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Thread: Benchtop lathe with power cross feed, looking to buy
18/01/2021 18:03:41
Posted by Gazz on 18/01/2021 14:15:36:

So, i think i'd be looking at the Seig SC4, Warco WM 250V, or Chester B10VS, are there any others?

A google search also shows the Amadeal AMA280VFF, but it links to a page that is not accesable from the main site, so it's not a stock item... not sure if they even sell that anymore.

So the Seig is the cheapest as £1571, (or the blue painted axminster version for over 2 grand!)

and the Warco and Chester are around the 2 grand mark... this is all new prices, and i would prefer a second hand one...
but where there's an axminster version of the Seig SC4 on ebay for £1400... i'd rather pay the £171 extra and get a brand new Seig version. i can't see how the axminster ones are any different other than paint job, oh and an extra warranty for the original buyer.

BUT, chuck capacity is something i must upgrade on from the 100mm chuck in the minilathe i have, and the SC4 seems to have the same darn 100mm chuck the others come with a 125mm chuck, i'm sure a 125mm chuck can be fitted to the seig tho?

Went through similar thought process last year. Thing to remember, which was pointed out to me at time, is you've got to compare like for like. Eg SC4 looks cheaper but by time you've added a drip tray, fixed and travelling steadies, faceplate and four jaw your in the same ballpark as Chester and Warco offerings. Amadeal 250 size also doesn't include accessories so you need to factor it in.

SC4 has a smaller spindle bore, at 20mm, than Warco wm 250v,Amadeal and Chester db10vs which have 26mm bore and MT4 taper hence bigger chuck as standard. SC4 and Amadeal are brushless motor, Chester is older style brushed motor and Warco is ac with inverter.

I pretty much decided to go with Warco wm250v as I like the idea of the electronics being a bog standard VFD which I can easily replace with an off the shelf item rather than a propiertary board, plus the slightly bigger spindle bore. Only problem is its been out of stock since last July. TBH if Warco dont get stock soon I'll probably settle for the SC4.

Thread: Electric vehicles
22/11/2020 13:27:49

biggest problem as I see it is lack of infrastructure combined with range/charging times. As a service engineer I regularly do 400+ mile round trips in a single day. So I'd probably need to recharge at some point during day. At moment very few factories I visit have charging points and those that do are invariable occupied by senior managements teslas. So I would be dependent on public charging points and having to wait an hour or two whilst car charges. Either we pass on costs of waiting time to customer or absorb it. Either is going to be damaging to the business.

For electric cars to be a viable alternative we need to see ranges roughly doubling and charging times getting down to 15-20 min region. Plus a massive increase in charging points and generating capacity to support it. Bear in mind that a significant proportion of housing in this country doesn't have off street parking so overnight charging isnt possible.

Thread: Sieg KX3 Controller Board Dying?
13/10/2020 07:49:38
Posted by JasonB on 13/10/2020 07:13:47:

I can't help much with the E-stop problem apart from suggesting you check the actual e-stop knob if functioning correctly. I take it the UC300eth board is the one you think is playing up?

There are Home and 2 Limit switches on the Z axis but they are all optical rather than the microswitches found on X&Y so could just be a build up of fine dust has found it's way in. You need to take the back cover off to get at them.


Edited By JasonB on 13/10/2020 07:23:35

Edited By JasonB on 13/10/2020 07:44:39

Those don't look like optical switches Jason. They look like standard inductive proximity switches. Triggered by a something metal passing in fron of them. You can see the operating flag just below the front one in your photo. Light on the back is an indicator to show if switch is detecting something or not.

Thread: Changes to Fusion 360 Terms
18/09/2020 12:37:31

As I understand it you can still have assemblies with more than 10 parts. Limitation is that you can only have 9 active components, that you can edit directly. You can have as many inactive components as you want. To edit a inactive part, You would need to come out of the assembly and make one the active parts inactive and activate the one you want to edit. Bit of a pain but not the end of the world IMO. You can also still save as DXF for laser cutting etc, you just can export as dxf anywmore.

Realistically those using more advanced CAM features like toolchanging and rapids probably need to look at paying the subscription, but im guessing a lot of those are using it for commercial purposes so shouldnt have been using personal edition anyway. End of free ride for more advanced hobbyists but £20 a month subscription isnt too bad for people who actively use these features. Whats comparitive cost for a commercial program offering same functionality? Are there any other free alternatives?.

would imagine its only a matter of time until solidedge goes down same route.

Would imagine Solidedge will go down a similar route before long

Thread: Lathe upgrade advice
25/07/2020 09:27:45

Pretty much decided to go with the Amadeal. I've ruled out the chester db10 as its a brushed DC motor and they don't even have a date when they will get any stock.

IF it was available I would go with Warco 250V as it ticks most boxes and is better tooled. But estimates I've seen for Warco getting any stock vary from end of August to early October which coupled with their slow delivery could mean not seeing lathe in workshop until November. I'll ring Warco on Monday to get a firm estimate from the horses mouth but doesn't look good.

I quite like the idea of a separate shaft for feeds which Amadeal has 20mm less top-slide travel isn't a major issue for work I do. I'm not too bothered about lack of tooling as I will add it when needed If the brushless motor or its controller fail outside the warranty period, I'll just convert to AC and VFD. I've already done this on current lathe and I might strip the motor and VFD off it and revert it to its original motor before i sell it, and keep motor/VFD as a longterm upgrade for the Amadeal. Likewise I'll keep my existing 4 jaw chuck and transfer across.

19/07/2020 20:30:51

The Amadeal is in a section of their web site titled brushless bench lathes so pretty certain its brushless. Plus the 1.1kw figure sounds about right when looking at weiss website.

Got to admit I'm leaning towards the warco with the VFD at the moment. At least if motor or VFD fail they are easily replaceable with off the shelf parts whereas a custom brushless motor and its control board are likely to be harder to replace. Waiting to here back from chester as to what motor is fitted to the db10super and when both they and warco are expecting stock.

19/07/2020 18:53:29

Good to know. I'm assuming that 8years ago it would be a brushed dc motor?

Thread: My Morgan SCARA coming together
18/07/2020 11:54:15

Hi Joseph

Interesting project. David Crocker, designer of the duet control boards played around with a scara printer on blog a couple of years ago. There may be some useful info on their for you. Search for DC42 blog.

following link list common g and m codes used on 3d printers, may be useful as a starting point.

3d printer g and m codes

Thread: Lathe upgrade advice
18/07/2020 10:41:25

Thanks Jason

Had considered that one but couple of things against it.

Firstly out of stock, whilst I'm not in a desperate rush Dont want to be waiting months either.

Secondly its a bit more than I want to spend as warco include a lot of accessories that I dont need immediately / at all. I made a point when i got when my currrent amadeal lathe to order both rests and faceplate as extras and I think i've used fixed steady once and not touched the others in ten years. So makes sense to wait and buy those items once I have an actual need for them I think.

18/07/2020 08:57:01

Hi All

I'm thinking of upgrading my lathe. I currently have a Amadeal 920 clone, which has done everything I've asked of it and is accurate but I just fancy a change (any excuse for a new toy ).

Featurewise wishlist is

1. Brushless motor and variable speed

2. Power cross feed

3. possibly larger spindle bore ( currently approx 19mm).

4. bolt on chuck or cam lock nose ( currently threaded spindle nose).

I don't wont to restart the chinese/old english debate. I'd prefer new so any major issues can go back to supplier and as I'm an engineer by trade I don't have any issues doing a bit of fettling and tidying up which is usually necessary with the chinese offerings.

Should mention my workshop is in an upstairs room so weight is a consideration. Don't really want to go much over 150kg.

Two models I'm looking at are

1.Sieg SC4

2. Amadeal BL250AVF

Other option I've seen is Chester DB10 super but I'm not clear from their webpage whether it has a brushless or ac motor and what the rating is ( manual is for an older model) plus its out os stock.

Originally I was think SC4 but for an extra £200 or so for the Amadeal or Chester offerings I would gain a bit of capacity both in swing over bed and spindle bore ( MT4 26mm bore as opposed to MT3 20mm bore).

Has anyone any thoughs/experience of either machine ( or options I haven't found)?.


Thread: laser cutting service recommendation
08/06/2019 13:35:25


I'm looking for a laser cutting service that can supply and cut acrylic sheet. Most of sites I find are geared up for metal only or only offer small working areas for other materials. I need someone that can cut from a 1M x 2M sheet. Ideally im looking for somewhere that I can upload dxf files and get a quote online.

Has anyone got any recommendations?


Thread: small DC motor
15/08/2018 17:39:56

Think you will have more luck looking for maxon rather than moxon. they have a web site but cant spot one you've got easily. Maybe a photo would help.

Thread: Frustrated
30/12/2014 20:26:04

Ok your control circuit is 24v AC. Wall type tester probably wouldn't pick up that low an AC voltage, which you've confirmed by trying it on the wires to the power lamp when it's on. I'm guessing the interlock switches are the ones label SQ1-5 on the diagram. Are there any labels on the actual interlock switches?.

30/12/2014 18:29:20

Does sound like problem with interlock circuit. If your using detector for picking up voltage in cables in walls, I'm pretty certain that would only detect AC. Interlock circuit should be 24vdc. You won't detect any voltage in motor wiring until motors actually turning.

Usually you can hear a click as each interlock switch physically closes. Try moving closing each of interlocked guards In turn and listening for noise as switch closes. If one doesn't make any noise it might not be moving switch enough to trigger it.

Thread: hello, first lathe-when to buy.
13/10/2014 17:57:41
Posted by mechman48 on 13/10/2014 14:14:24:

Welcome Rich

Looking at Chester's site the Conquest seems a neat little starter machine; bearing in mind what your budget is, you will also be looking to add to it tool wise, as we all have done, so you may well end up paying the same again for 'extras' (4 jaw chuck etc ?). Have also had a look at the next one up the 'Conquest Super' which may be a better buy as it has DRO's fitted to the 'X & Y' axis, as all these mini machines (& not so mini) invariably have some backlash on both the crosslide & compound slide & the DRO's will help eliminate any discrepancy, plus you can read in metric or imperial.

I note that the 'Conquest Super' is out of stock at the moment but not the 'Conquest' so depending how urgent your needs are I would hang on & for an extra £75 go for the 'Super' deal with the advantage of the DRO's... IMO. Give Chester's a ring & see when the next shipment is due... maybe due in for Xmas? or hang on 'till Ally Pally show.

Have another browse through other suppliers in the meantime... Amadeal, Warco, ArcEuro etc (usual disclaimer) for similar & for any deals they may have,( FWIW I have Warco Lathe & Mill & am pretty pleased with them) whatever you choose... enjoy! Hope this helps a little



The DROs on the conquest super don't work the way normal DROs do. Their actually rotary encoders that count number of turns of the handle. You still get backlash between the lead screw and nut and have to take normal measures to account for it. Just something to be aware off.


Thread: Control board need to interface with SolidWorks
15/05/2012 20:35:37

Solidworks is just a cad package, dont think it can generate gcode. you'd need to use it to model the part you want to make then feed the output into a cam package to generate the gcode used to control the machine.

If your looking to replace the control board you'd then use a controller program like mach3 or EMC to interface the new controls to the PC and feed the gcode into.


Thread: MEW 186, Best ever issue
18/01/2012 21:17:49

Not sure about MEW 186 being best ever TBH. Concern for me is the letter in 'scribe a line' from the contributor who wrote the articles about wiring a inverter. He states that a ten turn potentiometer allows ten different speeds whereas a single turn pot allow variable speed. If a contributor writing electrical based articles has such a fundamental misunderstanding of his subject matter then its a bit worrying TBH. Also fact that editorial staff havent picked up the error.
A ten turn potentiometer acts exactly the same as a single turn one it just allows a finer adjustment of the speed. Maybe the authr was thinking of some arrangement with a ten position switch with different resistors being selected by the switch positions?

Thread: MEW, would less be more?
13/12/2011 09:01:43

Posted by Robert Dodds on 12/12/2011 23:40:14:
Slightly skewed to the current direction of the thread but does anyone else get a different mag to that declared on the envelope.
Today I got MEW 185 in a package that had MEW 186 printed on the wrapper. And its been like that for months.
It's all very confusing to an old un especially when I've already read most of MEW185 on the digital channel
Bob D

Edited By matt on 13/12/2011 09:04:05

Edited By matt on 13/12/2011 09:05:00

Thread: How do you keep a Morse taper in
14/08/2011 14:00:35

Posted by Jeff Dayman on 14/08/2011 13:48:50:
If I were you I would get and use only Morse tooling with screw threads in the rear end for use in your mill.


I would also be looking to trade the mill ASAP for one with an R-8 or other milling machine type spindle socket. Maybe Chester have a replacement spindle for your mill with R-8 socket?


Any chatter or unbalanced cutting forces (as many milling ops have) will loosen a Morse taper. Morse is fine on large drills for heavy steady cuts only, or on centres for holding work in lathes. I guess manufacturers put Morse spindles in small mills hoping prospective buyers will think they can use lathe tooling they may already have, but in practice it does not work well unless threaded hole and drawbar are used.


Sorry I don't have better news.



Edited By matt on 14/08/2011 14:02:30

Edited By matt on 14/08/2011 14:04:58

Thread: Copyright issues
28/05/2010 17:52:51
Posted by Circlip on 28/05/2010 16:44:28:
Yes Matt, it looks a bit like this:-
  I know for a fact that the originator in the above listing is NOT the signatory of the M/E artical.
   Wonder how many pieces of silver it has attracted???
  Regards  Ian.
Thats the post I was thinking off, couldnt remember if it was mad modder or hmem it was on though. iirc john rebuilt that engine as a paying job and documented it on the thread with the owners permission. Maybe part of deal was that owner got to publish the words and pics? although it was shortly after that thread that bogs started watermarking his pics I think.


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