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Thread: Yet Another Scam
21/04/2022 15:56:59

A 'heads-up' for yet another scam.

Today so far we have had three calls on our land line, apparently from "banking security", an electronic type message as such, saying we have pending a £300 payment to Amazon and a £1100 international funds transfer, press 1 to pay or press 2 to cancel.

The whole message shouted SCAM at me, but after the second message I contacted my bank to ensure that all was well. The banks' fraud department checked all accounts and cards and confirmed there were no 'flags' raised and that all was well.

The fraud dept. also said that the bank would NEVER send a message saying press 1 to pay etc. and that they would never contact us in that way either - which is what we thought anyway.

Interestingly, only one of the three calls had a "withheld number" status - the other two were from 02045 203908. This number is being forwarded to the banks' security for checking out and we were given the email address to which we could send further telephone numbers if we were bothered again. Presumably other banks will have a similar email address available

Hope this is of help to forum members,


Thread: Over 70 Driving Licence Renewal
12/03/2022 18:38:45

My wife and I will be 76 in May and last week we got the reminder to renew.

Included in the envelope was a return envelope to the DVLA at Swansea, right postcode, should be wish to to renew by post, for which a form was also included, but also included was a page advising to renew on-line, which we did, and were told our new licence would arrive within a week. We shall see! The return envelope was used to return the old driving licence, saving the pair of us two envelopes and a stamp - every little helps they say.

Renewing online was easy and straightforward, the main things was to get some details together before starting - passport number, NI number and driving licence number and working out how long we had lived here. Having these to hand first made the process painless. We had no medical issues to slow things down either.


Thread: Hammer Handle Supplier??
11/03/2022 17:54:41

Yes Andy - I was working on ships all through the 1970's, as you say, a short handled hammer was extremely useful in many on-board situations where a 'normal' hammer would not be useful at all.


11/03/2022 11:19:20

David - glad to hear I am not the only one who has cut a hammer shaft down. I also have a 2lb - or perhaps it is a 13/4 lb, not sure now - that I have had since about 1974, which I soon cut down on the handle length. Standard length was far too long, the shorter handle made it much easier and better to use, it has been my favourite go-to hammer ever since!


Thread: Tomato seed recommendation?
10/03/2022 23:10:00

Does this forum have to only discussions of subjects that deal with metal engineering?

I ask because malipuation of tomato seeds could fall into a generic engineering category; as such it's an excellent subject for home workshop engineers who also have an interest in gardening and growing.

I see no problem with this thread at all, but thats just my view - others may differ, but sad on them!


Thread: A Great Machinist
25/02/2022 22:28:42

Love the way he puts his foot against the mould then pours the molten metal into the hole but towards his foot - one miss and he's got a very poorly foot. Enough to give our ElfnSafety mob a heart attack.

Thread: What VFD should I get
24/02/2022 10:29:38

Malcolm - contact Inverter Supermarket and pick their brains, they were very helpful to me when I went down this route, supplied both motor and inverter.


Thread: Songs about Engineering
24/02/2022 10:23:25

Last train to San Fernando

If I had a hammer.....


Thread: recent power outage in Medway
23/02/2022 18:54:26

We also had a power cut last Friday here in the South-West, but only for about six and a half hours. We managed as we have a gas fire in the lounge and a single ring camping gas stove for heating food/water for tea, plus the electric Aga takes ages to cool down so we made use of the oven in that whilst it was still warm.

However, two doors up there was a young family (two young children) whose power cable had come down on the Friday. The cable was made safe on the day but wasn't renewed until the following Monday evening, after which one of the engineers called at our house to see if we were ok as he could see no lights in our house from the road. Interesting talking to him, they had already put over 580,000 properties back online with more to do, their repair team hadn't been home since Friday, they were just working all hours then sleeping in their vans, they had taken on over 1000 temporary staff to help cope - and, incredibly to my mind, had received no end of abuse. Why for goodness sake, they are trying to fix it, they didn't cause it. There are some mindless morons out there.

What we couldn't do with the power down was make a phone call - our landline phones are modern digital pick up and walk around the house jobs and the mobiles lost all signal. It was suggested we get an old analogue phone, which we now have, which will work in a power cut they tell me. Now I read BT in their infinite wisdom will make that useless in a couple of years by turning all landlines into digital; progress isn't always a good thing. That is really encouraging for the elderly vulnerable living in the sticks. Does nobody ever think these things all the way through?

One the subject of boiler heating hot water but not the heating circuit, we have twice in the past few months have our combi boiler lock out due to the overtemp cut-out within the boiler case actuating. It is situated right over the silly three port valve which had stuck in teh hot water position. I think what must have happened is that the heating system repeatedly called for heat, the boiler tried to respond but being stuck in HW mode just ended up overheating itself. Both times it cleared by me manually operating the valve as described above by Nigel B and away it went again, though I admit that the last time I did spray electrical contact cleaner around in a hope that if it was just a manual sticking of the vavle. Note to self, must get a replacement motor unit - only £15 in Toolstation it is claimed!!


Thread: Workshop Flooring Advice
31/01/2022 18:24:09

Lee - you could try High Performance Setcrete Levelling Compound, sold at Wicks. Flows to a depth of 2-15mm(so won't raise the surface level by much) and will take a heavy load - I was going to put a 300kg Aga on it until I found our floor was level enough. You will also need the Setcrete primer under to make sure it sticks to the concrete.

Just a suggestion,


Thread: Warco Lathe setup
05/01/2022 17:53:25

No worries Iain, I just picked up on your comment that it was brand new, if its brand new and there is a problem the supplier should provide an answer, means, or action, (or all three!) in my book to fix it.


04/01/2022 19:26:19

Iain - just asking the obvious, what do Warco say?


Thread: Running 'nukes' in the red
03/01/2022 20:16:29

I have no problem with the realisation that we cannot go on with energy from coal and gas and oil, but this headlong dash into electic everything just has not been thought through.

We have known for years electrical generation would need some power stations to be 'retired' and replaced and more to be built/added to increase capacity, but governments of all hues have ignored this, pretending it didn't exist or if it did, then there was no urgency to address the problem.

Fine, switch to electric by all means, but make provision so the transfer is smooth, well planned, maintains capacity, allows for increased capacity needs, is cost effective, maintains control within the country and not at the whim of foreign governments, and is affordable first.

It makes no sense either, when we are sitting on loads of NorthSea gas (and oil?) and shale gas, not to use thatwhich is readily available first while we transfer, get a bit of energy independance under us as a country, until we can proceed in an orderly fashion, but no, lets all bow down to the green lobby instead and freeze.

We are told that cars must all go electric, that oil and gas cannot heat our home any more, so again we must use more electric, but where is all this electric going to come from? And how is it going to reach our homes, the distribution system is also surely in need of upgrading to cope with the increased demand? And how is the average family on average incomes going to afford all this change? I for one cannot afford a new electric car or a heat pump and neither would I want noisy heat pump fans clattering along all the while.

We have seen during that past month the frailities of relying on renewables when the sun doesn't shine on endless grey days and the wind doesn't blow either, the effect it has on capacity to meet demand; thank God it wasn't freezing cold as well. The only good news at the moment is that Rolls Royce have got a contract for a load of small nuclear power generators to come on stream in the next few years, but in itself that will not be enough

I suppose someone somewhere knows what they are doing, but I'm not holding my breath!


Thread: How much is a life worth
21/11/2021 23:23:21

I agree re usng mobile phnes whilst driving - should be banned. If you want to make or receive a call, pull over and stop the car. Safest way.

Have thought so ever since about 25 years ago a director of the company I worked for was reputedly known to have driven around a roundabout phone in one hand, changing gear with the other and steering using her knee. Nightmare!

Thread: Cutting up bits of metal
17/11/2021 17:31:12

+1 again for a small bandsaw.

My shed, being very small and of limited available space, determined that I bought a very small version of a 6x4, not on a stand on wheels, and reasonably lightweight, so I could easily lift it. Lives under the end of the bench and comes out to play only when needed so doesn't take up valuable shed space.

Axminster were doing them at the time, not the cheapest available from then but good quality, then it was discontinued and now the rough equivalent has been re-introduced but at a much greater cost. Nothing new there then!

However, I find it's worth it's weight in gold, a very valued tool, how I lived without it I don't know sort of thought comes to mind, especially so as I hate hacksawing, absolutely hate it, and cannot cut as straight and true and so effortlessly as my bandsaw. Would not be without it now even if it does unfortunatly not get used as much as I would like due to shed-time constraints. Just my tuppence worth.


Thread: Boiler water level
22/09/2021 20:26:24

Standard for most boliers I know of, though I don't know about loco boliers, is to run the boiler with the water level showing at halfway in the gauge glass..

Thread: Why do designers do this!!
07/09/2021 09:49:16

Why do designers do this?

Because they are ignorant with absolutely no practical experience, wet behind the ears and have never had to actually work on the item they design, to take it apart or maintain it; if they did then they would very quickly redesign it.

Thats why!


Thread: Type 2 precision vice from Arc euro
25/08/2021 23:19:09

I have one for my Adapt No.2 shaper, bought from Arc for the very same reason.

From what I remember and without checking - not used it in anger yet - what you describe is correct but not absolutely certain re the spring. Certainly works very easily and well, no worries.

Is your Adept totally hand operated or has it been motorised? If so, I would be interested in seeing how it was done!


Thread: Midlands Exhibition
23/08/2021 14:25:48

These are very unstable turbulent times. The only current certainty is that everything seems totally uncertain. The possibility of another autumn lockdown still exists. The possibility of another covid spike this autumn is still there.

The situation changes by the day.

So, given the above situation, it does seem a trifle foolhardy just now to make any firm non-refunable bookings - it is a risk I would not want to take, but then I am known to have deep pockets and short arms, squeak when I walk, and not to take unnecessary risks where money is concerned.

Buyer beware by another name!


Thread: Casting blow holes
20/08/2021 22:55:48

I'd fill them with JB Weld and then dress them flat as Brians has suggested.


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