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Thread: Multi-dimensioned Drawings
07/04/2021 07:48:39

Perhaps one of these!



Thread: WHAT IS IT ?
24/03/2021 09:11:15
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 24/03/2021 08:39:39:
Posted by Chuck Taper on 24/03/2021 08:14:51:


Based on the woodgrain, and the other roughly scaleable items in the photo on reddit ... I would guess that a finger-tip might fit nicely in the holes, to dial an entry.


The scale appears to be a lacquered surface - on either a cork or wood substrate - (sector 4 top of your clearer picture)

I'm not entirely convince the outer dial rotates - appears fixed by at least 3 rivets - ergo the only moving part is the inner dial.

So a lacquered scale and a 20 hole 'dial' both fixed to a rear plate. (the 20 holes being divided into two sets of 10 - for some reason)

An inner rotating plate with 30 register points.

Speculation - rotating the register plate will align a number on that plate with and a number on the outer dial at only a limited set of locations. Information is read from the relevant sector.

Hopefully someone won't ruin this by coming up with an answer.


.Frank C

24/03/2021 08:14:51

If you have the physical device........

Would it be possible to re post the photograph showing the device next to a rule.

Alternatively post some dimensions.

If not above possible would anyone hazard a guess at sizing based on limited information.


Frank C.

Thread: YouTube stuff....
19/03/2021 09:52:24

Apologies if this is redundant post.

Jeremy Schmidt

Frank C.

Thread: Does old meths burn less hot?
13/03/2021 10:06:35

My understanding is that they only harden in the absence of air enhanced by the presence of metal ions.

The presence of 'air' (oxygen) in storage is necessary to NOT harden.

They are (mostly) single component fluids of large molecular size - so low volatility.

The technicals appear to be endless.


Thread: Design of boilers
05/03/2021 10:08:16
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 05/03/2021 09:45:08:
Posted by Andy Stopford on 04/03/2021 20:15:21:
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 03/03/2021 23:09:22:




I agree!

I wonder what an engine specifically engineered to win IMLEC would look like. An engine with no obligation to resemble a full-size locomotive, or to be practical beyond winning IMLEC, and run in conditions that don't require the boiler to be certified.

I suggest:

  • A tall vertical boiler balanced by outriggers
  • Draught created by a tall chimney, not steam blast
  • Waste steam used to pre-heat air intake and tender water
  • Scale prevented by only running on distilled water
  • High pressure, possibly from a water-tube boiler, with efficient superheat. (Isn't a water-tube boiler the logical conclusion to Bob's idea? It's all done with radiant heat.)
  • If a fire-tube boiler is used, corrugate the firebox
  • Oil burner to maximise heat and remove ash issues.
  • Only burns one oil of known heat value so that combustion and heat transfer can be optimised.
  • Grate area, firebox volume, and heating surfaces, calculated and proportioned to match the fuel and to optimise IMLEC performance.
  • Large diameter steam pipes and a big steam chest
  • Valve gear simplified to minimise friction
  • Large aperture poppet valves, precision made to minimise leaks, possibly from exotic materials.
  • Everything thoroughly insulated without regard to appearance!
  • Optimum speed and load determined by experiment with a Dynamometer Car, and observed during trial
  • Maximum automation allowing the boiler to control input and output to eliminate the possibility of a heavy handed driver wasting steam with excessive acceleration, or otherwise running the engine outside it's sweet-spot. Also manages combustion to best effect, neither underheating or overheating the boiler. Remote control and automatic shut-down
  • Ideally driverless and without human passengers because they wobble, shift and raise the centre of gravity. Also, removing people means bigger risks can be taken with the boiler, speed, and balance.
  • Thermal proportions, weight, adhesion, static and dynamic balance and other design features to be computer modelled to optimise performance
  • Only run the engine under ideal track conditions - level, stiff track in good condition, few points, and large curve radii etc. And only run on dry, windless days.



Actually does sound like a great challenge or a new category!


Thread: water level sensor
05/03/2021 08:54:41
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 05/03/2021 08:42:04:

Here we go, Duncan ...

Tube OD 6mm, ID 3.8mm, Material = botosilicate glass

Red light from a point-source 3mm from the tube surface

Tube filled with Air / Water / Glass

[Snip, Snip, Snip]





I'm intrigued - how, what etc??

What software is that?


Frank C.

Thread: Newcomen Plans or kits - looking for.
03/03/2021 15:54:25

Thanks to all who took the time to reply. I appreciate it - it all helps.

As I understand it this is the engine that started it all - however its inefficiency somewhat limits its scope.

Nonetheless one can't help but wonder if a multi cylinder version is possible or perhaps it could be harnessed to enable one of those horseless carriage contraptions that are all the rage.

I could/should tackle it from first principles but laziness whispered that a kit would be a quick fix. I think I will have a ferret through my junk box and see what might be possible. If anything promising emerges I might report back.


Frank C.

02/03/2021 23:14:47

Could anyone recommend a source for decent Newcomen Engine plans or better yet a good kit. There is some stuff out there but .... a bit wanting.

Ideally I'm looking for something that clearly illustrates the central principle & operation of the engine rather than a strictly historical recreation - not sure if I explain that clearly.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Frank C

Thread: Brazing hearth
19/02/2021 21:15:02

Oddly enough, just this very day


Also had just started on something similar myself.

Must be something in the air.


Thread: Roller skate bearings.
13/02/2021 10:03:00

The question raised for me (with reference to the above video) is that when cycle skating is it better to have the wheel inside or outside the leg. Surely the inside form factor is asking for trouble. I realised this is probably a controversial issue but....enquiring minds etc


Thread: Engineering / Modelling Books for Winter Evenings?
10/02/2021 17:24:43

Some things just stay with you forever - for whatever reason.

The Wheelwright's Shop - George Sturt

Gossamer Odyssey - Morton Grosser

The Geometry of Sheet Metal Work - A. Dickason


Thread: Myford S7 headstock on ML7 bed
05/02/2021 13:18:12

Old thread I know but I found this helpful when I set out on my own version of this project.

As a direct answer to the OP.

I have just completed the fitting of a Super7 headstock (only) to an ML7. It appears to operate just fine and there appears zero difference in centre height. Only minor (approx. 0.5mm) adjustment to the horizontal element of the tailstock was necessary (well within the range of inbuilt adjusters).

I have retained the ML7 motorising unit (a cost saving necessity) so, for now at least, will have to live without the headstock cover. Otherwise (and subject to further testing and measuring) a straight headstock swop is valid.

If anyone is interested in hearing about the outcome of "further testing and measuring" I am happy to post further otherwise my work here is done!

Hope my experience (in this instance) is of some use.


Frank C.

Thread: Myford Oilers (with less bling)
29/01/2021 14:43:36

Dear All

I'm looking to replace oilers on one of the Myfords

Below is what I want (the one on the right) (I find the available brass ones are too shiny and new looking - I know, I know.) And yes I could dismantle them and remove the lacquer and all that but...


Going by the label I located Adams of Coventry but all I can find (design wise) is **LINK** (which is not the same exactly)

I did find this elsewhere **LINK**However this is not actually featured on the Adams site (that I can find!).

Would anyone know if these are "legacy" product or know of a location where such might be available. Or alternatively where a similar item (design wise) might be sourced.

Thank you for your time.

Frank C.

Thread: ebay purchases : VAT
26/01/2021 09:21:05

A €375 purchase from UK via eBay cost we slightly north of €130 euro in extra charges "Customs&Taxes"

Unlikely to be doing that again.

Just FYI.

Frank C.

Thread: Telescope Mount: DIY Azimuth Bearing Suggestions?
18/01/2021 09:37:57

First off that's a real nice job. Put some effort into an "Equatorial Dob" myself... haven't given up yet but....

Have you considered using a "Lazy Susan" type bearing?

Available in many sizes and qualities.

Extreme precision in a Dob. is one of those diminishing return things. (my own experience only)


Looking forward to some pictures of the final instrument!!

Frank C.

Thread: My workshop improvements
20/12/2020 17:53:25

Anyone got a largish space sharing woodwork & metalwork.

How are you organised?

I'm in the shambolic stage of converting workshop from 100% woodwork towards 50/50 woodwork/metalwork.

More Anon.

Frank C.

Thread: Alternative to 365/office etc.
15/12/2020 09:56:28
Posted by Samsaranda on 15/12/2020 09:12:00:

Is Libre Office useable on a Mac computer, have been running MS Word for Mac but it is no longer supported by MS so looking to the future.
Dave W



Thread: Myford Question
12/12/2020 14:43:35

Theoretically (?) would a Super7 headstock & spindle fit on an ML7 base. If so what issues, if any, are likely.



Thread: Have You considered getting a 3D printer
12/12/2020 09:31:12

I have a Rostockmax V3. Got it a few years back as much for the build as the use.

Don't use it as much as I should but its a glory to behold in action.

Well worth a quick youTube search if you have nothing better to do.


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