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Thread: DIY Epoxy Frame based CNC MILL
02/05/2020 20:13:36

Hi John, I just read the thread from the beginning, including some of the links. At this moment I look like a fish gasping for breath, an amazing build and will follow to the end and hope to see a video of it working.


Thread: Recent conversions of Warco WM18 to CNC?
02/05/2020 18:45:19

There is a guy on youtube that has both the grizzly g704 and a the newer copy of it the pm25mv, both machines are basically the same, one old one newer model of the same castings, when he converted the first one he had to remove a few mm in a square spot under the table, he did it with an angle grinder, when he then did the pm25mv he was happy that he had a mill working so as to be able to mill the underside rather than grind it. In the end he did not need to do anything to the newer model as 1605 ballscrews and nut carrier fit no problem. The pm25mv is similar to the wm16 and the hbm bf25, and many more, my hbm bf28 is also similar but has bigger motor and a few other bits and bobs, the next size up is the hbm bf30 which has the same dimentions as the wm18 and i have seen a few peoples conversions on spanish forums that fit both 1605 and the next size up, i think 2005 if i remember correctly without having to modify the underside of the table in any way, I suppose it depends on who designs the nut carrier to the available space.

I'm in contact with David that makes the Arizona conversions and the new pm25mv acomadates a dobleball nut with no modification so you should be good with the wm18.

Just out of interest, which motors have you selected for X and Y, nema 34 or 23


Thread: NiMH charger
30/04/2020 20:39:43

I don't know if you already know about them but you can now get the 9v PP3 in lithium ion that charge directly by usb, they also have more mah, about 500 as apposed to 200-280 mah of the normal rechargable nicad or nimh. I got one of those multi chargers from lidl to charge mine when not in a hurry. I also use an accucell6 for most of my other charging needs that can charge quicker if needed.


Thread: Warco WM16 and Chester 20V owners
28/04/2020 22:46:37

I have an HBM version of the warco 16 but has a couple of differences the motor is 1000w instead of 750 and also came with MT3, a few other minor details.

When i first trued slotting it rattled, banged and moved on the bench, wasn't bolted down as i was waiting for a suds tray. I was not very impressed at all. Once i got it bolted down it was only slightly better. I then took out and inspected all the gibs, took of the rough spots and adjusted them to the best of my ability, I'm now satisfied by its performance although bigger and better would be nice. Its a machine that tells you if your gibs are slack or table not locked if you try to push it, its not a bridgeport.


Thread: New Rotary Table with plates clean up
28/04/2020 22:21:51

Both my rotary table and a new chuck i bought sounded like they had been oiled with sand, after a strip down, clean and a bit of deburring, fresh oiling they work fine so I would recomend doing it for the time it takes. This is mainly for indian and chinese manufactured parts. I don't think you would find grit or un deburred edges in a Bison chuck but definately in a chinese one, hence the differences in price.

Thread: Covid-19 NHS letter saying I am at high risk.
17/04/2020 20:01:05

I'm only here on holiday, it started some 30 years ago 😆 and never went home. I'm a Geordie, from Blyth, Northumberland originally.


Thread: Direct morse taper collets
17/04/2020 18:22:29

Thanks all for your helpfull answers, especially those that actually read my post before answering, I was mostly thinking as the americans say, best bang for your buck but it seams not to be the case here as there are a few pitfalls in them especially on the lathe that I had not thought of, ie short work pieces only. I've been looking around and the biggest i can find is 20mm so no better of than er32 and er40 is better again other than the cost size wise.

Looks like I'll just have to dig a bit deeper in the pocket as to cover both mill and lathe without too many restrictions and go for the ER system, for now at least, then maybe get a finger collet as and when needed.

Man do i wish i was still in uk at times, things here are very expensive so i end up buying from the UK or Germany but have to wait at least 8-10 days then if not correct expensive to send back and more waiting. Having heard and sean some horror movies for collets bought from china I think I'll get them from ARC as up till now no complaints with the service and I have a few other items in my wish list there, anyone tried their collets and chucks? whats the runout like.



17/04/2020 13:44:59

Mike, my mill drawbar is self ejecting, to get the actual drawbar out i need to undo a retaining collar, unfortunately the collar sometimes comes loose too(not often) probably because i don't like tightening chinesium stuff too tight as their material is not really specked for the job. One of these days I'll make a new collar and be done.


17/04/2020 13:24:01

John, I cannot see the confusion, a collet is for holding parallel walled objects close to its size be it work or a cutter or a bolt, all are material, in the lathe the collets are for both work holding and cutters if need be so i can mill on the lathe, in the mill to hold cutters and drills mainly although i have seen work held in a collet and a lathe cutting tool in the vice.


17/04/2020 12:33:09

After doing a search for some info on using morse taper collets instead of ER, 5c etc. nothing turned up.

when i bought my milling machine i was given a boxed collet chuck set as discount, Its an M3 chuck with M12 thread for the draw bar and has 8 collets in the set but no other collets available for the set to buy apart. I think the biggest collet is 14mm.

As I have a lathe as well as the mill I can use it there too using a M4-M3 reduction but I'm still limited to size of material I can use due to collet size.

Looking round for something a bit bigger like ER32 or ER40 i came across the direct morse taper collets that would greatly help with the limited hight available on a small benchtop mill.

Does anyone use them?, pros & cons? what is the largest collet size for Mt3? On ARC the biggest is 18mm is this the upper limit?

I'm debating weather or not to go for them over a Er32 or Er40 collet chuck set and maybe a bolt on chuck for my lathe, I think the er40 would give me a far greater material range but I lose a lot of hight. Thoughts appreciated. thanks


Thread: Covid-19 NHS letter saying I am at high risk.
17/04/2020 12:09:28

I have 2 stents also about 2010, before that i had a thrombosis in the lung and lost a 1/3, I'm almost 63, diabetic and slightly over weight, a smoker too, its not as frowned apon here in spain.

One thing is certain, if i get Cov-19 I'm a goner for sure so I'm volunterily isolating myself even though its also forced here still, once the isolation is relaxed I will stay in isolation for a few weeks at least unless a vacine is available. Spain is one of the worst places to be right now due to goverment reaction being 10 days later than it should have been and the deaths reported is far from the truth. If your a pensioner or retired its a good excuse to lock yourself in your workshop and have the least personal contact possible just in case.

To make things even worse my wife is a butcher and has worked throughout the whole deal and in contact with hundreds of people daily.

Stay safe, stay at home if possible.



Thread: Myford 254 thread dial indicator
17/04/2020 08:20:41

Another way to do single point threading

could be done with half nuts engaged from start to finish without the hard stop

Edited By Derek Greenhalgh on 17/04/2020 08:25:07

14/04/2020 23:23:23

Its not for a myford lathe, i sort of hijacked the thread with a similar problem as the OP so as not to have everyone repeat everything. I realize the gear should be slightly helicoidal to fit the leadscrew if deep but thats no problem on a 3d printer if the model is correct, i might be able to do it with the rotary table too by raising the tailstock slightly to the angle, not 100% correct way to do it but i have nothing else to do with my time as i'm a pensioner and also under lockdown due to the pandemic, time is all i have, as its thundering and lightning, raining fir a week so i cannot plough my fields to plant maiz, and nothing on the tele

cheers Derek

14/04/2020 17:48:05

John, the thread i was looking at earlier with missing pictures i think was your original build thread from a good few years ago, not the one you linked to on your website(bookmarked for further reading) I spent over an hour on your site, i git sidetracked, some very interesting builds and other info there that i will be back to in the future.

As to chinese module cutters being marked in reverse i have seen both types mentioned in videos, also when you order a full set you might not get a full set, This Old Tony ordered a set and of the 8 he got 2 were missing but repeated getting 2x of other numbers, its pot luck and a long time to wait too, especially the way the world is today with this pandemic.

I got geardfx installed and a 35 tooth gear in .stl form ready to print but its thundering and lightning here atmo so I don't want to start it as living in a very rural part of spain we often get power cuts, its the price we pay por peace and quiet.



14/04/2020 11:39:25

oops, double post, sorry



Edited By Derek Greenhalgh on 14/04/2020 11:41:33

14/04/2020 11:39:24

Apart from my 3d printer i have an Elexmaker 2500mw laser that can cut thin wood, and a variety of other materials for test purposes, my main problem is cross platform using, i need to keep everything up to date and download and install each program on its proper OS, Windows, Android, linux, as i'm getting on a bit, 63, this is getting more and mire dificult by the day, I've been 3 hours up to now updating windows 10 so I can install geardfx(thanks DC31k) I tend to use an android tablet more and more each day because of this, a bit off topic I know, but its all part of the fix.

The reason for wanting a TDI is mostly for threading up to a large boss without a fall in groove, you need reflexes when using the non disengage of the half nuts method. I've been meaning to try Joe Pies method of threading out instead of inwards but always in a rush I have never gotton round to it.

The lathe is built and suplied with the TDI in some countries like australia and used to be suplied here with one but now its not, I even contacted the importers HBM to try to buy one with no luck, they probably discontinued them due to the fact it didn't work as mentioned on all threads. 170$ au + postage from Australia.

Journeyman, I looked at a build thread of the flipup tool but all the photos, i think photobucket, are missing. I'm sumising the way it works is you flip it up to reverse the lathe and then drop it down for the next pass, I even followed a video link that was no longer available so don't know exactly how its used but think you need a dropin groove to release cutting pressure in order to lift, i may be wrong, Yes i have reverse, just flip a switch, I'll go back and have a look, thanks

windows10 update 27% done after 3 1/2 hours messing about, I love android.

Better go wash the dishes before her indoors gets in from work, as a butcher she has a big meat cleaver.

Thanks for the response @ll, with all this help I'll surely get there



13/04/2020 22:40:47

Thanks for both replies, where the TDI fits on the rear side of the carraige there is quite a bit of room, its fitted with only 1 bolt and is swung into mesh when needed

​​​ Some photos here (if it works)

I take it a 35 tooth gear will cover 1.25 and 1.75 in one instead of making a 21 and 20, I'll have to make the body too so that might be the best way to go. I have a 3d printer so i might try to find an .stl for that gear on thingiverse as my cad drawing sucks, and have a play about and se what fits the best then buy the cutter and make a better one or a roll of carbon filled abs or PetG filament. It will give me something to do in this confinement. Today here in Spain some people have been alowed back to work so the posral system should be up and running again if i need something.

thanks again



13/04/2020 14:00:15

Some very helpfull information in this thread for all I don't have the said lathe, mine is an HBM 250g with a metric 3mm lead screw that came without a thread dial. It also came with a gear to change to imperial threading.

Reading the thread it seams i can make a thread dial, disengaged for most metric threads but with a 20 and 21 tooth gear engaged I'm covered for 1.25 and 1.75 metric pitches that are very common

what gear cutter would i need to cut a gear compatible with a 3mm pitch lead screw? if I'm on the right track its like a 3mm rack as in rack and pinion. In effect i have the 3mm rack(lead screw) so all i need to do is make the pinion and skew it a couple of degrees to get it to mesh better

I have never made a gear before but have a mill, rotary table with chuck and tailstock, The gear cutters for metric are identified M0.5 M1 M2 etc in sets of 8, how do you work out which set I need to match the 3mm pitch? It would be nice to have them all but they are not cheap.



Thread: Choice between cheap mini milling machines.
05/01/2020 09:24:48

Bare in mind limiting to £500 for a mill, remember you will still need tooling, some form of holding your part be it a vice or clamp system, cutters etc. you can eat up the 500 on those alone without even trying, Last year i bought an HBM bf28 vario, almost identical to the PM25mv and Warco have the same machine, cannot remember the exact number but since then i have spent well over £1000 on DRO, rotary table, vice, collet chuck and collets and a few basic cutters. I already had DTI, micrometer, calipers etc. from having a lathe.

I was told the cost of the mill is the cheapest bit and would probably end up doubling the cost of the mill on kitting up, I'm not far away and still do not have all i need/want. Something to take into consideration.


Thread: Hi from sunny Spain.
30/12/2019 19:09:31

Which program do you use for saving and viewing data, the davis program is not very good, almost all use weather display you can download a free 30 day trial and then $60 for lifetime registration and updates it will feed a website too if your interested in that. It has loads of different configurations if you want to go deep and also a more simplified view if not, if i remember rightly you can set the wind speed and direction to average over different times to smooth out your graphs anyware from realtime to an hour or more.


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