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Thread: The Workshop Progress thread 2022
20/05/2022 23:41:20

Finished for now, a few little bits to do when time allows, replace the hex head screws clamping the support legs with hand knobs for convenience, and need to make crank handle for the table lowering and raising, but it's usable now.




19/05/2022 22:18:51
Posted by Buffer on 19/05/2022 09:31:06:

Pete that's a great job, what was the wire you used?


Hi, the wire used is SIF no8 bronze mig wire, bought from R-tech welding, it is used with pure Argon gas, and aluminium torch tips with a Teflon liner in the torch.

This is recommended as a bearing surface so could be useful for building up worn areas and then machining.

The liner was about 11 quid on ebay, the wire was 30 something plus post for a 0.8kg reel, not cheap but should get a good few repairs out of it.

I'm not familiar with inconel 82 brazing wire, all I know is it's an extremely expensive material, never seen it for sale anywhere.

18/05/2022 21:10:19

Some more cast iron repairs, I am happy to say the mig brazing process can repair cast iron reliably with no pre or post heat and no cracking, it's not pretty but it is quite easy and hassle free, 10 minutes with the die grinder and job done.





10/05/2022 17:40:55

Nearly finished restoration of my BNL no5 Arbor Press, while taking it apart the hand wheel broke, I tried pulling it off with a 3 leg puller but it snapped, it was spinning around freely on the Arbor but just would not come off, I ended up slitting it with a hacksaw then chain drilling it to remove a section so it would come off the Arbor.

After getting it off the problem became apparent, over time it must have been slipping and repeatedly got spun round causing the Arbor to mushroom out either side of the screw, and wear 2 grooves into the inside of the bore making it mechanically impossible to remove.

So decided to give mig bronze brazing a try as I've never done it, I was hoping this method would remove the need for pre heat and post heat, the repair below was done with no pre or post heat.

It's a bit tricky and definitely doesn't produce nice weld beads like Tig, but after a bit of fettling with the die grinder and a carbide burr, it's hard to notice where it was brazed anyway.










Edited By Pete. on 10/05/2022 17:44:17

Thread: Why is electricity so expensive?
07/04/2022 01:01:48
Posted by Martin Kyte on 06/04/2022 10:09:30:
Posted by Pete. on 06/04/2022 01:55:14:

Population of London 1995 6.8 million, population of London 2022 9.5 million, has supply been keeping up with demand?

That assumes that enegy consumed per person remains constant and that all persons equally use the same amount of energy.

There has been a drive for energy efficiency at least for the last 20 years so a new device today uses less power than the same device 20 years ago. Most things have gone in this direction.

The demographic mix alters the calculation too. Add a baby to a household and there will not be much in the way for change in demand. Maybe a few extra lights on for night feeds.

A better measure would be the number of households as generally speaking this would equate to a set of household devices (Fridge, freezer washing machine etc)

On a gross scale I would suggest that supply is keeping up with demand as there have been no power outages.

regards Martin

In your opinion, what is the reason for the electricity cost rise? Should we nationalise essential utilities like water and electricity?

Thread: Dulling the shine on a stainless steel ball
06/04/2022 02:11:33

Mirka do good quality scotchbrite pads, maroon is very fine Al Ox, grey is ultra fine Sil carbide which should work well dulling stainless.

Thread: Why is electricity so expensive?
06/04/2022 01:55:14

Population of London 1995 6.8 million, population of London 2022 9.5 million, has supply been keeping up with demand?

I have to admit, energy supply isn't something I study in great detail, the most basic of economics supply and demand seems to boggle so many minds, I'm just speechless when people in London complain about rent costs, but can't figure out why they are so high, I actively avoid the place if possible, last time I went 5 months ago there were food delivery scooters weaving in and out of the traffic, it reminded me of being in Bangkok, OK for a short period of time but geez, could never live in such chaos.

Thread: Searching for a good quality, metric-only, 300mm steel ruler
24/03/2022 04:52:00
Posted by Bill Phinn on 23/03/2022 11:46:56:
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 23/03/2022 10:49:46:
Posted by Pete. on 22/03/2022 00:28:44:

You're unlikely to find a rule with a non slip back, maybe a straight edge, because these are used more for scoring lines, not saying they don't exist, just might be easier to buy a straight edge, and a rule separately.

I have one, just not sure where I got it, and it's metric/imperial.

Yes, I have one too. I seldom use it, though, because the non-slip backing prevents you from sliding the rule/ruler smoothly into position; instead you often have to perform a series of tedious lifting and repositioning operations to get it where you want it. The same would apply if it was a steel straight edge.

I have a suspicion non-slip backings on rules and straight edges are there mostly for novice users who haven't yet learned to push primarily downwards with the pen or knife, rather than downwards and (more than very lightly) sideways at the same time.


Edited By Bill Phinn on 23/03/2022 12:13:43

John stated he wanted double sided markings on the rule, and non slip back, I can't picture how that would work? I don't remember seeing anything like that but it might exist.

22/03/2022 00:34:23
Posted by Donald MacDonald 1 on 22/03/2022 00:26:29:
Posted by Dave T on 21/03/2022 21:44:31:

Any use?

Nope. It has 0.5mm markings, long ones at that.

At least the workshop heaven don't have 0.5mm markings, but they aren't double sided and certainly cant be read both directions.

Robert by "Machine DRO" do you mean
To be honest I find it impossible to "ignore" every other division, they actively get in the way.

That said, if I MUST have 0.5mm markings, then if they are properly short, then I don't mind them so much. And the best ruler compromise ruler I have found so far is probably this one:
"Mitutoyo Steel Rule, Fully-Flexible Rule / 300mm, Metric / Item number: 182-231"

Also see:

(Yes, their image is incorrect length, I know)


Edited By Donald MacDonald 1 on 22/03/2022 00:28:42

You could just flip that around and use the the side that doesn't have half mm increments, even the side that does has the half mm increments a shorter length so it's easy to see.

22/03/2022 00:28:44

You're unlikely to find a rule with a non slip back, maybe a straight edge, because these are used more for scoring lines, not saying they don't exist, just might be easier to buy a straight edge, and a rule separately.

Thread: Broken Tap removal tool
22/03/2022 00:11:00

They come as Metric sizes, that tap I used it on was 1/2" whitworth with an M12 tool, so they have a bit of scope for sizes they can be used with, but yes very easy to make, even better if you can properly harden/temper them, for bigger sizes you could probably get away without heat treatment.

21/03/2022 23:08:37

Mike, no, just took the photo like that to show how it works, as there wasn't much contact on the side I removed.

21/03/2022 22:53:04

I've had these for quite some time but only had the opportunity to test them yesterday, they worked surprisingly well, incase any of you weren't aware of these tools, they were only about £7.



Thread: Is this distasteful
15/03/2022 00:51:20
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 14/03/2022 17:43:48:
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 14/03/2022 16:45:50:
Posted by Pete. on 13/03/2022 02:14:02:

The original point of this thread was is it distasteful, well maybe, but remember there are some environmentalists who may think your steam model trains are distasteful, they may come for your hobby in the near future.

And some who don't.


Environmentalists worry about catastrophic climate change, not toy trains.

33 billion tons of coal burnt per year and rising...



I think you misunderstood the point I was making, not that a few handfuls of charcoal in a toy train will destroy the environment, but be careful not to try and ban everything you might not like because there will always be someone who takes offence to what you enjoy and try and ban it.

There was a thread on here last summer and someone stated they're against a charcoal BBQ because of the environmental harm.

13/03/2022 02:14:02

The original point of this thread was is it distasteful, well maybe, but remember there are some environmentalists who may think your steam model trains are distasteful, they may come for your hobby in the near future.

13/03/2022 02:11:42
Posted by mgnbuk on 12/03/2022 13:14:58:

When firing an ATM (Anti Tank Missile) be aware of the BBDA {Back Blast Danger Area) which is usually about 30 degrees each side of the back of the launcher and can extend to 25m behind.

NLAW appears to have less back blast than some ATMs :

"A ‘cold launch’ system then ejects the missile with pressurized gas before it ignites its rocket motor, accelerating the weapon to 440 miles per hour (200 meters per second). This allows the weapon to be used safely from interior spaces without injuring personnel with the rocket’s back blast. "

From the videos showing them being deployed, I still wouldn't want to be behind one when the trigger was pulled (or in front of one for that matter ! ).

Combination of NLAWs and Javelins deployed from drones seem to be hammering another nail in the coffin of the Main Battle Tank - a $20k 10kg "disposable" infantry rocket system that can destroy a $5 million MBT at up to 800 metres.

Nigel B.

Deployed from drones? These are both infantry weapons, if you have any information of these being deployed from drones I'd be interested to see.

Thread: Myford to Tom Senior...what next!
13/03/2022 01:51:20

Tool and cutter grinder?

Thread: Clunky broach
13/03/2022 01:35:59

Have your 'Chinesium' spacers been hardened? sorry to insult your intelligence but sometimes the simple things are overlooked.

Thread: The Workshop Progress thread 2022
09/03/2022 00:45:38

Since this 600kg lump of iron was delivered it has sat blocking the entrance to the workshop.

I bought a sheet of 6mm steel plate, some 50mm box section, and fabricated a base, added some machine feet with inbuilt castor wheels, then used a chain hoist to lift into the air enough to pull the pallet out and slide my base underneath, the base plate was doubled up where the castor wheels sit, so the bolts holding the press to the base can be drilled and tapped in place.

It actually moves around quite easily, the restoration will now begin, you can see around where BNL and number 5 in the casting has been wired brushed by hand, the surface rust is actually much easier to take care of than removing paint so it shouldn't be too bad.




Thread: Is there ever a time to let politics come into the forum
27/02/2022 03:53:29

Hi Steve,

It’s a sensitive issue, politics causes strong emotions and bitter arguments, is there a line between political issues and humanitarian crisis? yes, but it's a fine one, personally I'd steer clear of subjects doing the rounds on 24 hour news networks, but hopefully this will put you at ease slightly.

What's happening is not anything new, maybe new to isolated westerners, Russia did this in Rhodesia while my family lived there, I'm only mentioning this because it's history, not current news cycle material.

Russian insurgents shot down civil aircraft with Strela man pads, planted bombs in Rubbish on public roads, my mother right up until she stopped driving about 5 years ago would never drive over anything lying in the road, and panic if someone else driving did, those experiences causing a permanent psychosis of sorts.

Tyrants rely are scaring people into submission, from what I've seen Ukrainians are pulling together in an effort that defies rational, if they can remain so brave in the face of what's happening, I wouldn't worry too much, There's a video on YouTube of a Ukrainian man pulling over in his car to a broken down Russian APC, he rolls his window down and says "what's the problem" the Russian soldiers reply "we ran out of fuel" the Ukrainian guy replies "can I tow you back to the Russian border" the Russian laughs and tells him to ffff off.

We're quite privileged in the modern western world, since the second world war actual physical conflict has been a distant thing we view on the news, people who live through real struggle generally adapt with unique sense of humour and calmness, our leaders have rightly chosen to not physically intervene, that would escalate the situation, but support for actual Ukrainian people should continue so they have the means to decide their own future.

Maybe I'm biased, I was speaking to my father a few weeks back, a story came on the news about a Spitfire Aircraft being restored, he told me about an acquaintance of his, a gentleman by the name of 'Jack Malloch' Jack was the owner of Trans Air Africa, and was engaged in an international arms smuggling operation dubbed 'sanction busting' the Prime Minister of the time was Ian Smith who was a second world war pilot, who had been shot down in Italy I believe, lived with some resistance fighters for a while before making his escape, Smith gifted Jack the New Sarum airbase mascot which was a Spitfire on a plinth, for using his company to ferry in needed arms, my father said it disappeared one day, then months later after being made airworthy again, Jack landed and trundled down the runway in his new 'gift'.

So despite our often idiotic leaders, they have approached this in the correct way, no serious escalation but give the people in Ukraine the means to fight if they want to, this supply is massively important to them and justified.

So I wouldn't worry too much, maybe turn off the 24 hours news stream, constant negativity and fear isn't good for the mind.

Edited By Pete. on 27/02/2022 04:09:45

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