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Thread: Standards of Electrical Wiring
14/01/2021 21:39:21

I was setting up a computer room at a school in Ghana few couple of years ago and I was getting shocks if I touched a computer and the metal bars on the windows (unglazed holes in wall). The wiring in the room actually looked quite decent and certainly had all the earths on the sockets connected. The teacher was unconcerned saying the students didn't mind! Further investigation showed that this newer building was wired to the main building with a length of flex supported by a wooden pole. The main building had an overhead 3 phase and neutral feed to an old MEM fuse box, No earth connection whatsoever. The school is on a sand dune so little point in even trying an earth rod. In the end I bonded all the window grilles together and to the ring main "earth" thus all exposed metal was equipotential.

Went back the year before last to do some updates and found the school was suffering power outages. They thought it was the general area but eventually I convinced them it was just the scholl becuase I could see a broken cross bar on one of the power poles feeding the school but the shops across the main road had power. The school reported it, but nothing was done. I was then taken down to "explain" to the district power engineer, That got a crew on site who confirmed my diagnosis. The then put in a emegency supply. Thi consited of getting two rolls of 2.5mm2 single insulated wire, one red one black, connecting it to the feed side of a meter (on outside wall) of a shop across the road, running them across the road, connecting to a 13A socket in the middle of the pavement outside the school. No earth, no fuses. I then had an extension lead to the computer room.....

Robert G8RPI.

Thread: Cleaning copper rivets.
14/01/2021 12:25:54
Posted by br on 13/01/2021 21:54:54:


In simple terms, anybody buying one shot, as I have just done tonight, without a licence, is breaking the law ?


Unless you are a business or professional, yes.

Possesion of any of the restricted chemicals is also an offence, even if you have had them for years.

13/01/2021 20:46:57

The EPP regulatons only apply to the general public, not commercial or professional users.

A lot of drain cleaners and similar products have changed their formulation as a result so take care, the same name product you used to use may not be the same, check before use.

Technically it's now illegal to pour the acid out of a battery and use it for other applications. While the EPP law will potentially make prosecutions easier, like gun and knife laws I think it is unlikely to ahve significant impact on criminal users.

Robert G8RPI.

Thread: Yet another scam lathe sale on ebay to be aware of
11/01/2021 21:41:02
Posted by Gavlar on 11/01/2021 19:35:08:

I sold that Boxford a couple of months back. He has copied my ad and photographs vebatim, so definately a scam, again.

The more of us report him, the better.

John, there is no, "neck of the woods" He won't be based there, he could be based anywhere, abroad even.

You should report it for theft of your listing IP. Strangely ebay seem more likely to respond to that.

This guy does seem to be a lot more creative in his listings.

Robert G8RPI.

Thread: Angle grinder cut off stand
10/01/2021 12:17:56

This one looks OK

Cast base so a bit sturdier than the presssed seel ones like this / which costs more. I've not used either model.

Robert G8RPI.

Edited By Robert Atkinson 2 on 10/01/2021 12:19:24

Thread: The Repair Shop is getting to me...
10/01/2021 11:40:56

One problelm I have with the repair shop is the keepingof "trade secrets" particuarly regarding materials. Maybe they are worried about advertiing but it would be nice to know at least what type of product they are using for specific jobs.

As has been said it's entertainment. I've had direct knowledge of a some TV productions and unfortunatly the director and producers think the average viewer is not interested in, or unable to understand, the "technical bits" so concentrate on shots of things being hit with hammers etc. I was actually in one show that had been pitched as promoting engineering.During filming they took a lot of footage of detail work, technical explanations etc. In the end 99% of this was left on the cutting room floor and the final product had the celebrity host (who hardly appeared during the week of filming) getting most of it wrong. TV production is also a time machine, things can be shown out of sequence, compressed or expanded. The show I refer to was a "3 day challenge" that actually took a whole week. The final competion had one team heavily handicapped and another significantly aided so the producers got the close result they wanted. Thankfully that show only lasted one series.

Robert G8RPI.

Thread: VAT changes post Brexit
05/01/2021 08:01:14


That s my point, If a small trader is below the VAT threshold (£85,000) they may now be at a 20% (plus fees) disadvantage when using ebay or other OMP.

Robert G8RPI.

Thread: Postal Imports ... Notice 143
04/01/2021 22:39:27

Another thing adding confusion is the new e-commerce rules. Under these a online market place (OMP) e.g.eBay, will be responsible for collecting the VAT. They appear to already be doing this.

If importing directly there should be no import VAT under £135.
I'm pretty sure some sellers will take advantage though.

The eBay guidance also say that in some cases (they don't say what) they will collect VAT on items sold by UK sellers who are not VAT registered! Does this mean 20% on private seller items? Who knows. It does look like HMRC are going to get a lot more income.

Last question, are the ads on the forum an OMP??

Robert G8RPI.

Thread: VAT changes post Brexit
04/01/2021 22:08:44

Here is an interesting twist, If Ebay are the "seller" in the UK then as a retail outlet the advertised price should include VAT. Ebay don't let VAT registered sellers advertised ex-VAT (ebay maks fees on the VAT) So why should they. Even worse if they are collecting VAT "on behalf" of a UK non VAT registered seller.
I don't think that this has been properly though out and may not be correct. Watch this space.

Robert G8RPI.

Thread: Engraving machine to milling machine.
04/01/2021 20:57:59
Posted by old mart on 04/01/2021 20:02:09:

I wondered about that bullwheel, but it may be from a newer lathe than an ML4.

I'm pretty sure it is from a mid to late ML1/2/3/4. It's not a a ML7 or 10 for certain.

Robert G8RPI

Thread: A finished project - at last!
04/01/2021 19:52:07

Very nice! well done.

Thread: need a bullgear for myford ml4 lathe
04/01/2021 19:50:01

See his thread

Robert G8RPI.

Thread: Engraving machine to milling machine.
04/01/2021 19:48:15

Hi Adrian,
If you want to help another Forum member, John is looking for a bullwheel and you won't need that one See:

Robert G8RPI.

Thread: Myford super 7 lathe tripping consumer rcd
03/01/2021 13:51:13
Posted by not done it yet on 03/01/2021 11:49:20:

One practical tip Dave omitted to mention. Keep one hand in your pocket while testing live circuits - it’s safer that way.

What brown wires?
What about the two blue wires on the Stator?

I'm not sure how you can tell what wire is what unless you are psychic. Even if we knew the motor make and model the wire colours could change during production lifespan. I can't even tell for sure what the winding colours in the photo are.
As a minimum the windings need a proper isulation test, all the crimps need re-making (which will probably make them too short) and ALL existing wiring replaced and connected correctly. I'm pretty sure the OP is nor equipped do do all that. No work done previously by someone who used yellow/green wire for live and neutral connections can be trusted.

A new motor is cheap compared to the time required never mind the cost of the workshop burning down or someone being killed or injured by electric shock. Even a minor shock around running machinery can cause uncontrolable movement of body parts into moving parts or sharp tools.

Tha old, probably worn out motor / can of worms is not worth repairing. I have the knowledge, tools, parts and test equipment required and I would not even atempt to repair that motor if it was mine. I think it is irresponsible to give the OP advice other than to get a professional to look at it.

Robert G8RPI.

Thread: Postal Imports ... Notice 143
02/01/2021 22:12:21
Posted by Vic on 02/01/2021 19:08:24:
Posted by Robert Atkinson 2 on 01/01/2021 19:27:48:

You should now not pay VAT or Duty on items under £135 purchashed from abroad.

Robert G8RPI.

I think you may be reading it wrong. wink

“For imports of goods from outside the UK in consignments not exceeding £135 in value (which aligns with the threshold for customs duty liability), we will be moving the point at which VAT is collected from the point of importation to the point of sale”


That link is old. 3rd Dec, latestes notice I was referring to was dared 22nd Dec.

Robert G8RPI.

Thread: Myford super 7 lathe tripping consumer rcd
02/01/2021 21:16:31
Posted by Nick Clarke 5 on 02/01/2021 19:44:15:


OMG! that is a bit of a mess. If you have not worked with AC motors before you really need professional or experienced help to make that safe, Ther are too many issues to even start explaining. To be honest a new motor would be the best approach. Depending how much use, and the type of work, you will give the lathe it would be worth considering a 3 phase motor and VFD. They can be bought as a package for the Myford 7 series.

Robert G8RPI

02/01/2021 11:18:09

The test I suggested, resistance between Earth pin and Live and Neutral tied together will detect both live and neutral faults.

Robert G8RPI.

02/01/2021 10:32:34

SOD and NDIY have pretty much covered it, but I have an additional comment / question.

Do you have access to any kind of test meter? While an insulation tester "megger" is required to do a proper test, a multimeter on resistance will show any gross faults.
With the lathe unplugged but swtitches set to run and the meter set to it's highest resisance range check the resisance between tha earth pin and both live and neutal pins connected together. Any reading less than 1 megaohm is cause for concern.

Robert G8RPI.

Thread: Gloves and machine tools - my stupidity.
02/01/2021 10:18:57

Having suffered a couple of finger injuries including traumatic amputation through the bone, I can assure all that it is something to avoid.
One of the worst non-accident thngs I've seen was an older engineer facing off th end of a bit od 20mm tube in a lathe, polishing the outside with a strip of emery cloth. He then wrapped the cloth round his finger and stuck it inside the still turning tube. I didn't dare say anything until he pulled it out lest I distracted him. Once his finger was out I hit the E-stop and asked him to think about what he had done. He went white as a sheet and took the rest of the afternoon off.

Robert G8RPI.

Thread: Difficulty Operating Solenoids with an Arduino Uno
01/01/2021 20:57:58

Thread drift (again) but analog meters like the AVO 8 (I have the GPO version of the SEI Selectest Super 50 which is similar) do have a couple of advanages that have not been mentioned:

They are good for assessing changing voltages because A. they average faster changes and B. your eye and brain can average slowly changing ones. DMM just give random numbers.

They are good when making manual adjustments o circuits. The visual feedback is almost immediate.

Some DMMs have bargraph displays that help in these situations but the implementaton and usefullness varies considerably, even from good manufacturers. Quite a lot of digital power meters and the Fluke 8920 TRMS digital voltmeter still have analog displays to assist with adjustments. Have more digital meter than analog but there is still a place for both in a well equipped workshop. If the only choice was the quality large scale analog like an AVO 8 / Super 50 or a cheap ebay/maplin/screwfix DMM I'd take the analog everytime.

Note as well that the midscale accuracy of the AVO / Super 8 is similar to a basic 31/2 digit DMM.

Robert G8RPI

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