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Thread: New To CAD? No, but....
20/05/2022 02:34:28

In the 80's i did Electrical installation work for a Company called Nestle. There engineers had Autocad installed on 2 Computers. This was before Windows. It used DOS 5.1 from memory. It ran using a dongle to stop copywrite. Using a Puck on a board with the various electrical & engineering symbols on it. No-one could actually get there heads around the system. I asked if i could help & they let me have a look at the system. I 1st copied the program & then took it home & worked on de dongling the system , which i did after a few days.

All i can say is that Cad program sorfware has so many commands. It is simple , but also very complicated to use. There are literally 1000's of commands. Best of luck guys.

A friend who ran classes at a college rang me & asked a question of a particular command. It was to do with a interupting a circle at a specific point. He looked up to me as a genius with Cad. It was a few years after i had stopped using it. I could not answer the simple question.

So guys if you are going to use Cad , keep at it as you get rusty very quick. Especially if you are an old F-rt like me.


Thread: Grease in oil lines
17/05/2022 22:19:43

I go for Paraffin Alan. Or Turps.


Thread: Drone advice needed, please
14/05/2022 00:39:11
Posted by Peter Greene 🇨🇦 on 13/05/2022 22:07:23:
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 13/05/2022 19:52:22:

The Drone rules were introduced after Gatwick and Heathrow airports had to be closed due an mixture of terrorist threats, political demonstrations, and stupid copycats.

It wasn't already covered under existing rules for model aircraft or was that too specific? Leads one to speculate that they have a set of rules each for model aircraft, model helicopters, drones ... all saying the same thing. Instead of drafting a single, "no flying object" law which would also cover such things as flying i-Phones when they come along.

(Such comprehensive rules would have to make some exceptions of course, particularly the obvious two).

The last 2 iphones i had could fly. I threw them out the window.


13/05/2022 19:08:55

10mtrs is fine. As long as nothing around is higher. Easy to fly back or sideways to hit if so.

I survey the area & set a height above the highest point.

With 4k you will get stunning clear shots & photo,s.

The ones I did on hol over the sea are very clear at around that height.


13/05/2022 15:41:44

Hi Michael. The Drone used in my Holiday vids was a DJI Mini 2. Under 250 grams. 4K 30 video. The controller is like a playstation controller. It takes your smart phone at the top & that is your viewing area.

You can switch midflight between photo or video. It has 2 times zoom. The Gimble on them is rocksteady. The video i posted was in Fuerteventura & it's always very windy there. Over 20mph but the Drone copes well with winds up to 22mph.

It is very easy to fly after a few tries at your local field. As usual i bought mine 2nd hand & has been great.

Not the cheapest Drone but very good. The Mini3 has just come onto the market & is even better with 4K 60, & has a 1/1.3" x 1.7 lens.

The other good thing about the DJI is the batteries are smart. Lithium polymer. If you have them fully charged & don't use the Drone for a whil the batteries automatically drop to 90%. After a few weeks of not using they drop further to i think 60%. So the batteries will have a long life.

I took the simple test online without much knowledge & passed. So i do have my flyer id & drone i.d. But it is not actually needed for under 250Grams weight. With those you can fly over buildings / over people . But not over crowds. The app tells you when it is safe to fly I.E how many Satellites it's picked up & return to home has been set. Any flight paths where you should not fly. It even brings up a Google map on the screen. You can toggle between the camera & the map to see where you are.

In Conclusion they are an amazing little Drone , as i am sure some others are too. I think Autel do a nice one.

It turned into a bit of a Hobby for me & so far no regrets buying it. They must be the ultimate tool for surveying building walls , brickwork, windows & roofs. Or even area's. Flight time is around half an hr per battery. Height unlimited but regs say 400 ft max. Distance . Some guys on you tube fly them up to around 4 miles & back. Not legally though.

Hope this is of some help.


Thread: Cheap stuff
11/05/2022 02:40:13
Posted by Cory Lynwood on 10/05/2022 13:21:47:

Great video, I enjoyed watching it, thanks! =)

Well Sir you are more than welcome.

Since posting this video i have had,,, The items you bought were stolen. MMMM . Were they really. You have bought junk & will have to buy twice. & lots of other c**p.

Yes C**P.

All the items i buy from booties & autojumbles are top quality items. Not cheap import stuff.

Unless the Albright chucks are no good , or the Micrometres made by moore & write & Mitutoyo. Spelling error possible.

I am a registered buyer on a well known liquidation sale site too. I buy a lot of tooling from those sites. I cannot name them for obvious reasons. But the gear i buy is for nothing & worth a small fortune. It is not stolen. Or maybe it is , as i steal it for not much money.

An example is a Mitutoyo 18" height gauge series 570 digital. Also a 18" vernier scale Mitutoyo height gauge. These were bougt for £34 for both. After cleaning & repainting they are as new. Look them up. Probably in the region of £400.

It is easy to knock others for buying cheap. Not sure why.

I please employ you guys who are so negative to stay that way. So we who are not can still grab the bargains.


Edited By JasonB on 14/05/2022 20:04:01

Thread: Adding a leadscrew to a lathe ?
09/05/2022 19:25:57

Have a look at Ades workshop on Youtube . He is doing one now. Along with a lot of other upgrades.


Thread: newbie to M.E.
04/05/2022 17:59:37

Hi & welcome Andrew. What machines do you have. Just being nosy.


Thread: Suggest a repair method for broken aluminium alloy casting
01/05/2022 23:39:25

I too have used that method on a Renault alloy sump , that had hit a brick. It was a proper mess. But those rods worked well & it never leaked oil.


Thread: IC Engine Liquidation
01/05/2022 23:36:30

A very nice collection there. yes.


Thread: Galvanic Corrosion
01/05/2022 01:02:25

You need a Zinc anode attached. This will act as a Sacraficial anode.


Thread: Cheap stuff
29/04/2022 15:39:09
Posted by Bob Unitt 1 on 29/04/2022 11:46:14:

Posted by Steviegtr on 28/04/2022 02:46:45:

Tip of the week is , you should have saved more when you were working . That way you could could visit car booties instead of planting potatoes & try to belittle others of greater intelect than you have.

Tip of the week - be born to rich parents, and learn to spell 'intellect'.

Yes Bob my spelling is not too good. But you could be correct on rich parents or maybe not quite.

My Mum was a cook at a local school. My Dad was a Carpenter & later opened a small shop repairing TV & Radio equipment. We were brought up on a Council estate I did terrible at school.

But i did not spend money in pubs or eating out. Always repaired my own vehicles, so managed to save some for old age. Again i am not a rich kid. If i was would i be doing video's of building a workshop for little money.

I think it's my big mouth & not pre thinking what my fingers are doing on the keyboard that is my downfall.

Again i do apologise if i was miss leading.


29/04/2022 15:24:19
Posted by Jon Lawes on 29/04/2022 14:14:04:

I did briefly consider making some youtube videos of my own to help amateurs (if its a scale with complete novice at one end and expert at the other, I reckon I'm almost a third of the way up it now) but to be perfectly honest I don't think i'm mentally robust enough to deal with the sheer tidal wave of criticism I'd be likely to attract. Like all of these things, detractors shout louder than supporters.

I'm helping some novices get started at the moment, I'll stick with one to one support as it makes me feel less vulnerable!

Jon, don't be put off by detractors. If you have a skill then i am sure there are lots of people who would benefit from you experience. Me for one. I have learned a lot from this forum. It's really on here that i sometimes get that happening. Probably my own fault for being such a bad speller & not always saying the right things.

If you post on youtube , then you will find a lot of your subscribers will give you good comments. Which will give you a sense of giving your knowledge to others. Remember , you cannot take it with you.


Thread: Motor size
29/04/2022 14:52:29
Posted by not done it yet on 29/04/2022 09:33:16:


Only ‘probably’’? Please point out my possibly wrong ‘assumptions’.🙂

Assumptions are probably guesses.

What seems to be missed is that once a 3phase motor is fitted , then the speed can be run at pretty much anything required by the task. As shown in my Myford video's. The single phase being only 1 speed is reliant on belt pulleys. So any advise is not from a metalurgist calculation, but an assumption based on that persons grey matter.

Electrical insulation is tested at + 100%. So is weights tested by Lloyds. Most things are tested that way.

So i am not sure about being 25%. Just saying.

A lot of Myford owners go for the 1hp package which comes complete. Don't know who worked it out But not heard of any breaking from it.

Anyway i was pretty much agreeing with you for once.


Thread: Imported Boxford ME10 Needs help
29/04/2022 00:12:02

I have seen some who regrind the jaws in position. Not sure how successful it is though. I have a boxford backplate i think. It came with the Myford & only goes on a couple of threads before binding. When questioned i was told it would probably be a Boxford item. Shame we did live nearer as you could have had it.


Thread: Recommend a small lathe(and mill)
29/04/2022 00:04:01
Posted by Hopper on 28/04/2022 23:58:04:

Yes have a look at Boxford and Raglan lathes if you want old Brit iron without the Myford cult price tag. Both are better machines in many ways too. But be aware it's like buying an old car. Get a good one and it's really good. Get a clapper and you have a new hobby restoring it. Which is enjoyable in itself but does slow progress on other projects.

Edited By Hopper on 28/04/2022 23:59:39

Totally agree with Hopper there. The Myfords do command a bit too much really. I did once have a Boxford college lathe which was £50. It was a great lathe. Sold it for £50 too. Many years ago, it never got used as i was working full time as a Sparky. Hope you get lucky.


Thread: Cheap stuff
28/04/2022 23:34:28
Posted by Phil Whitley on 28/04/2022 21:21:22:

As Woody Allen said in one of his many great movies" The worst sin in our house was paying retail"




Thread: Recommend a small lathe(and mill)
28/04/2022 23:33:07

Warco seems very popular. Lots of the youtubers use them & they seem pretty good.

I love my old Myford, but it is very old.


Thread: Motor size
28/04/2022 23:29:48

NDIY is probably correct in the assumption. Personally i only went to 1.5hp because i had bought a used Omron inverter & it was 1.1kw.

1hp is probably the best size to go for & with it's smaller frame may be easier to fit . The origonal one i took of was .75hp. single phase. Certainly do not leave belts slack. I have tripped mine twice & no damage done with 1.5hp.


Thread: Cheap stuff
28/04/2022 19:41:41

Ah yes , saw you. But more interested in that very nice hit & miss.laugh


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