forum, which is a wrong and sad interpretation. Two members (not Neil or Jason) have PM'd me notifying me of two other members of this forum who say that Neil and Jason are 'very palley with ARC' because they get things for free (I have used polite language to what was actually said). This is the wrong interpretation.

Both have been imparting their knowledge freely on this forum, along with others, long before the two members chose to make the comments they did, and long before ARC commissioned the series for beginners. The reasons why ARC chose Neil and Jason for the series is precisely because of their knowledge and ability to write articles which a beginner can understand.

Both Neil and Jason pay for what they want from ARC.

Neil and Jason only get 'things for free', if ARC wants them to test the products and give a report. Again, 'for free' is not really, considering the time and effort they have to put in to carry out the tests, which ultimately benefit the end user. I have given products in the same way to other users to test. Many are on this forum, and they choose not to write on here, or there is an agreement between the tester and ARC for the project to remain confidential.

Before anyone says it,...

YES ARC - i.e. me have a bee in my bonnet about certain auction sites, especially when we know the quality of certain products being promoted on there, combination of good, bad and ugly. Separate from the two members in question, I also think it wrong of two other people (one of who is still a member on this forum), to degrade a the memory of the late John Stevenson under comments on a product which was on You Tube promoting a product sold on Banggood - which i personally find disgusting.. after a person has passed away, just because they had a grievance with him. JS was another person who helped us, and it is a shame that those to people were reluctant to say things to his face when he was alive.

YES, such auction sites selling products direct from China eat into ALL U.K. based businesses. It is a fact of life we live with. However, if new comers wish to make comparisons, we kindly request you to be careful and avoid generalising, especially if you have limited knowledge.

All U.K. sellers work hard to service the end user and to survive.. in any climate, and no, we - as in most reputable U.K. sellers are not out to diddle anyone.

If you got a good or bad bargain off an auction site, that is well and good. But please be respectful too of the knowledge being imparted on this forum, and remember to thank the collective - forum community who provided you the assistance.

I have often seen long threads where many have helped, without any expectation of thanks, and then suddenly the receiver of the knowledge comes back in on another thread giving the impression that 'he knows everything' on a subject, and is suddenly in expert.

Ketan at ARC.

Thread: Spot Facing With Slot Drill?
17/05/2020 17:57:18
Posted by Dr_GMJN on 16/05/2020 17:07:21:
Then I will start again with both the side mill test (with a new premium cutter),

Please also check your 'Inbox' at the top of this page, where I have sent you a PM.smiley

Ketan at ARC

Thread: Hello from new meber with an Axminster SC2 300 problem
17/05/2020 17:28:22
Posted by rob smith 4 on 17/05/2020 16:08:31:

Just flicked the gearing over from high to low.

Running perfectly, so just the high gear issue

Then, is it a brushed motor C2?.... becasue the brushless motor SC2 does not have ahigh to low geariig.

Ketan at ARC.

Thread: Sieg SC3 Tacho Socket
17/05/2020 12:28:22
Posted by Martin Connelly on 17/05/2020 11:51:33:

A small percentage of members are electrical engineers. A small percentage of members have an SC3. A small percentage of a small percentage is slim. Does not sound unreasonable assumption to me and does not sound like he is criticising the machine.

Martin C

I see and understand that logic Martin. I didn’t say he was criticising the machine, but I can see now that his message could have been perceived as such, now that you mention it.

I just thought that perhaps Bazyl knew something I didn’t so I questioned his logic. There are too many presumptions going on, on this forum off late.

So, adding to the same, as far as the SC3 is concerned, a good percentage of users have electronic engineering as their background, and prefer it, from an electrical point of view, with its brushless motor and control board, compared to other brushless and non-brushless models out there. Many of them are members on this forum, and many choose not to participate in discussions.

Ketan at ARC

17/05/2020 11:33:28
Posted by Bazyle on 17/05/2020 11:17:37:

Can you come up with a picture? There are a number of electrical engineers on the forum who might have a clue but the chances of them having a SC3 are slim.

Although i don't have an answer for Nick, I fail to understand the logic behind the presumption why 'the chances of them having a SC3 are slim'.

Ketan at ARC.

Thread: Yet another parting-off question
17/05/2020 11:15:18

The biggest single problem on forums is 'PRESUMPTION'. There is more to a subject than simply that there is 'something wrong with the OP's tool' as being the first port of call.

Ketan at ARC.

17/05/2020 11:04:59
Posted by thaiguzzi on 17/05/2020 10:55:32:

If i can do it on my weedy Boxford either with HSS or 3mm carbide tips from the front, there is plainly something wrong with the OP's tool, tooling or technique.

With respect, 'the guys' on this thread and the old thread I linked to are trying to assist the OP to help him answer the question.

Ketan at ARC

17/05/2020 10:00:55

Just a few notes to add to this discussion....

Andrews comments are correct for the holder he is using (probably ISCAR or similar at a guess), combined with the rigidity of his machine and set-up, which in his picture shows that it is supported with a live centre, which helps in the rigidity of the set-up for his purpose. His experience in using the tool is also to be taken into consideration.

The comments on our website regarding maximum diameter, rigidity, etc., are based on the tests I did many moons ago on a C3, SC3, and C6, using a variety of materials for the tests, where I used and abused the blade/set-up to understand the limitations. I must say that I did not support the stock with a live center. Perhaps something I failed to take into account. After reaching a certain point of use/abuse, I gave the same blades to Neil as well as to the late John Stevenson. Both were more happy with the results then I was. the limitation comments on our site are based on the results of the tests.

More discussions about the blade holder material are on this old thread. It would help Robin to read both pages of that thread to add an additional dimention - understanding of the behaviour of this type of insert tool, depending on the material of the holder.

Ketan at ARC

Thread: Ball Nose End Mill / 10V Bearings Question
14/05/2020 21:20:36
Posted by Andrew Johnston on 14/05/2020 21:16:57So the premium cutters are correctly ground, the budget ones are not. I definitely won't be ordering any budget cutters. smile


Thanks Andrew... I wouldn't expect you to either angel

Ketan at ARC

Edited By Ketan Swali on 14/05/2020 21:21:19

14/05/2020 21:02:23

I would just like to clarify what I have said...

First in an email reply I said: 'The ball nose endmills are correct and typical of the basic TiN coated endmills we supply. There is nothing wrong with them as supplied.' I followed that by saying that I have had zero complaint for this product... which is the case.

We have been selling this, as is, purchased from the same manufacturer, with the same 'shape' specification, for nearly 18 years. It is no different to what is available at the basic - budget end of the market for yellow TiN coated product. We are one of the smallest 'quantity' buyer. His main buyers are Americans, who buy a much larger volume from him than I do. The question over the shape being right or wrong has never been brought up to date. Either the buyers don't know, or they know, right or wrong for their application, and/or accept it for what it is in terms of shape.

How the shape compares to the 'premium endmills - HSS or carbide' which we sell, I also don't know, but I expect them to be better and different from the budget end end mills. Unfortunately we do not sell 11mm or 7/16".

In our conversation, it is also correct that I said that the TiN coating on the budget endmills will behave differently in cutting/finish when used on non-ferrous material such as aluminium (as what in this case), vs. ferrous material, purely because this ball nose end mill is coated, and for aluminium it is better to have un-coated.

Jason PM'd me with a suggestion for him to check the differences between the budget end ball nose endmill, compared with premium end mill. He has/may have a 7/16" Hertel ball nose end mill. So, I will send him the same ball nosed end mill for him to compare, on different materials.

Thread: Insert facemilsl, correct use on hardened Steel.
13/05/2020 15:26:21

I think Jason just posted a screenshot of my video. I do not think he put up the whole video, which I would not like uploaded, because I was potentially abusing the tool and the machine to test out Andrews theories. It was me playing with the shell mill, milling away some stainless steel I had acquired for testing from the late JS.

Ketan at ARC

13/05/2020 15:18:23
Posted by Steviegtr on 13/05/2020 14:40:55:I did buy that one new & regret not buying from a reputable seller like Arc etc. I have a lot of alloy to work on for another little project & I am sure it will be ok on that.


Nothing to regret Steve. We all learn something new everyday, and everyone has their own experience with their purchase.

Ketan at ARC.

13/05/2020 15:15:11
Posted by Steviegtr on 13/05/2020 14:55:39:
Posted by Ketan Swali on 13/05/2020 11:42:09:
Posted by Steviegtr on 13/05/2020 01:53:36:

I previously on another thread asked about using a facemill on hard steel. I had tried it & got a lot of sparks from them. I stopped the work immediately & sought advice.

The general opinion was that something was wrong.


I am a little bit confused by what you are saying Steve. Reading through this thread from the beginning, I can't see anyone saying that if there are sparks flying ... that something was wrong. All I read was general advice based on what you posted.

Ketan at ARC

Edited By Ketan Swali on 13/05/2020 11:42:44

Posted by not done it yet on 08/05/2020 07:51:29:

No, it is not “OK” for lots of sparking to occur.

Apologies. Got it, and thanks for clarifying the confusion. smiley

Ketan at ARC

13/05/2020 12:13:40


It was part of his bargain eBay purchase, see link to thread... which worked out for him.... after he got a lot of advice on this thread. His last response about general opinion from the collective is a little confusing. To understand, one needs to read this thread from the beginning.

Ketan at ARC.

Edited By Ketan Swali on 13/05/2020 12:14:38

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