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Thread: Murad Cadet Restoration Project
03/04/2022 09:38:18

100% agree with Dave's comments - well worth considering a VFD setup if you can afford it! With spending so much time & effort in this restoration, and wanting to end up with a useful functioning piece of kit it's a no-brainer. Also, you may have to do a few minor mods to fit one (cable routing, motor mounts etc) so better to look into it at this stage rather than when its all back together.

Fitted mine 3 months ago, would never look back to the old single phase job.



Thread: Southworth 12" Boiler Feed Pump
03/04/2022 09:23:30

Looks a lovely job Ian, well done!

Any chance of a few close up piccies of engine & boiler arrangement please?

regards, Mike

Thread: Hello from South West england
01/04/2022 19:21:50

Welcome to the forum Gavin - lots of friendly advice and useful info on here. Your mechanical engineering background and experience may well offer you opportunities to provide help to other members in the future.

All the best. Mike

Thread: The Future is upon us
01/04/2022 09:48:16

Another sad indication of how we are evolving?

I wonder how much pollution has been created by manufacturing and shipping these things? Still as Long as Mr Dyson makes heaps of cash - who cares?

Thread: Indicator
25/03/2022 09:56:14

Not familiar with that specific brand Stephen, but suffice to say that i own several (a mix of imp & metric - some 'inherited' ) of differing makes - American - Chinese - European etc and value. To be honest they all work fine and I wouldn't stress too much, just buy what you can afford from a reputable supplier and you'll be OK.

I don't hold much to 'brands' these days as there is so much badge engineering going on now you never know who makes what in reality.

regards, Mike

Thread: Finding things
25/03/2022 09:22:49

Sometimes, just go through the workshop and sling out anything that fits under the premise of ' I've had this for x years, don't remember wher it came from or why I kept it & will I infact EVER use it? - no! '

You'll free up a little space / clutter each time giving room to store / organise the important stuff.

I used to be a horder, but one day just got fed up with falling over stuff and having to remove 6 old boxes to find something I needed to use, I gradually started to de-clutter (not going mad though) and to be honest I don't think I can put my hand up and say I've had an episode since where I think - Oh I wish I'd saved so and so.....

My workshop isn't paricularly tidy & I doubt it ever will be, but it is definately more ' user friendly ' now

Just my own humble opinion. regards, Mike

Thread: Murad Cadet Restoration Project
25/03/2022 09:10:27

Looks a cracking good project, and its nice to see you are approaching it in a methodical, careful way. I very much agree with Hopper & others that avoiding the 'bull at the gate' approach will pay dividends in the long run.

Do keep us updated as you progress - things like this allways make interesting reading.

all the best, Mike

Thread: Broken Tap removal tool
22/03/2022 18:53:36

They're listed on Amazon -

Tap Extractor - Steel Broken Head Taps Remover Stripped Screw Tap Extractor Set (Size : 6PCS)

Currently just over £15

Thread: Mill DRO X/Y axis + and - on readout
22/03/2022 18:43:18

Thanks for all the very informative comments guys! Although I'm experienced in the mech side of hobby engineering, DRO's are completely new to me so I appreciate the advice - at the end of the day, should it require doing later, these DRO scales are easiiy physically reversible so there should be no need to go to the extent of re-wiring cables / swapping plugs etc.

I haven't delved deep into the user / installation manual yet (looks an awfully detailed job) further than basic guidelines on fitting. I'm pretty confident that buried somewhere in it there will be a parameter to soft adjust the direction reading.

From what I gleen from most of the comments, it doesn't appear to matter too much what polarity shows in the display as I'm only operating it manually, and as long as it's meaningful to me in the context of rotating the feed handles in the correct direction that's all that matters.

As usual, this forum & its members continue to provide a really valuable resource for all levels of user, and we should be proud of it!

Thanks again. All the best


21/03/2022 18:21:42

I've finally got around to fitting a DRO to my Mill (WM14), its plodded along a bit but is now near final fitting. My slight confusion here is regarding the positive and negative ABS reading when the table is moving in specific directions. The relevant bit of the instruction manual is as such -

mill xy 01.jpg

Both of the handwheel legends indicate an increasing feed (0 - 2mm) when moved clockwise. With the 2 axis's zeroed at the approximate centre of travel, the display for the X axis seems correct ( positive when handwheel rotated clockwise), but the Y axis confuses me - as increasing the feed as per the handwheel dial (i.e. table going towards the back of the mill) shows as going negative on the DRO display (as per the diagram above). It just seems a bit cockeyed to me.

Is this all correct? Yes, I can easily reverse the scale on the Y axis if necessary - I've no intention of using it for CNC, so in fact does it matter a jot anyway? but after spending so much time and money I would like to get it right, and not find 6 months down the line that I made a rookie mistake which caused issues!

Hope I've explained it clearly, and will really appreciate any thoughts.

All the best, Mike

Thread: Warco WM14 mill electrical failure.
20/03/2022 10:00:19

Although replacing the pot might be an idea, the fact that your RCCB tripped does indicate something a bit more worrying. From my experience with this machine, first have a good look around in control box for any dodgy / loose connections or connectors (may seem obvious, but I found one when I first had the machine). Also take the lid off the motor housing and check there is no chaffing around the motor cables where they come through the casting.

Best of luck, Mike

Thread: Simple grinding rest.
20/03/2022 09:48:23

I made the simple rest as one of my earliest 'projects' many years back. I found it very difficult to set up correctly, as the 'ball' design' - while giving a lot of versatility - also made it difficult to set the table at a correct angle - as when you adjust front to back at the angle you want, sods law means that the side to side angle moves also, so you re-adjust that etc etc ad infinitum! I virtually gave up using it, although in a flash of inspiration I modified it to get rid of the ball altogether and it now works fine, even easily allowing me to accurately sharpen the ends of milling cutters.

In your case, when 'beginning' you would probably gain a lot from a simple set up ( something like 'Huub' suggested earlier). You also indicate your lack of previous success free hand grinding: practice makes perfect!

I might add though that actually building the grinding rest was a good exercise in general machining ideal for learning several useful skills.

all the best, Mike

Thread: NT VFD control legend meaning
13/03/2022 09:20:40

Following the variety of opinions offered here, I did raise the question directly with Newton Tesla and have just had a response from George Newton. It is most comprehensive & informative - and something I think will be of interest to many members of the forum as it gives a very clear technical description of VFD operation from a very experienced guy! So have included it in full below (I did ask if he had any objection to that, and he didn't appear to).


From George Newton at Newton Tesla:

Many thanks for your email.
You refer to the legend on our control pendants, the legend plate is due for updating like the AV750 which has smooth graduation from one colour to another.
It used to be the case that running motors less than 20HZ could give rise to overheating with inverters running at a fixed voltage/ frequency ratio of 4V/HZ. Today this is no longer the case as we operate inverters in 'Flux Vector' mode whereby the inverter automatically changes the V/F according to the torque demand. Consequently full torque is available at slow speeds without danger of motor overheating. Also even though a lathe may be in use for long periods of time in the workshop the variation of cutting speeds and feeds, stoppages to check the job etc results in a duty cycle of about 40 - 60% compared to many industrial applications having a duty cycle of 100% for 100% of the time.
We will update the Pendant control station legend plate in due course and apologise for the confusing red/green graduations, in the meantime please run your lathe at any speed from slow to fast in the knowledge that the inverter will protect the motor from harm.
He also included a large amount of info on his own background and that of the company with information on some of the VERY large installations they have been involved with (such as the six 300KW inverter control panels they recently installed at Mersey Tunnel to drive the huge ventilation fans ) so they apparently know what they are talking about!
Hope this has been of some interest.
Regards Mike
Thread: Cross-slide fixture plate considerations
07/03/2022 09:42:21

I have a small mill, but wanted the similar lathe facility to what you are looking into - mainly so I had some milling capacity if, for example, I had something already set up on the milling machine and didn't want to disturb that.

Fortunately I had a vertical slide I had inherited but nothing to fix it to on the plain cross slide. I purchased a small CI (100 x 120 mm) milling sub-table from one of the main suppliers at a very reasonable price (sorry can't be precise who - could have been ARC, RDG etc) and fitted this using a number of M6 socket screws.

It works a treat for light jobs and is reasonably versatile. In the photo you see I have removed the toolpost, this was only necessary for special access on this particular job - making some fitments for the milling machine which is currently dismantled! Normally the toolopost is attached and operates as normal.

regards, Mike

x_slide sub table.jpg

Thread: Steel Blue recommendations
06/03/2022 10:16:19
Posted by Gary Wooding on 04/03/2022 12:23:46:

Mike, the pieces in the photo were coloured in early 2021 and still look fine despite living in a very slightly damp cellar workshop. In fact I can't see any change from the day I did it.

Hi Gary, thanks for the feedback - looks quite promising, so I'll proably invest in a bottle soon.

All the best, Mike

04/03/2022 10:19:34

Gary - that looks good & fairly easy to use according to what I've just read on their website. The chemical system I use at present has about 4 bottles and although straightforward does take some time, and fiddling about with containers etc. Does it give a reasonably long-lived finish?

regards Mike

Thread: Windows 10 "upgrade" to Windows 11 Anyone tried it?
02/03/2022 09:15:31
Posted by PatJ on 28/02/2022 18:17:20:

I would have changed to Linux years ago if it would have run AutoCad.


Just a thought - the very old laptop I use in the workshop runs Linux Mint, and does so very well (OK it does have the odd quirk!) mainly used for internet access via Firefox. I also run several 'Windows' applications under a utility called Wine. Just wondered if anyone has tried any Windows version CAD package under this?

To be fair, Wine was quite tricky to set up and get running initially, but seems quite stable now.

Don't want to resurrect the Linux v Windows issues debate as this has been covered in depth before.

28/02/2022 12:06:20

(Gone back to W10!)

Update. Installed W11 a few days back and to be honest couldn't see a great deal of difference apart from cosmetics, desktop functions altered around etc etc. I know from the Microsoft blurb it has all sort of advanced apps and bells & whistles, but generally not the sort of things I would use anyway in all probability. My machine was ok for this upgrade (minimum 4GB memory) according to MS.

I just found it slowed everything down chronically to the point where my reasonable-spec HP laptop (2 yrs old) was unusable. It would regularly just go into 'sulk' mode and examining Task Manager whenever this happened the CPU was really high, disk often up to 100% and memory 80% plus, and stop like that for ages. Several times I couldn't even access the 'start' menu to reboot the damn thing.

OK, I could have possibly tweaked things a bit I suppose, even put more RAM in - but why should I spend another £50 to get a machine that works as good as with the old OS? I know it will become unsupported in time but by then I'll probably be in the market for new hardware anyway. I have now rolled back to W10 (quite trouble-free and quick) and everything I want is running great!

Obviously my experience may be very different to others out there as H/W varies enormously, as do individual's needs and expectations.

Regards Mike

Thread: Hello from Wyoming (USA)
23/02/2022 15:05:10

Welcome to the forum - lots of friendly advice and useful info on here. Your mechanical engineering background and experience may well offer you opportunities to provide help to other members in the future.

All the best. Mike

Thread: NT VFD control legend meaning
23/02/2022 14:57:25

Better close up pic -

nt c_panel2.jpg

I think I'll drop NT a message about this and will share any info I get back. It seems odd that this hasn't come up before as i'm thinking this sort of package must be in widespread use?

regards Mike

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