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Thread: Chronometer and Barometer Info Required
24/06/2022 18:43:57

Also try the Maritime museum at Greenwich

They have a lot of records of ships chronometers - they used to test (Royal observatory) the Navy's chronometers and still have the records.

Thread: Maintaining Power Spring
21/06/2022 19:02:34
Posted by lfoggy on 21/06/2022 07:15:38:

Great repair. Would never have thought of using a circlip. That spring though, it looks disproportionately stiff. Much bigger than a typical maintaining power spring. I guess the clock needs a lot of power to keep the tilting plate moving.

I didn't think of it, to give credit it was Clive Hartland's suggestion (post 2).

The replacement spring is definitely "stiff", however I have used an online beam calculator as a check. Treating the circlip and the original as simple cantilever beams where the length is the arc length of the thin parts in both cases, and using the true cross sections, it transpires that the circlip ( thicker but longer) has about 15% more deflection than the original for the same force.

That said, in answer to ega's comment about the relative strengths, the mainspring is big. The barrel is 42mm wide and 62mm in diameter. I haven't had it out (yet!), but it's probably .45mm thick and about 3 metres long! It scares the living daylights out of me to think about the forces involved when fully wound.

20/06/2022 17:26:58

Just to report back, and in particular to thank Clive for the idea.

44mm nominal circlip arrived and has been fitted with the pins to make a replacement spring.

Replacement maintaining spring.jpg

Seems fine, fits the inside of the wheel perfectly. Some quick math using an online beam calculator suggests it is not far off the original in stiffness. It will be tested when I get the clock back together.

Thread: What is the best 3d printer for beginners
16/06/2022 23:11:21

Another vote for an Ender 3 Pro. I use mine just as it came, out of the box. A bit of care assembling to make sure it was all square, and regular bed levelling keeps it working fine. Cosmetically what I produce is not brilliant, but as I use it for functional items (boxes, racks, covers, mounts for bits of electronics and even a pulley set for my watchmakers lathe) it meets my needs well.


Edited By Peter Cook 6 on 16/06/2022 23:13:43

Thread: Maintaining Power Spring
16/06/2022 14:38:46

Thanks Clive, I had not considered a circlip as the basis. A 45mm circlip has an external (unsprung) diameter of 48.5mm which is close. I will go and see if the hole alignment can be made to work.

16/06/2022 13:51:56

I am still working on my Congreve. Having disassembled the fusee for cleaning, I discovered the maintaining power spring, has broken. It's a very strong spring!

maintaining spring.jpg

maintaining spring break.jpg

My chances of sourcing a replacement are probably vanishingly small and I don't think any repair I could manage would be sufficiently strong. It appears to be steel (its magnetic), 1.8mm thick. The spring section is 2.75mm wide and the recess in the great wheel is 48mm in diameter and 2.5mm deep.

The spring does not appear to be hardened - I can mark it with a file. Is it likely to be mild steel, or more likely to be some sort of spring steel? How can I tell?

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make it, and suggestions as to what from. One idea being to cut it out of a steel disk on the mill. Will mild steel be a problem? The spring only gets flexed once a week when the clock is wound.

Thread: motor insurance rant
14/06/2022 19:15:05

Credit card acceptance fees are not allowed in the UK. However over here you would have been hit with $120 worth of the dreaded VAT.

Thread: Telephone Ringback Code?
14/06/2022 19:11:35

My understanding is that although the underlying technology Virgin uses is VOIP, they do not make available the necessary SIP usernames etc that will allow customers to connect third party VOIP phones to the Virgin home phone system. See

Solved: Configuring a Grandstream VOIP Phone - Virgin Media Community - 4599513

The virgin router provides an (RJ11) telephone socket to which you connect a standard analogue phone. The router does the conversion to VOIP, presumably with the appropriate configuration built in. Without the SIP etc. data you can't use a standard VOIP phone to access your Virgin home phone. A VOIP phone will work over the broadband to other providers.

New home analogue phones should work, typical DECT ones for example, if you plug the base station into the Virgin router.

Thread: motor insurance rant
14/06/2022 18:34:16

My quote went up this year - a bit! But this is the first year in living memory that the cheapest quotes on the meerkat were more expensive than the renewal quote.

Every year in the past I have used the meerkat quotes to either negotiate the renewal offer down to something sensible, or swapped to a new policy.

Thread: Magnetic + dti + base + recommendations
12/06/2022 17:51:54

I have no idea what you get for that sort of money, but I have several (in a couple of sizes) of the £20-30 ones which look the same and are available from amazon and the auction sites. They work well for my purposes.

I keep the arm from one mounted on a tool post on top of my Taig lathe headstock with a DTI attached. It works extremely well for centring in the four jaw.

Edited for typo!

Edited By Peter Cook 6 on 12/06/2022 17:53:59

Thread: Telephone Ringback Code?
11/06/2022 13:45:08

Openreach lines use 17070 to access the test facility. Reads your number back to you, then option 1 is ringback, 2 is quiet line 3 is fast test and 4 is fast cleanse - see the website below for what the last two do.

This site Useful shortcodes when diagnosing UK phone line issues - BeachyUK suggests 17070 should also work on other networks, but I can't test that.

Thread: Curiosity about an Aldi belt sander
10/06/2022 17:34:44

One comment on here (#14)

suggests that the dust extraction is via the body of the machine wherein in the motor. That may be why the y preclude its use for ferrous materials.

Thread: Extra Royal Mail Delivery Charges
28/05/2022 17:41:51

Try complaining!

Post Office Complaints Contacts | Post Office

Thread: Strange Miniature Bearing
24/05/2022 14:22:09

Thanks all. I am not sure that new individual balls are going to be the answer, as the outer "shield" of the bearings looks as if it has been inserted in the same way as conventional bearings - and removing it will probably be a destructive process. I suspect if I need new bearings Paul and John's suggestion to replace them with conventional bearings and modify the support pins for the ID of the new ones is the most sensible route.

Yes John, I have seen the papers on running small bearings dry and clean in clocks, and will be treating these bearings ( and the conventional shielded one on the escapement arbour) to a good flush out. I suspect the reference to similar bearings in a horological context you mention may be the Eureka clock bearings which come in two and three ball styles with two balls below the pivot and one ( in the three ball arrangement) above. Those however are loose balls retained on one side by a glass plate.

Michael, thanks for both the pointer to the Bryson clock and the bearings used in tone arms. As you say this seems an odd use of the design, and if a problem I will replace ( as above)> This clock is much later than the Bryson one - it's a Dent 1950 reproduction - but you can see where Dent got the ideas from, this one has the same finials. I have every sympathy with Darren at the Scottish museum. I have never worked on a mechanism with so many interacting adjustments - but then I don't do steam engines! Setting up the clock is an exercise in complete frustration. Hence the decision to pull it apart and fix things.

Thanks again.

24/05/2022 11:35:23

I am trying to service (fix) a Congreve Clock. The table is suspended on two small - four ball - bearings. The outer race is mounted in the edge of the table, and the inner race comprises tapered steel pins which insert from each side.


Table - the bearing pins are held by a locking screw in the mounts.

bearing 2.jpg

The bearings have four balls in a cage, and are 7.75mm OD as near as I can measure in situ, while the open end is 3.50mm ID. The pins are poor shape, and don't seem to be hardened

bearing pin 1.jpg

I will make new pins from silver steel and harden them, but I wonder if anyone can point me in the direction of a source of new bearings - should I need them.

Searches in many suppliers online catalogues have thrown up lots of small bearings, but nothing like this one.

Thread: 'Bad Referrer' message when trying to view the Archive.
23/05/2022 19:19:13
Posted by Jeremy Haywood on 23/05/2022 10:48:41:

Has anyone had an update to this issue, I can not read the older archive issues due to the flash problem?

See last post in this thread

Adobe FlashPlayer End Of Life | Model Engineer (

Thread: Adobe FlashPlayer End Of Life
21/05/2022 18:17:15

In case anyone is interested, I have just installed (free) software that allows me to read the old Flash based MEW archives on my PC ( windows 10).

I installed a browser called Pale Moon The Pale Moon Project homepage and a Flash replacement program called Lightspark Releases · lightspark/lightspark · GitHub. In my case both were the x64 versions.

The instructions for installing the Lightspark plugins to Pale Moon are at Getting Lightspark up and running in Web Browser · lightspark/lightspark Wiki · GitHub

After installation and logging into the Forum using Pale Moon, I was able to read both the current ( Latest in the archive i.e. 312) and old Flash based copies ( I was after 121).

Hope this helps someone.

Disclaimer. Installing this software is at your own risk. My (various) virus and security softwares have not yet thrown a wobbler at either the downloads at the installation - but take care. Dave's comments about Flash are valid, so I will only be using the Pale Moon Browser with Flash enabled for MEW  archives.



Edited By Peter Cook 6 on 21/05/2022 18:20:47

Thread: Almost 4BA but not quite
13/05/2022 18:02:52
Posted by noel shelley on 13/05/2022 17:01:55:

At risk of spoiling a die, using a 1mm cutting disc open up the split a bit so it will go smaller - the worst that can happen is the die splits in 2. Worth a try ? Noel.

Thanks for the idea, but the limiting factor is not the width of the gap - its the amount of torque I can apply to the 3/32 allen key that closes it up in the tailstock die holder! However you have triggered my brain into thinking about making the basic thread, then swapping to a more basic holder in which I can apply more closing force.

I suspect the die will snap before I get the minor diameter small enough, so I will probably try Bazyle's idea first - then move to brute force!

12/05/2022 20:01:18

Thanks Bazyle, I have not come across that technique. The die was cutting reasonably well so I will try that.

Thread: Drill bit storage
12/05/2022 18:27:46

I am lucky, I have bought a few sets in boxes ( the kind that hinge up into a stand) over the years, and keep the working drills in those.

Spares and the odd ones I have acquired over time are kept in various old glasses cases. I seem to get a new case every time I or my wife get new glasses - so over the years I have built up quite a collection, and no-one wants to recycle them!

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