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Thread: Myford Mk1 Super 7 restoration
20/10/2020 08:35:31

Hi Steve!

Yes, that was My thinking, putting a thermostat in.

As You say, it is keeping the condensation at bay, variations in temp. Would be the thing to avoid.

I will be protecting the bits of the lathe over the winter, by next winter the workshop should be up and running and insulated.

Keep safe! Cheers, Pete

19/10/2020 15:59:39

Hi there!


I was thinking of a tube heater, but was not sure of the running costs, I presume that You would have to keep them on all the time due to temperatures going up and down, causing condensation?

I could fit one in the corner between the lathe and mill, which is convenient!


Welcome to the Myford resurrection club!

I have seen online that the mark 1 clutch is a moped style clutch, and have been told that You have to strip the shaft out in a certain direction, check back in the thread, I cannot remember of the top of My head which direction!

It sounds like We will be progressing at about the same time!

Keep safe, Cheers, Pete

18/10/2020 18:16:45

Hi there!


Thanks for the heads up about glue iissues, I did spot this recently on the forums:-

I will use 'full-fat" (solvent) Evo-Stik contact adeshive if I can find some!


Nice to hear from You!

Yes, I think that finishing work will help physically and mentally, My job was in industry, 12 hour shifts and fairly heavy,so this will help in not aggravating My health problems further.

I'm sorry to hear that You are suffering problems with Your health as well, best wishes.

Heating for the shop is something I need to look into, if only to protect things over the winter, I have an indoors workshop I use for other modelling activities, but impractical for heavier machinary.

I will look at the modern storage heaters and weigh up the costs etc.

Thanks for looking in!

Keep safe!

Cheers, Pete

17/10/2020 22:05:42

Hi there!

Phil H1:-

It took a bit of work getting there, but it looks a lot better with the primer on!

It's always nice to have a Family connection to tools, My Dad was a carpenter and I inherited a few tools, one being a Record plane, which I am going to restore and use when I get the workshop sorted.


Yes, I am going to sort out a chuck board, handy when You are changing over chucks in case You slip and drop it on the bed! Doubles as a hacksaw guard as well!

I am also going to make a cover board for the other end of the bed, to cover it when not in use, with the carriage and tailstock pushed to the left hand end of the bed. I am thinking of lining the underside of it with felt to hold some oil to protect the bed over winter.

Thanks for looking in!

Cheers, Pete

17/10/2020 18:09:55

Hi there!

I am so sorry I have not updated My thread for such a long time, a lot been going on.

I have been back in hospital a couple of times in the last couple of months, they thought My heart was playing up again,but has been checked out OK, waiting for an appointment in general medicine to sort out breathlessness and associated pain.

Also My back problems have been rearing up,so when I feel well enough to go out to the garage it is not for very long.

Consequently, when the offer of early retirement came up, I decided it was the time, so I have been busy sorting out pensions etc, and paid My mortgage off (yesterday!!! smiley)

So, I will have some more time on My hands for more constructive activities!

Anyway, I managed to get a coat of paint on the stand etc., Hope to rub it down tomorrow and re-coat it so I can move on.

I won't get the whole job done before the cold weather stops Me, but hope to get the bed sorted before then, and pick up the job in the spring.

Will get some progress pics up in the week.

Many thanks for Your patience!

Keep safe and well,

Regards, Pete

Thread: Nuisance phone calls
17/10/2020 17:48:22

Hi there!

This probably a subject that has been done to death, but I had to pass this one on, it actually made Me laugh!!!

I have received numerous call over the last few weeks concerning the expiration of My manufacturers guarantee on Our Hotpoint washing machine, which We bought roughly 10 years ago and replaced about 2 years ago.

I have asked the called every time to remove Us from their call system, to which they replied they would.

Anyway, they called this afternoon, I am getting peeved now, explained again the situation, told him if they carried on I would report them to the relevant ombudsmen.

Then I asked (once again!)to be removed from their call list, to which the reply was.......

"Yes, I can do that, there will be a charge of £99" !!!!!!??

Well , I was still laughing when I hung up!

Anybody else had this?

Take care, Cheers, Pete

Thread: Grumpy old men
11/10/2020 00:00:50

Things being 'improved ' when they don't need to be.

Surveys were '21% of people think that.......' That's means 79% disagree!

Scan codes used assuming everyone has a smart phone.....I've just converted my phone from clockwork to butane gas!

Getting 10% extra free when the items have shrunk in size (mars bars, sausages etc...)

8 finger rolls, 6 hot dog sausages

And finally, hands free soap dispensers - why? (I always wash My hands after dispensing said soap!!! sarcastic

Rant over! (But I may be back..........)

Cheers, Pete

Thread: Hot Buildings and expansion.
15/08/2020 23:53:15

'I read somewhere that Concord didn't have properly fitted carpets because it grew so much in flight and the Lockheed SR71 Blackbird leaked fuel like a seive on the ground but was fine when flying supersonic.'

I read somewhere that on the final flights of the BA Concordes that the flight crew jammed their caps in the gap between the cockpit bulkhead and the Flight Engineers panel,which closed up by contraction on landing, the only way to get them out easily was to fly at Mach 2 again...........

The SR71 leaked fuel on the ground and climbout, but sealed up before it got to high mach speeds, the crew used astronaut style food in toothpaste type tubes, they would place these against the cockpit windscreen framing to warm it up!!

Cheers, Pete

Edited By Morty on 15/08/2020 23:54:07

Thread: Myford Mk1 Super 7 restoration
30/07/2020 09:00:04

Hi there!

A bit of progress, and a few pics:-

It was a long job sanding the paint off the stand and tray, I used paint stripper on the raising blocks and the paint just fell off on it's own, followed by buffing up with a rotary wire brush but the stripper did'nt touch the paint on the stand and tray. I sanded this off with a non-woven abrasive disc,

I am using Paragon synthetic enamel paint throughout,starting with anti corrosive Red Oxide.

I found the paint easy to use, but had to thin with 25% off their PT8 thinners, they reccommend 10-15% but I could not get it to flow cleanly at that ratio. 5-10% seems to help with brush painting,which I did on hard to spray inside areas.

Away for a few days now, topcoat when I get back, more pics then.

Take care! Cheers, Pete

Edited By Morty on 30/07/2020 09:01:54

29/07/2020 11:12:29

Hi Eveyone!

Thanks for the replies!

Adrian:- PM sent!

Ega:- Sound advice, it is worth doing while up to Your elbows in oil!

Frank:- Thanks for the Heads-up about the clutch dismantling, I have received many drawings and advice on the Mk.1 clutch from very kind members of these forums, details on 'tinternet' are a bit lacking (same as the early QC gearbox), and all advice is greatly welcome!

I got the cabinet, tray and raising blocks primed yesterday, turning the stand over to topcoat the undersides later,then away for a few days, finishing the topcoats when I get back, and will post some pics then.

Thanks for following and Your patience, I'm geting there slowly!

Take care all, Pete

Thread: Hearth material
27/07/2020 08:50:25

Are these useable for a hearth?


Thread: Benchmaster Senior Donkey Saw
19/07/2020 21:04:25

Hi Martin!

Did a saw up recentley, this was a home built one (maybe Duplex), enjoyed doing it, came out well:-

1.jpgdscf1057.jpgmore pics in My albums if You would like a look, good look with Your restoration!

Cheer, Pete

Thread: Myford Mk1 Super 7 restoration
17/07/2020 15:13:53

Hi Mike!

Thanks for Your reply and good wishes, it is very frustrating for Me at the moment, I want to get on with

the job!

I have not stripped the countershaft down yet so I cannot really comment on which is easier,but You will find it helpful to remove the spindle for better access to the headstock securing bolts anyway.

As to the bearings, I have not removed mine yet,when I do I will clean them and check for any roughness or play,if any detected I will replace them as a pair,possibly with taper rollers.

Always spend the extra for branded bearings, (SKF is My preference) makes sense in the long run!

I checked the spindle before I untightened it and it seemed very good,clocked the runout and found it negligible, the bronze bush looked to be in good condition,will know more when it is cleaned properly.

I hope this has been useful Mike!

Cheers, Pete

16/07/2020 23:55:51

Hi Mike!

To change a belt, You can either pull the spindle , or strip the clutch off, I have tried to keep the stripped lathe in 'biggish chunks' and work on them as separate projects,so I did not want to strip the motorising assembly yet.

( In fact, I cut the belt off as it is being replaced, but needed to move the spindle to gain better access to the headstock securing bolts, expect them to be tight!!!)

The motorising unit just bolts to the back of the headstock with four hex bolts just lifted away when the belt has been removed. I took the motor off first to keep the weight down.

I would just like to apologise for My lack of updates on the thread, My health has been a bit up and down recently, so I have had to limit My time in the workshop.

The cabinet, tray and rising blocks are all stripped and ready for painting, I will post the pics up when I have done 'em!!

Thanks for Your patience, and keep safe.

Cheers, Pete

Thread: Classic Cars - Driving London to Edinburgh in Top Gear
13/07/2020 23:18:11

Hi there!

Slightly different slant here, but during a weekend away near Watchet in Somerset in the early '80's,the clutch master cylinder on my Mazda 929 estate gave up the ghost just before We headed back on the Sunday night and I needed to get home for work at 6 AM on the Monday morning!!

Solution:- bump started in fourth year and drove 170 miles without stopping or changing gear, judging speed to hit traffic lights on green,and made it back in time for work. Interesting!!

Same car, different time, driving home from the outskirts of London, noticed the lights getting dimmer when We got on the M1, kept going dare not stop for fear of not starting again and drove all the way back, fuel gauge laughing at Me (fuel filler cap locked with ignition key!) for the last 20 miles!

Pulled up at home,switched off,and tried the starter, flat as a pancake!

Cause:- alternator clamping bolt loose and fanbelt slipping!

No breakdown cover for Me in those days,had to buy petrol instead!!

Happy Days!

Cheers, Pete

Thread: Memlo lamp transformer/switch
18/05/2020 09:00:34

Hi John and Mike!

Thanks for Your replies!

I have bought a unit blind (very reasonable price!), it is described as a Memlo transformer unit 41LV, primary volts 400/440v, secondary volts 12.5 to 25v, max. load 100 watts, 50hz.

John, I am using LED Battens for the main lighting in the workshop,the lamp will be for close in lighting and I wanted a traditional lamp for this.

I bought two Memlites secondhand last year, one has the built in rocker switch and wired with a standard 3pin plug so 240v, the other had no switch, the Memlo is for this one.

I will post some pics when it arrives.

Again, many thanks!

Cheers, Pete

17/05/2020 09:21:29

Hi there!

Just enquiring if it is possible to run a Memlo lamp unit on 240v?

I have a Memlite lamp to go on My lathe which requires a switch, and would like to go with a original style unit if possible.

Many thanks, Pete

Thread: Myford Mk1 Super 7 restoration
15/05/2020 23:44:00

Hi Steve!

Thanks for the heads-up, duly noted!!

The reason for stripping it down was for cleaning and painting, I can get round that by using a 'hairy stick' for both!!

It was working fine when I tested it so maybe best left alone, there is some play in the lever pivot that I will need to attend to.

Cheers, Pete

15/05/2020 16:17:17

Hi Peter!

Thanks for the advice I am thinking about doing the side bed conversion, but I am getting the lathe back together to see how the land lies before doing it.

I have a quick ring around about a bed grind, looking at £5-600 mark, I think I might get away with the side guide setup.

I will check the spindle bearings out when I strip the headstock down,they feel alright but if I need to change them I will go for taper rollers, I have always used SKF or FAG bearings, never had a problem!

My S7 is fitted with the early clutch, I have been asked with the information on this and will again check it out when dismantled.

Again, many thanks for the advice!

Cheers, Pete

10/05/2020 09:49:42

Hi Steve!

I'm nearly there now, just the back and bottom to do, I am not going to do the top of the cabinet or the underside of the tray as the paint is intact, and the inside will get a rub down and de-grease.

I'm using red oxide on the cabinet and tray and etch primer on any aluminium castings, will probably use hi build on castings as required.

Hi MichealG!

I hope that My ramblings and digital etchings will be of some use to some poor soul in the future!! laugh

Thanks for looking in!

Cheers, Pete

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