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Thread: Making a Carriage stop for a lathe
02/03/2022 02:17:18

Some good mods coming out of this thread.

Clever guys


02/03/2022 01:08:06
Posted by ega on 01/03/2022 22:56:56:
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 01/03/2022 22:18:21:...


Regarding the gearbox, this is the earlier pattern with the shortened lead-screw driven on the right-hand side of the box. I gave the screw a double-length key-way for the pinion so that can be drawn out of engagement, avoiding having to wind all that machinery round when using the lead-screw hand-wheel.

I have the later gear box whose selection lever on top of the box has intermediate "neutral" positions. I assume from your ingenious modification that the earlier box does not have this feature?

I don't think it does.


Thread: Is there ever a time to let politics come into the forum
27/02/2022 02:34:45

Sorry guys you are doing exactly what the forum does not want. You are using words that mean nothing. Stop trying to be a techno. This is serious & does not need members to start being i am god. Just be plain here. It is not a war on words , but a war on human lives.


27/02/2022 01:21:14

I totally agree with you Bill Phin. But in these circumstances do you not think that most of the Human beings on this 2022 earth would be much better without Tyrants who want to overtake the whole world just like the others did. Without names we all know who they were & luckily they were removed before the armagedon came.

We are in bad times right now & i just hope the powers that be make the right decisions. My heart goes out to all the innocent people of Ukraine & there families.

I really do not think there would be any slagging matches on this forum over the subject in question.


27/02/2022 00:26:26
Posted by Bill Pudney on 27/02/2022 00:05:44:

Other than my own political opinions of course, I'm against opening up this forum to political discussion.

However in this instance I'm completely with you Steve. This is REALLY important.



p.s. Love (most of) your videos......

Thanks Bill. Something needs doing to remove these sort of people from this planet.


26/02/2022 23:47:48

As the title. Is there ever a time to let forum members discuss what is going on in this sometimes evil world.

I ask this as a Human being & cannot understand in this modern world why any one would let such a person dictate to the whole world his intentions. It has happened in the past & the sour lemon was removed by SAS or others.

Is this what is needed now .

I guess this will be removed by blinkered moderators very soon. But guys don't be blind. This one person could end the world as we know it with a few red keys. I love my country & my workshop. I do not want to see a Tyrant like the fat faced murderer take that away from me or any of you.


Thread: Santander on-line banking
26/02/2022 15:58:44

I weekly get please contact DHL. Then from same No Hermes. All sorts of delivery companies, all the same No.

Stupid thing is , it usually follows when i have ordered from ebay. So makes me think they some how know when people are ordering. Luckily I have Bitdefender running on the P.C. If there is anything dodgy it tells me. I just ignore them now.


Thread: Making a Carriage stop for a lathe
21/02/2022 09:57:16

It would seem this item will not fit every version of the Myford 7 lathe

Here is a photo for those not wishing to watch the build. The serial No indicates 1975 to 1979 era.


carriage stop.jpg.

Edited By Steviegtr on 21/02/2022 09:59:40

Thread: recent power outage in Medway
21/02/2022 09:54:01

Another + 1 for the portable gas heater. My brother in law has one for his only heating in his small flat. He changed the Bottle last week & i think it was £38. It's not cheap but at least an alternative in emergencies.


Thread: Making a Carriage stop for a lathe
21/02/2022 00:16:08

Well guys & gals. Thank you for all the comments that my video attracted. It is difficult for me to do a sum up , because.

1st off . I love to make things in my little mancave. With my little lathe & milling machine. I also like to show the stuff i make for anyone that may be interested. Oh yes some folk are. Well i have 600 such people who do watch my terrible video's.

My aim is not at the absolute pro's out there like the threaded rod no gearbox lathes. It was a problem with having the QCGB fitted & with the limited room available.

Most of the responders do not have the gearbox so it is easy to make a & in some cases a terrible hash of a 10 min assembly.

The whole point of my video's are not about anything serious. It is just entertainment.

I.E as one posted Show the finished product. 2.5 secs & it's done. Well if i watched a film on TV & it showed the plane crashed or whatever then the film is over before it starts.

This video was over 3 parts of which i am sure many did not fully watch.

I am subscribed to 100's of channels on youtube. Some are not so good like mine & some are great to watch. The odd thing is that i have had a lot of comments , saying it looks great. But no one on this forum can acknowledge that i have made something good.

Weird really.

Dave SOD. You made a comment about materials used. You should know by now that I make the things I make as cheap as possible. So if i had planned & made a bill of materials for the project, Which i could not do as i build as i go. Then I would end up buying all sorts of stock with a once only value. Meaning a draw full of unused stock left over. This project actually cost in materials £1.97. That was for the handle. Everything else was given to me by my many friends. Who we share anything we have with each other.

I know if I were to build a special steam engine or IC etc . Then i would need to buy the appr stock. But when only making gadgets , surely the cheaper the better. You must remember i need all my spare cash to buy the 99 oct fuel for the bike & car.

Oh & guys i would like to take this opportunity to announce that as of Yesterday. I have past my Pilots licence.

Dave also i do not kid when i say a lot of members will not post. I did not mean flack in that sense. You must remember that the bulk of members on this forum are aged. Like me past there sell by date. So can be very sensitive. If someone as i used to do asked a question . The answer is always available on this furom through some very clever people. But as the thread escalates some answer can be a little belitteling. So the poster will not ask again. You may not acknowledge this but I can assure you it happens. I have the P.M's to prove it.

Please don't get me wrong this forum is fantastic. The likes of Jason & Neil + many more moderators make this probably the best place for any kind of information related to model engineering.

So you see i digressed again as i do in my video's . I'm off to fly my Drone now.

We are away to the Canaries in a few weeks but not sure Jet2 will let my fly the plane.

Don't forget to like & subscribe to my free channel.

Just joking , not really.


20/02/2022 02:01:42

In fact you would not believe how many Forum members have contacted me privately By P.M & email to say they never post on this forum , because of the flack they get from the Professional's. You know the one's that never post a picture of anything they have actually made. The ones that google every answer that is asked. Never mind there are a few of us that actually are pretty clever but always get dis'd.


20/02/2022 01:51:40
Posted by MikeK on 20/02/2022 01:44:37:

Sorry, I posted that before I saw the video. I was making a joke, Steve.


No problem. I love the criticism so it went over my head.


20/02/2022 01:48:59
Posted by MikeK on 20/02/2022 01:23:31:
Posted by Steviegtr on 20/02/2022 00:48:15:

I love criticism.


Get a haircut.

Well the barber said what will it be today. I said just a trim. He said what about the one hair left. I said leave it alone & let it grow wild.

He replied ,,, anything for the weekend Sir.

I said no thanks I have a bottle of Smirnoff.


20/02/2022 00:48:15

I have just made a adjustable carriage stop for the Myford Super 7 lathe.. I am sure it could be adapted to fit any lathe. Please any forum members that think this is rubbish or not suitable for purpose. Please comment & tell me why , or what would be better.

I love criticism.


Thread: Tormach in the UK
14/02/2022 16:14:43
Posted by Steve Dunthorne 1 on 14/02/2022 16:07:29:

Just for the sake of argument, say I had bought a Tormach mill and then written a book about the journey from purchase through assembly to learning how to use it, from the standpoint of a complete newbie, would it be bad form to promote the book on a forum like this?

Maybe not a book. But it would make a good series on youtube for beginners. Unless you were thinking of a money scheme I.E a book to sell.


Thread: If epoxy adhesives fail to set within 24 hours, is there any hope that they will EVER do so?
14/02/2022 16:05:47

Hi John. I have used many types of epoxy adhesives. I can confirm that they are very temperature sensitive. I did some a month ago & left in the workshop for 2 days. It was still sticky. I took it in the house & left it near a radiator for a day & it cured. Not sure of the shelf life of some of them. I have glass fibre resin that i used 3 years ago to make new panels for a Motorhome. I have just given the leftover to a friend & it cured perfectly. Although with glass fibre resin the activator is 1 to 3% dependant on cure time req & temperature.


Thread: Myford owners
14/02/2022 15:59:15
Posted by br on 14/02/2022 15:25:04:

QUOTE ++ I don't know why anyone ignored that & decided to P.M me with wishes to have one.

I am guilty on that point , that one is down to me.

I saw the forum post, did not watch the video, as did not need one, but messaged my boy to say as he had said about one in the past

He had just started his shift , so as could not sit there in work watching a video, a PM was sent.

So that explains why Stevie was ignored, but not intentionally.

Edited By br on 14/02/2022 15:26:06

Br . No you were not the only one to send me a P.M I received quite a few. The problem with you not getting one was the timing. It was a 1st come basis. As said in the follow up video , the emails mostly came before dinner time to my E-Mail address. I then showed them, less address in order of timings.

I am so sorry for those who did not get one. I actually thought i might send 1 or 2 . I was pretty shocked at the response.

I also on the follow up video showed the dimensions & where to buy the handles from. For anyone wanting a little project , making 1 for themselves.


14/02/2022 14:38:23

If anyone watched the video, i said E-mail me. I told them where to find the mail address. For any that did not want to search for it i spoke it out on the video clearly twice.

I don't know why anyone ignored that & decided to P.M me with wishes to have one. I never mentioned about this forum. It was a youtube givaway. I merely pointed the video for anyone wanting one. 1st come 1st served.

Some of the p.m's were without an address & 1 posted the address on this thread.

I am sorry if i mislead anyone , but if you had watched the video it was quite explicit in the detail of applying for one.


11/02/2022 02:13:50

Hello again. This short video is just to show the E-mails & times received for the 7 Myford carriage locks that i have given away.


Moderator Note: link to YouTube Video disabled whilst I take advice.  By publishing the names and addresses of his correspondents Steve may be in breach of the Data Protection Act (2018)



Edited By SillyOldDuffer on 14/02/2022 13:27:47

10/02/2022 18:00:42
Posted by Steviegtr on 10/02/2022 04:45:08:

I made a few carriage locks for the Myford. The idea was to sell them to make a buck.

They have been sat on the bench for over a year now gathering dust. So i decided to give them away.

Have a watch of the video if you want one.

Myford carriage lock


Well i thought no one would respond, but unfortunately the email went mad. I could only go by the time the mail were sent. All 7 have now been claimed. The mails started at 06:41 this morning from the USA. I will try & edit the video or do another one to show the mails & times received. Just to prove I have not chosen random ones.

2 Have gone to forum members on this site.

Sorry for those that did not get one.


Edited By Steviegtr on 10/02/2022 18:02:28

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