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Thread: Hyper Velocity Impact Technology
06/07/2021 15:03:07

I think this site may even rival some of those discovered by Michael over the years!

Hyper velocity shield development

Kept me agog for quite a while until revenue generating activities got in the way.nerd

For those unwilling to click, it is NASA's " Astromaterials Research & Exploration Science " associated with impact shields in space - probably limited direct use to the ME community but maybe there are some useful concepts to be adapted...


Thread: Lathe run out
13/05/2021 12:03:23
Posted by Robin on 13/05/2021 10:56:05:

Someone in New Delhi is selling MT5 alignment test bars for £70 including carriage on fleabay. Worth taking a chance?

It depends....the one that I bought was tri-lobed on a very coarse spiral down the bar, bent and (as far as it was possible to measure accurately across lobes) tapered. In essence, an expensive MT3 taper since that was the only functioning part. eBay agreed and refunded me immediately suggesting that my supplier might have already had some complaints...

The replacement from China (yes, I know, I never learn) appears straight and measures the same with my digital micrometer at each end but is not the finest piece of work. I use it with caution and remind myself that I didn't spend a fortune on it so shouldn't expect any more.

Thread: Repair It? Wossat Mean, Like?
04/05/2021 22:06:45
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 04/05/2021 21:05:22:

I think there are two other shameless practices that ought be stamped on.

One is the price-by-use fraud, typical of major car manufacturers, whereby an identical part is priced according to the particular make and model that uses it. It was an Audi/VW dealer who told me this - VW's main spares warehouse is twinned with one labelled 'Audi', and the same parts are much pricier in the latter. If bought-in components they are likely to be much costlier than the same ones in boxes labelled as say, Ford, spares. To disguise the fact, the parts are given identity-numbers by different systems. These companies are by no means alone in it though; and the insurers are in cahoots with the racket by their insistence on using only the main-dealers' OEM supplies.

The second, and related, is the deliberate making it very hard to carry out what should be basic roadside repairs such as replacing a failed lamp. There is no excuse for having to remove bodywork panels as is the case on one or two vehicles, for a repair that is fundamentally easy and may be necessary to be legal.

I think it comes with the territory of "more expensive car/whatever, means that you are expecting to pay more for the parts". Having run an expensive classic from the early 1970s for some 30 years, I long ago gave up quoting even the marque but requested the particular Jaguar, British Leyland (remember them??), Hillman, whatever parts that were scattered about the car and expected at least a 50% reduction in price. Didn't always work, the brake calipers are shared with an even rarer Maserarti...
If anything its now easier for us to hunt down the cheaper part thanks to the inter-webby thing - I am glad to depart from typed, photocopied lists with barely readable cross references that have one or two people suggesting them.

Thread: Bygone Trader Catalogues
28/04/2021 17:06:12

This thread reminded me of a catalogue that I was given some years back - as far as I can tell it dates sometime after 1929 when Bell's Asbestos company became Bell's Asbestos and Engineering Supplies. The catalogue is several hundred pages thick and is numbered (!) from their local Bristol agents.


It is really aimed at the real engineering industry but has some smaller lathes available, the smallest being this 4" treadle lathe, a real snip at 35 Pounds 10 shillings for some 4 ½ cwt which is around 250Kgs I think.


At the other end of the scale are the larger lathes including the following range between 6 and 12.5” centre height costing between 87 and 247 pounds…


Also (price on application only) is this ‘small’ planning machine ranging up to 8 foot bed length, 4.25 tones, just the job for a ME workshop.


Loads of other items for sale including boilers, fittings, hand tools and pretty well anything else that engineering shops would need in the 1930s. If anyone can add a date to the catalogue, I would be very interested to know.


(apologies for the rotated pages, they just don't want to go in the direction that I have asked them to go in...)


Edited By Simon0362 on 28/04/2021 17:08:40

Thread: CNC Lathe Scratch Build
22/04/2021 12:25:32

@T.B., very nice indeed, pity I didn't talk to you guys before I built mine!

20/04/2021 22:26:30
Posted by Joseph Noci 1 on 20/04/2021 21:19:49:


The indexing and clamping arrangement is still going to challenge me - There is a good series of article in MEW , by Simon Davies - No's 269-272 - He uses a taper cone interface between the tool plate and base and is rather attractive, but does require the base stock material for the tool plate to be very thick with lots of lathe work!

Joe, I have been following your series with great interest and no little admiration of the work that you have done so far. As the author of the articles in MEW, maybe I can add to your comments above:
the taper cone method eventually worked but took a great deal of effort to lock successfully in place. The big chunks of metal were machined on a combination of my Chinese 250x400 lathe and a fully CNC'd BF20 mill. For the tool plate/taper, I think these could be roughed separately and then welded/bolted together to make the finishing less traumatic. The main block could also be a welded plate construction, I ended up with a lot more metal than I really needed at this point.

Locking the taper in position with a fine screw and lots of stepper torque 'just' works- if I revisited it, I would look closely at small hydraulics - derived maybe from classic car brakes or modern bicycle brakes, married to a stepper driving the master cylinder and maybe mounted off the lathe.
If it helps, all of the 3D drawings are available on Onshape in the public area, search for " Toolchanger for Emco 5PC ". Onshape allows 3D to 2D drawings to be derived as well as export in various forms - this includes components such as the toolplate which was directly derived from the Emco original.

PM me if there is anything I can help with directly, very interested to see your project continue to go forward.


Thread: Tormach style tool holders
10/04/2021 22:52:20
Posted by Nigel K on 09/04/2021 17:00:38:

Is this any use?

Hi Nigel, yes it is !

Many thanks,


Thread: Digital Callipers - again
24/02/2021 16:29:48
Posted by Craig Brown 2 on 24/02/2021 12:48:03:

What Emgee said. I have 3 pairs, all purchased second hand and all bullet proof

Same here, plus one Mitutoyo pair bought at an MEX around 1985.

Thread: How Many People Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb on the Forum?
17/02/2021 15:45:09

4 who start their post with "I have no experience or knowledge of light bulbs but in my opinion......"

Thread: Steam engines with electronically controlled valves
15/02/2021 15:56:40

Thanks Nick,

The valve control certainly fits the bill but I recall multi-cylindered versions as well.

Maybe I need to look through this article first.


15/02/2021 11:04:17

Hi All,

I recall in I think the last 10 years (dated from the time of our last major move) a short ME series describing the build of several stationary steam engines with the valve events controlled electronically - possibly solenoids but more likely steppers. I think the author made a basic single (or maybe a V-twin) and then multiplied it up into multi cylindered versions.

Can anyone help with the articles? I have tried several searches but I am lacking a key word to add focus.

@Michael G, I await your response with anticipation wink



Thread: Amazon scam again
11/02/2021 17:54:12
It may be much more sinister than that. I am not sure how track and trace works but even in the early days the receiver of a mobile call could get the geoographic location of the caller. Rescue services such as the RAC and AA were using this over 15 years ago. It is possible that once you have answered the call they are mapping your position. We know where you live.

Speaking from some experience within the telecoms industry, the geo-location of a mobile is something that can be easily determined at the network level. In the earlier days of mobile networks, specialised components were deployed to give the cell information and estimates of the physical location based on signal strength, etc. These days, such elements are highly integrated at the core network and are as secure as any of the rest of the network - I expect GCHQ/NSA/FSB/etc have access but not to be downloaded on an app...
Your reference to the RAC and AA having location information was almost certainly thanks to a commercial agreement between them and the mobile operator(s) enacted by system to system level query-responses. This was not and to the ebst of my knowledge is not available to the public - including scammers who have no system level access to networks.

Accessing your mobile via virus and IP network attack is more likely - but falls into the same category as attacks on your PC or Mac IMO.

As Nigel says, "'they' may well know where you live anyway" since there is so much data out there to identify each of us to the nth degree.

Hope this helps!


11/02/2021 14:51:15
Posted by Steve Neighbour on 11/02/2021 14:21:39:

The incidence of scam phone calls predominantly to mobiles (from a moble) is rife at the moment.

They call, you answer, they interrogate your phone in the 20-30 seconds your saying "hello, hello" and they have your info frown

Other than confirming that the number exists and is able to be answered, not sure what the scammer is going to be able to extract from your phone in the space of a voice call.

Thread: What a disaster! KBIC DC Drive
10/02/2021 13:35:15

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained....."

I would personally:

  • replace the track with a piece of wirewrap wire - or something as fine as possible
  • replace the dead resistor with a 'full size' 1/8 or 1/4 W leaded version which should make access easier for test purposes

reconnect, avoiding all the previous errors. If it works, great, saved $100.....if not, I would assume that the damage has propagated through other components and its for the recycle bin.

My 2c.....good luck

Thread: RPi (or something) to connect to VPS over OpenVPN
02/02/2021 21:53:35


I now have an Apple TV operating behind a headless Raspberry Pi operating as a VPN client - a very successful, if rather steep learning curve first dip into Linux.

The links were helpful but not exactly what I needed, they gave me the vocabulary to search for the eventual solution. For the benefit of anyone else searching, the two key links were:

RPi VPN gateway

which helped me to install and setup the RPi and:

Routing and NAT

which helped setup the critical routing, firewall and NAT settings.

Regards, Simon

23/01/2021 08:12:16

Peter, thank you, I think that this is what I need. Just need to get my head around the details and find a Rpi.

22/01/2021 21:59:13

Hi All,

I am hoping that the collective wisdom on the forum will be able to aid me towards my goal of having a gateway between some of my network components in the house and my VPS running OpenVPN based in the UK.

I think I need to have a RPi or something similar to run OpenVPN and connect to the VPS as I have other equipment doing directly (e.g. iPads) on one side and have a router like connection on the other side. However I am at the limit (beyond the limit?) of my knowledge, especially on RPis.

Most of the equipment I want to connect through the VPS are unable to run OpenVPN clients or even install them, hence the logic in taking the VPN access one step closer to the VPS.

I am emphatically not looking to do an R&D project here, anything available off the shelf will also be of great interest. Equally if I can connect a set of existing components or follow someone else's route I would be happy to do that - but I am lacking in the initial knowledge and ideas where to look.

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions!


Thread: Covid19 - Overseas Subscriptions
22/12/2020 12:21:09

I read my copies and then add them to an ever increasing pile in the corner of my office on the vague idea that I will look back through them or access some article or other "in the future".....

Since there are a few people here looking to complete collections, I am happy to move my copies on if you would like to get in touch directly via PM.
One note of caution is that I am based in France so postage costs will be higher than within the UK (I guess!)


(@moderators, hope I am not overstepping the mark here offering the back issues)

Thread: Workshop temperature - cold
03/12/2020 14:38:55

When I used to help a friend with fettling his vintage car for racing and hill climbing, most of the work was done in his extensively extended single car garage with the doors wide open at all times of the year.
To maintain any sort of comfort in the garage, we eventually used a 'space heater', essentially a gas burner and big fan attached to a big bottle of propane and designed for large factory type spaces. Ideal for roasting one side of you and leaving the other frozen.

On this particular occasion I had come directly from work and had applied a set of overalls on top of the existing layers and topped off with a set of plasticised paper overalls as supplied in large quantities to BA - and onward to me from time to time. It was a cold evening and as I feel the cold, I was getting closer and closer to the space heater nozzle whilst concentrating on the job in hand.

At some point I started to feel uncomfortable around my legs and looking down, realised that I was slowly being shrink-wrapped by the overheated plasticised overalls!

After this we moved to closed doors and radiant type heaters instead...

Thread: Unimat 3 motor diode
24/11/2020 21:24:24

Thanks for all of the replies - the function of the diode is as suggested to half-wave rectify the inbound ac and to provide the lower of the two speeds. I have never seen a diode marked with a comma before, most of those I have come across have been in the 1N... series or similar. I will hunt down a replacement through our local suppliers.

Thanks also for the comments on the potential (pun not intended! ) causes of tripping - the Unimat is fitted with an XY suppressor, or was until I removed it when a similar problem appeared a couple of years ago - It gets very little use and I didn't quite get around to replacing it..... blush

The only remaining capacitive devices are a couple of small ceramics at the brush plate which I will snip out to test, hoping that the fault lies here.

There is no measurable line-earth resistance to the ability of my digital meter - given that the on-off switch also appears sound and the tripping happens on inserting the plug into the socket, I would expect a neutral-earth fault. Also, there is no smell of hot or dead windings which I know only too well, nor any visible signs of destruction - even if this not exactly a scientific test.

Tedious and the garage has become cold at night and work is keeping me occupied in my(warm) office during the day, so I have limited time to fault-find. Suppressors and diode on order in the hopes that the problem is not windings related.

I will report back when I find something.


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