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Thread: What am I?
27/12/2013 21:05:00

Hello Graham, good evening.

For what I could see in ArcEuroTrade's site they only have this size.
I tried a search with Google (using the name given to it by ArcEuroTrade) and found nothing interesting. Perhaps you have to machine the B16 taper to JT6. I don't have any JT6 taper to be able to compare sizes. However seeing images in the WWW I find apparently the JT6 is much smaller than B16. Both having centres in both extremes I think it's not a difficult task to transform from B16 to J6.

I wish you and your family have a prosperous new year
Dias Costa

Edited By dcosta on 27/12/2013 21:09:57

27/12/2013 19:40:26

Hello Graham, good afternoon.

Do you mean something like this from ArcEuroTrade **here**?

MT2/B16 Rolling Tailstock Arbor (M10)

Hope this is useful.
Dias Costa
27/12/2013 18:35:47

Hello Fizzy, good afternoon

I bought mine from RDG Tools. Please see **here** .

I wish you and your family have a prosperous new year
Dias Costa

Edited By dcosta on 27/12/2013 18:36:07

Thread: Motor for a Gingery shaper
26/12/2013 01:40:39

Hello Michael, good morning.

MW: (1) Washing machine motor . Cheap and available anywhere from service agents. Rugged, high torque and variable speed if you want it .
Need to make or adapt a controller of some sort for variable speed but there are standard designs for doing that .
Personally I would run motor at moderate quasi fixed speed and do all drives and speed changes with belts and pulleys .
DC: As a result of the fire in my garage / workshop, one vertical load washing machine broke down and I dismantled them but kept the motor. When I packed several objects, including the motor, did it so well that I never more remembered it ... Now you made me remember I have it. Thank you!

MW: (2) Ordinary stepper motors are not ideally suited to simple higher speed high torque drives . Can be done but not worth the effort and cost .
DC: Yes I think you are right. But, here in Portugal we have an aphorism that says that if you do not have a dog to hunt, you may hunt with a cat...
See my reasons in a previous post.

MW: (3)(Any) motor for a machine tool drive needs to have good speed regulation.
This means that motor must maintain a set speed intrinsically with quite large variations of drive load .
Two cases apply:
Over a succession of armature revs.
Within one motor rev.
This regulation can be optimised by motor design or sometimes can be artificially achieved with electronics .
DC: The only source of information for the purpose of building the shaper I have followed is the dave Gingery book. That's why I already made a three step pulley
to receive 1800rpm from the motor, directly or through kind of reduction.

MW: Three phase motors have intrinsically better regulation than single phase ones and this is why they are so good for machine drives.
DC: See a previous post for my reasons and dificulties. Structure, price, weight and size.

MW: (4) What actually happens at the cutting end of a machine tool drive also depends on the nature of the intermediate drive .
Lots to consider but one feature relevant to shapers is certainly flywheel effect of pulleys and gears .
DC: Yes I think you are right. See, please, answer to your point (3).

MW: Lots more to talk about if you want.
DC: I would appreciate that. Thank you.

I wish you have a prosperous new year
Dias Costa

26/12/2013 00:16:00

Hello Ian, good morning.

I: Dias, to get a lower speed, you could go to an 8 pole motor, 720rpm, or a 6 pole motor with 960 rpm, but these maybe hard to find, and expensive, the other way is a geared motor, probably a 4 pole type, 1450rpm, this would be more compact than a jack shaft and belts and pulleys. I think 1/2 hp would be enough for your machine.
DC: You're right about the motor power. I have thought about power 1/2HP or 3/4HP depending on the weight, size and price.
I've not yet built the structure that will underpin shaper and also the motor. So I'm not sure that a heavy electric motor will not contribute to unbalancing the set.

Please see my next post...

I wish you have a prosperous new year
Dias Costa

26/12/2013 00:04:25

Hello Hansrudolf.

H: why not Ebay?
DC: I don't like Ebay. Tried once and promised never more buy through them.

H: I was looking around a bit and under AC motors I found this as first entry:
You are lucky, they would send it to your country, but not to mine! angry Ebay
DC: It's a very nice motor and it could fit nicely the shaper. But after reading "Restricted categories" under "Buying an item through Global Shiping Program" I see that only perhaps I can buy a motor from them in the desired conditions (price including transportation and import charges).

Anyway, I thank you very much for your help.

I wish you have a prosperous new year
Dias Costa

Thread: Merry Christmas
24/12/2013 15:26:12

Hello John, good afternoon.

I wish the same to you and your family.
The same goes for all the people in this forum.

Dias Costa

Thread: Motor for a Gingery shaper
22/12/2013 20:13:39

Hello MichaelG .

Thank you for your help and interest.

For the general public, in Portugal, one electric motor of Chinese manufacturing, 3/4HP, costs about 100,00€ (VAT included ) and it's biger than I like and heavy. I think the explanation for the high price resides in the fact that there is little demand.
The last electric motor I bought, 4 years ago, is 1/2HP, was part of a hydraulic pump and it cost me more than 100,00€ . It is small and light and warms up a bit after several minutes working . It is the motor that I use in my Harold Hall 's Tool and Cutter Grinder that you can see some pictures of **here** and **here**.

The temptation by the stepper motor has to do with its price, its dimensions, the possibility of some rpm control and the fact it works with low voltage .

Strangely, at least for me, the low voltage and high torque motors similar to those used in some milling and turning machines with continuously variable speed are not commercially available. I for one, have not been able to find them. One such motor would be a good alternative for the shaper machine .

My best wishes
Dias Costa

22/12/2013 19:25:23

Hello MichaelG. Good evening.

Thanks for your help.
If you want to know where I want to use the stepper motor you can see **here** and **here**

Given the formula that you mentioned, would suffice me a 700rpm in the stepper motor for the approximately 400rpm I need in the input of shaper machine.
But I found **here** a calculator that tells me that the values ​​specified for that stepper motor, I will not get more than 60rpm.
Apparently, if I used the calculator correctly, the "dream" ends here and I need to continue looking for a motor.

It remains for me to thank you for the help.

Hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Dias Costa

Edited: for correcting the calculator link


Edited By dcosta on 22/12/2013 19:47:54

22/12/2013 16:45:36

Hello all, good afternoon.

Soon, after cleaning it and removing rust resulting from the fire, I'll re-start building the Gingery shaper machine and, again, find myself in the position to search a motor for it. Turns out, here in Portugal, I only find too expensive and too heavy motors, therefore, in preparing a request to ArcEuroTrade I discovered that they have a stepper motor with 650Ncm that with a small driver which delivers 6.5A, could be used to move the shaper machine.

Information on the stepper motor can be found **here**:
Information about the driver can be found **here**: I already use this drive to automaticaly feed the X axis of my milling.

I don't know how to compare or convert Ncm to Watts or HP.
Will 650Ncm
be enough?
Will I get enough rpm?
Do you think this is a workable idea?

I would like to know your opinion, please...

Best regards
Dias Costa

Thread: Remote display sources for DRO Chinese calipers
22/12/2013 12:19:58

Hello George, good afternoon.

G: I fitted a pair of DRO's to my WM 16 beginning this year, IIRC Dias fitted the same but may have changed ?

DC: No I didn't change my DRO in my BF20 Vario and thankfully they resisted the effects of the fire in the workshop. After a cleaning of the sliding surfaces with steel wool they work well as usual.

I installed the scales so that the cable exits the read head underneath preventing oil from getting way into the electronics. In your case, as you have good coverage with the U-shaped profile, should have no problems.

Hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Dias Costa

Thread: Use of language
15/12/2013 15:31:58

Hello to all. Good afternoon.

It's good to see that a good portion of the participants are willing to not use those words in the forum, and more than that its representation with asterisks.
Mainly because, not being English my mother language, it's sometimes hard to me to understand what is written in the forum.
I want you to know that I appreciate the effort.
Dias Costa

Thread: This website and windows 8.1
01/12/2013 20:06:38

Hello Russel, good night.

Please see OpenOffice **LINK** and LibreOffice **LINK** .

Best regards
Dias Costa

30/11/2013 22:04:16

Hello Neil, good evening.

Some applications install parts of their code in memory at start up, so, when the user runs the application, a part of it is already loaded, in this way making the loading process quicker.

That feature is, in some applications, transparent to the user because it's made in his back so to speak. If my memory serves me well that is the case of the Microsoft Office.

LibreOffice when is installed gives the user the option to choose to activate (or not) this feature.

In the version of LibreOffice I have ( if you change your mind after the installation you can do the following, extracted from here: and tested in my machine:
Control Panel /Add/Remove programs / Change / Modify / +Optional Components.. find and enable the quickstarter option ( click dropdown and select "This feature will be installed on the hard drive." )

Hope this helps you.

Best regards
Dias Costa

Edited By dcosta on 30/11/2013 22:04:54

Thread: A very small Shaping Machine ...
31/10/2013 16:56:17

Hello Michael, good afternoon.

After reading all the posts of the participants on the subject "A very small Shaping Machine ... " and especially your reactions to them, I am convinced that if I were in your place I would choose to build a machine from scratch using Dave Gingery plans and modifying them in accordance with my goals.
1 - It's the more plastic solution because it allows to be thought
a priori to serve your objectives. Not by modifying a used machine.
2 - Unlike a solution with castings, if any error occurs you don't need to buy a replacement.
3 - Unlike a casting solution allows corrections.
4 - It's is probably the cheapest solution.
5 - Allows, like Dave ( Noth Western )
wrote in its post, for installation of a pulley handle for short controlled movements (even possible to install a scale and travel stops on the pulley) if you choose to build with the use of synchronous pulley and belt.
6 - If you want the advances to be controlled by stepper motors do not need to make adjustments, because you can think of solutions from the start.
7 - In limit you even can control the movement of the ram with a
sufficiently powerful and well controlled (for no hiccups motion) stepper motor.

Best regards
Dias Costa

Thread: Build a Metal Shaper by Dave Gingery
27/10/2013 15:32:41

Hello MichaelG, good afternoon.

MG: - ... It seems all-too-easy to accidentally insert HTML when pasting into this editor.

DC: - Yes you are right. But even after having made a copy to a plain ASCII editor and back, I was unable to free the text from the HTML tags.

Than you.

Best regards
Dias Costa

27/10/2013 15:29:22

Hello Lee, good after noon.

Lee: - Why I am thinking of using heavy steel is for the weight? am I not right in thinking any sort of alloy would be too light weight for what a metal shaping machine is used for
DC: - There is a gentlemen in Belgium who is building a shaping machine from "steel plate and nuts and bolts". His site address is . There you can find lots of useful information.

Lee: - But saying that, if yours works perfectly , I have got it wrong
DC: - In another thread I wrote "Let me tell you that I have not had conditions to test the cutting capabilities of my shaper machine because the fire in my workshop. However you can look up some movies on Youtube by Mr. Rick Sparber. He built a shaping machine strictly following the book of Mr. Gingery and shows it on Youtube cutting some metal.". This is still true.

Best regards
Dias Costa

26/10/2013 17:26:26

Hello Lee, good afternoon.

Lee: - Has anyone Built one of Dave's Gingerly shaping machines without having to any of the casting, by building up the frame from steel plate and nuts n bolts instead?
DC: I started building a Dave Gingery's shaping machine and just missing me build a base and apply an engine. In the construction of the shaping machine I did not use any cast element. Basically I used aluminium plate from where I carved and cold rolled steel. And, yes, many nuts and bolts as you can see in my album...

Lee: - I have been thinking of buying the book dave gingery shaper for the plans / dimensions
DC: - Dave Gingery's book was my starting point and my guide. However I made some modifications.
Following is the list of the most important:
1 - I did not use bicycle chain and sprocket-wheel for movement and instead use synchronized wheel and belt in mechanical conversion of rotary motion to reciprocating motion.
2 - I did not used bronze bearings on the main shaft. Instead used a double needle bearing.
3 - In each of the remaining bearings, for lubrication, I built a hole and a small cavity where a piece of felt fits dipped in oil.
4 - The ram does not move on aluminium tabs. They move on a bar cold rolled steel (in each side) and I intend to use UHMWPE tape (see, please, This alternative was recommended to me by Mr. Rick Sparber, who used it in its shaper and also helped me with valuable opinions in building the shaping machine.
5 - Also the automatic horizontal advance, at least temporarily, will be automatic in one direction only. I only need to build a new "ratchet pawl".
6 - Instead of building an aluminium  work table, I will apply an angle plate bought from Chronos (see, please,

If I can help you with any thoughts or information, I will do it with pleasure.

P.S.: I'm sorry I couldn't get rid of the white background. Don't know how it appeared in the post...

Best regards
Dias Costa

Edited By dcosta on 26/10/2013 17:35:08

Thread: A very small Shaping Machine ...
22/10/2013 23:59:30

Hello, MichaelG, good evening.

This is the second and last parte of my text:

I think that a reduction to 1/5th is not possible. If we consider that the side panels of the structure of my shaper machine is 180mm wide and 280mm high, a reduction of 1/5th result in 36mm wide by 56mm high. I think the other components destined to suffer stress, even for brass or aluminium, for a so small size machine would have to be very small and will not support the cutting effort.
Also the resulting size (around 10mm) of the gap between the two panels where the rotary motion is converted into reciprocating motion would be of a size which would not fit the mechanics required.
I think, whatever the shaper machine you'll get, so that it produces high-precision surfaces as you want, it will benefit from a movement of very regular nature which, I think, only a system that uses wheels (with engine or hand crank) will produce.

MG: Sorry ... I forgot to compliment you on the Movie.
DC: Do not worry. Thank you for your kind words.
Let me tell you that I have not had conditions to test the cutting capabilities of my shaper machine because the fire in my workshop. However you can look up some movies on Youtube by Mr. Rick Sparber. He built a shaper machine strictly following the book of Mr. Gingery and shows it on Youtube cutting some metal.
Mr. Rick Sparber helped me with important views in the construction of my shaping machine.

I would like to know that my poor mastery of the English language has allowed me to share with you my opinions.

Hope this helps

Dias Costa

Edited By dcosta on 23/10/2013 00:04:26

22/10/2013 23:57:41

Hello, MichaelG, good evening.

MG: Excellent in your photos.
DC: Thank you for your kind words.

MG: Unfortunately, the Gingery machine is much bigger than I want ... unless I scaled it down to [say] 1/5th.
Do you think it would be practical to scale down your modified version to that extent?
I basically want a high precision Shaper, about the size of a Toaster.
DC: When I started building my shaper machine I never worked with one and did not know its working intricacies.

So then,
after deciding to change some dimensions (do not remember which ...), I followed this path:

1 - Because I didn't intend to use bicycle chain and sprocket-wheel for movement and instead use synchronized wheel and belt, I searched market for wheels and belt I needed to support the cutting effort.
2 - Insisted on reading the book by David Gingery until I have understood well the role played by different components.

3 - Realized which components should be the first to be manufactured knowing they will be structural constraints of the size of the remaining components.
4 - Fabricated the remaining components to fit the dimensions of the first components (see ref. 3).
5 - Did a temporary installation to test the movements using a small motor that I had and I liked the result.
That is the current situation.

This text continues in the next post...

Hope this helps

Dias Costa

Edited By dcosta on 23/10/2013 00:02:01

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