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Thread: How to machine out a metal channel by hand?
25/06/2022 09:00:06

The answer is in the name, "ROCKING horse", we are talking a toy here, not fine limits IMO, It is easy to overthink things....0.2 mm? Remove a little bit of metal from somewhere and make it "fit" cool

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Thread: 3D drawing mainly Onshape
23/06/2022 06:14:04

Thank you Byron, yes its working for me. As you say quite alot falls to hand and there are lots of videos on utube to help solve new problems!

I don't need complicated drawings, actually don't need any at the moment, but have enjoyed learning once I had got over the initial wall !

Come winter, I will be looking at a 3D printer and am now able to produce some simple parts.

Happy Drawing All and thank you for the replies,


21/06/2022 07:48:37

Thank you for the info and sympathy Dave, I will stay with Onshape and put Freecad on the back burner for the time being. I had to much hassle and waisted alot of time with it.

I agree with all Iain mentioned, Onshape works for me and has only faultered on the Chomebook on a couple of tasks, don't know why as its web based, but it works very well on my aged desktop. Still quite useable on the chrombook, now that I know it can hic cup occasionally. Could have been down to me, I will find out as I get more accustomed.

After hitting the wall for the first few? hours, I can now produce something and finding it easier to use more "tools" and get out of mistakes, only on a limited scale you understand !

I particularly like how a 2D drawing can be obtained and very impressed how easy it was to add a script, in my case to draw dovetails on a box.

Thank you all


20/06/2022 09:27:43

Just a general chat on my efforts with 3D drawing. I was trained in Autocad version 12? years ago and laterly the last 15 years have become quite able using Qcad and am very pleased with it. Being a Linux user I am not keen on buying software, but on this occasion quickly spent on the pro version .

Anyway to get to the point, I have been having a dabble with 3D,...... I do not have any hair now due to the frustration. I started with Freecad due to my Linux use, Daves vids looked straight forward but things got frustrated, not due to the vidios, due to crashes and things just not working. I eventually realised it was not all down to my stupidity, most was, but problems with the Freecad install and gave up very dissappointed with the whole waste time.

However, I decided to have a try with Onhape free version. Yes I am aware of the percieved problems with web based stuff. Running on my Chomebook I did have a few glitches, but after starting to use my desktop I have made some progress and can now do quite a few things. The learning curve was steep but I am very impress with the software, even added a script to draw dovetails on boxes, all very easy to achieve.

"How to" vidios are plentiful, but I still find that things look straight forward and often don't work untill I have viewed them a few times, that's me and an old brain.

So if you are strugling with 3D, as I was and still am, keep on going things start to fall into place.

I don't know why Onshape is not mentioned much on here, it is very impressive software full of features and options and even I can works some of it .


Thread: Making a Start in FreeCAD
16/02/2022 19:08:49

Freecad is a steep learning aging brain told me.........

It looked like your intro was easy to follow Dave, but it just did not work for me. Tried Utube vids which again seamed staight forward, same problem it just did not work for me?

I am running Freecad on Linux and it sometimes froze or behaved not as was expected, should have got it faster? I gave it up, but tonight had one last fling with a new install, well it appears to be under control now, I think lol.

Just a heads up for others who might get put off by a part functioning install ?

I will have another go at the key, thanks again Dave for your thread.


Thread: If epoxy adhesives fail to set within 24 hours, is there any hope that they will EVER do so?
14/02/2022 19:01:32

Mixing / proportion problem to my thinking. The contamination issue mentioned also appealsindecision. Do we now what sort of wood the cocktail stick was made fromcool, stainless steel rod would have been by choice in a critical bonding operation?

I won't say more on the thread, I am very busy at the moment, but good luck Johnyes


Thread: Right to Repair
08/02/2022 14:32:52

Similar story here, two many old cars and far too many miles in landrovers. I am now about to upgrade to the replacement for my Yetti, after 10 very happy years of ownership.

Only real problem was when it went into limp mode 100 miles from home, I thought it was the turbo, but my tame man put the laptop to it and said new ht lead required, result. Apparently the system cuts fuel off if a lead fails.

I dragged our holidays about for years, but we have now moved on to cottages, advantages all round and we got too old for Landrovers and they got too old for us.

Only changing for something that works the gears for us, shows me when I am going to run into something when reversing cos I can't do an owl impression these days, lets ME see the satnav as well, warms our bottoms, knocks the cruise off when I am going to run into something infront, won't roll backward on hills, tells me if the tyres need blowing up, the list is endless. Oh and nearly forgot, buttons to adjust the seat and mirrors when we change driver. She doesnt bother to change the mirrors? Boss can't drive unless she is so high and can see the front bumper and so far forward so that she can use her upper body? to help steer, I can't get in the car for lack of headroom when she has been in. What I have never understood is that there was no seat adjustment in the landrover and we managed ok?

I am staying with the new technology and my old co pilot

Edited By Pete White on 08/02/2022 14:46:08

Thread: workshop floor - strength question
07/02/2022 15:41:51
Posted by not done it yet on 07/02/2022 13:52:12:
Posted by Pete White on 07/02/2022 10:13:49:

What about those proper workshop mats, sited where you stand?

Those diesel heaters mentioned are good, got a couple of mates happy with those, thinking of getting one myself yes . There were problems when the exhaust was lengthened, so becareful there.


When installing, one is advised to follow the Webasto or Eberspacher installation details as pipe/duct sizes are important. The chinese instructions often leave a great deal to be desired - either factually, or language problems.

The Eberspacher manual can be found at:


132 pages, of which few are relevant to a simple installation but, nevertheless, .........

Thankyou for the link, these heaters are getting some good reports, will be getting one fitted and runner for next winter. Apparently there is quite alot of information on Utube, as usual.

07/02/2022 10:13:49

What about those proper workshop mats, sited where you stand?

Those diesel heaters mentioned are good, got a couple of mates happy with those, thinking of getting one myself yes . There were problems when the exhaust was lengthened, so becareful there.


06/02/2022 20:40:06

I like underfloor heating, got in our Kitchen living area 40 m2, pipes off the combi boiler, its great, but for a workshop it would not be my choice. Don't forget there is a big lag time to get up to heat and if you are out there for a few hours IMO wouldn't work out well, especially with a thick chunk of concrete on top, to heat up first. I believe those electric heat meshes are 80 -120 watts per m2, not sure how long they would take to get the workshop up to working heat or how long to be on to keep it there?

Insulation is the answer these days as you say, hardcore, 100 mm insulation slab, concrete slab on top, with "air" electic heating of some sort, would be my option.

I like my workshop wood stove, but I am being woked out, should see me though yes smiley.


Thread: What Did you do Today 2022
28/01/2022 13:42:47

I havn't done anything in the Workshop today, but after seeing that nice tidy workshop posted by Gerhard I think I know what I need to do this afternoon. blush

Thread: Need to cut long thin strips of steel (& plastic) - e.g. with an angle grinder?
26/01/2022 20:37:09

I like that, we are in the days of the tig these days, limited distortion. I think one of those is my next purchase.

Gone are the days of oxy / acetulene and mig for me, for what I do these days. yes


P.S. still have a 275 amp Oxford stick job under the workbench, for bigger jobs when needed, nice for small stick jobs as well smiley

Thread: Is it possible to by "100% non-stick" spatulas for spreading glue? (ideally made from teflon/FEP)
25/01/2022 17:29:57

dont know

As already said I agree keep it simple, bit of wood off the floor, split to give a "clean? " face, although I am now not sure what wood species are really suitable, now that I have over thought it?

Do we think, forum interest is up because it's to cold to venture into the workshop?

Don't mean to barge your thread John


Thread: How can I bond ABS (plastic) to NRL (rubber)?
24/01/2022 10:21:03

sad It got worse when I tried to edit, never had it before but I could not get my my reply below the vertical lines??

There was a red boarder present, I did finally get my reply below the vertical lines but it still didn't work out. Don't know what was happening?

As we used to say "the boss is not always right, but he is always the boss", lol

Sorry for barging the thread .

24/01/2022 09:46:03
Posted by Howi on 22/01/2022 09:57:44:

Why are we trying to solve someones commercial product problems.

Having spent a lot (?) of money so far, why go cheap skate now, talk to adhesive manufacturers and get the right product for the job.

Don't you just hate it when someone comes on here for advice, only to Poo Poo (Black adder 4) every idea thrown at them.

This post is not the only one recently.

I did wonder this myself, but I suppose its because everyone on here is always keen to help wherever they can.

I am not really sure about how I could recommend a bonding agent without knowledge of the intended use though?

Sorry about the joined quote and reply system is having a bad day, was getting a red outline on the reply page ?

Edited By Pete White on 24/01/2022 09:53:09

Thread: Need to cut long thin strips of steel (& plastic) - e.g. with an angle grinder?
21/01/2022 09:33:44

Good Morning to all,

I have been a casual storker on this thead and have nothing to add to the many solutions offered. I believe I read that this a secret project so you may not want to answer John, but I was just curious as to how many of this strips you need to produce, if this question is not out of order ? The number required may well dictate the method to use?


Thread: Making a Start in FreeCAD
14/01/2022 15:03:19

I appreciate this is an old thread, found with a Freecad search, but I have learnt alot with just my a quick browse.

That first part is brillient Dave, I will give that a go for a start. I thinks what is needed is having the thead on my Chromebook and doing the work on my Linux Freecad machine.I nearly gave up watching utubers mumbling or dashing around the screen like demented flys!

I go back to Autocad 12 and am now using Qcad, which I think is first rate, even bought the paid for versioin. Being nearly 20 years down the Linux way of life there is not much software that I buy!

I have been having a few goes at Freecad this week, its cold in the workshop and have found it quite a steep learning curve!

Thankyou for the post Dave and other who contribubuted.


Thread: EVs and the heater on a cold morning !
25/11/2021 12:37:09

I can remember when overcoats were abandoned in favour of "car coats".

My landrover had a fancy purpose made variable, manually that is, radiator muff.   And you never knew when you diesel was going to wax up !

Also can't forget one of our snow clearing contrators who had a big army wagon into which he had bolted a parafin heater to the floor, not a good idea I am thinking lol.

And the only "EVs"!?  were bringing the milk, which expended on the door step and pushed the top up.!

Those were the days, it was hard when I was a lad, lol

Edited By Pete White on 25/11/2021 12:41:07

Thread: Hornby on TV
13/10/2021 10:01:04

Well I watched it, certainly didn't like the 30 minutes of adverts, content was only marginally better !

it was mainly about Hornby producing a Navy Class loco, which would sell to collectors for £500 to keep in the box as an investment if I understood it corrrectly, seem the market has changed I think. I might have got this all wrong it nearly put me to sleep.

I will watch one more episode do see if it improves, at least I can fat forward the ads, think I might be using the cancel record button, we will see.

Looks like I got up grumpy again laugh


11/10/2021 08:59:12

Thankyou for that information Peter, I will set the recorder. Only one reply and 565 views, 566 now......surprise

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