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Thread: Covid causing mental health issues.
23/09/2020 10:35:22

Just my 2c.

I'm in my mid 30s and only got into ME after a car accident prevented me doing my other hobbies. (Skydiving and scubadiving.)

Most of the gents in my local club are retired and either live with their partner or alone. Those who are alone really struggled as the ME club, or going to the shop was one of the few times they could meet other people.

At the height of lockdown here in Ireland, they were prevented from doing both of those activities, meaning they were completely isolated.

Closer to home, I consider myself lucky as I rent out a room in my house to a couple around my age, and have a partner. I also have a home office, so working remotely was not a big deal to me. I also have constant contact with 3 other people. (housemates and partner)

Some of the people I work with live alone in a 1 bed flat with no space for an office. (Rent in Dublin is crazy.) They are forced to work remotely (luckily they are still in work) but from a laptop sat on their bed for 40h/week, as they don't have any space.

Separately, a lot of my friends and people I know, would be in regular contact with their parents/grandparents. They had to stop all / most physical contact, as they were worried about passing the infection on to their vulnerable family members.

I think the big thing here is everyone is different, and people cope with things differently.

If you cope with bad news/days by meeting friends, this sucks for you.

if you enjoy seeing family/friends, this sucks for you.

If you enjoy going to the pub for a pint with friends, this sucks for you.

If you live alone and most of your contact with people is through clubs/societies, this sucks for you.

If you are lucky and not feeling any limitations on your life, you are lucky, and many people I know would love to be in your situation.


One of the other side effects of all this working remotely, (for the people lucky like me who can work remotely, comfortably) is that there is no clear distinction with work and non-work time. Lots of people are working far longer hours than they would normally, and are feeling pressure there. My manager quite happily fires off emails and calls often as late as midnight. even on weekends. He lives alone, and so he is probably bored which is why he's working. But that then pressures other people to work later.

I personally don't think it's a single thing causing people issues. Its normally a few issues compounded up, with no real outlets or ways to release them back to a good place.

I'm pretty lucky in that I got into ME about 2 years ago so I have loads of projects on the go, (probably too many) and a few different places to seek help if I'm stuck. ME is also quite a solitary hobby compared to others. (e.g. sports) and we get our enjoyment from the process and the results. And thankfully, Covid is very supportive of this type of hobby.

Lastly, when I first got into this, lots of my friends thought I was odd for having this as a hobby, at my age. Now almost all of them are jealous I have something which I enjoy which can occupy so much of my time. Lots of them are now searching for similar hobbies, like painting, musical instruments, crafts, cooking, drawing, model trains, etc. I find it very strange how few people have what I would call a real hobby, nowadays. We are definitely in the minority for that!

Stay safe people. And keep sharing your builds. It's a great motivator, and really satisfying seeing what others can do.


Edited By Del Greco on 23/09/2020 10:38:38

Thread: Stuart 10V Build Log - Complete Beginner...
23/09/2020 10:12:56

Looking great.

This was my first engine build and it was so satisfying seeing it move for the first time.

Looking forward to seeing more.


Thread: New Member from Ireland
23/09/2020 10:04:29

Hey John,

I'm also from Ireland. Based in Dublin. How about yourself?

Welcome, and hello.



Thread: 3 1/2 inch small boilered TICH
18/09/2020 21:51:13

I am really impressed. Beautiful job so far. Did you get any further with the build? Of the Tich or the Bogie cart.

I've just been donated an unfinished Titch project from one of the members of our club, who is 48 years my senior, and thinks I will get more mileage out of the project.

It is at about the stage your last photos were. Frames made, with wheels and hornblocks mounted. The cylinders and steam chests are machined, but not mounted to the frame.

Looking forward to see if you have got any further, and see your progress.

Kindest regards,


Thread: Stuart S50 Mill Steam Engine running on Live Steam from a MSM 4" Boiler
18/09/2020 15:40:15

Seems a waste not to use the left over steam!!! I fully agree.


Edited By Del Greco on 18/09/2020 15:40:29

Thread: 3.5in Titch - Help Needed
18/09/2020 10:23:04

Hello All,

So I was kindly donated a part built Titch earlier this week, from a member of our local club. The gent who donated it says he is not likely to do any more work on it, and he started it almost 20 years ago.
I am 30, so he said I have a little more time than him to get it running.He has completed and assembled the frames, and fitted the wheels, axles, ram pump and mechanical lubricator.
He has also completed the cylinders, steam chests and slide valves, pistons, but these are not yet fitted to the frames.
From my very novice assessment, and knowledge of his other models he has built, there seems to be very good fitting and no sloppiness in the hornblocks/axles/pistons/etc.

There are no materials with what he gave me, and unfortunately only part of the plans. However, he did include

He also gave me the book Simple Model Locomotive Building: Tich by "L. B. S. C."

Simple Model Locomotive Building: Tich by "L. B. S. C." (1982-01-06)

Re the plans, there are only 4 sheets of the 12-sheet set, and 2 of them are so faded they are unreadable.

Re my skills, I have build an ok-running Stuart10V, and have a Stuart S50 kit waiting to be built. I've also made several other things, including a boiler, but this Titch engine is definitely going to be my most complicated build.

OK, so now I have set the scene, I have some questions to all you fine people:

1) How long would the Titch take to make? I know this is very open-ended. I work, (event through Covid luckily) so will probably only manage ~10-15h/week of building time.
My Stuart 10V took me around 200h to build, but that was at a very slow pace. I recon I could probably build she S50 in around 100h.

2) Does anybody have any plans they would be willing to share? Digital or physical.

3) There seems to be several variations on the model also. Walscharts valve gear vs internal excentric, Normal vs Large boiler, plus several other variations. He has already started the Waalscharts valve gear, so I will be sticking with that. What other variations should I be considering?

Many thanks for your time.

Kindest regards,

Thread: Some videos of Del's Creations
24/07/2020 23:34:32

Hello All,

Del here from Dublin, Ireland. It's been a while since I've been online here. Sorry about that.

The good news is my Lathe is up and running nicely, in my livingroom at present, which I think is the best place for it.

Anyway, I've been making various bits and pieces, and thought you may be interested in having a look.

I created a YouTube channel back in March and have about 15 videos up of some of my creations, is any of you have some spare time.

I called the YouTube channel Best Lathe Plans, and you can find it here:

I'd love some of your feedback.

As an example below is my latest video:

Thread: A beginners locomotive
26/03/2020 12:01:15

Hello All, and sorry to revive such an old thread, but did anyone build the 3 1/2in. gauge Darjeeling Himilayan 0-4-0?

I am relatively new to the hobby, but am progressing steadily, (and slowly, compared to what you gents have been producing!!)

This is Loco a really nice looking loco, and I am considering it as a build...

Also, re the back issues for it, do I simply need to take out a subscription, and I get access to all the back issues?

I've trawled through the Forum and found multiple threads, but none of the images or links seem to work any more.

If anybody has any drawings/links they are able to forward over to me, that would be greatly appreciated.

Also, from some of the threads, it seems there was a delay/gap in the plans for this loco in the ME mag. Is this correct, or does the mag contain the full instructions? I also saw that apparently there were some mistakes in the drawings. Were these ever rectified?

Kindest Regards,


Thread: Lathe Speed - What am I missing out on?
16/08/2019 11:45:14
Posted by KWIL on 16/08/2019 11:18:14:

If it rings like a bell, this shows you are exciting it at a resonance and a sure indication you need to change speed. The advantage of a VFD (variable speed) is that it may only take a small change to go off resonance and hence improve surface finish.

I would hope that your <1mm would be considerably less, perhaps 40x less (I work in thous from time to time.)

Changing speed is a good idea. I'll up the speed again to the next pulley.

Also, yes it was a fraction of a mm. I didn't really measure it, as I knew it was off. I've some new (to me) measuring tools arriving over the next few days, so I'll update you once they arrive.

16/08/2019 10:46:45

Good morning,

Ok, so last night i was turning ~15mm brass.

I upped the speed and I checked the center height of my single cutting tool I am using at the moment. It was very slightly high. Like <1mm high. I re-shimmed it and got it to where I think is bang on.

The result was much better, so thanks for the advice.

One thing I did notice, (I am trying to make a whistle btw, like this one Whistle pic) that once i'd bored out the tube section, it would ring like a bell when cutting, giving a very rippled effect of the cut. A bit like what you would see if you look really closely at a record. I did the remainder of the cuts with a finger pressed against the brass, dampening and reducing the ringing. The brass only protruded about 10cm from the 4jaw chuck face!

Thanks in advance.


15/08/2019 14:23:07

Hi Gents,

So, This is a total newbie follow-up question I guess...

I am turning around 10mm Brass. (I'm trying to make a small whistle, spinning top, etc etc.) all with some small stock to get in some practice.

From the posts above, and from what I can find online, I should be turning at >2000+ rpm?

Is that correct? I'm still a little nervous about spinning my lathe that fast, and have mostly been using it at around 200-300 rpm for similar work, with horrible results. I get a crappy finish, often the thinner the brass stock can bend quite visibly instead of being cut, and it can make a nasty grinding noise.

I have carbide tools, and have the extra sharp mirror looking inserts, which work great on alu at around 300-400 rpm. (Although that was thicker ~30mm alu stock!)

All this cutting speed stuff is very new to me, and I'm starting to think that my previous efforts were a lot more luck than skill. ha!

Thanks in advance.


Thread: Myford Super7 Chuck and Tool Holder points
13/08/2019 16:38:02

Hello again Gentlemen!

So I have spent some time getting my lathe setup and true. Without going on too much, there are 2 main questions I have: (plus some bonus sub-questions!)

1) Myford sell a 100mm small bore and a 125mm big bore 3 Jaw for the Super7. Both can be supplier fitted with a Small Bore super7 backplate of 1&1/8x12tpi.

On the Myford website, it states in the 125mm chuck (without backplate) listing that the 125mm chuck is NOT SUITABLE FOR 2MT (small bore) lathes as it is too heavy.

I called Myford. They said it is fine, and that loads of people have that fitted. On this forum, there are multiple threads discussing this, but with no real conclusion. Myford assure me it is fine, and that there will be no excessive wear after many years use. Has anyone heard / experienced the contrary?

1.a) Bonus Q: Can you think of any reason why I would be better off with the 100mm vs the 125mm? For the extra £25ish, I think it's worth being able to hold slightly larger parts. (Although the majority of my work is going to be at least for the time being, smaller parts.)

1.b) Bonus Q2: The Pratt Bernard chucks by Myford get a LOT of praise. However, many people discuss/voice opinions that cast iron is more flexible than steel and various other arguments. The PB chucks are around £220ish. RDG sell HBM and other makes for ~£70 ish for comparable sizes. Are they to be avoided given the choice?? Why would you buy a PB today for almost 3x the price? Are they really that much better generally speaking.

2) Lathe tooling. Due to the access I have to a Warco lathe, I already purchased a bunch of 12mm tools over the year before getting my S7. The S7 has a 4-way toolpost, which only works with an 8mm tool plus a ~1.2mm shim.

Myford advised me to buy the ML10 ONLY toolpost as the toolholders are more adjustable and can take a12mm tool. Has anyone done this? Is it workable / practical / sturdy? (Thicker tools vs ?thinner? tool holder) Ideally I dont want to have to re-buy a full set of tools as it's about the same price as a quick-change toolpost which brings all it's own advantages .

Everybody is stating to get a Quick-change toolpost, both on multiple threads here and elsewhere. Additionally, on here, none of the threads on S7 tool sizes mentioned being able to quite easily be able to use a 12mm tool...! Is this a new development?

Lastly, there is lots of conflicting information on Myfords website, and Ebay, forums etc. I'm looking for proven facts people on here may know, as I am not sure what information to go on from online. (Also, many of the tools/gauges etc use stock images of other tools, so often even the images aren't a reliable source of info!!) Everything I've been told by one of the very helpful gents at Myford seems to make sense, I am just curious if anyone else has done the same as what I am planning. (125mm PB 3Jaw, and QC ML10 toolpost on my S7 to hold 12mm tools.)

That is about all. Thanks in advance!

Many thanks.


Thread: Do you clean up your rough end
31/07/2019 17:10:54

I just took plenty of notes from this thread... Thanks gents!

Thread: Cleaning and preparing a new to me, old lathe
31/07/2019 17:02:48
Posted by roy entwistle on 31/07/2019 15:58:55:

Just don't forget that what look like grease nipples on a Myford are for oil not grease


Very good point yep. I've been cleaning each of them as I work around the lathe. Hoping to have it purring quietly very soon.

31/07/2019 15:44:13

So, I didnt want to hijack this thread: #Cleaning a new lathe# so thought i'd make a fresh one.

I'm almost set to start playing with my new to me 1950s lathe, and wanted to check what level you guys do a strip down / clean up / grease up etc, before starting to do any work.

I've given the drip tray a complete wash with typical fairy, to remove the grime from the last owner, however, most of the machine has a light oily coating on it, and the bed seems to have a suitable film of oil on it too.

I was just wondering if I should clear all the old oil/grease/cack off the machine and then do my own lubrication with fresh oil/greases/etc, or if that is a bad idea.

Many thanks in advance.


Thread: My New Project... Setting up my new Myford Super7 Mk1
31/07/2019 14:43:59

Progress so far...

In Its New Home



I connected up the electrics last night, and will be putting on the drive belts tonight!!

One questions I do have is that I think the vendor swapped out a chuck before it was sold. The chuck seems to have a lot of wiggle when tightened on a piece of bar, and also, it seems to have a high/low spot between the backplate and the chuck, causing it to wobble when it rotates.

The Chuck backplate is hard up against the mount. I checked the mount and it turns true, so the problem is between the backplate and the chuck. I'll do some more investigation tonight. I am taking a lot of hints from this thread...
##This Thread##

Hoping I can see if I can resolve it sooner rather than later.

31/07/2019 14:30:54

Managed to upload some pics...







Now it's in my living room and i'm reassembling it.

31/07/2019 12:05:36

So as you may have seen, I purchased a Myford Super7 Mk1 last weekend, in Wales, and imported it to Ireland where I live.

This was done in my tiny little Ford Fiesta, which handled the Lathe and extras very well, after an admirable packing job.

Now the lathe is home, (in an albeit temporary location in my living room) and it needs setting up to make it true and usable. (It also doesn't help that I left a bag of bits with the vendor!!!)

Anyway, I'll be uploading some photos of the lathe at the vendors, then the journey home, and setup and where it's at now...

Image post coming up shortly...


Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
30/07/2019 10:35:41

I bought my first lathe. Very happy! A Myford Super7 Mk1. Thread to follow. (Technically I did it Sunday, but it was a long day and I only just got a chance to post!)


Edited By Del Greco on 30/07/2019 10:36:22

Thread: Buying a Lathe, as always the age old questions...
30/07/2019 10:28:33

Hello all,

After all you advice on assessing the lathe, and packing/moving it, I am now the very proud owner of a Myford Super7 Mk1, from 1957. It's beautiful. I will post some photos when I get them onto my PC.

The lathe was bought in Wales, and I imported it to Ireland, where it is now (temporarially) located in my living room, until my ManShed is complete. The Irish weather isn't ideal to take off the roof etc, but I'm hoping i'll get it complete over the coming months.

I managed to fit the lathe, stand, drip tray, multiple tools and fittings, etc all into a 2005 Ford Fiesta, along with 2 people! Cosy, but it worked.

Thanks again for all the advice and help. I am very pleased to now be part of the Myford family!!


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