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Thread: Lathe for a new starter
06/08/2022 10:03:57

Half decent digital calliper will do to get you started and cover a wider range of sizes. Plus it will be a lot easier to use that to convert all those imperial sizes on stationary engine models to metric with the callipers as it sounds like you are metrically minded.

You would still need to set the tool on ctr if using QCTP but once done should not need resetting much if you have a holder for each. That's what I do for the commonly used tools and have never felt the need to make a height gauge in 35yrs of using a lathe.

Thread: What went wrong with my advert?
05/08/2022 18:24:09

I think it needs a .00 at the end

Thread: Writing articles for MEW
05/08/2022 16:58:04

If it is still the same as the previous publisher then the author retains copyright of the submitted text and photos etc. Publisher just has the rights to it in the way in which they present it eg you can't then go giving copies of the article as it appears in the mag to others but you could use your text in a book or submit to another magazine.

This is what I did with the Milling for beginners series of articles, first sent to the mag for them to publish with any slight changes they wanted. Then also gave the original to ARC to publish in the book.

Edited By JasonB on 05/08/2022 17:00:45

Thread: Pre-order the September issue now!
05/08/2022 15:50:49

Should also ensure you get a copy should demand outstrip supply.

Thread: Parting tool trouble
05/08/2022 15:49:38

Only problem with that is he may not know where to look for it.

Thread: Hardinge HLV
05/08/2022 14:44:34

Or set the fixed steady onto the work at the chuck end and just slide it along the bed. Should be concentric then (subject to bed wear)

05/08/2022 11:45:58

I was thinking that even with a bigger bore lathe (Hardinge or otherwise) it's got to be a better option than completely machining from nominal 20mm bar.

Yes if on the existing Yyford then fixed steady either for all or just to face the ends and ctr drill then turn with tailstock support.

05/08/2022 07:37:55

Why can't you buy 3/4" precision ground steel, clock it true in a 4-jaw and machine the 3/8" spigots, got to be easier than turning the long length.

Other parts can be done at one setting in the lathe so even an import could manage that.

Thread: What went wrong with my advert?
04/08/2022 20:23:50

What did you enter as the price?

Thread: Further Adventures with the Sieg KX3 & KX1
04/08/2022 18:50:16

The little Otto flame sucker that I'm working on has a form of scotch yoke that is pivoted at one end and connects to the conrod big end at the other. I had sent Graham Corry a basic sketch of this with the critical sizes from which he made a pattern and had some cast in brass with the intention to have the crank run against the brass slot. Having subsequently seem images of Tom's larger size replica I decided to go down that route which has split bearings for the crankshaft and to get them into place the bottom of the Yoke is a separate part.

I did a few alterations to my initial model while bearing in mind how I might machine the part and also ways to hold it and came up with this.

Wary that cutting a big notch out of the lower edge could make the steel go banana shaped I cut off a short length of 10mm x 100mm black hot rolled steel which should have less internal stresses than bright bar. After milling down to the required 8mm thick by taking 0.5mm cuts off alternate faces to keep the cuts balanced I drilled and reamed for the two 4mm holes and also stitch drilled out most of the waste material from the slot.

A couple of quick hacksaw cuts and the remaining waste dropped out so that the slot could be milled to the final 50mm x 10mm size and a pair of holes tapped M3 for the bottom plate retaining bolts.

Another piece of steel milled to 3mm x 8mm section with a couple of clearance holes completed the work on the manual machines.

The CNC is the best tool for the job on a part like this where there are curved features running into straight and angled ones so a session on Fusion 360 soon gave me a USB stick with all the tool paths needed, 5 per side which were:

1. Adaptive cut to remove most of the waste using a 4mm dia 4-flute R1 cutter at 5000rpm and 500mm/min feed
2. Ramp cut to finish the vertical and curved surfaces using a 3mm dia 4-flute carbide ball nose cutter at the same speeds and feeds. This was also used for the remaining cuts
3. Horizontal cut to finish the face of the webs and the "D" shaped big end boss
4. Scallop cut to refine the near horizontal parts of the three round bosses
5. Pencil cut which refined the internal fillets particularly where the three bosses meet the main body.

With the KX3 fired up the first thing to do was drill and ream for two location pegs in a bit of scrap aluminium which would locate in the two hole sin the yoke. I also tapped a couple of M3 holes to take screws to clamp down a top hat section clamping block.

It was then just a case of clicking "GO" and then getting on with something else, just popping back to change the tool and start the next tool path. Also just had to turn the yoke over half way through so the opposite side could be machined.

quite pleased with how it turned out. There is one small flaw in the steel that you may just ne able to see about mid way along the top flange between the oiler boss and big end boss. I could hear it as the tool passed but not really see what was causing the change in tone until the part was out of the machine as it was towards the rear when being cut.

Finally a couple of close ups of the tool marks left by the ball nose cutter as it stepped over 0.2mm between each pass of the horizontal path, they are more visual that physical as I can only just about feel them with a finger nail but as this was probably a casting or possibly a forging it will be fine after final fettling.

Thread: Parting tool trouble
03/08/2022 19:23:12

Although I mostly use mine with a round nosed insert it does get used for parting or grooving sometimes.

Seems OK on the Warco front mounted in a QCTP, 15mm mild steel, 450rpm 0.0025" /rev feed. Nice bright short curly chips rather than long swarf when run at this sort of finer feed rate.

03/08/2022 18:22:05

I would not trust a MT shank held in a 3-jaw to be on ctr height. Put it in the spindle taper or try against the tailstock ctr

Thread: Compound Beam Engine
03/08/2022 18:17:12

There are a few of the Woolf compounds about, Preston's has one if I remember rightly.

More about this one on Grace's

Thread: Trade advert in For Sale
03/08/2022 09:18:31

10/10 for effort, I've deleted that guy about 10 times over the last week. Unfortunately no way of blocking specific e-mails and no way to moderate adverts but he does also try to make posts too.

Thread: Piston rings and the gap
03/08/2022 07:05:11

Interesting photo posted by Wayne Grenning on his FBpage showing a very worn ring from an early Crossly piano base engine. So worn that there is no more "spring" left in the ring yet the engine ran be it with some blow by. The cylinder bore has some matching wear!


Thread: First Steel Parts off the KX1
02/08/2022 19:07:40

I managed to get the short links drawn up for my version of the James Coombes so had a go at cutting them firstly with adaptive and then with the contour as though cutting out of a larger sheet.

These are the links, two at 6mm thick and one at 5mm thick as I'm making mine in metric. They are all reamed to fit on a 4mm dia shaft and have reamed 3mm holes at the other end for pivot pins. Ends are 7mm & 6mm dia respectively with a 4mm wide central waist and holes are at 14mm ctrs, Internal fillet radius was set at 3.25mm so a 6mm cutter would not end up with too much engagement angle.

jc links.jpg

The above parts were drawn in Alibre and then I exported one of the thicker links as a .STEP file and opened in F360.

Firstly the adaptive, details are much the same as mentioned previously removing all the metal with full height cuts (just passing below the bottom actually) with horizontal stepover of 0.6mm which is 10% of the 6mm 3-flute carbide cutter's diameter. F360 says run time is 51seconds with the cutter running at 5000rpm and feeding at 600mm/min.

jc adaptive.jpg

Next the final contour to remove the 0.3mm of material that was set to be left by the adaptive cut, same speeds and feeds and two loops around the work taking 0.2mm and then 0.1mm off. F360 says 31secs for this

jc finish contour.jpg

I then used the same imported part and did a cut as you may use if cutting from a larger sheet or piece of stock much like Steves original post but tweaked the height so the program thought it was the 5mm thick link. This one still cuts at 5000rpm but feeds at 400mm/min as I find using the full width of the cutter you can't go as fast. The cut ramps down as it goes round with a max stepdown of 0.6mm and that would be 6mm wide if cutting from a full sheet, mine was less as I used a smaller piece of stock. When the cutter gets to the bottom it then does one full height loop to take a 0.2mm finish cut all round. Time for this is 3.58 so would have been about 5mins for the thicker ones compared to about 1.20 for the adaptive % contour

jc full contour.jpg

Time to put it into practice.

I tend to find flat bar nicer to machine than sheet/plate so picked up a bit of 1" x 1/4" probably EN3 and held it in the manual mills vice to drill and ream the six holes on a simple pattern located with the DRO, could have used the CNC but not much in it time wise. Holes were spotted as I wanted good accuracy, then drilled with 2.8 & 3.8mm stub drills and finally reamed. Having it in the vice like this with no tooling plate below allowed the 3mm hand reamer to pass right through, not such an issue for the 4mm machine reamer - both run in the spindle.


A couple of quick passes with a 10mm HSS cutter had the 1/4" material reduced to 5mm and 6mm as needed.


Then over to the Femi to chop the bits off the bar


The KX3 was fired up and a bit of scrap aluminium held in the vice. Sometimes I just use the jog to drill these mounting holes but on this occasion used the CNC picking up the hole locations from the same F360 file and tapped the holes by hand. First hole had X&Y set as 0,0 which matched the larger hole position on the work which I had set as datum


One of the 6mm pieces was screwed on and the start button pressed. and quickly completed. Swapping it over for the 5mm thick one the job took a lot longer, I could probably have had a steeper ramp angle that would have reduced the time a bit. At just before six mins you can see the final full height pass starts.

Final parts feel burr free which is not bad as the cutter has done quite a bit of work and no difference in finish between the two options that I can see but I'll be sticking with the first adaptive option as it gets the job done and I'm not just putting a lot of wear on that first 0.6mm of the cutters flutes. All cuts were climb cutting.
Thread: Displacement lubricator
02/08/2022 18:07:22

Common position on traction engines as there is usually no pipe to fit a displacement lubricator steam comes up through the cylinder to the regulator chest and then onto the valve chest.

It's not really dragged out by the steam. The cooler lubricator will collect condensation that settles to the bottom and the lighter oil then flows out into the chest or pipe

Thread: latest issue
02/08/2022 06:52:17

A few others have had a similar problem with Pocketmags, contacting them got it sorted.

Latest ME is available via this site, click Magazines, login (needs ID number) and if latest mag does not show then click the three bars top right, then archive and then select the mag you want.

Thread: Piston rings and the gap
01/08/2022 19:07:03

Should be fine, a smaller gap by quite some way would also have been OK.

It will feel tight when new, just put a good slug of oil into the inlet before you run it first time and you will get a black sludge come out the exhaust as the rings bed in, keep adding the oil.

Thread: Etched/Machined number & shed plate
01/08/2022 13:14:05

Our co editor does a nice job Here

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