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Thread: A few newbie questions, sorry
16/07/2019 11:27:49
Posted by Mark Gould 1 on 16/07/2019 09:49:57:


3. Our Myford S7 has 2 oil cups under the headstock belt guard. they supply oil to the shaft that houses the countershaft, clutch etc. One of these oil cups ALWAYS requires oil and the other is always still full. Is this logical? Should I be worried and if so what should I be checking?

Thanks in advance for any help,


Seems to be relatively common with those oil cups.
I get the same situation - the right hand one always needing a top up, but I cannot find out where the oil has gone. It hasn't dripped anywhere that I can see and the inside of the cover is relatively clean.

The Emerald Isle

Thread: Lanz tractor
11/07/2019 09:52:16

You may want to have a look at another JDW Lanz tractor build, this one over on HMEM and maybe compare notes.

The Emerald Isle

Thread: Lack of Quill on Milling Machine
07/07/2019 10:58:05

Look for a Thiel, Alexander, Dekel or even an Aciera ram type mill.

Lots of info on

The Emerald Isle (An ex-Thiel user)

Thread: water supply
17/06/2019 10:21:07
Posted by pgk pgk on 17/06/2019 09:30:17:

You have to love statistics.


From safety statistics from a number of years ago it was stated that 10% of all road accidents occurred at speeds of More than 70mph. That means that 90% of all accidents occurred at speeds of Less than 70mph. By deduction then, it is safer to drive at speeds of more than 70mph.

Just an attempt at a lighthearted comment, not meant for serious discussion by the pro-safety lobby.

The Emerald Isle

Thread: Quicksilver
04/06/2019 11:42:57

The rotating optics of lighthouses used to float on a bed of mercury.

The Emerald Isle

Thread: Which thread for T nuts
09/05/2019 21:03:13

GHT used 1/4" BSF threads in his Tee nuts on 3/8" clamping bars. This was on a Tom Senior mill.
If it was good enough for him, it would be good enough for most others, even converting to the metric equivalent!

The Emerald Isle

Thread: Omnimill 00 Opinions
09/05/2019 20:58:09

I had a Thiel Duplex 158 for a number of years. Originally bought it for the dual horizontal and vertical capability without having to change heads.

It was a 1971 machine that came from the Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Company and had all the original attachments. A fantastic machine that I couldn't even begin to test the functionality of with my limited ability. 17" headroom under vertical head. Huge outreach, but only 16" X travel, but that was never a problem.

Built like the proverbial outhouse, but if you get one without the desirable accessories, kitting them out could be expensive.

The Emerald Isle

Thread: The Chocolate Fireguard as designed by Mercedes Benz
30/04/2019 11:10:48

Whilst I have nothing against electric vehicles, I think the politicos are jumping on the bandwagon to save us all from death by climate change, or tax us out of existence.

On another news group, I received the following last week. No date given, but from the poster I would think it is up to date.

Subject: more CO2 emissions than diesel ones

Electric vehicles in Germany account for more CO2 emissions than diesel
ones, according to a study by German scientists. When CO2 emissions
linked to the production of batteries and the German energy mix - in
which coal still plays an important role - are taken into consideration,
electric vehicles emit 11% to 28% more than their diesel counterparts,
according to the study, presented on Wednesday at the Ifo Institute in

Mining and processing the lithium, cobalt and manganese used for
batteries consume a great deal of energy. A Tesla Model 3 battery, for
example, represents between 11 and 15 tonnes of CO2. Given a lifetime of
10 years and an annual travel distance of 15,000 kilometres, this
translates into 73 to 98 grams of CO2 per kilometre, scientists
Christoph Buchal, Hans-Dieter Karl and Hans-Werner Sinn noted in their

The CO2 given off to produce the electricity that powers such vehicles
also needs to be factored in, they say.

When all these factors are considered, each Tesla emits 156 to 180 grams
of CO2 per kilometre, which is more than a comparable diesel vehicle
produced by the German company Mercedes, for example.

The German researchers therefore take issue with the fact that European
officials view electric vehicles as zero-emission ones. They note
further that the EU target of 59 grams of CO2 per km by 2030 corresponds
to a “technically unrealistic” consumption of 2.2 litres of diesel or
2.6 litres of gas per 100 kms.

These new limits pressure German and other European car manufacturers
into switching massively to electric vehicles whereas, the researchers
feel, it would have been preferable to opt for methane engines, “whose
emissions are one-third less than those of diesel motors.”

Oscar Schneider
The Brussels Times

I suppose it all depends on which side of the fence you sit whether you believe the hype or not.

The Emerald Isle

Thread: Aspiring Myford User
19/04/2019 11:55:01

You could always subscribe to the Yahoo Group for Myford lathes.

The Emerald Isle

Thread: Using magnets
04/04/2019 09:34:07

Also, the ball bearings are top quality.

The Emerald Isle

Thread: Telephone / Internet Scams
01/04/2019 11:41:12

Probably an old one for the Brits, but here in Ireland the phone rings. I answer it. No one speaks. Hang up phone. The caller is obviously hoping I will call him back and be charged some exorbitant rate for the privilege. Get wife to call the house phone from her mobile thereby ensuring the phone line is not open.

Another recent one is a scam call coming from a local number. (My local land line number is only 5 digits) On answering it, the Indian sounding voice goes into his repertoire. How can they get hold of a local number from (presumably) India? The phone provider does not appear to give a damn because calling their help line nobody answers! The gards and local radio station have been informed.

The Emerald Isle

Thread: Workshop insurance
28/03/2019 16:41:39

I wish I could get insurance for my workshop here in Ireland. I've numerous brokers, but nobody will entertain insuring contents of 'outbuildings' on a domestic property for more than 3000eu. I contacted Walter Midgely to see if they had any contacts over here, but drew a blank on that one.

Still wouldn't move away, though!

The Emerald Isle

Thread: How do you make a lifting eye
08/03/2019 10:02:51

Thanks for the updated suggestions.

I'll see the exact size I need when I get to that stage, but I may well get away with the M3 size. With no detailed photos, who will notice the odd few thou difference!

The Emerald Isle

07/03/2019 12:35:41

Apologies for not being clearer with the dimensions.

I'm not worried about loading capability as it will be 'decorative'. Internal diameter of eye will be 1/4". Bar thickness commensurate with diameter to 'look the part'.

David, I tried using a screw eye and fitting a 'washer' to the bottom of the eye to hide the join, but didn't like the result. Your method is one that I originally thought about doing it and will probably end up doing it that way.

Good suggestion, George, but unfortunately they are too large.

The Emerald Isle

07/03/2019 11:28:41

I want to make a lifting eye, the diameter of the ring is about 1/4".

lifting eye.jpg

I can't think where to get a ring of that sort of size that I could solder to a stem and I don't think I could bend a bar neatly enough to form the ring.

Any suggestions, please?

The Emerald Isle

Thread: Quorn Castings
18/02/2019 16:11:54

If you are desperate to get a set of Quorn castings, you could always import some from the USA.

Sorry, Can't help with a UK supplier.

The Emerald Isle

Thread: super 7 headstock bearings
06/02/2019 20:03:03
Posted by andy mulholland on 06/02/2019 18:51:18:

thanks for that comprehensive list of instructions Dave.. I've read and understood them with the exception of item 7 where it suggests tightening the collar with an Allen key... what do they mean ?? as that is the split solar and the Allen key is used simply to unlock the collar so that you can move the colar .. does it mean use the Allen key as a lever to assist in the hand tightening of the solar??

thanks again everyone for your time


That's it, Andy. Use the Allen key as a lever.

The Emerald Isle

Thread: Storing small lengths of steel stock
06/02/2019 13:27:38
Posted by Emgee on 06/02/2019 10:12:38:

Dave, are you the local materials stockholder !! you have an extensive collection of materials.


Most came from the local scrap yard before I escaped and I think the original source was HM Dockyard, Devonport. All I need now is the will to use it!

The Emerald Isle

06/02/2019 09:42:36

I use 4" drainpipe on end. There are 5 rows of pipe, 1 x 12", 1x 24" 1 x 36" The pipes are glued together with normal plastic glue and are self supporting. They sit on a piece of 1/2" plywood.

The pipes are set a little way from the corner so that large pieces unable to fit in the pipes are able to be propped up in the corner.

1. steel brass bronze aluminium stainless.jpg

Pieces that would get hidden in the short pipes are put in Linbins. The items wrapped in newspaper are steel billets.

stock 1.jpg

Works OK for me.

The Emerald Isle

Edited By steamdave on 06/02/2019 09:43:48

Thread: super 7 headstock bearings
05/02/2019 22:35:49

I've had this note about S7 bearing adjustment (I can't remember where I found it) and you may care to read and follow:

Sounds like out of adjustment bearings. The pressure from the live centre is reducing the front bearing clearance to zero. Carry out the following as per Myford (Nottingham) practice:


This is what Myford Ltd used to do:

1. Power Down

2. Remove all belt tension.

3. Remove Chuck

4. Rotate RH collar one complete turn. (top towards you).

5. Rotate LH collar one complete turn. (top towards you).

Spindle should be completely free of front bush.

6.Loosen Allen screw on collar at end of spindle.

7. Using the Allen key tighten collar as tight at it will go by hand.

Inner tapered roller races are now locked together with correct pre-load.

8. Back off LH collar one complete turn + a bit (top away from you).

9. Rocking the spindle by holding the spindle nose tighten the RH collar by hand (top away from you).

10. When you feel resistance to movement stop.

11. Collar should be just tight enough that spindle can just be moved by hand holding the nose.

12. Do up the LH collar by hand (top towards you). You should still feel resistance when turning the spindle by the nose.

13. With the crescent wrench (adjustable spanner) on the LH collar tap the end smartly with a 12oz hammer.

The spindle should move forwards by a couple of tenths and be completely free running.

14. With the lathe running slowly (lowest direct speed) put the oil gun in the front oil cup and pump until oil issues from the front bearing. (It comes out of the back and is sprayed around by the bull wheel at least it did on mine).

15. All should be sweetness and light with great rejoicing in heaven and on the earth.

The Emerald Isle

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