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Thread: spiral spindle cutter
19/06/2018 08:46:30

If you are going to do it on the lathe you need to drive the lead screw. If you have a hand wheel on the lead screw just wind that and let it drive the chuck.

regards Martin

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
13/06/2018 11:36:32

The late George Thomas wrote that he always ran his Myford with the belts on the slack side and no-one could say he was a beginner.

regards Martin

Thread: Governor pulley belt
12/06/2018 15:26:49

No suggestions to material but you may want to consider the size and shape of the pulley groove. But "off the top of my head" I would suggest you should aim at a round 'belt' that contacts on each side of a V rather than just sitting in the bottom of a wide circular groove. That way you get some wedging action which should increase the contact force.

I'm only saying round belt because that seems to be what you are using.

regards Martin

Thread: Flycutter help
06/06/2018 12:12:20

Posted by ChrisB on 06/06/2018 11:58:32:

, is it possible to adjust the nod of the WM18 and is it worth doing? I counted a total of 0.12mm over the width of the table (8" The column has 4 allen bolts, but I cant see any discontinuity between the column and the table, seems like a solid piece.

If you can be bothered you could take the column off the base and check that there are no paint flashes or burrs fouling the mating surfaces. Don't just assume that the column is at fault though. If the column is perfect the spindle also needs to be parallel with the column. It is a hobby mill after all and with a 10 inch measuring circle you are doing a very sensitive test. Mill up and down with a 6mm slot drill and you will not even notice. Don't go chasing negligible misalignments you will drive yourself crazy.

Mostly I flycut if I want a good finish rather than needing something very flat. If it has to be that flat, scrape it. Or lap it with a piece of emery on a surface plate.

regards Martin

06/06/2018 11:26:54

With a 10 inch cutting circle and the head 0.006 degrees out of perpendicular you get a 1 thou diferrence between the leading and trailing edge. With a 4 inch cutting circle the head only needs to be within 0.014 degrees for the same difference. So as Mick Henshall says reduce the swing. If the fly cutter is very out of balance that will not help either.

regards Martin

Edited By Martin Kyte on 06/06/2018 11:27:39

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
06/06/2018 09:08:04

Don't forget that the body regulates blood glucose in both directions. The objective is to maintain sufficiant blood glucose levels for current demand. Food intake is intermittant and to prevent high sugar levels after eating insulin triggers the storage of excess sugars in the liver in the form of glycogen. When blood glucose drops the hormone glycogon is produced which triggers conversion of glycogen to glucose which is released into the bloodstream. So the liver acts as a buffer to regulate blood sugar levels under control of insulin for storage and primarily glucogon (there are other hormones incuding epinepherine) to release some of the store for use in the body. Several things can go wrong. On the storage side insulin production may be compromised as in diabetes (both types). As far as retreval goes there are several pathways in humans reflecting the immidiate seriousness of lack of glucose compared to the longer term issues related to excess. The brain can only use glucose as a fuel so a maintaining availability of a minimum level of glucose is 'mission critical' and failure to do so quickly results in coma and death.

If you are going to be kind to your endocrine system and give the regulation mechanisms a chance it is better not to overload by massive consumption of sugary food over a short period of time and before high demand don't let your liver run out of stored glucagen. Translated means have a good breakfast, eat regularly and stoke up on starches before running a marathon.

regards Martin

(Non professional, but interested amateur)

Edited By Martin Kyte on 06/06/2018 09:11:14

Thread: Clean hands?
04/06/2018 13:54:23

I think that 'research tech' was Niels Bohr Clive and the gold was in the form of 2 Nobel Prize medals given to him for safe keeping belonging to Max von Loue and James Franke. As you say the gold was later recovered and the Nobel Foundation later recast the medals.

regards Martin

Thread: Mill vice position?
30/05/2018 15:33:31

Are we still talking about milling vices.?


Thread: Are we Luddites?
30/05/2018 15:28:08

Just read Micks post.

I agree with you in general. It was a truly shamefull affair.

I do think that essentially what the miners were fighting for was the survival of their communities and not the survival of mining but thats all they had. I doubt if there were any miners who wished to see their children down the pit and would want to see new industries created locally. Labour shut more pits than Margaret Thatcher the difference was she was looking for a fight rather than trying to re-invigorate mining communities.

You are right that in order to re-skill and move on you need opportunities and that can only really be done by state investment.

regards Martin

30/05/2018 15:15:31

Hi Samsaranda

2 points.

1 The miners strike was 30 something years ago so your 'will seem rather hollow' comment is probably a little out of date. That said I do think that the whole thing was very badly handled and much more should have been done at the time to create other industries. Given that today the UK is moving competely away from coal for power generation it was always going to happen at some stage.

2. The population is higher now than in the 80's and there is less unemployment so logically there must be more jobs in total now than then. On a large timescale job growth and advancement in technology can and have gone in the same direction. It's the transitions that hurt which to my mind is the task of government to ensure new growth, retraining and recocation.

So I stand by what I said which was industry need to keep up with the times in order osurvive let alone thrive.

regards Martin

Thread: Mill vice position?
30/05/2018 14:05:35

Myford VMC user. Milling vice on the left George Thomas Dividing Head on the right.

regards Martin

Thread: Are we Luddites?
30/05/2018 12:34:50

Oh and shouldn't the 'purists' eschew the use of HSS tooling and only use High Carbon Steel.



30/05/2018 12:31:44

I abhor the loss of Britains flint knapping industry.

Seriously though as Niels says the point is to have fun. If that is exploring old techniques for their own sake, learning something new or your focus is on the end product rather than the journey like Andrew all well and good.

Generally engineering and engineers have embraced the latest meathods as soon as they became available wherever possible, you go out of buisness otherwise. Weavers objected to machine looms because it threatened their livelyhood but welcomed machine spinning because it made them more money by lifting the scarecity of spun yarn enabling them to increse production. Robot car production has removed a lot of the production workforce from the manufacture side but we don't have millions of unemployed so they must have upskilled or moved on to other jobs. When all else is said if you increase production you then need more people to sell the things or do repairs.

There are certainly times when it would be more appropriate to use old techniques rather than new. If you are producing period furniture there is a real argument for hand cut dovetails rather than machine cut ones.

But as I say whatever floats your boat.

regards Martin

Thread: Myford Super 7
29/05/2018 11:59:31

Or there is this


regards Martin

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
29/05/2018 11:57:32

If you really dig around it's not just that women found it harder (nigh on impossible in some cases) to enter what was seen as a male sphere but they were often written out of the history when they did. This applies to science, art or virtually any discipline you care to think about.

My favourite example is Charlotte Guest, who when her husband John died became one of the foremost Victorian Iron Masters running personally the Dowlais Iron works in the days when technically it was illeagal for a woman to own property. You would know the modern offspring as Guest Keen and Nettlefolds GKN.

Wikki does not mention her but quite properly this site does.


regards Martin

Thread: What's the best alternative to 'loctited'
22/05/2018 12:04:23

Well Loctite and loctited probably has aquired the generic status of Hoover and hoovered so I dont really think it's a problem.

Maybe loc-ed




I probably prefer chem-bonded, chemi-bonded or chemically bonded myself.

regards Martin

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
22/05/2018 11:57:58

Just a link to our CAA Newsletter (Astronomy Club) which as well as having interesting stuff on the sky has an article about our latest Steam Driving day ( . . . . well also a deisel)


regards Martin

Thread: Hear the Earth!
16/05/2018 15:24:58
Posted by Graham Compton on 15/05/2018 23:13:09:

I'm in the (prolonged) process of building a seismometer. Any chance of a bit more technical detail? Mine also uses a capacitance sensor but I have problems with damping (ie much too much).



Sounds like a shaky design to me :0)

Thread: Bent leadscrew?
16/05/2018 13:56:29

You don't say what lathe but based on my Myford expirience:-

Does the leadscrew move (with the lathe off) when you close and open the half nut's? If it does the nuts are not closing down concentrically with the leadscrew. I assuming that your slides are nicely adjusted as has been remarked on. On most lathes there is some lind of adjustment to ensure the half nuts behave. The other question is does your leadscrew have a keyway down the middle for a power cross feed. If so disengaging the Thread Dial Indicator if fitted removes another variable.

Mick does raise an interesting point, and lead screw paterns do match the pitch of the screw which this doesn't seem to.

regards Martin

Thread: Ceramic disc regulator
14/05/2018 14:06:27

Hi Chaps

I need to probe the collective wisdom. I am looking to get a boiler made for a Perrier King 5". Has anyone had expirience with using ceramic cartridges (domestic tap style) as the disc valve of a loco regulator and would be willing to pass on your thoughts.

The other issue is the design relies on a main steam pipe screw cut at either end to connect between the wet header bush in the smokebox and the back end of the regulator valve assembly. The rest of the assembly is connected to the backhead bush and sealed with the usual flange on the face of the backhead bush. Apart from the difficulty of assembly I am concerned at how steam tight the main steam pipe will be, even assuming sealing compound on the threads the lengths of the various bits are critical.

So pointers in the right direction would be welcome to standard ways of acheiving good seals on the various pipes within the boiler and different arrangements to allow fitting it all together.

Best regards Martin

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