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Thread: Low viscosity 100% clear 2-part epoxy
13/08/2022 22:01:37

I use Bison Epoxy for these jobs


Thread: Parting tool trouble
03/08/2022 21:36:50

I do parting at 800 RPM, 0.02 mm/rev, use lubrication and the powerfeed. I have 1.2 mm HSS and 2 mm carbide (SP200) parting tools.

I don't part off the last 0.5 mm when parting steel.
I can only do parting on both my lathes when the tool is mounted upside down and the rotation is reversed.
I check the height of the tool by facing an aluminium bar.

The stickout of your parting tool is very long!

Thread: Bench lathe
31/07/2022 22:42:06

Mitutoyo and others still sell digital micrometers:

Digital micrometer

Thread: Tapping M2 thread in plastic - which?
31/07/2022 22:34:06

I would consider 3D printing the insert using PETG or PLA filament. Than you can use metal screws that "expands" the insert for more holding grip.

Thread: Rev. Counter
13/07/2022 22:45:05

You can set the RPM at the lowest and count the revolutions manual.

If you have an Arduino UNO, Mega, etc, use a proxy and a magnet to measure the RPM. There are a lot of examples on how to do this. Beware, the magnet polarity (N-S or S-N) must be OK and depends on the proxy used. If it doesn't work, flip the magnet. The led in the proxy signals if the magnet is detected.

I have bought a cheap IR rpm meter from ebay. It doesn't work reliable on small diameters. I have made a DIY version using a TCRT5000, and an Arduino that works a lot better.

My mill and lathe both have a RPM meter that uses 4 magnets

Thread: Gear cutters
08/07/2022 23:06:34

Have a look at my video for making gear cutters and gears. You probably need an hour to make your first gear cutter on the mill using a vice and a cone drill or centre drill and and 2 hours to make the gear. I am sure you will do your next gear cutter and gear in half that time.

Making gear cutters and gears

Thread: Making parting off tools
06/07/2022 13:39:24

I don't think it is a good idea to learn parting using an insert blade. You will break a lot of inserts before you know how to do it. In the end you will spend a lot of money replacing these broken inserts.

Start by a T-shape or Tapered HSS tool. Let it stick out no more than 10 mm to start with. To keep it sharp, you only have to grind the tip.

Get a HSS blade as high as possible (more rigid). Thin blades ( my smallest is 1.2 mm 1/2" high) require less cutting force and are more suitable for a small lathe.

Good luck

06/07/2022 11:51:38
Posted by Rowan Sylvester-Bradley on 06/07/2022 11:02:09:

Is this type of parting tool satisfactory?


There seems to be nothing much (except the taper) to keep the carbide tip in place, and nothing to stop the tip being driven deeper into the tapered recess.

Thanks - Rowan

I use these insert blades on my "large" lathe and the small lathe and they are OK. The higher the blade, the more rigid it is. I use a 26 and 32 mm high blade. My inserts (SP200 from Korloy) are 2 mm wide. After the first parting job, the insert is fixated and you can (re)adjust the tool height.
On steel, I don't part off the last 0.5 mm to avoid tool tip breakage.
I use lubrication (not cooling) on all parting jobs.
I run at 800 RPM, CD 0.2 mm/rev (power feed). I would like to run faster but than the lubrication splashes around.

Thread: Speed 10 cross slide backlash
05/07/2022 22:31:04

Before adjusting the cross-slide, I first turn it back half a rotation. Then (try) to turn to the requested position in one continues move. I do the same procedure when CNC turning. When CNC turning this results in a repeatability (not accuracy) of probably the stepper resolution 0.001 mm.

I once had a problem that I sometimes couldn't turn accurate to 0.2 mm. I took me a month to find the cause, a damaged trust bearing. This bearing was probably damaged when a parted off workpiece got stuck between the (rotating) spindle and the tool post. Now I replace the two trust bearings on an annual base during maintenance.

The backlash on my cross-slide is 0.325 mm.


Edited By Huub on 05/07/2022 22:33:00

Thread: Making parting off tools
04/07/2022 22:01:59

I never managed to part off in my lathe(s) because my bench type lathes are just no rigid enough. Since I reversed the the tool position parting off has become an "easy job" using a 1.2 mm HSS blade or a 2 mm SP200 insert.

I make my own tool holders to keep the blade as close to the tool post as possible. I set the tool height by grinding the bottom of the tool holder until the height is accurate. I check the heigth by facing a piece of aluminium until the "pip" at the end has gone. Be sure to check the pip is removed by turning and not breaken off by a to low tool.
The top of the parting blade is supported by the tool holder to make it more rigid.

On the mini lathe, I also lock the top slide gibs for a more riged setup.

Parting tool upside down

Edited By Huub on 04/07/2022 22:03:02

Thread: Adding a microswitch to Carl Wilson's Arduino Controlled Indexer - MEW249 refers
30/06/2022 22:53:57

I am not familiar with the Carl Wilson's Arduino controlled indexer!

You could use UGS, a gcode sender that has user defined buttons. The button can be linked to a line of gcode that could rotate the table 60°. UGS is compatible to a lot of grbl versions.

I control my rotary table using an ESP32 controller running grbl_ESP32_R (or grbl_ESP32). These grbl versions can send a command as a respond to a switch being pressed. The command could be a gcode that instructs the table to rotate 60°.

Thread: Warco VM12
29/06/2022 22:54:22
Posted by Peter Russell 4 on 29/06/2022 19:43:11:

Why use a nylon gear at this point with the difficulty there is in replacing it is difficult to understand the motor gear is brass and the next gear is also nylon and far more accessible.


A nylon/metal gear combination is pretty silent compared to a metal/metal gear combination.

I something goes wrong, the "cheap" nylon gear will probably break before any of the more expensive parts of the drive train.

Edited By Huub on 29/06/2022 22:54:54

Edited By Huub on 29/06/2022 22:55:11

Thread: Antivirus and VPN
23/06/2022 21:42:12

There is a independent organisation that tests antivirus software. I use this site for more than 20 years now to compare the free and paid AV products.

The last years, MS own AV software (MS defender) belongs to the best AV software products on the market. However the best protection is not to click on every link and not open mails from unknown senders.

AV Comparatives

Thread: 48DP gear cutters needed 14-1/2PA, no 4 and no 8
18/06/2022 22:47:23

Making gear cutters isn't difficult and you can make them using a mill, a vice and a tapered drill (centre drill)

Making gear cutters and cutting gears

Thread: What is the best 3d printer for beginners
17/06/2022 22:45:06
Posted by Peter Greene 🇨🇦 on 17/06/2022 16:45:36:
Posted by Howi on 17/06/2022 09:23:47:

Oh! and one final thing, you may have heard of automatic bed leveling, there is no such thing, it is nothing more than a software fudge

I have bought a sensor for automatic bed levelling. I didn't instal it yet because I have only levelled the bed 3 times since i bought the printer. The first time of use, the next day and after some months once to check if there was much difference.

Thread: Parting off small screws - well, it may be new to somebody
16/06/2022 22:25:52

I use a tea filter to catch parts on the lathepart catcher.jpg

Thread: What is the best 3d printer for beginners
16/06/2022 22:13:13

I started last year 3D printing and bought an Artillery genius. It came almost fully assembled and It took an hour to assemble and print the first test cube.

I started printing using PLA (the easiest filament) and after some time PETG. I am very happy with the results. I use it to print prototype parts (in stead of milling and turning) and it works like a dream.

I make the designs in FreeCad and use Prusa Slicer to make the files for the 3D printer.

I wished I started 3Dprinting years earlier, it had saved me a lot of time.

Thread: A mandrel for long narrow tubes
04/06/2022 23:16:04

It looks like the insert you are using isn't polished. Polished inserts for turning aluminium, work very well for Delrin and other plastics.

Also the insert seems to be a CCMT type (5° clearance angle). The thin Delrin chips can get easy between de part and the insert and will push the part away from the insert making the part thicker. I prefer a DCMT type insert for turning Delrin.

If you glue a piece of HPL, steel or aluminium under your turning tool, you never have to shim the tool to get it on centre height.
Do the same at the side of the tool and it is always positioned right below the bolts.

Nevertheless, I am glad you have a working setup!

Edited By Huub on 04/06/2022 23:20:28

Edited By Huub on 04/06/2022 23:21:39

Edited By Huub on 04/06/2022 23:21:52

Thread: Ml7 just bought, need help to set up
29/05/2022 22:50:51
Posted by Chris Murphy 6 on 29/05/2022 16:18:43:e and need a bit of advice about how to set it up and to make sure it’s running how it should.

The quick change post is missing about 4 screws, where could I get them.

These are ordinary screws you probably can get in the hardware store. You can use one of them as an example. I only use 2 srews to lock the tool.

There is a shop in the Netherlands that sells Myfort parts

Thread: 3D printing
29/05/2022 22:36:42

It seems these castings are pretty expensive. For that price you can get a 3D printer and make the moulds yourselves.

I have bought a 3D printer last year (artillery) and it worked out of the box (1 hour setup). Then I spend a few weeks of learning Freecad (every evening 1 Youtube video) to make 3D models. Now I wished I had done this years ago.

Printing the moulds doesn't take much time. It is just a matter of inserting the USB stick with the file to print. The printer, can than run,unattended, for hours.
The cost of materials (filament) are low (20 € / kg). In general, the material cost for my 3D printed parts are comparable to metal stock.
Making the 3D model can be time consuming. I don't think you are the first that wants to print a mould. Aren't there any 3D models to download?

Edited By Huub on 29/05/2022 22:38:29

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