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Thread: Building as Hand Operated Shaper
06/03/2019 15:20:27

Hello Ricky,

I started building a shaper based on Gingery's book, with modifications, but I have not figured it out yet.
You can eventually collect some information from the photos that you will find **HERE** and / or from the little film that I made and that you will find **HERE** in the following URL:

Also see (from Rick Sparber who shared with me some knowledge and experience during the construction of my shaper).

Dias Costa

Thread: Machining cork!
04/03/2019 23:54:51

Hi Maurice,

Please see thread **HERE** .Seventh post.

Dias Costa

Thread: file
21/02/2019 23:24:09

Hello Howardt,

Thanks for the clarification.
I will have to review my (short) knowledge about files.


Dias Costa

21/02/2019 23:04:42

Hello Mike,

If in your message you mean that the Tomé Feteira files are of Swiss manufacture, you are wrong.
They are, in fact, manufactured in Portugal.
Read, please, the text you can find ***HERE*** .

Best Regards
Dias Costa

Thread: Stepper Motor Controls
18/02/2019 15:55:44

Hello ChrisH!
Hello Brian!

I have been away from home and just today I was able to prepare myself to begin the work of drawing the links between the Arduino tb6560 driver and the power supplies.
Thankfully I read the news in the forum first.

Dave's very well-done work (SillyOldDuffer) far surpasses everything I could do. What's more, it uses a driver (tb6600) which seems to me to be more complete and sturdier than what I use (tb6560).
I'm really tempted to get a tb6600 driver and follow Dave's instructions for assembly.
If, after all, I can be of service to you, please let me know.

Dias Costa

14/02/2019 23:42:06

Hello ChrisH,

I started building a system for lead screw control for my lathe but I have by now stopped its development.
The materials used and the point where the building is is as follows:
Motor: NEMA23 (double axle and long purchased at Arceurotrade)
Driver: tb6560 (around £10 in Amazon)
Controller: Arduino Mega (may be Arduino Uno)
Motor Power Supply: 24Volts, 6.5Amperes
Power supply for Arduino: 5Volts, 1.5Amperes

All connections are made (they are temporary) and the program on the Arduino already controls the motor.
I have tested the system with the engine running (without load) for many hours and it does not even heat up.

If you want I can make a very simple drawing of the connection diagram.

Dias Costa

Thread: MEW Stepper Power Cross Feed stops
03/11/2018 22:02:57

Hello Daggers, good evening.

First of all I must say that I am not an electronics expert.

One possibility is to use a Hall effect sensor (very small) fixed at each end of the course of the cross slide and a very small magnet fixed at each end of one side of the cross slide.
The sensor is very easily understood by the Arduino and the necessary code exists available as an example on the WWW.

I am experimenting with the use of Hall sensors and magnets (4mm diameter and 2mm thickness) to detect and control movement of a disc mounted on the spindle of the lathe and using the information gathered to control the rotation of the lead screw.
The Hall sensor I use has the SS49E reference.

Additionally, I call your attention to a driver that I am also using in this experience that has also proved very easy to use with Arduino. It is currently controlling a stepper motor and the programming was also easy (perhaps because I was professionally a programmer). That driver is referred to as TB6560.

If I can help you please feel free to ask.

Not being English my mother tong perhaps I wrote some wrongs or was not clear enough. If so I beg you, please, forgive me.

Best Regards
Dias Costa

Thread: Replacement bellows needed
13/10/2018 22:05:14

Hello Peter, good evening.

Curious...I only showed those photos in this forum. Maybe someone has copied them to other places...
The link I made available in my post shows only one photo. The following *** LINK *** shows a collection of them all about bellows on my BF20.

Best Regards
Days Costa

11/10/2018 23:34:08

Hello Peter, good evening.

After the bellows of my BF20 milling machine broke down, I bought a new bellows from my supplier but, in the meantime, using a cheap Chinese curtain I made a temporary substitute that I have not yet removed (after almost 5 years) to apply the standard bellows.
And they have worked beautifully ...

In addition I have material to make more than 10 curtains for replacements.

See, please, some pictures in the following *** LINK ***

Best regards
Dias Costa

Thread: Milling power feed
24/09/2018 00:49:14

Hello Chris,

I am building a new power feed for my milling machine.
The items I am using are as follows:
- An Arduino Uno (Amazon: £ 6.95).
- A 12 volt 6Amperes power supply (Ebay: £ 17.60)
- A stepper motor similar to that used by Mr Myfordboy acquired years ago in the ArcEurotrade, double shaft (£ 84.00). Remember you need a powerfull engine!
- A TB6560 driver (Amazon: £ 5.19).
- One 10kOhm potentiometer

My motor is already running very well.
The connections are very simple.
If you want I can draw the schema and post it and a small video of the set.

Best regards
Dias Costa

Thread: Cleaning Lathe after use
10/08/2018 15:54:46

Hello Fowlers Fury,

No, you are not alone.
I also wash my hands in a white porcelain tank used for domestic purposes by my wife who demands absolute whiteness.
For a while I also had the problem of very small rust spots on the bottom of the tank and so I had to use a separate bowl to wash my hands and then pour directly into the sewer without going through the tank ...
Until I remembered having seen - and I was intrigued - an old turner in a workshop washing his hands with swarfega without using water and finishing cleaning with paper towels.
I tried using swarfega as I had seen it for a long time and after carefully wiping my hands with the paper towel I finished washing with soap and water.
In the swarfega detergent and the paper towel were the metal scraps. At least most of them.

And for better guarantee of result try to empty the water that tends to stay in the bottom of the tank.

Dias Costa

Thread: Not a model engineer looking for mill advice
26/07/2018 15:56:53

Hello Patrick,

I have an Optimum BF20 Vario milling machine since 2008 that has not been used much. To tell you about the capabilities of it, let me tell you that with BF20 I made the most of a Gingery shapper, which is not yet complete, and you can see here ***HERE***.

Since 2014 I have not used it.
I like her a lot, it works well.
However, because it is in a spline that the spindle receives the movement transmitted to it by the gears, after a few years of use, when in a somewhat more demanding work, there is an very annoying noise that causes me to wish, if I could, substitute the system geared by a pulley and belt system

I suspect most of the clones of the BF20 have the same transmission mechanism...

If I could replace the Optimum BF20 Vario with a machine that uses pulley and belt, and now brushless motor. Probably a Sieg SX3 HiTorque from ArcEurotrade.
Another possibility will be to acquire and install in the milling machine a transformation kit for pulley and belt but I do not yet know how to move forward when I start working again with the milling machine ...

I am, in Portugal, a casual and satisfied customer of ArcEuroTrade.

Because English is not my mother tong, I fear not being clear. If so, please let me know and I'll try better.

Dias Costa

Edited By dcosta on 26/07/2018 15:59:04

Thread: Am I getting an irritable old git?
03/07/2018 17:02:07

Dear All.

So far, all participants in this discussion have happily forgotten that there are participants in the forum who, because they do not speak English as their mother tongue, find it difficult to understand what has been written and is, therefore, denied the pleasure of participate in the discussion.
The case of "ill" versus "I will" is perfectly illustrative of what I mean. In cases like this, usually, because I do not understand what the author intends to say and fearing that I have lost the course of the discussion, I am no longer interested in the discussion thread.
And if we are able to improve ourselves in the various techniques we use, can we not devote a tiny part of our attention to improving our communication skills for the benefit of our fellows and our hobby buddies?
Because I want to be understood by those who have the patience to read what I wrote, I spent a few minutes working with Google translate!

Dias Costa

Thread: WARCO WM-250 lathe family and WM16 mill - 001
26/06/2018 15:12:02

Hi David,
please see ***HERE***

Dias Costa

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
07/06/2018 14:27:20

Dias - you've been rebooted!

Chris - awwww!


Yes Neil!
But only that part of my brain...

Dias Costa

06/06/2018 23:51:17

Hello all,

18 years ago (I was 50 years old), almost at the end of a short train ride, I felt slightly dizzy. A few minutes later, as I got out of the train, I fell and felt completely dizzy and almost fainted. My wife was with me and prevented me from falling on the rails ...
After that event I started to hear a hissing in my right ear and my notion of direction of my movement as I walked changed: moving on the sidewalk, if I went to pass by a lamppost, it was certain that most of the time I hit him. It also happened to me that, for example, when I put a drinking glass among other cups in a cupboard, I would often lose direction and hit the other glasses.
Several months after the event I consulted a medical specialist whom we call "neuro otorhinolaryngologist". After several examinations, the doctor concluded that my problem was of balance and then I made a treatment in 10 sessions that consisted of staying in a room and watching for 15 minutes at a distance of approximately 5 meters, the projection on the wall in front of images in fragmented, small, colorful, random geometric figures.
At the end of the second session I no longer hit the light poles on the sidewalk!

I asked the doctor to explain to me what that treatment had done for me, and knowing that my profession was a programmer / analyst, he told me, using an analogy, that the treatment had replaced in my brain one routine for another ...
Since then, the problem of loss of balance has never been manifested.

Dias Costa

Thread: Locomotive crashes and preventing boiler explosions?
09/02/2018 00:46:40

When I was six years old, 61 years ago, a train derailed on the line that was less than 10 meters from my parents' house and the locomotive leaned over a small slope.
Even today I remember the fear that caused me to hear for so long, uninterruptedly, the whistle of the locomotive that thus relieved the pressure in the boiler.
The driver, before leaving the locomotive, had time and discretion, in the midst of panic, to hold the handle of the whistle in a fixed position.
Many years later, my mother still recognized at a distance, by the sound of the whistle, the approach of the locomotive that had been restored in the meantime ...

Dias Costa

Thread: Peculiar needle file
20/12/2017 17:13:15

Hi Martin,

The Portuguese maker is Tomé Feteira and the files, as much as I know, are usually sold as "Tomé Feteira hand files".
In UK I know they are sold at least by ArcEurotrade.

Dias Costa

Thread: Embarking on a metal planer/shaper design+build
11/10/2017 09:58:46

Hello Ryan, good morning.

I started to make a shaper machine by following partially, Gingery's plans, without castings.
Following a fire in the garage / workshop I stopped the construction that I will someday resume.
If you are interested, you can see photos ***here*** and a small movie of it ***here***.

Dias Costa

Thread: A Mouse in the house!
25/09/2017 07:45:33

Hello Dave. Good morning.

Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 24/09/2017 11:08:28:

Can't help with material unfortunately, but well done you for taking LBSC on and sharing the results. Please keep it coming.

By the way there are quite a few British da Silvas about - I went to school with one. He wasn't unusually hairy, but another friend sported a full set of Victorian bushy sideburns when he was 16!

You might be interested in the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance too; warms the cockles of your heart as an example of international amity.

Best wishes,


Edited By SillyOldDuffer on 24/09/2017 11:09:21

I was born in the north of Portugal, in a town called Vizela. That city has a parish called Tagilde where the promissory document was signed which shortly thereafter evolved into the Treaty of Windsor.
Please read the following URL ***HERE*** and ***HERE*** .

Best wishes
Dias Costa

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