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Thread: cutting spur gears on a mill
10/10/2021 11:31:39

I guess if unkown gears seem to conform and mesh ok with std forms then you can guess what the spec was (all thanx to AGMA of course)

but if its a modified form, how do you measure it without resorting to sophisticated optical equipment?

let alone say you have to make a replacement to mesh with an existing gear

If its CI then you cant just TIG weld some new teeth and re machine AFAIK

I did some welding once using Nickel electrodes - I gues its akin to brazing which works

So Maureen's back gears are a challenge - how strange.


09/10/2021 23:09:38

Another tedious naysayer at 23:03

What value does he think he has to this thread

09/10/2021 22:05:04

Stand back from success

I made a predictable gear

OD 27.1mm got 28 teeth as I pre-calculated

Then I had a happyfanny moment and found a solution to the clearance backlash criticism

It has blown me away

I need to make a proper jig to mount spindles to test out pairs of gears more accurately and make vids

My desktop kids microscope (recently pooh pooh'd by the little modeller) has shown up some remarkable shots of Carbide tips and why PRC stuff my not cut mustard

PM me for details if you are interested

The worm turns


09/10/2021 07:21:25

The best is yet to come, Elvis has not left the building and he will shortly be presenting the debut of the Anti-gravity Grinder - hold that thought. Is it a way to create extended spiral turns (as in pulling a spring apart) on a lathe without a CNC in sight.

08/10/2021 14:22:04

Well some cousins made a success of Free Hobbing as I suspected

08/10/2021 06:32:28

Indeed MG that site has a long thread devoted to free hobbing (not a rude word from anyone btw)

stats started 8/7/20 last 14/7/20

views 2134. comments 109

Our little thread

stats started 19/8/21 last 8/8/21

views 19,317 comments 378

All that excitement just to be put in a barrel

08/10/2021 05:27:14

Great stuff Batman, you saved Gotham City

An intriguing link must try it out perhaps on bits of acrylic glued together to get suitable thickness

I wonder what DP Myford gears were made to? They look crude and square CI to me at first glance must examine one closely. I stole a spotty neighbours kids USB microscope (Bresser

) and it provides very usable pix at 20X on my PC screen, at 80x I can even see little living amoeba in our pond water, maybe grow some tardigrads

but I must not get swerved (again) from my noble purpose

Bring gears to the masses - Meccano did it

There might be more gems from across the pond, there are a lot of valuable opinions available from the Cousins

Just look at their contributions to the development of machine tools (spurred on by gun smithing and the auto industry between the wars)

07/10/2021 21:36:50

yes indeed Dave , thats one for the Numpty's gear making tool box. Fits the bill of being cheap and cheerful, course as said you do need to select the OD of the blank correctly ca PCD so that the right desired number of teeth fit on the circumference

Myford gears might well do the job nicely

I am working on it but got bogged down with Carbide insert problems not cutting properly on another thread (since shut down cos comments got up the Mods nose)


OBTW Dave looks like you link has been disabled

Edited By brian jones 11 on 07/10/2021 21:40:51

Thread: gr 8.8 ht bolt steel which carbide tip
07/10/2021 08:09:56


Brian Jones 11 is throwing insults again by calling people pontificators when they give advice he has asked for. Can we get this stopped?


It can be stopped of course when seniors who should know better stop talking down to admitted amateurs because they dare to challenge

Often on boards like the if you ask a simple question you may not get mush interest let alone a response

Another way to ask a question is to make a bald statement and wait for it to be shot down then burrow into the reasoning

Just cos the questioner is inflammatory doesent make him a bad person nor the thread any less valuable

Superiors attitudes taken by some (I know things you dont and look how clever I am) are not helpful. Neither is making insulting remarks. Thats not in the Myford culture

If you cant contribute usefully then walk on by. As ive said before the silent viewers (1800 in 2 days) outnumber the activists 50:1. Carbide is a hot topic swathed in mystery and counter-intuitive - worse than gears

Fake cheesy HSS I havent come across but the Ive a box of tool pieces for over 20 years and cant remember buying any recently. I am prepared to believe they do exist but I would surely spot the different from first cut as I know how HSS should behave

Does the same apply to Carbide?


Edited By brian jones 11 on 07/10/2021 08:11:34

07/10/2021 07:47:57

Thanx JB those vids were instructive

I noted the typical "smearing finish" on the CI and also the peeling up of the leading edge on the Ali, never seen either of those with HSS

I would not have said CI was a difficult machining mtl (except when it is a raw casting and you have to get through the sand scale). Indeed you dont need lube normally

However those BG tips were about same as my poor experience so far

What do you attribute the difference to? Can the original sharpness have any influence?

Sharpness and carbide are something of a black art it seems. Could BG tips be improved by diamond hone?

Or is it some kind of fake powder being used to make the inserts? Surely whispers in the market will know?


Previously I had ca 20 years doing business in the FE and I got to know the mindset

Lying cheating stealing IP is a national sport. Its tempting to think its directed against the West but that not strictly true IMHO. Its all fiercely competitive out there and they are just as likely to steal of each other as anyone. They will find ways of shaving cents off a product cost even though it degrades that product 50% for the customer

Factories produce for big names under strict QA. The rejects , which are supposed to be binned, find their way out the back door and on to EB BG Aliex etc

Factories making parts have an unsupervised night shift that carries on making these parts to supplement the counterfeit market

Auto parts I had a bad experience with an Isuzu truck. It needed track rod ends. Easy enought to get from local dealer in a branded box - blow me if these parts didnt fail inside 3 months. I couldnt understand it with sealed socket bearings should last 100k miles. I took one apart with a disc saw and to my shock saw that grease had been deliberately left out so just metal on metal

I had numerous totally unexpected failures of obscure parts - anything rubber. A brake vacuum diaphragm - wot?

And garages deliberately swapping out your genuine parts for fakes when you brought our car in for service

The list is endless

Some years ago when DVD R/W recordable discs were all the rage and they were touted as having a lifespan of 10+ years. I was getting disc that were failing inside 3 months. It took me a while trawling the web to find there were millions of faulty DVDs out which had poor quality dye fluid in the make up such that thus would fade quickly over time - not dense enough. and these were big brand names Panasonic Sanyo etc. It was impossible to be sure of a genuine product at the time - draw your own conclusions, saving a few fractions of a cent for extra profit

Anyone remember the scandal of the PRC baby formula milk - adulterating the product with nutritionally inert fillers

Miilions of babies affected

If you want many more examples of greedy dishonest practices PM me for links

So I am very jaundiced and suspicious

Lets face it, buying something on EB is a fraught affair, you have to spend an excessive amount of time examining the bona fides, what they are NOT telling you, how your refund can be compromised specially with Mazon. if the FB<99.5% probably walk away, watch for the dirty tricks, how many times has it be multiple listed masquerading as UK supplier (but its the same big warehouse in Soton) - same photos etc - it could take half an hour.

06/10/2021 20:02:13

Well done things like that make this thread all worthwhile

06/10/2021 19:58:49

Well sometime you have to stick pins in pontificators to get results but we have 1350 views in just one day so the silent majority really are interested in the Carbide non-intuitive jungle and how to put it to Maureen who was never intended for such duty - too slow and light duty

The 12mm shank problem may have been solved - and you HEARD THAT here

I dont agree this thread is a waste of space - I think viewers will have learnt a few things and thats what MEW is about

Edited By brian jones 11 on 06/10/2021 19:59:20

06/10/2021 19:06:43

JB its all very well taking the high minded attitude but there are i suspect many of us who dont have your fund of knowledge and experience and WE DONT REALISE WE ARE BEING RIPPED OFF.

Are you in fact saying "dont buy any carbide stuff from EB = its your loss"

I have to say in HSS tool steel I largely get what I expect

Note for twist drills most gold plated on offer are poor quality and wont last long, so buy from a recognised make

Same goes for thread taps, many packs sold are simple carbon steel efforts only suitable for repairing damaged thread in a garage say.

but we know this

unfortunately the carbide world seems 99% fake but people can get lucky with exceptions as shown

Imagine you are sold carbon steel piece for a lathe tool - well simple inspection would show the difference

Try and tell a fake carbide inserts apart?????????????????

06/10/2021 18:33:48

Well NC I started this thread cos I was having such rubbish results wit a so called Carbide insert. turns out that gr 8.8 steel is notoriously variable and can be difficult but mine was terrible so I doubted my abilites and whether in fact I was using fake inserts

eg you try buying a diamond lapping wheel. It seems most are just rubbish, a few bits of diamond gravel and dust. you have to pay 10x price to get a proper item. yet its all there for the unwary egged on by EBAY

06/10/2021 18:14:58

Now Im puzzled by this JB area you saying that there are carbide insert on EB that are little better than butter for cutting steel? Yet there are reputable inserts costing 10x 20x that perform a job ask expected

This implies a massive fake fraud with serious implications

06/10/2021 17:44:36

Right on JB got those links, one day I might do a proper turnwink

Dave not all tool holders are than compliant I see ones from Vevor are Cr Steel

but the problem maybe solved see above

06/10/2021 16:09:26

Even RDG doesnt offer anything????? conspiracy

It seem the 12mm /1/2" shank size is much more common and to use this with my lovely QCTP I would have to shave off either 2mm off the tool clamp or the cross slide surface (this has already been covered here AFAIK)

The alternative is to make your own by using the other end of the 10mm shanks. It seem possible as i did lower the insert depth by milling the base out which everyone said wou20210706_161627.jpgld work as it would leave the holder weakened.

Perhaps skimming 2mm off the base would be better now Doreen is full of beans, will investigate - another little job to do


Ive just spotted a 12mm holder for R*G QCTP have ordered one, may solve problems

Edited By brian jones 11 on 06/10/2021 17:17:39

06/10/2021 15:24:33

JB AFAIK i am using a CCMT 06 02, is charcoal colour not gold

Maureens speed is 723rpm giving ca 150fpm about half whats needed I guess but Mo is limited to 1000rpm by recommendation for spindle bearings. 0.5hp Brooks Crompton motor

I dont have triangular tool holder, is that something I should look out for


obtw I think Ive been down this road before but it seems EB is utterly flooded with PRC offers of complet???? sets of tools and inserts most of which i dont want

AFAIK you cant buy individual tool holders like I want 3 for lh rh centre for a triangle insert say and 10mm (not the more popular 12mm


any suggestions - how i hate abusive EB pursuing profits before public benefit - where have I heard that already





Edited By brian jones 11 on 06/10/2021 15:33:32

06/10/2021 09:52:44

Well JB if I had obtained anything like the results you showed on your vid, I wouldnt have posted this thread

I have formed the simple idea that using carbide

a) the tips are not sharp as per HSS, they are deliberately rounded slightly becasue a sharp edge in carbide would quickly chip and fail, so rounding gives better strenght

b) because of a) above using carbide is like having to punch through a tough thin skin on the work piece to get through to a softer core which can be cut properly. Its counter intuitive to HSS viz with hacksaw you dont put more pressure and saw faster when you feel the blade is blunt

The pic below shows my poor results, note the ridges and how the surface appears smeared like its been rubbed by the tool

I can only assume that the tool tip with pressure reaches a high surface temp that softens the skin and lets mtl be rubbed off below - what an appalling thought

and this was with a new insert


I dont know what insert code I was using cos I only bought a set of tools

the code wasnt specified

As you can see its the worst kind of rubbish work and if thats all i could get I would give up

Maureen wasnt happy with even a mere 5 thou DOC

I did check the bolt and could use a file on it so not fully hardened

A puzzle?


05/10/2021 17:31:32

I had to trim down an m24 bolt to a bit of 19mm shank so I could mount it into my collet

It wasnt a happy experience and I am not versed in carbide use but the surface finish was more like it had been smeared but i got my OD after a while. Its pushing Maureen to DOC 0.5mm. I kept think the tip was blunt - what it felt like - then I suspected the PRC tip of course

gr8.8 is tough stuff I didnt dare try HSS


but the question is, where to get a reliable tip for the job - there is soooooooooo much bs out there it leaves you totally confused

Edited By brian jones 11 on 05/10/2021 17:34:58

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