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Thread: Fobco Star Floor Stand / Storage Cabinet
28/04/2022 18:28:30

I am in the process of planning a re-organisation of my workshop, and have hit upon the idea of providing a free-standing cabinet on which to mount my Fobco Star and free-up some bench space.

Has anybody got any experience of doing this and can recommend either a design for a wooden cabinet, or used a commercially available item (I had considered buying a suitably sized milling machine stand from Warco or similar)?

Any suggestions appreciated.


Thread: Fowler Bowers Bore Micrometer
19/04/2022 16:23:07

Well after a bit of trial and error, I seem to have everything adjusted and working as it should.

To do this, I removed the ratchet, then the thimble. The threaded rod that drives the anvils was then moved a little by hand and the thimble replaced, repeating until the thimble mark lined up with 0.625" with the index at 0. Once done, the ratchet was refitted and the calibration process completed as outlined in the video Martin posted above. All now seems to be in order!



18/04/2022 16:47:44

Thank you Martin,

I did a double-take when I first read your post and thought my picture had appeared in your post too. On looking closer however...!

I had gently nipped up that recessed grub screw as per the instructions I read after setting the micrometer to the setting ring. I will have another play and see what else can be done with the screw loosened.

The only other screws present are two very small grub screws that seem to fix the black shroud in place.


18/04/2022 16:20:46

Hello everyone.

I have recently acquired a Fowler-Bowers bore micrometer, size 5/8 - 3/4", along with a 0.7497" setting ring.

Trying to set the gauge up with the setting ring according to instructions for a similar Bowers non-digital micrometer (model XT, although the one I have is an earlier model). Question is, is it possible to adjust the reationship between the '0' position on the thimble and the line that co-incides with the .625" etc index mark on the barrel? There seems to be some mis-alignment currently that to my mind will make it difficult to interpret the readings taken.

Having bought it from eBay, if there is a fundamental problem with it (i.e wear or damage) that is causing the mis-alignment, it will be possible to return it after consultation with the seller.


Any assistance appreciated.


Thread: What are the potential hazards of using E10 fuel on classic car seals
02/09/2021 17:07:26

Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 is ethanol free in certain areas of the country, although the pumps are still marked up E5.

More info: Esso Fuels

Thread: Sherline lathe
20/08/2021 14:40:33

I bought my Sherline mill nearly 20 years ago from Millhill Supplies when they were near Wallingford, Oxon. Haven't had any experience of the current incarnation of Millhill Supplies.

Very happy with the machine, it is done everything I have asked of it over the years, and not had any problems with it. Could do with more spindle to table height at times, but that is to be expected on a small benchtop mill.

Edited By LADmachining on 20/08/2021 14:41:00

Thread: BR Leader class Steam engine
14/08/2021 16:02:10

An updated edition of "The Leader Locomotive" by Kevin Robertson is due for release in September.

Crecy Publishing - Leader Locomotive

18/07/2021 13:36:27
Posted by Paul Lousick on 18/07/2021 11:50:58:

Que ?????

I think this relates to the thread "Centaur Ignition Coil" where Duncan mentioned he once briefly had a Lambretta.


Thread: Radio controlled clocks
16/06/2021 16:42:03
Posted by John Haine on 16/06/2021 11:27:18:

Going back to my first reply to Tony, as all the clocks I make are likely to have Arduino or similar controllers, it struck me that if one could "broadcast" a near-60 kHz signal (or even near-77) around the house, for example on the mains, with the same modulation as used by these clocks, one could display ones "own right time" anywhere you want, on multiple dials, using simple receivers that are battery powered. I don't think the radio regulators would like it much!

There are a number of projects that do exactly this, using either an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Most show a simple loop antenna, which only allows transmission distances of a few inches to avoid interfering with any other equipment or fall foul of any unathorised broadcast laws.

Two of probably many examples:

RasPi TxTempus (can simulate multiple time signal standards, such as DCF77, MSF etc)

DCF-77 Generator for Arduino (Udo Klein has produced a number of useful libraries and other projects for working with the DCF77 signal)


Thread: Yet another scam
12/06/2021 12:46:21
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 12/06/2021 07:07:47:


Mr Watson’s eMail address shows as:

... but of course he may be an innocent victim.


He also can't decide whether his first name has one or two 'L's !


Thread: Fobco Star Quill Spring - Removal
08/06/2021 11:12:19

Morning All,

I am looking into starting a strip and rebuild of my Fobco Star, as it looks old and tired, and there is play in the spindle bearings that requires attention.

Currently in the reasearch and info gathering phase before starting work. The question I have relates to removing the quill return spring. I haven't yet found anywhere that documents how to do it safely and so that it can be refitted - the website suggests fitting a new spring on rebuilding, which seems pretty wasteful considering there is no problem with the old one (that I know of). I bought the Fobco 'manual' from and it was pretty disappointing to be honest, with only a couple of pages of 'notes' and a load of old sales brochures.

Can anyone offer any practical tips on removing and refitting the spring without losing fingers or eyes?



Thread: The worst 'upcycling' tragedy ever?
24/05/2021 09:22:05

You would hope they are not selling it, as it looks to be an electrical safety nightmare. The flex looks to be 2-core, if it is you can guarantee that the exposed metalwork isn't earthed. I guess it could have a plug-in mains adaptor that is out-of-shot somewhere - don't think those bulbs come in low voltage varieties though.


Thread: Problem with an Altivar 11 driving a 3 phase motor.
01/04/2021 17:47:46

Is the inverter just ramping the test motor up to full speed (100%) on pressing start, or do you have a potentiometer to vary the speed?


Thread: Anyone else having problems printing from Pocketmags this month?
27/03/2021 09:02:12

Just tried printing from Pocketmags using Chrome on Linux MInt, prints no problem and produces a PDF output. Which operating system are you using?

Gerard - as you have just got your Pocketmags account working, it probably doesn't link earlier issues being available despite you having a valid subscription for that time period. I find an email to their helpdesk gets a quick response and the problem sorted.


Thread: Hoglet drawings
25/02/2021 20:02:08
Posted by lfoggy on 25/02/2021 19:33:19:


Is Model Engine Builder still operational? The last issue is #38 which is from several years ago...

If you have any trouble getting the plans let me know as I built a Hoglet a while back.



Issue 39 came out in Nov '20. Maybe you didn't get the notification.


Thread: Car says catalyser is blocked
22/10/2020 11:46:02
Posted by FMES on 22/10/2020 11:18:39:
Posted by old mart on 21/10/2020 21:26:07:

The trouble with revving the engine in a low gear is that only a tiny amount of throttle is needed.

There is no actual 'Throttle' on a diesel engine unlike its petrol counterpart.

The amount of air drawn through the combustion system is directly related to the rpm of the engine, not how hard you tread on the loud pedal.

As I referred earlier, a full active DPF clean needs temperature, gas flow and the addition of a fuel bourne catalyst (adblue, or a more potent - and highly nasty to handle chemical like Eolys).

It doesn't really matter what 'speed' you are doing as long as the pumping action of the engine is high.

Many older cars have non-active DPFs which do not need a fuel bourne catalyst additive - when they block the only recourse is to visit one of these specialist DPF / Catalyser cleaning firms that are popping up nowadays, or replacing the whole unit.

Fun this, isn't it?

I think it is accepted that a Diesel engine does not have a throttle valve in the traditional sense, what was referred to here was a 'tiny amount of throttle' AKA only gently depressing the throttle pedal. However, some Diesel engines do have an ECU controlled throttle valve in the intake tract to increase manifold vacuum and increase EGR flow, and it also closes at engine shut-down to reduce engine shudder as it comes to a stop.

AdBlue is for SCR (selective catalytic reduction) of NOx within the exhaust gas - it is not involved in DPF regeneration.

21/10/2020 12:07:00

In the 10 years of running multiple diesel cars with DPFs (all Vauxhall), I have not had any issues with the filters blocking or warning of impending blockage despite only making short journeys most of the time by following these rules:

* Identify when an active regeneration is taking place, and ensuring engine revs are kept above 2000rpm until it completes. Many problems are caused by owners inadvertently switching off the engine mid-regen and the cleaning cycle never fully completes. This can also cause issues with the excess diesel injected finding its way into the sump and diluting the oil therein

On my vehicles, it is determined that a regen is active by a change in drivability/throttle response, increased fuel consumption determined by trip computer (goes from the usual 0.3gal/h at idle to 1.0+), increased idle speed, stop/start system inhibited, heated window switched on by control system, change in exhaust note and 'hot' smell from exhaust.

* Ensure engine ancillaries are all in good working order, especially EGR valve and intake system downstream of the turbo. Slight leaks in these areas, which may not bring on the engine management light, can result in increased soot production which is not accounted for by the engine control system. This results in the filter filling up sooner than expected and can lead to a 'filter blocked' warning before an active regen is triggered.

New petrol vehicles that meet Euro6.2 emissions regultaions now come with a GPF fitted, so changing to petrol is no longer a guarantee of avoidance of problems in the exhaust filter area. These do have slightly different method of regenerating, usually this is done passively during the driving cycle when the vehicle coasts down hill off the throttle. Excess air passing through the engine reacts catalytically in the GPF and burns off any accumulated soot. Still reports of problems on the forums though, due to some drivers not following typical driving patterns, or vehicle software going awry!

Thread: DHL Rip Off
11/10/2020 14:55:14

I always stomach the slower delivery time via standard post rather than risk the extra costs with DHL.

That said, even with the import duty and fees, I think the PCBs will still work out cheaper than sourcing them from a fab in the UK or EU. is a good price comparison site forPCB manufacture.

To get an idea of EU costs, have a look at Eurocircuits - your 10x 4"x2.5" single sided boards on a 7-day turnaround time are at least 115 EUR!

Thread: Wanted stuart castings
06/10/2020 17:29:27

Where has OP's first post gone? Seems to have disappeared.

Edited By LADmachining on 06/10/2020 17:29:58

Edited By LADmachining on 06/10/2020 17:30:06

Thread: Problems reading from a 3.5" floppy disc
20/09/2020 17:42:59
Posted by Greensands on 20/09/2020 16:00:27:

The suggestion of fitting a USB to Floppy interface seems a good move to make my setup more future proof but current searches suggest that they would have to come in from China. Anyone know of a possible UK supplier?

They can be obtained through Amazon UK, but the price can be signifcantly higher. When I bought mine, it came from eBay via a 'UK' seller but was sent from China. Was received in a week much before the expected delivery date, for about half the cost of the Amazon UK ones.

Usability of the basic device is improved by replacing the 7-segment displays with a 0.91" OLED display, so that actual filenames can be displayed, and fitting a rotary encoder to make file selection faster. These are both easy 'plug-in' upgrades. It does need the updated FlashFloppy firmware, full details and a how-to guide are on the author's GitHub page here:

KeirF FlashFloppy GitHub


Edited By LADmachining on 20/09/2020 18:11:27

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