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Thread: Secrets of the transport museum
26/05/2021 09:15:20

Not Bolton Paul Defiants Duncan, as you said they had a rear facing turret but a slender nose profile like Spits & Hurricanes. The ones in the film had large radiator cowls at the front, much like the later Hawker Typhoon. Saying that, the ones in the film appeared to have elogated cockpits behind the pilot - for a second crew member ? As far as I'm aware the Typhoons only ever had as single 'teardrop' canopy.

Film was only on for a few seconds so couldn't be sure - I think its repeated sometime - I'll try and catch it and have a better look if no one can come up with an answer

Some airecraft buffs on the forum - someone must be able to help identify them. Intrigued to know the answer!


Thread: Practice material for a newbie
25/05/2021 10:28:07

I'm going to state the obvious here, but as a newbie you might not have considered safety too much.

I'm not a H&S nut, and often despair with some of the ridiculous rules and regs that defy common sense, but beginners really need to consider the possibilities of injury even when using relatively small low-powered machinery. I'm sure there will be postings on this site relating to sensible do's and dont's so have a search, or / and get a good book.

Machining brass for example - someone mentioned earlier about being showered with tiny chips - yes it often does, and they can be very sharp, if they get in an eye they can be a nightmare to get rid of at hospital. Safety glasses may not always be adequate - a full face visor may be prudent. (3 guesses who's speaking from experience!)

Don't want to put people off, but a timely reminder is sometimes sensible.

Thread: BBC 1 now
25/05/2021 10:01:53

Saw the prog last night - a fun idea.

Without me saying a word, the wife glanced across and said 'forget it! '

Thread: Today on Talking Pictures TV
24/05/2021 12:28:11

One of the things I like about this channel is the old B&W films which have normally have a plot, a beginning, middle and end. Yes, some are corny and you normally know who's done the bad deed from the start but you don't have to think about it too much and be over-stimulated with grossly unbelievable CGI as in many modern films.

I must be honest and admit they also show some real 'turkeys' at times!

Thread: Bearings Online (Based in Scotland)
24/05/2021 12:20:50

Yes those are the guys. Many thanks for the info I shall go ahead and try to order again. msu have just been a blip.

You just have to be so careful these days the scammers are so smart.

Anyway, thanks again. Take care

24/05/2021 10:53:48

Looking at this company's website - all seems very proper - 'worldwide export specialists' good reviews and verified secure padlock at the top of the page etc. but noticed it had quite a few spelling errors in parts of the text, however just put this down to rushed work, so went through the ordering process and got to the point of paying with Paypal and it errored 'certificate expired'.

Am I being paranoid (one of the indicators of cloned websites is said to be spelling / grammar errors)? Has anyone used them in the past and found them pukka?

They appear to be based near Dundee.


Thread: Today on Talking Pictures TV
24/05/2021 09:58:20
Posted by Peter G. Shaw on 24/05/2021 09:28:16:

I'm having a bad day!

Spilled some bird seed. Dropped, or rather knocked, a pan on the floor. Allowed the same pan to boil over, and now seen a programme which I didn't think much of.

Perhaps I should go back to bed!

Peter G. Shaw

Don't we all have those days! On friday drove 2 miles to local garden centre which had some good offers on bedding plants. Saved about £20 on what we would normally spend - happy bunny. Came out to put same in car noticed flat tyre! Long story short, tyre u/s ended up with final bill of £120. unhappy bunny.

Thread: The worst 'upcycling' tragedy ever?
24/05/2021 09:52:07

As Nick says, people have a right to like what they want. To me, its quite awful, but then so is a lot of stuff on programs like Salvage Hunters and similar which I wouldn't give house room to with their 'original patination' (i.e rust). But hey - I'm not buying it , and he seems to make a good living from it AND I suppose he is truly recycling things that would often end up in the tip, so credit where its due.

Perhaps someone could re-purpose a Bridgeport as a candle holder?

Thread: Today on Talking Pictures TV
24/05/2021 09:14:18

we probably watch this channel more than the other main ones! If you're an oldie try to catch its Saturday mornings when they do a session like the old childrens Sat morning matinees - including serials - currently running ' Radar men from the moon ' (11.30 am) , so unbelivably bad Sci-Fi it can't fail to raise a few laughs.

Highly recommended

Thread: DIY Steam Trip Hammer powered by Jensen 20G Steam
20/05/2021 09:34:34

Nicely done novelty project!


Thread: Recycling of Wind Turbine Blades
18/05/2021 13:25:19

Have any academics looked into the affect all these huge wind turbines across the planet have on the climate? ( I know studies have looked at issues with effects on migrating birds) What I'm droning on about is a sort of the 'butterfly effect' - each one causing a minute change in air flow and cumulatively 'adjust' winds that may affect climate subtley? perhaps just one tiny piece in the climate change jigsaw?

As the famous Captain Kirk used to frequently scream ' More power Scotty! ' to which the reply was ' She won't take it captain! ' , perhaps using less might be the only real answer in the end.

I think I need to get a life.


Edited By Mike Hurley on 18/05/2021 13:26:38

Thread: 3 x 5 twin Victorian workshop steam engine restoration
18/05/2021 12:58:53

Was just about to start re-assembling everything when I noticed there was a couple of parts I hadn't sorted. There is a capped tube next to exhaust outlet on the each steam chest which I believe to be a manual oiler point (did raise a thread on the forum to see if anyone had any other ideas, but nothing conclusive in the end).

steam chest oiler 01.jpg

There was only one of these and it was pretty bent and knackered, so a 2nd needed to be made anyway. Back when I first disassembled everything I measured the original and determined it to be 1/8" BSP (28 tpi), I had some Taps & die so went ahead and started to make one only to find that it didn't fit the casting. After some head scratching I re-measured the OD of the pipe at 0.383" which according to the Zeus data book was correct for 1/8" BSP. As a last resort got the thread gauge out and yes it wasn't standard 28tpi but 26tpi!
As I could still use the taps and dies I had for the top end of the pipes & cap, the end that screwed into the casting will have to be cut on the lathe. (I know Tracy tools stock 26tpi Whitform T & Ds but seemed unnecessary cost for one off's) anyway, will be an interesting exercise to lathe cut such fine shallow threads.

Cylinder manual oilers - as mentioned earlier, decided on making replacement manual cylinder oilers in brass. These actually proved quite a challenge having no design to hand, just working from the model photo (as shown in earlier posting). The initial drawing ended up being modified 'on-the-fly' many times as is often the case with bespoke parts, but worked out OK in the end. One of the challenges was to turn an enclosed 'ball' section in the middle of the unit (this being the part of the body where the tapered valve shaft fits. Unsure of the best approach, so I raised a thread on the website and following several useful suggestions I made a form tool which worked well.

form tool 01.jpg

A useful exercise that included lathe threading, 'ball' turning as noted earlier, milling a hex section for tightening the unit into the cylinder, cutting a tapered valve assembly etc

cylinder oilers 01.jpg.

cylinder oilers 02.jpg

I also realised that where the original oilers had been broken off the cylinders, part of the boss they would locate onto was uneven. Fortunately, neither had resulted in cracks in the cylinder casting, just a ragged surface which would make it impossible to seal the new oilers properly onto the cylinders and be steam-tight.

cylinder oilers 03.jpg

After much deliberation, it was decided to build the bosses up with steel-reinforced epoxy. After on or two attempts this was done. The cylinders were lashed to the mill table with a 1/2" BSW threaded bar in the holes to ensure they were at true verticals, removed these then skimmed the tops to achieve a flat, correctly aligned surface. Worked quite well.

cylinder oilers 04.jpg

Once the new oilers were completed it was time to start re-building! It was decided to age most of the brass a little, as it was felt (rightly or wrongly) that very bright brass fittings would be out of place on what was originally a working engine as opposed to an exhibition piece.
The previously made wooden lagging segments and brass banding were fitted (some adjustment needed here and there as you might expect). The valve chest oiler tubes and cylinder oilers were fitted and much to my surprise everything fitted and nothing got in the way of anything else - amazing!

cylinder assy 01.jpg

The baseplate assembly , flywheel & pulley had all been cleaned up and re-painted during the winter. These were back to the original colours (though they do look a bit brighter than reality in the pictures) as far as I could tell from the grubby bits of remnant found under the rust.

baseplate 01.jpg

flywheel assy 01.jpg

So the next phase is to start re-assembling everything (for a second time). Will post again when further on, hopefully by then all back together and even possibly ready for a compressed air test (if I can organise any!)

Thread: Would Pete please contact me.
17/05/2021 12:11:53

If you log in as a user, the ad will have contact details. Pete's are low down on the add, location & email.

Thread: Hello from the isle of wight!
16/05/2021 10:25:11

Welcome Russell. What are your interests? Loads of people on here with a vast range of experience between them and always happy to help in any way,

all the best. Mike

Thread: Painting staircase spindles
13/05/2021 10:29:35

Just cannot understand why the genius chemists of the massive paint industry seem totally unable to come up with a water based paint that's any good. I've always hated the smell of white spirit and use 'quick drying' stuff inside the house but am always disappointed with the finish no matter how carefully I put it on. Although I approve of the idea to remove the high VOC spirits in the atmosphere.

What about using an airbrush? Might take ages but you can be precise and not contaminate the rest of the house. Just a thought.


Thread: miniature copper pipe
11/05/2021 09:46:11

Be careful! 1/8" BSP is NOT the same as 1/8" BSW (not just tpi!). Do a quick Google on BSP and you'll see what I mean

regards Mike

Thread: new member from Sheffield
11/05/2021 09:38:28

Welcome Dominic. Loads of useful hints, tips & info here, plus quite a few thought provoking discussions and chuckles. enjoy!

bit more info on what sort of modelling projects you have on the shelf would be interesting.

All the best Mike

Thread: Brass/bronze filler
06/05/2021 09:18:11

When I've tried fine bass filings in epoxy in the past, they just seem to turn black. Suppose it's the acid / or alkeline reaction. Just never had much success I'm afraid. Sorry - not much help I know

Thread: Boring out a hole in middle of aluminium disc
30/04/2021 10:10:01

Depends on what tooling you have - i.e. a boring head for the mill? If so, by far the easiest way as you can clamp it to the table (standing off for clearence) however you can - the advantage you don't have to consider balance as you would if mounting it on a lathe faceplate. . If not, you'll need to mount it on the lathe faceplate (standing off for clearence) and use a boring bar, but consider the balance as your clamping fittings might cause a lot of machine vibration if too unevenly spaced / different weights etc - and if using high RPM


Edited By Mike Hurley on 30/04/2021 10:12:58

Thread: A bit of a puzzle on eBay
29/04/2021 18:55:40

Partially agree with Steve re just missing the boiler etc which obviously would have been a larger seperate unit - so perhaps it was just split up some time back?

I have looked closely at the photos and feel that it is well built and original - look at the close up photo of the cross head assembly and note the oil channels underneath - a nice quality touch. The description on the site seems pretty comprehensive and it is quite an unusual engine in the complexity for a large model of this type.

The price seems a little high, but saying that its a bit of a one-off, and as such will attract a premium.

I for one would gladly give it house room if I had the chance. Regards

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