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Thread: Wiring an inverter
16/08/2013 22:44:47

Thanks for your comments. Actually it was an easy fix since each winding terminated in the connection box on the motor with a screw terminal. Undo the two incorrectly wired windings and swap. Put everything back together and away it went.

The key was when I looked at the wire colours and realised that the Delta strap links were linking identical colour wires together, and my meter confirmed that the link was forming a straight short.

If i was going to pursue the warranty route, I was going to have to negotiate through an item bought on a UK PayPal account from eBay Germany delivered to France, which was manufactured in Bulgaria, all discussions up to that point having taken place using Google Translate since my German barely runs to much more than ordering a beer....happy to have fixed it without recource to all of that!


16/08/2013 15:11:15

In case the same scenario befalls anyone else....

i have a Compact 5 which is a nice machine but suffers from a tediously unfriendly and slow speed change mechanism using the original motor. When I was offered a second hand Telematique Altivar 11 inverter cheaply albeit with a 'no proof of functionality' label, I took it since it would avoid all (most) belt changes.

I then bought a brand new 3 phase motor from Germany through eBay with a similar rating to the old one in the same frame size which arrived Wednesday.

A couple of hours wiring including the remote speed and forward/reverse switches and setting the motor connections from Star to Delta and I was ready to run.

Power up resulted in a nasty noise reminiscent of a slipping stepper motor and some motor vibration but no inclination to run at all. Several hours checking the parameters on the inverter as well as all the wiring left me thinking that it 'should' be ok, especially since it was not reporting any error condition.

Turning to the motor, I disconnected it and checked the 3 windings, which showed 2 x open circuit and one at 20 ohms. Not really believing that I had blown 2 windings in the space of a couple of hours, nor that it was supplied faulty, I returned it to the original Star connections. Result, 3 windings with 20 ohms each...

a very much closer look at the windings revealed that they had been incorrectly wired such that the normal Delta strap connections had simply shorted out 2 windings, leaving a single winding to rotate the motor...In Star mode, the problem was masked thanks to the common connection.

The moral of the story? Don't assume that the fault lies in the unproven, second hand item, do check the brand new components as well...

Thread: Small boilers
07/08/2013 14:19:47
Posted by jason udall on 06/08/2013 23:35:08:

take a mass of copper ...heat ..inject water...if copper mass holds enough heat then water flashes to steam...steam exits to cylinder[water injection timed to coincide with inlet open]..does work and exits...

I built a flash steam boiler many years ago to match the ST D10 that I had just built. It used 2 pumps, a hand pump to get everything going and an engine driven one that had an adjustable output flow.

In practise the biggest problem was the lag between the water going in and appearing as steam at the other end. So the cycle went something along the lines of:

burner on

allow tubes to heat

pump hand pump

water flashes to steam and after a short delay, D10 springs into life and starts pumping water

influx of water momentarily cools coils so sudden reduction in steam flow

D10 pump slows

water now boils to temperature

D10 slowly recovers being now driven on wet but rapidly drying steam and spins to speed

Influx of water momentarily cools coils so sudden reduction in steam flow

D10 pump slows


You are trying to control a closed loop feedback system with an inherent delay in the system caused by t he steam generation so your water flow will have to take this into account.

I did eventually make the system work but it was very sensitive to burner temperature and the exact setting of the pump overflow valve. I also incidentally did it all in my father's workshop and caused many if his tools to collect a fine layer of rust, something that he still reminds me about from time to time!


Thread: marking / layout blue
03/08/2013 07:33:13
Posted by Stub Mandrel on 02/08/2013 19:40:14:

Hi Simon,

Google Is Your Friend: "spray layout blue"

**LINK** - not cheap though!


thanks, I must have been using another set of terms to search. Unimpressed by the price but it has given me some thoughts about hunting locally (France), or for cheaper versions of the same thing. The cans are very useful but by the time they arrive with me the total bill is around 50£...
further research required I think!
03/08/2013 07:31:54


thanks, I must have been using another set of terms to search. Unimpressed by the price but it has given me some thoughts about hunting locally (France), or for cheaper versions of the same thing. The cans are very useful but by the time they arrive with me the total bill is around 50£...

further research required I think!




Hi Simon,

Google Is Your Friend: "spray layout blue"

**LINK** - not cheap though!



Edited By Simon0362 on 03/08/2013 07:33:41

02/08/2013 12:18:45

For a number of years I used a spray can of layout blue which I found really useful when boring, cutting internal threads or 'on the job' indication of which bit was being machined and which was not...

About 6 months ago I dropped the can onto my (tiled) workshop floor where it landed at an angle on the nozzle and sheered it flush with the top of the valve...not best pleased..

since then I have been hunting without success for a replacement can (the original came from my local engineering supplier when I lived in the Netherlands)....any suggestions?


Thread: Tig Welding
19/07/2013 15:32:17


until recently I had an ESAB 200A unit that weighed around not portable...which I used for occasional Al TiG work. I had similar results at times to yours but eventually got the hang of it based around cleanliness. TiG for steel needs really clean material, de greased and brushed whereas Al needs  to be an order of magnitude cleaner:

i used to mechanically clean with a stainless brush reserved for the prep task, followed by hosing down with degreaser (brake cleaner or some other Carbon tet substitute) followed by a final brushing with the finishing stainless brush. And then immediately launch into the welding, leaving oxides no opportunity to form. I also found that I needed much higher argon flows that seemed to be recommended - but that was probably my lack of expertise at play.

Compared to steel where I have welded down to less than 1mm, Al seems much much more difficult, probably as much caused by the higher heat loss plus the ac rather than DC current used.


Edited By Simon0362 on 19/07/2013 15:33:24

Thread: Multifx tool holder replacement for Denford Starturn
21/06/2013 14:59:15

Just to bring this topic back on course, I suggest you try searching on which always has a number of Multifix toolholders for sale second hand. I registered there using my UK eBay details to allow me to save searches and bid but it was easy to do. I have a permanent search for Emco toolholders as fitted to the Compact5 PC and CNC and there are always loads of multifix to be found (although whether they are the right size is another matter).

I decode using Google Translate and write any simple questions in the same way (like how much to post to France) and I have yet to have a problem after several successful purchases.


Thread: Porous Casting
15/05/2013 20:33:57


i had an aluminium head from a road car that developed holes which were subsequently welded back together- mostly around one of the combustion chambers. Whilst the welding was successful in the combustion chamber, it was not so successful in the water jacket which continued to cause problems. I subsequently found a company that pressure injected a resin into the head cavities which dealt with the problem areas. When I was discussing the options with them, it turned out that several F1 teams used the company to pressure fill their engine and gearbox castings to avoid any porosity.

The head has never leaked again despite some reasonably serious exercise since the fix and certainly is in a highly stressed environment.

If you don't want to go down the route of replacing the problem area, this might be an alternative method.


Thread: New subscriber from France
07/05/2013 13:46:59

Bonjour Bob,

We are in Bouches du Rhone (13) and I get most of my brass and some aluminium from Tartaix in Paris, I have looked at Qualichutes recently (but not bought from them) and also from a guy calling himself blockenstock advertising on leboncoin.

Will be interested to hear of any others, especially down here in the south.


Thread: CAM software for turning
29/04/2013 18:51:35

Interesting to hear what everyone else is doing.

I purchased an Emco Compact 5PC late last year after several years building and then getting used to running a BF20 based mill.

For the mill I use CamBam which is brilliant, however I find the lathe part to be rather less friendly and useful than the mill. That said, I have done some complex profiles for making clock gear cutters using CamBam which were not practical with the Mach3 wizards nor simple enough for me to code directly.

Paul, I had the same idea as you initially but I have found so far that using separate wizards is actually quite practical for limited operations and I will save and merge several wizards together only if I am making multiple parts.

If anyone can propose a CAM that was designed from day 1 for a lather rather than most CAMs which seem to have been designed for a mill and subsequently twisted to support a lathe, I would be most interested


Thread: LED Work lights for milling machine
06/03/2013 12:06:06

Going back to the question about power supplies for LEDs, I bought this unit last year to give 20A at 12VDC as a supply for a brushless moter - I wasn't sure that it would cope but it has performed faultlessly giving a very stable 12V.

At 3.99 plus another tenner for postage (to France), I cannot complain. They also do higher voltages which I am bearing in mind when I next upgrade my CNC drivers.

eBay reference/description was (last year):

DC 12V 20A Switch Switching Power Supply Driver For LED S... (120846730910)


Thread: RPM from exhaust sound
09/11/2012 14:14:41

If you have an iPhone (and probably Android smart phones as well) there is an app for doing this - search for "engine rpm" in the iTunes app store.

You may also be able to use an app that I have installed on my iPhone called "Vibration" that uses the internal sensors to carry out a frequency spectrum analysis. I have used it to determine the care engine RPM by looking for the frequency peaks around the expected speed.


Thread: Small Gear Cutters
28/09/2011 15:21:19


Very interesting - so much so that I have just downloaded the demo - but I can't find the Tool Wizard module. Is this only available to those having a full licence or am I just not looking hard enough? [see below...!]



I self-diagnosed the problem...I was not looking hard enough. Anyone else should create the wheel in the project database and then right-click on the wheel name - this brings up a short menu including 'tool wizard'. Easy when you know how

Edited By Simon0362 on 28/09/2011 19:16:14

Thread: Subscribers only
25/09/2009 15:52:57

Sorry to do this to you on a Friday afternoon David...

So far as I can see, it is from the earliest one (122) up to and including 133 and 136 as well. I didn't try anything more recent than those.


25/09/2009 15:09:54

Hi All,

 I ahve attempted to access some of the early MEW issues (primarily because I can see one with what appears to be a Tinker grinder just like the one I made!) but I get a message stating that "This VCAB has expired". I can however access the ME back issues (I have subscriptions to both magazines).

 Is this my problem or one for David......?




Thread: Gaiters or bellows to protect DROs
05/06/2009 20:05:55

Can anyone help with suppliers of small section bellows to cover the digital read out units attached to my mill?

I installed a Shumatech system some time ago but quickly found the need to protect the DRO surfaces from any liquid. The design of my mill (X3 like) leaves little room for the DRO plus the locking levers for the slides so I am reluctant to add sheet metal covers. In the past I have used a selection of solutions, the best being neoprene sheet (garden centre, used for sealing big ponds) attached with spring clips. However that was always temporary, looked unfinished and was never 100% effective especially when lots of coolant was flying around.

I am sure that I have come across retangular or circular section bellows for this and similar purposes - but I can no longer find where!



Thread: Titanium
19/05/2009 11:14:47

A number of years ago I needed about 2m of 5/16 - 8mm titanium for a racing car project. I tried all of the metal suppliers who wanted to sell me hundreds of metres but were not interested in a small order like mine. Finally I started ringing around the F1 teams on the basis that they probably used loads of titanium in their cars. Williams GP were very helpful when I explained the issue, decided that it was too complicated to try and pay them to supply it but needed a contribution to the Christmas party fund that they held each year. Not only that, but they used to have a van that passed our gates twice a week so they  even delivered it. Naturally I have looked on this team in a different light ever since then.

It might pay you to try a similar exercise for such a small quantity of metal - F1 teams, top-fuel dragsters, anyone else that might use Ti....

BTW, I seem to remember that there were specific points regarding the fire safety when machining Ti, I seem to remember that it is reactive in small particles (like swarf) in the same way that applies to magnesium and that certain cutting fluids should be avoided. A swift web search should help.



Thread: Congratulations
18/05/2009 13:37:29



Allow me to add my congratulations on getting the site up and running.


Best regards,



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