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Thread: Is this distasteful
13/03/2022 02:11:42
Posted by mgnbuk on 12/03/2022 13:14:58:

When firing an ATM (Anti Tank Missile) be aware of the BBDA {Back Blast Danger Area) which is usually about 30 degrees each side of the back of the launcher and can extend to 25m behind.

NLAW appears to have less back blast than some ATMs :

"A ‘cold launch’ system then ejects the missile with pressurized gas before it ignites its rocket motor, accelerating the weapon to 440 miles per hour (200 meters per second). This allows the weapon to be used safely from interior spaces without injuring personnel with the rocket’s back blast. "

From the videos showing them being deployed, I still wouldn't want to be behind one when the trigger was pulled (or in front of one for that matter ! ).

Combination of NLAWs and Javelins deployed from drones seem to be hammering another nail in the coffin of the Main Battle Tank - a $20k 10kg "disposable" infantry rocket system that can destroy a $5 million MBT at up to 800 metres.

Nigel B.

Deployed from drones? These are both infantry weapons, if you have any information of these being deployed from drones I'd be interested to see.

Thread: Myford to Tom Senior...what next!
13/03/2022 01:51:20

Tool and cutter grinder?

Thread: Clunky broach
13/03/2022 01:35:59

Have your 'Chinesium' spacers been hardened? sorry to insult your intelligence but sometimes the simple things are overlooked.

Thread: The Workshop Progress thread 2022
09/03/2022 00:45:38

Since this 600kg lump of iron was delivered it has sat blocking the entrance to the workshop.

I bought a sheet of 6mm steel plate, some 50mm box section, and fabricated a base, added some machine feet with inbuilt castor wheels, then used a chain hoist to lift into the air enough to pull the pallet out and slide my base underneath, the base plate was doubled up where the castor wheels sit, so the bolts holding the press to the base can be drilled and tapped in place.

It actually moves around quite easily, the restoration will now begin, you can see around where BNL and number 5 in the casting has been wired brushed by hand, the surface rust is actually much easier to take care of than removing paint so it shouldn't be too bad.




Thread: Is there ever a time to let politics come into the forum
27/02/2022 03:53:29

Hi Steve,

It’s a sensitive issue, politics causes strong emotions and bitter arguments, is there a line between political issues and humanitarian crisis? yes, but it's a fine one, personally I'd steer clear of subjects doing the rounds on 24 hour news networks, but hopefully this will put you at ease slightly.

What's happening is not anything new, maybe new to isolated westerners, Russia did this in Rhodesia while my family lived there, I'm only mentioning this because it's history, not current news cycle material.

Russian insurgents shot down civil aircraft with Strela man pads, planted bombs in Rubbish on public roads, my mother right up until she stopped driving about 5 years ago would never drive over anything lying in the road, and panic if someone else driving did, those experiences causing a permanent psychosis of sorts.

Tyrants rely are scaring people into submission, from what I've seen Ukrainians are pulling together in an effort that defies rational, if they can remain so brave in the face of what's happening, I wouldn't worry too much, There's a video on YouTube of a Ukrainian man pulling over in his car to a broken down Russian APC, he rolls his window down and says "what's the problem" the Russian soldiers reply "we ran out of fuel" the Ukrainian guy replies "can I tow you back to the Russian border" the Russian laughs and tells him to ffff off.

We're quite privileged in the modern western world, since the second world war actual physical conflict has been a distant thing we view on the news, people who live through real struggle generally adapt with unique sense of humour and calmness, our leaders have rightly chosen to not physically intervene, that would escalate the situation, but support for actual Ukrainian people should continue so they have the means to decide their own future.

Maybe I'm biased, I was speaking to my father a few weeks back, a story came on the news about a Spitfire Aircraft being restored, he told me about an acquaintance of his, a gentleman by the name of 'Jack Malloch' Jack was the owner of Trans Air Africa, and was engaged in an international arms smuggling operation dubbed 'sanction busting' the Prime Minister of the time was Ian Smith who was a second world war pilot, who had been shot down in Italy I believe, lived with some resistance fighters for a while before making his escape, Smith gifted Jack the New Sarum airbase mascot which was a Spitfire on a plinth, for using his company to ferry in needed arms, my father said it disappeared one day, then months later after being made airworthy again, Jack landed and trundled down the runway in his new 'gift'.

So despite our often idiotic leaders, they have approached this in the correct way, no serious escalation but give the people in Ukraine the means to fight if they want to, this supply is massively important to them and justified.

So I wouldn't worry too much, maybe turn off the 24 hours news stream, constant negativity and fear isn't good for the mind.

Edited By Pete. on 27/02/2022 04:09:45

Thread: Hand Hacksaw
26/02/2022 06:57:41

I bought one of these high tension Eclipse saws, best hand saw I've ever used, reasonably priced too, with these high tension saws you release the tension when not in use, as they pull the blade extremely tight if you want.

I tried posting a link but it's not working, you can buy it directly from Amazon £17 something delivered. 

Edited By Pete. on 26/02/2022 06:59:27

Thread: Tracy Tools Delivery
19/02/2022 23:48:50
Posted by Sam Longley 1 on 19/02/2022 18:12:54:

The diamond tool holders that were ordered from Australia ( I mentioned this in another thread) at the beginning of november arrived in the UK- Coventry- at the beginning of january. It finally cleared customs & was collected by the Royal mail.soon after- Mid Jan I understand. They lost the parcel surprise

Emails to Eccentric Tools followed & they then gave Royal mail 15 days to sort it. Parcel finally arrived 11 February.

The Royal Mail is renowned in our village for its poor performance. The postie himself is Ok, but the backup is not his fault.

Why was your order sent from Australia? when I ordered mine I think it's his sister who takes orders in the UK, she posted it from here in the UK.

Thread: Plasma cutter at lidl
18/02/2022 00:27:30

There's a video on YT where a German guy takes the cover off this model and discusses the components inside, his general concensus seemed to be for a budget machine it was pretty good, so I decided to get one.

I went to Wigston LIDL first, they didn't know anything about it and no sign it had ever been put out for sale, gave their helpline a call and their policy is that they do not give out any information as to which stores have certain items listed on their website.

In an age where we're charged for plastic bags to save the environment, telling customers to aimlessly drive around and just hope where they go has some in stock seems ridiculous.

I nipped over to Hinckley and they had loads in stock, haven't tried it yet but the build quality seems pretty decent.

Thread: Green Anodising Dye
15/02/2022 00:43:58
Posted by pgk pgk on 08/09/2021 13:58:38:

Brilliant green? I've not tried anodising but historically it was used as an antiseptic/antibacterial and I’ve seen old farmers dosing pigs with it - certainly very green and as far as I know the green-ness isn't from a mix of blue and yellow.


I noticed in some supermarket bacon it has a coloured tinge if you hold it up to the daylight, is that what it is?

I buy all my meat from a local butcher now which doesn't have this added extra.

Thread: missing parcel
15/02/2022 00:26:22
Posted by Huub on 14/02/2022 23:08:52:

When I sell something I give the buyer the option to send it the cheapest way at his own risk or the insured way. I always advice to choose the insured option. Most buyers choose the cheapest way and I haven't got complains that they didn't receive the Item.


The problem with this is you're relying on your customer to be an honest person, if you send something without tracking /proof of delivery, even if your customer has said "yeah whatever" they can still put a claim in through ebay and will get their money back from you if something goes wrong or they make a false claim.

I had Hermes leave a parcel on the doorstep of a factory on an industrial estate at the weekend, the buyer claimed it wasn't there, either way as it wasn't insured up to the actual value I lost out, luckily the insurance minimum was £25 and the parcel was only worth about £35 so not the end of the world, never again, everything gets sent fully insured and signed for as it's the seller who WILL ultimately pay for it if something goes wrong or someone is dishonest.


Edited By Pete. on 15/02/2022 00:30:09

Thread: Qualters and Smith Qdm750 Restoration
12/02/2022 22:27:33

Hi, Martin who has commented on this thread recommended a company to me, Longford Bearings, I ordered all of mine from this supplier, two were Japanese Koyo, two were Austrian NSK iirc, with tax they came to about £90 for all four.

Hope this helps, Pete

Edited By Pete. on 12/02/2022 22:56:08

Thread: bench top milling machine
08/02/2022 01:47:04

Just out of curiosity I'm interested to know what someone considers "eye watering"

A few weeks ago while selling a small machine tool, someone asked me if I could arrange delivery, I got a quote with a pallet delivery company, it was about £60, they would have had to drive a round trip of something like 250 miles to collect it, in my eyes as I was offering to arrange this profit free I thought considering fuel costs this was pretty reasonable, they told me it was too expensive.

A few weeks earlier I bought a large arbor press weighing 600kg in the south London area, I asked the seller if it would be possible to attach to a pallet so I could have it collected, they very kindly agreed, I paid for it and arranged the courier, and offered them £50 just for attaching it to the pallet, in my eyes their effort doing this saved me a long drive, decent bit of fuel money and a lot of hassle and it was the polite thing to do knowing how much hassle stuff like this is.

When I offer to do this free of charge as a favour for something I'd rather was collected and still be told it's too expensive? It gives me a lot of sympathy for people who have to deal with customers day in day out, not fully appreciating what certain things involve.

Thread: Motorbike gearbox fitted to a milling machine
07/02/2022 23:10:08

Malcolm, the gearbox on my mill uses a recommended NLGI 00 grade semi fluid grease, it may cure your leaking issue, Ebay gearbox grease, if you can be bothered working out how to upload photos I'd love to see this motorcycle gearbox milling machine.

Thread: The Workshop Progress thread 2022
04/02/2022 23:45:35

Really nice Jim, that looks very good.

Thread: Drill chuck
29/01/2022 23:01:58

B16 is very common, B6 indicates it's in the range of holding 1mm to 3mm drill bits, can you confirm there's not a mistake and your drill chuck is very small?

Thread: Qualters and Smith Qdm750 Restoration
29/01/2022 21:55:52

If you ever decide to do any work on them take some photos of the guts, it'd be interesting to see how they're put together.

Had a play with setting up the inverter, ran an auto-tune which is supposed to make the vector thrust feature work a bit better.

It all appears to be working well.


28/01/2022 23:11:08

Thanks both, I've wired up the motor and inverter, so over the weekend I'll have a play with that setting it up.

I also have a Meddings in a quite sorry state, the same as one recently posted on here in a 'what is a Meddings drill worth' thread, so I can't draw any honest comparison yet as I'm yet to fully dismantle it.

Yours is the floor standing model Ajax, so other floor standing equivalents might be comparable, but in the bench top category I don't think there's many comparable, Obviously the Kerry iterations which appear to be linked in design closely, but there aren't many bench top drills rated for putting a 20mm hole in steel.

I'll take a look at the Meddings when time permits and possibly give it the same treatment, although it's not back geared so it will not be replacing this, which model of Meddings do you have Ajax?

Thread: Workbench top
27/01/2022 01:20:31

When building one of my workbenches, being on a tight budget as had to factor in the steel which was all welded to make the frame, I opted to buy 3 lengths of 2" thick planed edge pine timber, although even this wasn't cheap really, it was a while ago now but must have been about £25 each, I put some quadrant around the back edge and sides to stop things rolling off, probably the best thing I ever did, later I made a worktop for my Snap On toolbox because the official one was quite expensive, I bought a 3 metre length of 40mm thick Oak Butchers block style worktop on eBay for around £150 delivered, I'd definitely save the hassle of making a worktop knowing such nice quality worktops are available so cheaply, all it needed was a rub down with some 400g then a wipe over with some stain on a rag, then the same with some Danish oil, obviously had to cut it to size a router the badge bit out.

Some kitchen worktops might be a bit slippery when working on things, may or may not be an issue, bit something to bear in mind.

My pine worktop now has quite a few of those metal inserts that sit flush so you can screw machine screws in to hold various things.

Snap on worktop


Thread: Is it possible to by "100% non-stick" spatulas for spreading glue? (ideally made from teflon/FEP)
25/01/2022 01:58:26
Posted by John Smith 47 on 25/01/2022 00:36:47:
Posted by peak4 on 24/01/2022 22:43:13:

I've never seen them in the UK, at a justifiable price, though ebay shows US laboratory suppliers with them, so that might be somewhere to start.
You can buy sheet PTFE and make your own, it cuts an planes OK with woodworking tools, but it's not a cheap material.

I save up my ice lolly and Magnum sticks from the summer


Re buying sheet solid PTFE, I rather tempted. But it's not cheap stuff. What thickness do you think would suffice? 2mm? 3mm? I have no idea how flexible and/or physically strong the stuff is.


I still haven't managed to find any sensible-looking, reasonably wide PTFE (/PTFE-coated?) spatulas, but I did find these:

They certainly CAN be used to apply glue...

Although the Ergo Square doesn't have a handle it it might have had merit in boing thinner & much more flexible... but either way, being PTFE I guess they would be dead-easy to wipe clean. Might work (??)

Either that or yes, buy a load of lollypop sticks. At least they wouldn't be quite so bad for the environment as innumerable, single use, plastic spatulas!


Edited By John Smith 47 on 25/01/2022 01:11:30

Wrap a small bit of clingfilm around the spatula, spread your glue, remove clingfilm and replace.

Thread: Qualters and Smith Qdm750 Restoration
25/01/2022 01:44:45

For anyone replacing the bearings, on this revision the bearings are 25mmx52mmx9mm and 1"x2"x3/8" for the upper pulley assembly, and 1"x2 1/4"x5/8" deep groove, 17mmx40mm12mm angular contact for the spindle.

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