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Thread: MEW Index updated to Issue 318 (August 2022)
24/07/2022 06:58:03

my thanks as well


Thread: Milling attachment ID and info
15/07/2022 17:58:46

That looks like a Potts vertical milling spindle. Google it and see if it matches what you've got.

27/06/2022 19:27:00

I dare you to keep me away! laugh

16/06/2022 20:55:10
Posted by Darren H on 16/06/2022 08:34:00:
Posted by Graham Stoppani on 16/06/2022 08:17:13:

Login now instantaneous.

The Magazines section is not working for me. I provide my email address and new six digit customer number and get the message that it is incorrect. However, the link to works fine with the same details.

Hi Graham, you're right, it's not working. Sorry if I wasn't clear earlier - we are working on it now and hopefully it will be up and running in the next few days

No problem, missed that you already knew that.

16/06/2022 08:17:13

Login now instantaneous.

The Magazines section is not working for me. I provide my email address and new six digit customer number and get the message that it is incorrect. However, the link to works fine with the same details.

Thread: cutting a square end on a round shaft?
14/06/2022 07:01:43

On the subject of round to square, this video may be of interest.

Thread: mini grinders
19/05/2022 15:41:42
Posted by Stephen Follows on 19/05/2022 12:18:08:

I have gone through two Dremel grinders and a cheapo lookalike in three years. The Dremels failed due to speed control burning out and the motor burning out on the second.

I replaced the speed control on my venerable Dremel last year for £3.83 with a pattern part from China bought on eBay. Works well except for the RF interference.

Thread: electrolytic derusting
11/05/2022 14:28:30
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 08/05/2022 09:59:54:
Posted by Graham Stoppani on 08/05/2022 06:28:32:

In this process the electrolyte doesn't change. The paint loss is either due to the metal underneath it being eroded away on the sacrificial anode or possibly by the oxygen bubbles being formed.


Partly , but Washing Soda (Sodium Carbonate) is a junior paint-stripper in its own right. Washing Soda and Caustic Soda are both alkalis, which attack grease and oil.

As many paints are held together by a drying oil, they can be stripped by an alkali - it destroys the binding agent and the paint falls apart. Caustic Soda works faster because it's strongly alkaline, but Washing Soda would loosen paint even if the power wasn't turned on as well!

Might even be essential. I think what's happening is the paint surface is first penetrated by the Soda, allowing electrolytic effects to develop behind the paint and at edges, thus accelerating it's separation by removing the supporting metal and levering flakes off with microbubbles.

Probably best to start by removing paint first because it weakens the mix, slows down the main attack and is a bit messy, but I don't suppose it matters much!


Did I mention that I used to be Managing Director of Turco Products Ltd? Manufacturer and supplier of paint strippers to the aerospace industry? wink Not disagreeing with what you say, just keeping it simple for the OP.

Thread: Motorcycle General Discussion
11/05/2022 07:16:11

Talking of favourite motorcycle photos:

Ruben Xaus, knee down, sliding and spinning the back wheel - while giving a thumbs up.

This to me is the visual expression of Hunter S. Thompson's words,

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”


Thread: electrolytic derusting
08/05/2022 06:28:32

In this process the electrolyte doesn't change. The paint loss is either due to the metal underneath it being eroded away on the sacrificial anode or possibly by the oxygen bubbles being formed.

simple explanation Link

long winded explanation Link

Thread: Galvanic Corrosion
01/05/2022 05:59:07

Horses and barn doors, but this might help at re-assembly time. We used this or something similar on my father's yacht.


Following up on the Plusgas suggestions (I use it as well) looking at the SDS it is mainly kerosine. Other organic solvents worth a try if you have them to hand. Diesel, a bit stinky but I've seen stuff left to soak in this for a few days getting released eventually. I've also seen toluene and xylene suggested on line. Haven't tried these but you've probably got some around in the form of brake or carb cleaner or paint solvents.

In all cases thinks in days rather than hours for the stuff to do its work.

Thread: Central Heating Control
16/04/2022 06:39:05
Posted by John Doe 2 on 15/04/2022 09:28:36:

I hope to install a system working on similar principles to our next house - it needs an extensive make-over so I hope to be able to install suitable ducting as I go, along with a heat recovery system on the bathroom and kitchen extractors.

We have such a system installed. Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) The bedrooms and living rooms have outside air ducted into them through ceiling vents while the kitchen, toilets and bathrooms have similar vents extracting air. The two systems pass through a heat exchanger that recovers about 60% of the heat.

The benefit is that the in coming air is filtered, and living in a bungalow we have the added security of not needing to open any windows. The down side is that it makes it slightly more difficult to keep rooms at different temperatures.

Thread: Financial surnames
05/03/2022 11:10:39

As a teenager opening my first bank account in the 70's I was interviewed by the local branch manager of Barclays to see if I was worthy of their services... When the manager asked me why I'd chosen to bank with them, I confidently replied

"Because may father barks at Banklays!" doh!

Edited By Graham Stoppani on 05/03/2022 11:34:51

Thread: Railway station toilet signs
05/03/2022 11:05:38

Saw this sign on the toilet lid when travelling by train last year

toilet sign.jpg

Thread: Songs about Engineering
26/02/2022 07:39:28
Posted by Andy Stopford on 23/02/2022 20:09:25:

For a problematic interface between man and machine, how about "The Widowmaker" from "Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters"?

Come to think of it, "Death Trap" by Hawkwind describes mechanical failure

bloody radar crew.jpg

Edited By Graham Stoppani on 26/02/2022 07:45:55

Thread: Metal Cleaning Using Vinegar?
20/02/2022 11:38:47
Posted by noel shelley on 20/02/2022 11:24:39:

Graham, purely on a note of safety, they look like nyloc nuts and as such should not be reused ! Noel.

You're right Noel. They were destined for the bin anyway so I thought I'd just experiment on them on their way there.

Thread: Front door locks
20/02/2022 07:22:11


I have previously worked for an organisation providing pendants and associated services to the elderly as well as using the same organisation's services for my own father.

On the plus side, I have never heard of a key being stolen from a properly installed key safe. It is also useful to place the key safe in a less obvious place that right next to the front door.

On the down side, in our experience basic pendants are not very useful for clients with advancing dementia. Unfortunately, they forget to use them in case of emergencies or falls. More advanced systems are available that purport to be able to identify if the wearer has fallen or not moved for a time. I have no practical experience of the latter type.



Thread: Metal Cleaning Using Vinegar?
20/02/2022 07:09:37

While restoring a bike I had five identical rusty nuts taken off a sprocket carrier so decided to do a little experiment. Keeping one nut back as a control item I tried 4 different acid solutions overnight in an unheated garage to see what the comparative results where.

The picture below shows the control item at the front and from left to right:

  • 14% sulphuric acid solution;
  • Gateros acid salts made to recommended solution strength;
  • White vinegar (5% acetic acid); and
  • Citric acid crystals made up to 3 heap teaspoons in 200ml aprox water.


The results show that the vinegar was the least effective with the sulphuric not much better. (As a side note sulphuric acid tends to be more reactive with organic materials than metals compared to hydrochloric acid. Harpic toilet cleaner contains hydrochloric acid and can be used as a mild metal cleaner.) The Gateros product left a dark tarnish.

The clear winner was citric acid. It was also the cheapest, costing £5.39 for a kilo from eBay.

As all four products reduced the rust there were no losers and leaving the nuts to soak for longer or in a warmer environment would also have improved the results.


Thread: Calculator App
17/01/2022 10:12:23

If you have MS Excel either on your phone or PC it easily converts fractions to decimals and back.

For example, format cell A1 as a fraction and enter 15/16. Put =A1 in cell B1 and voila it gives you the decimal equivalent, 0.9375 (rounded to 4 decimals places - more if you want).

You can work the other way by formatting A2 as a fraction and entering the formula =B2. Any decimal you then enter in B2 is converted to a fraction. You can also specify how the spreadsheet will convert decimals that are not an exact equivalent to a fraction to the nearest 1/4, 1/10, 1/16, etc up to 3 digits 1/999.

Thread: The Bistella motorcycle
25/12/2021 08:19:35

Most of the time "custom" bike builders are just adding someone else's prefabricated parts to a bike. More project manager than engineer. But this guy gives Alan Millyard a run for his money. Thanks for sharing.

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