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Thread: How to display an 80 character line length on my Android phone
06/06/2022 12:44:56
Posted by Oldiron on 06/06/2022 10:13:18:
Posted by Greensands on 05/06/2022 08:35:03:

.Hi Gerard - To avoid ruffling any feathers I will send you a pm to answer your query.

Dont worry abouit ruffled feathers. I would be interested in the answer. The Tea Room is for questions & answers on any topic and is not limited to engineering or modelling topics.


Sure. , My reply was as follows:-

I don't see any way of specifying exactly 80 characters. On my phone the character size changes in about 6 steps so i can approximate 80 characters but only when the phone is in held landscape mode. i.e. left to right and not holding it upright

I'm afraid i cannot find anyway of specifying exactly 80 characters in notepad

The setting remains set to the last setting I use, i.e. approx 80 if i set it that size.

If you could save your text in a pdf file with 80 character line length then that should display as 80 characters but perhaps pdf doesn't suit your needs.

Sorry cannot be of more help

06/06/2022 08:08:00

Reg, PM replied to Gerard

05/06/2022 07:54:28

The answer will depend on what App you are using to display the code

My android phone has an App, Notepad, which allows me to adjust the font size by 'clicking' on the characters/line and then selecting Font, and a slider allows me to adjust the size.

Can you give us a little more information on the App you are using ?

Edited By Gerard O'Toole on 05/06/2022 07:54:41

Thread: Imperial v Metric Measures
09/04/2022 08:22:24
Posted by PatJ on 09/04/2022 03:22:51:

I ...

Everyone knows what 40 feet is, and everyone knows how wide a 10' wide easment is.

Nobody would ever say "That building is 7,680 1/8ths of an inch off of that power pole.

Nobody would know what the heck that represents.

Breaking down the units into an impossbily small unit such as the mm is counterproductive in the construction world.

I am working on a lagoon that is 2,300 feet long.

Again, nobody would have any idea how big that is in metric.

Feet and inches is very convenient, usable, functional, and immediately understood any anyone in the building industry.

The metric-pushers don't have to build buildings and stuff is my guess, else they would revolt.


Yes, If only we Europeans could get rid of the metric system we too could have buildings and roads.

Thread: Is it really a joke
07/04/2022 13:26:49

It is actually printed by these nutters in America

Who We Are - America Out Loud

Make your own judgement on the veracity of any facts they publish

Thread: Early Deckel horizontal mill FP0
23/02/2022 16:48:18

I have an FP1 but i don't fully understand your question. As standard. drive to the mandrel is via geardrive from the hosizontal drive but i assume this is not working correctly. Or do I misunderstand the problem?

Sorry, just see your question is about the FP0

Edited By Gerard O'Toole on 23/02/2022 17:09:48

Thread: Always confused over threads and tapping
21/02/2022 09:45:03

Sorry don't know what happened to my post above

Just wanted to add that BSC and BSB differ on sizes below 1/4" where the Cycle thread has TPI which varies fbetween 32 TPI or 40 TPI while BSB remains 26TPI throughout its' range.

21/02/2022 08:06:11
Posted by Hopper on 20/02/2022 11:24:52:
Posted by br on 20/02/2022 11:16:04:
Posted by noel shelley on 20/02/2022 11:01:11:

Whilst on the subject of threads what is the difference between BSB and BSC both are 26tpi ? does one have a different thread angle ? Noel.

Yes - different thread angle - BSB is 55, BSC is 60. - according to a google search which hopefully is correct ?



But once again, the one will screw into the other in most practical instances. T( so wont fit together ) while BSB remains 26TPI throughout.

Edited By Gerard O'Toole on 21/02/2022 08:11:11

Thread: EU Customs Tariif codes for hand tools?
31/01/2022 15:05:02
Posted by KWIL on 31/01/2022 14:11:00:

Surely the same Tariif etc. is applicable whether the chinese micrometer is imported via the UK (a Non EU country) as when the same micrometer is imported from China (also a Non EU counttry) directly.

Possibly, I'm not too sure.

But a micrometer made in the UK and imported into the EU would be subject to zero duty and I think the correct codes would clarify that.

31/01/2022 09:19:09

Hi Martin,

Just to echo what Steve (Garry) above said. I have a few items returned to sender so I have much sympathy with you.

Here a another few links . The EU Taric database can be accessed here and additional information is here

Additionally , the revenue in Ireland have this explanation which might be useful.

Because of the volume of trade between UK and Ireland, all packages without a Taric code or without a value declared are automatically returned by the courier/Post Office who act as agents.. The system is fairly automated and most packages don't get anywhere near a customs official.

As I understand it, If the tools are made in the UK then they can be imported without any customs duty being charged and the only charge is VAT. However if the item is made outside the UK then duties are payable as well as vat. The seller ( in the UK) should export the item without charging UK vat.

Note though that vat is payable on the landed cost of the item. That included all duties and transport costs. So for instance, a Chinese micrometer costing £50 +vat might attract a duty of 10% (£5) and postage might be another £10. the total , £65, is then subject to vat , which in Ireland is 23% so an additional £14.95. bringing it to £79.95. The courier/post office then charge a customs handling fee ( from €3.50 (approximately £3) with An Post to €20( but could be higher) from couriers. The seller ends up paying, in total, about £83

Not actual revenue advice, but it is better that the package would have nearest Taric code rather none. Ands the same with value, if it is not declared the package is automatically returned .

Would it be worthwhile having an agent in the EU who could act as a distribution centre for you?

Hope the links might be helpful.


Thread: Solid Edge Community Edn. - Gen. Qs. Thereof
04/01/2022 09:03:24
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 02/01/2022 21:23:06:


So they will run SE(C) and everything else I want and more - but I am concerned with them accepting my existing version of MS 'Office' and 3rd-party programmes other than TC. I want to avoid a costly, open-ended subscription to 'Office' for exactly the same tasks. An independent retailer might better match PC and me.


I can't help with TurboCAD.

However I use both FreeCAD and SE(Community Edition). One thing I have learnt is that it is probably better to stick with one program until you get familiar with it. Switching from package to package only adds confusion, at least in my case.

I would strongly endorse IanT recommendation of the Dr Seif SE videos 

Regarding MS Office,, You don't say what version you are using. I have Office 2010 Quick Start edition working fine on my laptop, This was originally Win 7 but then upgraded to Win 10. I have had no problems with it. I also have had a 2003 Edition working fine on Win 7 but I cannot remember if it worked on Win 10 . However I now have LibreOffice on a win 10 desktop. I regularly pass Word and Excel documents back and forth between the two computers and never had a problem opening or saving documents so compatibility seems excellent. i rarely use PowerPoint . Unless you have some special files associated with either Excel or Word, i would suggest trying LibreOffice as a replacement on a new computer if your version of Office does not work.

Edited By Gerard O'Toole on 04/01/2022 09:05:38

Edited By Gerard O'Toole on 04/01/2022 09:05:57

Thread: Is there a demand for Whitworth tools?
01/12/2021 15:58:46
Posted by Gerard O'Toole on 01/12/2021 15:55:01:
Posted by JP Santos on 01/12/2021 13:51:18:
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 01/12/2021 13:10:53:

You say you "mainly use Imperial" but don't need BSW/F spanners?

Many model- and preservation- engineers need them, though.

Put an ad. in the For Sale list here.

yes, I work, as a hobby on my old harleys and old american cars and have plenty of AF sockets and spanners.
the BSW/F spanners just sit in a box on the side, so I thought trying to find someone who could have an interest in them.

Sorry duplicate post.

Any fellow motorcyclist with AJS, Norton, Velocette , etc , or BSA/Triumph to early 60's would find good use for them. I have a couple of sets , as well as sockets but often pick extra items up at car boot sales etc. You should definitely sell them on to someone who might have more use for them. Or maybe ask at a local classic/vintage motorcycle club.

01/12/2021 15:55:01
Posted by JP Santos on 01/12/2021 13:51:18:
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 01/12/2021 13:10:53:

You say you "mainly use Imperial" but don't need BSW/F spanners?

Many model- and preservation- engineers need them, though.

Put an ad. in the For Sale list here.

yes, I work, as a hobby on my old harleys and old american cars and have plenty of AF sockets and spanners.
the BSW/F spanners just sit in a box on the side, so I thought trying to find someone who could have an interest in them.

Thread: An unusual thread size- Stanley 78 rebate plane
30/11/2021 05:07:36

How accurate are you able to measure it?

Could it be 7/32" x 28 ? BSF

Thread: Solid Edge - Community Edition
14/11/2021 16:24:28

Thanks Ian, Jason. I didn't know it expired so i might wait until that happens before updating.

I too am running it on Wiin 10 Home edition

14/11/2021 09:05:40
Posted by IanT on 12/11/2021 17:29:33:

Hello John,

I've been running Solid Edge 2020 for about 18 months and have been meaning to download the latest edition - assuuming it would be 2021.

I've just downloaded the latest Solid Edge Community Edition and was surprised (and pleased) to find it is the latest 2022 Edition - which was released by Siemens on October 6th!

I'm afraid I can't help with your problem - but would just ask if you are running Win10 (I use 'Home' ) and also if you downloaded from the link I provided in the first post or somewhere else?

Hi Graham - yes, I'm using Win10 'Home' on a nearly 6 year old i5 Laptop.



Edited By IanT on 12/11/2021 17:29:49

Posted by Grindstone Cowboy on 12/11/2021 19:17:58:

Currently downloading the 2022 version, having had the 2020 and 2021 editions (but admittedly not really used them much). One thing which is vaguely irritating is the fact that Siemens seem to be unable to remember me - every download results in me having to re-register, despite having one (possibly two) accounts and verifying my email each time.

This time, I'll make more of an effort to learn how to use the software properly.


Hi Ian, Rob

I am still using 2020 edition . I have downloaded 2022 edition but i have to delete 2020 edition before it will install.

Can you tell me if the 2022 edition has any significant improvements and is worth installing? More importantly , do i loose anything in the new edition?

On thing i cannot do now is create threads. I do get a simulation of a thread but that does not translate into a 3D printed part. .If that worked in 2022 i would feel it worthwhile updating.

I mainly use FreeCAD but it too has its' limitations



Thread: Sat Nav maybe...
20/06/2021 07:16:22
Posted by peak4 on 20/06/2021 02:09:46:

I'd check out the event regs. first and make sure GPS based systems aren't prohibited.


I would endorse this advice. I have no experience with car events but on any classic/vintage motorcycle events I have participated in the use of sat navs would be prohibited.

Is there any reason you cannot use the cars own odometer ? (it is what I always use( on the motorcycle)

Thread: Shipping to the EU - beware!
06/05/2021 17:54:55
Posted by Mike Poole on 06/05/2021 16:07:24:

I understand the situation and to get things running smoothly again will take work from both sides, the suspicion is that one side is not working to the same goal and possibly actively undermining the situation. Many businesses are walking away from the hassle, some maybe for ever and some until things are sorted out. We won’t see the wood for the trees until the covid situation is under control all over the world. I recently bought some fairly low value items from the USA which near doubled in price with the various charges but none were a surprise and the process worked as expected, it shouldn’t be that hard to get things working smoothly and transparently but it will take both sides to make the effort.


BBC reporting that the EU Commission are saying that the new conditions imposed by Jersey are in breech of the Brexit deal. I assume they will begin the legal process .which is probably better than having embargos etc.

06/05/2021 10:26:23
Posted by mgnbuk on 06/05/2021 09:30:16:


Plastic model specialists Hannats have been documenting their problems exporting to the EU - latest cause of items being returned was apparently due to items transiting France to Austria & Italy having the Vat demanded by the French, with no way for the Austrian or Italian customers to claim back against the French.


Nigel B.

Why would the Italian and Austrian customers expect to reclaim the VAT?

Thread: Repair It? Wossat Mean, Like?
05/05/2021 12:43:16

I think rules are changing to make manufacturers make their products repairable.

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