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Thread: Diminishing chocolate bar
04/03/2022 16:09:00

The thing that annoys me is when they charge more per unit weight for refill packs than for products in plastic bottles or dispensers. So the choice is between saving money or helping saving the planet.


Thread: Railway station toilet signs
04/03/2022 16:00:32

Don't be put off by a few unkind remarks Br. Carry on posting regardless.


Thread: Casting or Moulding Rubber
20/01/2022 10:09:39

I would stick to polyurethane rather than silicone. Polyurethane looks and feels more like real rubber and is stronger. The disadvantage is that it will stick to anything and needs a good release agent on the mould.


Thread: Hi all
22/12/2021 14:52:07

Hi Niel

Wecome et bien venu. I am another clock enthusiast having made a couple of clocks or more correctly timepieces. Currently searching brocants and vide greniers for a nice french clock to restore.


Thread: French tools-of-the-trade stamps
18/12/2021 11:19:13
Posted by clogs on 17/12/2021 16:36:24:

seem to remember a firm in France that make rasps etc by hand....still working.....

no idea of the name now....

ment to have bought a couple before I left but just plain forgot....getting old and excited by the move....



Thread: Anyone here got Amazon Echo Plus, Alexa?
18/12/2021 11:06:59
Posted by James Alford on 18/12/2021 10:27:41:

I have one in the garage along with a "smart plug" which controls the lights. In theory, I can ask the Echo in the kitchen to turn the lights on in the garage, ready for when I get there and then off again from indoors. The trouble is that it is so unreliable that I frequently get told that it is not responding and end up going out again to switch the lights off manually. It is a really good concept, but seems to be unreliable at present.

The smart plug needs a good wifi signal. If the signal in the garage is poor you could try a wifi booster.


18/12/2021 11:04:23
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 17/12/2021 18:14:36:

Your last sentence though... Do you mean the 'phone's microphone is on all the time, or that it receives a radio on/off command from the other equipment? Either way I'd wonder why you need turn the 'phone remotely sibnce you need it your hand to use?

It does depend on the operating system on your phone. I'm not familiar with iPhones but phones with Android 8 or later keep the microphone on while the lock screen is showing by default. You can turn it off in Settings but how many people do, and anyway anyone who can hack into your phone can turn the microphone on again and listen to it.

When my phone is plugged into the car the microphone is on all the time and Google is listening so that if I say, "Hey Google, navigate to <certain address>" the GPS will take me there. It also gives me hands free telephone via the car speakers. Of course Google knows exactly where I have been but they are welcome to that information.


17/12/2021 16:06:34

A few months ago I got fed up with my 25 year old alarm radio's poor FM reception and looked at buying a new DAB radio for the bedroom. However it then occurred to me that the local radio I listen to as an alarm doesn't broadcast DAB. So I bought a Google Nest Mini to experiment with.

I found that I could set it up to play my local radio station (France Blue Rousillon) as a daily alarm to listen to the local news. It can also play all BBC radio, nice to listen in english sometimes. The conversational ability is remarkable and it can also act as a translator if required, useful for checking my French pronunciation!

The sound quality is much better than I expected but if I want HiFi quality I can tell it to play music to the television which is connected to my HiFi setup.

I now have one unit in the living room as well and as my car has Android Auto I can now message my wife hands free to tell her when I am on my way home.

If the CIA or MI5 can use it to spy on me they are welcome. They will get very bored! Remember, if you have a mobile phone it also has a microphone which could be turned on remotely.


Thread: John Wilding 8 day Weight Driven Wall Clock
22/11/2021 19:15:28

Posted by WH GS on 19/11/2021 11:22:25:

I am new to making clocks and have been struggling to identify some of the things I would need. Would anyone know what diameter gut I would have to get for the barrel?

Personally I wouldn't use fishing line as it's not intended for a continuous load. 1.4 mm longcase clock synthetic gut is rated for 39 lb safe working load and the breaking strain is about five times that. If it breaks with the weight near the top the weight can do a lot of damage.

Meadows and Passmoor used to sell it, don't know if they still do.


Thread: china/India - Cop 26
15/11/2021 19:02:23
Posted by Keith Wyles on 15/11/2021 18:33:15:

The one thing that is always avoided is reducing the human population. Many so called greens point out that the rate of increase is slowing, but that is still an increase when in reality it needs to be reducing.

Edited By Keith Wyles on 15/11/2021 18:33:41

Agreed. Governments are afraid to mention it. The Chinese tried it some years back by restricting couples to only one offspring but they gave up on it.


Thread: So what design software will you use in 2022?
12/11/2021 11:13:45
Posted by Mike Hurley on 12/11/2021 10:15:27:

Was that ' Draftsight ' ?. I did use it a lot years ago, then if I remember correctly they stopped the free licensing

Draftsight was provided by Dassault Systems not Siemens. I was one of the many upset by it's withdrawal.


Thread: Sea level rise
10/11/2021 15:35:51

The problems of rising sea levels seem to be taking a back seat at COP26.

I have just been reading a science fiction book written in the 1950s that explores the possible consequences of the melting of the polar ice caps. Even though he uses aliens do do the deed rather than humans it is food for thought!

The book is The Kraken Wakes by John Wyndham. Well worth a read.


Thread: SMR's a conundrum.
08/11/2021 16:29:39
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 08/11/2021 15:04:26:

As always with Nuclear, main cause of concern is the cost of decommissioning or having a catastrophic accident.


Small cost compared with destroying the planet by burning coal!


Thread: Music on TV Programmes.
08/11/2021 15:48:45

One of the main problems with audio on flat screen TVs is that, apart from the speakers being too small, they are in the back rather than the front! I bought a £10 digital to analog converter from Amazon and connected it between the SPDIF output from the TV to a pair of spare inputs on my 30 odd years old hifi. The sound now comes from a pair of Rogers speakers and I can now understand (most of) the dialog.


Thread: Anyone updated to Windows11 yet ?
07/11/2021 12:00:55

No apology needed Brian. We have drifted a bit!

I currently have Windows 10 on two computers and XP on another and have no intention to convert to W 11. When or if W 10 stops working I will just stick to my favourite operating system and look for alternatives to the few Windows apps I currently use.

Bon chance with W 11!


06/11/2021 20:18:14
Posted by Mark Simpson 1 on 06/11/2021 07:07:35:

My best guess as to why it's unpopular commercially, except for very specific applications, is the fragmented nature of Linux. The distro's come and go really quickly and what runs on one particular installation will nearly run on another, then you spend some time on forums deciding to add this or that package. The differences are smaller than the differences between say the Solaris and Irix of 20 years ago, but companies hate uncertainty and want to reduce risk...

I would disagree that Linux distros come and go quickly. I started using Red Hat in the mid 1990s and it is still in existence and regularly updated. It is however a commercial paid version but the earliest distro was Debian which still figures in the top ten of dstros and like most distros is free. I currently use Mint and have done for about 10 years.

As far as uncertainty and risk is concerned I am running two of my computers as dual boot machines with both Windows 10 and Linux Mint available. I have had far more crashes and bad updates with Windows than Linux. When problems with Linux do occur I can pose a question on the Mint forum and usually get a solution within the hour, that is if Google search doesn't find it.


Thread: Chemical Etching of Glass
28/10/2021 20:29:24
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 28/10/2021 20:05:51:

I've used a similar product to remove partially damaged coating from a pair of spectacles to make them usuable enough to get another year's use out of them (tightwad).

I treated it with considerable respect.


The coating on glasses doesn't seem to adhere so well on modern plastic lenses. Mine have just become unwearable after only two years.


Thread: What spray do you use to stop your tools from rusting?
28/10/2021 20:25:24
Posted by John Smith 47 on 28/10/2021 13:14:19:

Machine oil on hands
I'm sure that would work, however I have to ask - how is your health?

The reason I ask is that it is thought that in general at least 60% (maybe 64%) of everything you put onto your skin is absorbed into your blood stream. This is a monumental and seldom talked about problem. e.g. Facecreams & hand creams that seem to get absorbed... where else do you think they go? For example it turns out that the mild from (human) mother's is often heaving with what is effectively suntan lotion, that has been stored in the mother's fat cells.

I don't know about machine oil in particular, but I would strongly caution against putting anything that is not broadly edible onto your skin.

Well school metalwork was in the early 1960s so I have been doing it for quite a while. What I don't do though is work full time in a workshop. I guess doing it full time may be more of a problem but I have never suffered from dermatitus other than having to do all the washing up when my wife was ill.


28/10/2021 09:40:41

When I was doing metalwork at school we were taught to put two drops of machine oil on our hands and rub it in as soon as we entered the workshop. I still do that and never put any oil to protect the metal except on moving parts. Never have any rust problem.


Thread: Chemical Etching of Glass
27/10/2021 15:53:46

As a child I was given an old "boy's book of chemistry" by a lab technician at Oxford University. One of the many dangerous experiments in it was to etch glass. The instructions were to ask your dentist for some old teeth, grind them up and place in a evaporating dish with some strong acid (was probably nitric), place the glass with wax resist on top of the dish and heat to produce hydroflouric acid fumes! It also described how to make and explode picric acid! I avoided the most dangerous experiments but did make some nitrogen tri-iodide. Those were the days!


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