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Thread: Hello - Uni or apprenticeship
26/05/2022 17:10:03

Hi Christine,

I just need to make sure I pick the right area of engineering I'd enjoy. It's so vast

It certainly is, but the good thing about STEM careers is there is opportunity to move sideaways and then upwards if, after a few years, you find you are more interested in a slightly different branch.

Hands-on experience is good, both for your CV and your own capabilities. Maybe you already have your own home workshop, or have 2D/3D CAD/CAM sofware and a 3D printer at home. Both will stand you in good stead.

I think the main thing is to get your 'foot in the door' with a large'ish company (more likely to have different branches of engineering in-house), get a feel for the engineering world and then plan your career. Be prepared to make changes to the 'plan' as your knowledge, career ambitions and financials needs grow.

All the best,


Thread: Motorcycle General Discussion
11/05/2022 08:23:18

Although not a motorbike rider myself I find the machines/riders, and their abilities, fascinating.

Rossi (at his lengthy prime) + colleagues racing was much more exciting than the marketing exercise that is F1.

And the two preceding pictures are collector's items




Edited By Ches Green UK on 11/05/2022 08:24:29

Thread: Fire Queen construction series
09/05/2022 08:52:01


The Fire Queen looks excellent and very interesting, as do the other videos on your YT channel.

I've only recently started building (static) steam engines which I think is the sweet spot for me regarding size, cost, and complexity.

But, as you mention, I'm looking forward to hearing the "... interesting bits like the use of some ‘new’ alloys and machining techniques." ... you employed during the build.



Thread: Drilling 38 x 1.5mm 316 polished stainless tube.
02/05/2022 17:57:11


Will you have a vice or a clamp in the field to firmly your jig in position?


Thread: Horizontal and Vertical Planing Machine, in 3D
19/04/2022 13:43:17

'In 2018 Scottish Maritime Museum began a programme of 3D digitisation of its collection. By using 3D technology we are bringing our collection closer to the public, enabling audiences from all around the world to explore it digitally.'

Some fascinating imagery with decent resolution. You can go inside most of the items (even the ship's boiler) and also zoom the items.

Horizontal and Vertical Planing Machine -

RG Ross & Sons Steam Hammer -

All of the 3D images ...



Edited By Ches Green UK on 19/04/2022 13:45:39

Thread: Newbie looking for advice
16/04/2022 09:19:03

Hi Phil

I would appreciate advice on good makes, something suitable for me to learn on and increase my skill levels.
I dont have a huge budget or huge amount of space....

I would ultimately like to make small engines and parts that are no longer available for classic cars.

I'm not an experienced machinist and it's many decades since I was trained to use most workshop equipments.

But, now retired, I'm using a mini lathe and mini mill (from ARC) to happily build model static steam engines. Max turning diameter on the lathe would be 7". Neither machine is particularly rigid if taking big cuts, but perfectly usable if common sense is used ie smaller but more cuts.

Whatever you spend on the lathe/mill you will double on accessories etc but that spend can be spread out over a few years.

2nd hand equipment tends to come with accessories, but all may or may not be worn out. Also it's pedigree can be unclear and only an expert eye can determine it's current 'goodness' and life left in it. And it can be large and heavy so requiring a firm base to stand on.

Also your age and accommodation plans come in to it...if younger you may have time to start with a mini lathe and a few years later exchange it for a larger lathe that more suitably meets your needs. Also, if you plan/have time to move home a few times leading to larger and larger premises, then again you may be able to expand the workshop  in size and numbers of equipments.






Edited By Ches Green UK on 16/04/2022 09:20:14

Thread: Stretching the topic a little
15/04/2022 08:15:31

That looks very promising.

I used to use a 'sketch add-on' for Skype and often thought how useful it would be if the sketches were automatically cleaned up in to accurate drawings to get my points over better.

Well, it looks like Google may be on the way to doing that.

Maybe 10 yrs in the future we can roughly hand sketch an engineering part on a Tablet and AutoCadSuper will automatically turn it in to a fully dimensioned, accurate 2D and 3D version? Fingers crossed.


...and write the G code and send it to a 3D printer

Edited By Ches Green UK on 15/04/2022 08:40:09

Thread: Interesting Archive
11/04/2022 09:21:18

Thanks for the links to both magazines.... amazing content.

The first PM of 1933 has many, many very interesting articles, and little 'white space' (unlike the current BBC Sports website, say! )


Thread: Large Scale Heat Pumps
24/03/2022 08:18:58

Someone has found a use for wind turbine blades ....

Kinda ironic that an extremely efficient machine is used on (IMHO) a very inefficient machine.

The video is a puff piece by the wind turbine industry, and they have used Danny to 'get the message across'.


Thread: Stuart 10V - rust in valve chest
20/03/2022 21:03:48

Bernard, Noel,

Thanks for your inputs.

The practical solution for me currently will be to manually add oil at the inlet.

I'll try the airline oiler that is incoming just to get a feel for how it functions but, since the 10V will only run occasionlly, the oiler will probably end up in the 'useful one day' box.

Thanks again to everyone for all the comments that have pointed to the sensible solution...manual oiling in the valve chest.


20/03/2022 16:56:44

'low volume of air'...OK, got it, thanks.


20/03/2022 16:32:56


I've just ordered a couple of in-line oilers from Amazon, so will give that a go. But I suspect you are right - add a drop of oil at the Inlet.

The 10V did run well at low pressure, but now that I'm adding the Reversing Gear there is an extra eccentric to rotate so maybe the pressure will rise slightly.



20/03/2022 14:41:06

Thank you all for the advice. I'm learning/realising new things every day.

Roy, there is an alleged moisture trap in the regulator I'm using, but it probably isn't that efficient.

Dave and Thor, thanks for the in-line oiler suggestion ...that'll probably be my solution. And Thor, for the info that a Displacement Lubricator needs steam to work ... I had read that many months ago but soon forgot.

OK, onwards we go. Thanks again.



Edited By Ches Green UK on 20/03/2022 14:42:43

20/03/2022 13:39:46

Hi all,

I'm adding the Reversing Gear to my Stuart 10V.

valve chest rust 2.jpg

Upon removing the valve chest cover I noticed there is rust towards the Inlet side of the chest.

valve chest rust 1.jpg

I have been adding light oil to all moving surfaces, so was surprised to find the rust. The 10V has spent most of its life indoors with perhaps 10% of it's life in the garden shed. It is powered by a Hyundai air compressor.

I has now dawned on me that I should have occasionally been unscrewing the Inlet connection and adding oil into the valve chest.

I imagine the moisture is arriving via the compressed air and condenses on the cold mild steel valve chest.

I can remove the rust, but wonder if there is better way of adding oil, than unscrewing the Inlet? eg a little brass fitting that screws in to the top of the valve chest and dispenses a tiny drop of oil every few minutes (when the 10V is functioning). It would somehow have to keep the pressure seal intact.

I have had a quick Google and search of the Forum but nothing pops up.

Any advice regarding a possible oil gladly welcomed.



Addendum: I've just spotted some 10Vs on Google images with a small, upright cylinder fitted upstream of the Inlet ...hmm...and Stuart models sell such a thing ( - Displacement Lubricator, which I now remember reading about months ago). But it's £50 (less VAT) which is about half the cost of the 10V casting kit...double hmm.

Any thoughts/advice still welcome

Thread: air compressors
31/01/2022 20:20:58

I've had the Hyundai HY5508 for a few months. It runs my Stuart V10 effortlessly. I get about one minute of operation from the tank at a few psi before the compressor kicks back in. It's not silent but it is possible to hold a normal conversation next to it. I added a regulator to it. It comes with a Euro air fitting which I replaced.

It arrived from Amazon with a badly damaged air filter housing which I bent back in to approximmate shape. And it's Push/Pull On/Off switch is almost impossible to operate without lifting the machine off the ground.

But, otherwise it seems to be good enough. I plan to add an airbrush to it this year.

I think it unlikely it has the oomph for standard airpowered workshop tools - there's a chance it could drive small lightwieght ones, maybe.



Edited By Ches Green UK on 31/01/2022 20:21:31

Thread: Workbench top
26/01/2022 15:55:39

As Clive says ...

The labs I worked in at RARDE / DERA / DRA had heavyweight lino tops on teak(?) support structure with poper, carpentry made cupboards beneath.

At Johnson Matthey we had the same. The 'lino fitter' would pop in every few years and replace the old lino with fresh sturdy, spillage proof lino, making the benches look as good as new. The old lino had cut marks, paint, drill holes etc.

DRA management decreed modernisation pulled the whole lot out to replace with cheap metal frames and legs, smooth melamine tops and kitchen cabinet style cupboards. Total and utter crap. Much less pleasant to work on. Pretty much a riot from the worker bees once we realised what was going on. Management got bonuses for spending a fortune making things worse.

Yes, got that T-shirt. There is always a case for 'modernisation as there is for 'if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it'.

My home shed bench is Studding framework, 20mm chipboard topped by replaceable hardboard sheet. Shelving underneath is mostly made from the recycled floorboards of my old shed.


Thread: Smart meter
21/01/2022 14:07:50

I've even had an email confirming the time and date of a meter installation, which I never asked for. I just ignored it.

AFAIK, there are a number of different types of smart meters out there (and software versions?) and most aren't compatible for switching to a new electricity/gas supplier.


Thread: That Strange Calculator Again
14/01/2022 18:17:21

The only moving part appears to be the inner disc ie it rotates clockwise?

The ring with the 20 large holes next to the inner disc shows a grey bottom to those holes. I wonder if that grey bottom material is attached directly to the inner disc ie it rotates with it. Were there, at one time, symbols on the grey holes?

The centres of the grey holes seem lightly worn.

The grey holes next to 8 and 9 seem to be slightly dished (under high magnification)...could there have been a circular insert in there?

All the fraction denominators divide in to 240, the number of pennies in an old Pound.

The small table at the bottom right could be Lbs and Ounces.

I still have no idea what device this is though. ;-(


Edit: The dishing appearance is possibly just a shadow.




Edited By Ches Green UK on 14/01/2022 18:18:15

Edited By Ches Green UK on 14/01/2022 18:20:06

Thread: WHAT IS IT ?
14/01/2022 17:42:29

As was posted earlier, there is a much higher resolution image of the device here ...


Thread: Engineering as Art
13/01/2022 16:35:38

I'll have a look at Alibre, thanks.

Apologies to all for dragging the thread away from the original proposition, 'Engineering as Art'. But I suppose Art can only be produced by people and the tools they use


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