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Thread: Stewart S50 Name
13/01/2022 17:01:24
Posted by John Gray 7 on 13/01/2022 11:28:39:

...time at the lathe/mill is only a small percentage of the actual time spent….Thinking time, weighing up, call it what you like. I imagine this percentage changes with time and gained experience,

sorry Nope - Not in my experience. Time and experience getting the mill and lathe to do what you want grows far faster than the creative thinking and planning - you are always thinking of new things - so over time mill and lathe time shrinks as a percentage of the project.

However on the bright side total project time shrinks so you get more projects done.

Thread: That Strange Calculator Again
13/01/2022 15:48:28

Just a random idea - It s a calculator/convertor for precious metals. One measurement system used is the pennyweight , which is one 240th of a Troy pound, one 20th of a troy ounce (hence the 20 holes in the outer ring and is subdivided into 24 grains (the holes in the inner ring?) possibly the 48ths are half grains.

The fractions round the edge are all the approximations to the 16th's with correction factors for 48ths or 240ths. So for example 9(/16) is 3/5 + 9(240ths) and 7/12 +1(48th).

The only place pennyweight is still used ( and was still used in 1908 - it lost it's official status in 1878) is in the precious metals trade.

What it does and how it works I don't know, but the involvement of 16th's suggest it might be for converting the archaic troy/pennyweight system to the avoirdupois (1 lb = 16 oz).

Just my two pennyweight's worth.

Thread: Royal Fail
12/01/2022 12:45:49
Posted by old mart on 11/01/2022 19:16:34:

I have two items with tracking numbers from Royal Mail which say "despatched" which are a little overdue.

My experience is that "despatched" is the status shown once the seller has created the shipping label and obtained the tracking number. It doesn't mean the Post office have got it.

When they do get it it usually shows as "received at....".

If they are still showing as dispatched, it is probably the shipper to blame not the post office.

Thread: Slowing lathe RPM
12/01/2022 12:29:49
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 12/01/2022 10:44:51:
Makes sense for anyone owning hefty equipment to start with Andrew's recommendations, and equal sense for anyone owning hobby gear to start with mine. They're both good starting points.

I would wholly agree. MC and I both have Taig lathes so would fall very firmly in the latter category which is why I suggested he needed to think about slowing the lathe down from its 400+ minimum to do what he was trying to do.

I have stepped the soft jaws on my three jaw very successfully

aluminium billet in modified 3 jaw.jpg That is a 90mm lump of aluminium, but I have swapped the induction motor for a DC one, and machined the jaws the other way round ( as inside jaws clamped on a steel rod) with a final light skim when reversed.

11/01/2022 22:41:51
Posted by AdrianR on 10/01/2022 16:11:56.

Maybe the correct answer to this question would be for why did he suggest that you need a slower speed?

As the person in question who suggested slower speeds (and I make no claims to be an expert) I was sharing the numbers I use on my Taig. I normally use numbers close to those suggested by Dave (SOD). At 100mm he suggests 10000/dia in mm for steel and twice that for Aluminium. For a 100mm Aluminium that would be 200rpm.

I find it interesting that Andrew's numbers agree with SOD for 100mm (4" ) dia steel (100rpm), but the multipliers for brass (3 vs 1.5) and aluminium (6 vs 2) are so different. I will try cutting a bit faster in aluminium, but the Taig's minimum speed of 400+ rpm limits cutting pieces of steel to around 1" diameter.

MC's original issue was exacerbated by the interrupted cut (20 - 22 impacts/sec ) on a 100mm diameter. I suggested reversing the jaws and cutting the step close to the centre as if they were inside Jaws then only taking a final skim with them back as outside jaws.

Edited to get rid of icons

Edited By Peter Cook 6 on 11/01/2022 22:51:52

Thread: Summer 1990 Rotary Table
06/01/2022 20:53:15

Agree with Durham builder as to location. Suspect the length is [0].8", and the scan has made the decimal point invisible.

Edited By Peter Cook 6 on 06/01/2022 20:53:48

Thread: Paranoid about Android
02/01/2022 15:16:39

Posted by Michael Gilligan on 02/01/2022 13:40:07:

The contacts on the Sim are ‘mine’ and only knowingly shared with my service-provider.

I have no desire to share them with Google.

But, if I understand correctly … if I move or copy them from the SIM to the phone, they become my “Google Contacts” and are ‘fair game’ for Google and its associates.

Michael, on my phone there is another option on the Manage Contacts menu to Synchronise contacts. That allows me the option of turning on or off synchronisation ( or not) with my Google (or Samsung) Account.

If you turn off synchronisation and then copy to the phone, I think they stay on the phone.

02/01/2022 12:35:55


I don't think Android 11 allows contacts to be used from the SIM. I have a new Android 11 phone, mine is a Samsung so may be different, but it should be possible to move them from the SIM to the phone (I think) :-

If I open the Contacts app and press the three lines top right I get offered a menu one of which is to Manage contacts. Pressing that gets me a set of options one of which is Move contacts.

That gets me a chance to select where to move the contacts From & To. On my phone the four choices are SIM1, Phone and either Google or Samsung accounts. Selecting Phone gets me a list of all the contacts on the phone. Selecting ALL ( top left of the list) then returns me to the From - To menu and would allow me to move them to the SIM card.

I presume you could do the opposite and put them on the phone.

Edited By Peter Cook 6 on 02/01/2022 12:38:17

Thread: Is there too much choice?
01/01/2022 13:07:54

I was once told that the easy way to tell the difference between rich and poor is that the rich spend money to save time, and the poor spend time to save money. The "chaos" you experience is simply a by product of competition for your business. If you don't cater to the siren calls from the press and society that suggest you are neglecting your duty if you don't shop around.

If time is that valuable, one way to solve the problem is to hire a "concierge service" that will do all the boring stuff for you. That simplifies life considerably - but at a cost!!

The cheaper ( but not cheapest) solution to household services etc. is to pick a supplier for each and stick with them. Use direct debit to pay what and when they ask for.

Thread: rodeco
01/01/2022 12:40:50

Rodico cleaning putty is definitely a different composition to Bluetack. Bluetack doesn't pick up grease and oil nearly as well as Rodico, and leaves a slight mark if you use it for positioning and holding - Rodico doesn't seem to be as bad.

Bluetack is slightly stickier - Rodico doesn't do so well holding pictures on the wall.

Thread: 2000 Year old computer
27/12/2021 10:33:03


If you have not previous found them have a look at Clickspring's series of videos on the Antikythera mechanism and his construction of a reproduction. Technically fascinating, and AWESOME craftmanship.

Start at The Antikythera Mechanism Episode 1 - Greeks, Clocks and Rockets. - YouTube

Thread: Digital Caliper - again, sorry
09/12/2021 21:41:31
Posted by Simon Williams 3 on 09/12/2021 20:51:55:

It's lost the function of the inch/mm swap-over button.

Strip it down, clean it out, reassemble. The bit of plastic under the button cover has got stuck!

09/12/2021 18:06:52
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 09/12/2021 13:39:59:

Posted by petro1head on 09/12/2021 12:42:09:


I feel the most important aspect is that when you turn them off they are actually off so not draining the battery.

None of mine have a true ON/OFF switch: they all switch off the display only.

I only have one cheap pair that switch off properly. They are a pain. If I put them down and they auto-off then they have to be re-zero'ed when switched back on. The Mitutoyo set I have, a Mitutoyo fake I also have and some cheap £20.00 ones all just switch off the display and remember position.

Thread: Turret clock
03/12/2021 15:51:49

Look forward to following the build.

For information most of the wheels on my the church clock seem to be about 10DP. The Great wheel on the time train and the 2nd Wheels on chime and strike are about 300mm diameter. The great wheels on Chime and strike are about 400mm diameter. The time second wheel is 215mm diameter. All the pinions are lantern pinions except the 40 tooth driven pinion for the minute arbour and that contains the friction clutch for hand setting.

The clock frame is 1600m wide and 575mm front to back.

All dimensions are approximate - it's fairly hard to do accurate measurements on a running clock.

If you want any specific details please send me a PM and I will try to help.

03/12/2021 14:48:06

Michael, as part of a plan to make a model of the church clock which I wind twice each week, I have been documenting the clock. You can see my original posting with a couple of pictures at

A Tower Clock project | Model Engineer (

Although this is a Pinwheel escapement rather than gravity arm if it is of use, the details of the clock gearing are

Time train            Teeth Rotation
Great wheel Teeth 120 180 Rotates every 3 hours
1st Pinion Pins        10
2nd Wheel Teeth     90 15 Rotates in 15 Minutes
2nd Pinion Pins         8
Escape Wheel Pins 35  2.29 period secs
Escape wheel rotates   80.00 Seconds
                                     3150.00 BPH
Pendulum Length 1.30 Metres

Drive Wheel for Minutes 40    60 Rotates once per hour
Bevel Gear on Minute     45

Chime train
Great Wheel        240 Rotates once per 2 Hours
1st Pinion               10
2nd Wheel           120
2nd Fly Pinion       10

Strike train
Great Wheel       240 One rev = 12 strikes
1st Pinion             20 One rev per strike
2nd Wheel         120
2nd (Fly) Pinion   10 12 revs/strike?
Count wheel       78

I have a spreadsheet that computes the pendulum length from the gear counts in the time chain.

Fiddling with it suggest that if you used these numbers and reduced the number of pins in the escape wheel to 32, then

Escape Wheel Pins 32    2.50 period secs
Escape wheel rotates in   80.00 Seconds
                                        2880 BPH
Pendulum Length 1.55 Metres 

which is about 61" effective length - so possibly OK for your pendulum.

In a posting on the other thread Michael pointed me to which is a restoration of a very similar Smiths of Derby clock, but that one does have a gravity escapement.

Hope this is of use.

Edited By Peter Cook 6 on 03/12/2021 14:50:43

Thread: Arduinos and Microcontrollers ref: Rotary Table Mew 249
30/11/2021 14:17:11

Michael, Not that I know of - I'm just a customer. They seem to be a firm that makes custom exhibition stands, and this is something they designed to make construction of Arduino based specials easier.

Personally I'm glad they put them on the market - the short tracks make laying out and building one-off's far easier than the usual shields - although it would be interesting to know if they have permission from Vero for the name!!

Edited By Peter Cook 6 on 30/11/2021 14:19:38

30/11/2021 12:38:27

While this thread is resurrected, I thought I might point people at the prototyping sheilds I found when making my lathe controller. They are from Electronics - W19 Design, and have by far the nicest layout I have come across.

Rather than being an array of through holes, there is an array of 3 or 4 hole tracks and some longer ( power rails) which makes making connections between components and the Arduino pins far simpler and neater.

I have no connection other than a very happy user.

Thread: Three Wheel Knurling
28/11/2021 19:16:56

Whiling away a snowy afternoon - far to cold to go to the workshop, I came across this 3 wheel knurling tool Three Wheel Knurling Tools (

My musing suggested that it looked a lot like a modified 3 jaw chuck, and I wondered about getting one of the very cheap 3 jaws off Ebay, and "modifying" it.

Any thoughts?

Do three jaw knurling tools need different wheels?

Thread: 6 wheel brake van
28/11/2021 16:25:46

Googling images for "6 wheel toad 26ton brake van" gets me lots of pictures - many of models, but  quite a few original photos.

and a lot of detail about the GWR versions (with pictures and detailing) although none seem to be 26T at

GWR Goods Brake Vans


Edited By Peter Cook 6 on 28/11/2021 16:36:47

Thread: Volkswagen
28/11/2021 16:10:42

The other issue is the cost of replacing the batteries. They will have a limited life, and the cost of replacement will be? I doesn't seem to be factored into the figures anywhere and from what I have seen of BEV construction it is going to be a far from trivial job to replace them.

Or are the cars themselves (rather like smartphones and tablets) considered disposable at the end of their batteries useful life?

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