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Thread: What method do you use to find center height for your lathe bit?
27/06/2019 18:33:23

I use an otherwise redundant vernier height gauge set at centre height. Keep it right by the lathe. Centreing tools is all it's used for. For me it's quick and easy and, due to being kept in a "specially for it" place by the lathe, always on hand.

Thread: Which varnish?
11/06/2019 22:24:01

+1 for Le Tonkinlois - for all varnishing, it's also waterproof (so they say!).


Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
17/05/2019 14:34:09

Went into Lidl today with my wife, whilst she did the groceries I went to see what 'specials' were on offer, found automatic welding helmets on offer at £22.something, just had to get one at that price!

Is it any good? No idea yet as not tried it, but it seems well made and 'the business' - ripper!

Thread: French model Engineers
30/04/2019 23:12:51

I spend some time of the year in France, (or really Brittany which is a very separate part of France!) post code 22160, about an hour from Roscoff, but the rest of the time in Somerset. Model engineering there (France ) is model plane making; in the UK it's more metal bashing!

Edited By ChrisH on 30/04/2019 23:13:11

Thread: The Chocolate Fireguard as designed by Mercedes Benz
28/04/2019 13:52:29

RMA - I repeat, I was commenting in response to what others had commented upon. They specifically specified Merc, Audi & BMW. Yes, I agree there are many many drivers who drive other makes of car in a similar crass manner, but I also agree that the majority of Merc, Audi & BMW driver seem to fall into that same crass driver category; it was not co-incidence that so many others commented on here so and specified those three makes.

You seem to want to make it personal, suggesting I just have a down on German made car drivers because I probably don't drive one. So I presume you do have one and so consider yourself superior. If that is to be your attitude I can't be bothered to discuss this issue further - I have better things to do. And if you can't remember where this thread started I suggest you read the opening post instead of posting a supercilious comment.

Martin P's comment above re the Merc, BMW or Audi driver driving into the back of the transit - love it, sort of reinforces the point somewhat.

28/04/2019 11:55:51

Oh dear RMA - my comment was summarising a lot of comments others had made on this thread about the Merc, Audi and BMW drivers in general. I would certainly agree with the feeling previously expressed here that most of those drivers seem to demonstrate a feeling of entitlement that the road is their own and drive accordingly, without a lot of regard or consideration for others and usually far too fast and too close to the guy in front - certainly none seem to have heard of the "only a fool breaks the two second rule" - and without regard for the road conditions, and yes, indicators do seem to be an optional extra most of them forego.

I was once in the middle of a 74 car pile up on the M23 early one winters morning in the 1990's. At that time I was driving about 30,000 miles a year. Because I did respond to the foggy icy conditions I managed to stop in the middle lane totally unscathed, as did the lady driver behind me and the coach behind her. All around us were cars that had been shunted front, or rear, or side and often all three. All those damaged had been seen to have been driving far too fast and close for the conditions. One idiot who undertook me at speed then swung out right onto the tail of the guy in front ended up next to me shunted all three ways and then appeared on the tv news saying it all happened so suddenly there was nothing one could do. If you drive like the idiot he was then I agree, there is nothing one could do.

Sound like a raw Merc/Audi/BWM nerve has been touched.........?

Too many seem to have a misplaced but touching faith in their own immortality.

27/04/2019 22:04:40

We have the Berk in the Merc, the Idiots in the Audi and the BarnPot in the Beamer. Says it all.

And we all know the difference between a hedgehog and a Volvo (on a hedgehog all the pricks are on the outside.......)

Thread: Cheap DRO for Mill
24/04/2019 12:02:56

I am another that has the cheapest DRO system offered by Arc on my mill. I wouldn't want to be without it, but it is fairly basic - realistically for me it just gives a digital easily read position relative to a datum and in either imperial or metric readily switchable; it is what it is, a cheap way of getting a DRO on the mill and one must recognise that, to get more functions and better quality one has to pay a lot more.

It has not been without it's problems. The display threw a loopy very early on which Arc readily replaced FoC no worries. The display also used to switch itself off, a feature that used to manifest itself usually when I switched the 1ph mill motor on or off - that doesn't seem to have happened since I switched to a 3ph motor with a variable frequency controlled inverter. Also the readout bars occasionally 'stick' - you wind the table along but the display doesn't vary but then jumps to the new position, and occasionally an axis zero's itself for no apparent reason. I have lived with it and worked around it as it is what it is, but that does disappoint. Having said that I've happily had the system for very near 4.5 years now and not regretted buying it.

However, I do lust after a more upmarket DRO set-up like that marketed by Machine-DRO or EMS-i, with the small magnetic readout bars and all the desirable functions, but so far have struggled to justify the capex-spend with Senior Management! One day perhaps.....!


Edited By ChrisH on 24/04/2019 12:05:14

Thread: Non-Drip Gloss Paint
04/04/2019 00:18:40

Just out on interest, this evening I tried that old nearly full tin of iffy non-drip gloss paint which wasn't performing right, that had come with the instruction "Do Not Stir", that in a hissy fit I had given a good stirring to on the basis of it was crap before, stirring might make it better, if not then it will get binned anyway. Well, lo and behold, said tin of iffy non-drip is now looking like a real one, painted with it and it seems to be OK. Ripper!

Another lesson learned!


30/03/2019 18:44:04

I used to save all tins of paint, "just in case", now I am tending to bin them when finished if not fairly well full, and buy new when the next Senior Management Decoration Instruction requires activating.

I took a load of old paint tins with various amounts of paint left in them down the tip, asked what to do with them, "chuck then in the unrecyclable skip" came the reply. So now I do, without asking, and hopefully out of sight of their watchful eyes, "just in case"!

29/03/2019 22:06:04

Have stirred said tin this evening whilst in a "oh sod it " mood, will see what it's like tomorrow. If it was to be binned anyway not much to loose.......


Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
29/03/2019 22:03:43


Strimmer cords break so you have to wind more on, and on, and on, then eventually when you have tired of that go buy another reel. All down to manufacturers profit requirements!


Thread: Non-Drip Gloss Paint
29/03/2019 13:52:29

I've noted over the years Andrew that you are very good at many things; stirring being one of your most amusing ones!


29/03/2019 12:46:18

These replies generally reflect my thoughts! Suspected stirring a non-drip paint would turn it into an ordinary paint. Hate non-drip paints anyway, can't get on with them. Only kept this one because of the colour. It will likely get binned!

Thanks all,


29/03/2019 11:22:55

Does anyone know anything about non-drip gloss paints?

I have a nearly full tin of the stuff which is several years old. On opening there was a large amount of an oily substance on the top which I drained off, as per the instructions on the tin. Tried painting but the finish is iffy, with some areas remaining 'tacky' and not drying properly. Probably because I didn't get all the oily stuff off perhaps.

My gut feeling is either to give it a good stir and see what happens, if it doesn't improve bin it, or bin it anyway. However, the instructions for non-drip paints say not to stir. I know nothing about paints as to why this should be.

Any ideas anyone?


Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
23/03/2019 17:40:47

George - I really like that idea - turning the top slide handle to take a cut is a pain at the best of times.......


07/03/2019 19:19:02

Phil - bit like a French guy, a few years ago, that I had to drive (in France) to the hossie, who had been trying to saw off a piece of wood held against his leg with one hand whilst cutting it with a circular saw held with the other. Leg cut about 1/4 inch deep. Didn't expect to see him for a couple or three weeks, basing my judgement on experiences with British builders, but he was back on site next morning, a little late at 08:30 as he wife had to drive him. Was limping a bit but he just carried on. Good man, other trying when trying to saw wood........ !!

Thread: Myford Lathe on Ebay
07/03/2019 18:38:03

Ian j - Told you !!!

Edited By ChrisH on 07/03/2019 18:39:32

06/03/2019 22:04:26

Went from nothing to £500 on the first day and to £620 on the second. Already sensible money with 3+ days to go. Whoever gets this will be paying 4 figures plus for this. Begs the question, is it worth it against what else may be available at that price? Just asking!!


Thread: Stepper Motor Controls
17/02/2019 22:17:25

Dave - all making sense, thanks you, a light is beginning to show at the end of the tunnel.!

Thanks you also for taking the time to write such lengthy explanations, and add the photos and links, I know none of it is a quick "five minute" job; your labours are most appreciated.


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