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Thread: Old screwdrivers - any use as a materials source?
05/02/2019 21:53:48

That was a fun list of possibilities.

I had, of course, failed to spot how useful the plastic handle could be.
In the light of what's been said here, though, I wonder why they command such high prices on eBay.

03/02/2019 16:19:47

I realise this a 'how long is a piece of spring' question but I have a number of elderly screwdrivers and reviving pozidrive drivers is not easy (I expect).

So should I consider cracking off the handles and make them into punches and other tools? I guess they would need to be hardened and tempered when I have finished messing with them.
It seems a shame not to give the metal a useful second life. There are many 'job lots' of old screwdrivers - Stanley etc. ~It could be a cheap source of metal. They do not go at silly prices so someone has a use for them.

Thread: Thread locking
25/01/2019 09:49:49

@Hopper That looks a nice and meaty piece of kit. I notice it seems to be split in two halves - i guess experience told you that flexibility of use would justify any compromise on strength. My version is much the same shape but uses 8mm plate and M8 nuts. I was thinking that just making the screws 'tighter' would be more convenient than actually locking them but comments from you and other members have convicted me otherwise. I haven't room to put locking nuts 'inside' the circle so I will just use longer screws and lock nuts.


23/01/2019 22:28:29

Cheers for the ideas.
I fancy the spring solution for a start. I will root around in my springs drawer and see what I've got.


23/01/2019 21:56:26

I have made a steady rest for my mini lathe which has a max diameter of around 60mm and it uses three long nuts and three M8 screws (phosphor bronze pads on the end). It is quite rigid enough but I want to dissuade the screws from turning whilst it's running. I guess they could tighten or un-tighten as a result of vibration.

I am looking for a really thick grease or sticky stuff. I remember many years ago using a very soft Nylon compound for keeping magnetic tuning inductor cores in place. It would do the job fine, I think but I can't think where to obtains it.

I wondered about a nylon grub screw. Any other well known methods for this? Perhaps M8 butterfly nuts to lock the threads?


Thread: Difficulty with gears for some thread pitches. (mini lathe)
20/01/2019 17:50:50

Hi Brian

One of those links has a picture of the standard banjo. You can see it takes up a lot of room and it bumps into other bits. There is a protective casting around one of the upstream gears which I think must be to prevent you graunching it when messing about with wheel combinations.
There will be more than one solution for some pitches and, of course, it could require a vast array of wheels to achieve. I must say, I wouldn't have encountered the problem if I had been after a common (M) thread. it just happened that I was looking at the table (an extended one and not the one in the Warco book for the lathe) and I tried a couple that just wouldn't fit. It got me thinking. The 'second' adjusting screw can be a real devil, even for possible combinations.
However, on the whole, I am pretty impressed by just what my mini lathe can do for me. It's the only way I would be getting that facility with the money I want to spend on my DIY stuff. I'd get very frustrated if I was ever working to a schedule, though.

20/01/2019 10:39:51
Posted by Brian Wood on 20/01/2019 10:27:20:

Hello Andrew,

Here are two gear set ups for 0.2 mm pitch threads [127 tpi] which would surely be fine enough with the standard issue gears.

Change wheels A = 30; B = 60; C = 20; D = 80 ---- Pitch equals 0.198 mm with 16 tpi leadscrew

OR A = 20; B = 50; C = 20; D = 60 ---- Pitch equals 0.200 mm with 1.5 mm leadscrew



Yeah - I can do the maths but the banjo (far from being a banjo shape) actually gets in the way of many combinations of wheels. The suggested alternatives wouldn't suffer from this, I think.
I'm glad I found this problem at a non critical time as I can think ahead for when I really need one of those impossible pitches.

Edit: So I may even need more than one banjo if I want to do all possible mathematical combinations.angry

Edited By andrew lyner on 20/01/2019 10:42:55

19/01/2019 23:49:31

The thread was for the inside of a telescope extension tube. They put fine grooves in the tubes to disperse any light that hits the sides of the tube. So any pitch and depth would be ok, afaik.

Both those alternatives seem attractive but they are only one point fixing. How is rotational strength? I suppose the answer is 'sufficient'

19/01/2019 14:53:23

I needed a fine but unspecific thread pitch and it appears to be impossible to achieve some combinations of gears because the swinging plate will not allow it. It is annoying me, just after having sussed out the system; the sums are surprisingly straightforward but real life gets in the way.

This must have been a problem for many mini lathe users. Of course there are combinations that are impossible because the larger idler gear can prevent the smaller gear meshing but the swinging idler plate can only swing so far and the straight slot is too short. etc. etc. That prevents otherwise legal combinations.

I guess I could design a replacement to deal with this but my drafting skills are limited and I can see I would end up doing a lot of bodging and filing. (Surely not!!!!)

What's the experience of other mini lathe owners?

Thread: Editing posts and other ideas.
08/01/2019 23:10:09


Well dang me - it's OK on Firefox.

Cheers my boy

08/01/2019 23:01:07
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 08/01/2019 17:54:19:
Posted by andrew lyner on 08/01/2019 17:01:08:
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 08/01/2019 13:50:40:

However, easier to try another browser


Edited By SillyOldDuffer on 08/01/2019 17:55:29

What a good idea. I will try it.

Amazing that I haven't coma across that particular Return problem with any other software. At least, not consciously. There is a sort of problem with some of the 'media' when a Return will launch your post and not go to a new line but I just put it down to a programmer's choice between hard and soft break. At least the result leaves the cursor in a position to type on a new line.

I just did it AGAIN!!!! I will experiment with browsers.

08/01/2019 17:01:08
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 08/01/2019 13:50:40:

I regularly offer my advice on what the 'next generation' forum software should be like.

The return issue seems to have arrived as a result of a change in how apple devices work. It's unlikely to be fixed until we change the system at some point in the future.


I know that there are differences in the codes but, as I have pointed out, the problem never arises anywhere else and it should really be up to the writer of the (minority) software for the forum editor. Windows, throughout its history, has been littered with this compatibility thing and a lot of it goes back to the DOS Operating System . Apple software has its quirks too and there's been what amounted to hostility between Microsoft and Apple at times. But this Return issue has been solved time after time elsewhere. Cntrl Return does the job for me but it's just an on-going niggle. smiley

08/01/2019 12:28:59


I use an iMac with the Apple bluetooth keyboard. It talks correctly to all my other software and on all websites that I use. This is the only site where Return gives you a return and then Home. It can't be hard to fix and just has to be an anomaly of the site. I am surprised that no one else has found the problem with an Apple / Unix Desktop machine. There must be some US members with Apple, even if the UK members all use PCs.

On quotes: if you quote a post, it seems to put a copy of the post in a new edit window. Going to another post and pressing 'quote' starts a new edit window (losing your original text) and puts that quoted post in it. On other forums I use, you can highlight a passage and 'quote' it - then another and another. The quotes are stored and you can insert them, putting comments between each quote. Alternatively you can pick and insert quotes one at a time into existing text. It's really very useful on some threads where a number of different people are presenting arguments.

I don't know how long ago the forum software was installed but it could definitely benefit from a bit of an upgrade.


08/01/2019 12:05:54

The site is a real gem and I have found it very helpful and useful. Nice members all over the place.

There are a number of ways in which actually using the Forum could be improved and which would bring it up to the level of the other,' better' forums I use. (The ergonomics not the people and the info)

One really confusing thing is how the Return key takes you back to the top of the page. I don't know where that feature came from but I haven't come across it before in my twenty years of Internet use. Could that be changed, without costing an arm and a leg?

Also, a 'like' button is very useful for commenting on a post without actually launching into a formal answer.

A facility for multiple quotes would also he helpful, where you snip one or more passages from a post and insert it, along with the name of the poster, in your reply. It's possible, of course, to do the quotation yourself but it would be a useful facility which is used elsewhere.

But the one thing that I can only describe as 'broken', is the action of the Return Key. Please - pretty please - could that be sorted out?

Andrew (and I just did it again!!!!)

Thread: Milling without a milling machine
08/01/2019 11:52:49

It would be an entry into the milling world. Of course, the 'next size up' is more attractive. But that's the way in all things.

Things will have to get worse and I will need some more money before I actually commit to any expense in this direction. But the thread has been useful (as ever on this site). Thanks for all the opinions chaps.


06/01/2019 22:39:00

@Ady1: Attempt 1 is really impressive. As a total rookie welder, I can appreciate the welding in your list of pictures of the project. Your final solution looks like a good one. I can see several tables at around the £200 mark. Problem with using the lathe for turning plus milling is that it takes an age to swap over.

I shall just have to keep an eye on Gumtree. Shame about local paper classifieds and Friday Ad, eBay is fine but there are so few real bargains these days.

Having said that, I got a good deal on a Sealey Wig welder a few weeks ago. "Attempt 1", here I come!!!

06/01/2019 17:47:27

I bought a vertical milling slide for my super mini lathe and it has turned out to be much better than I feared. That is a long as I am prepared to take the smallest nibbles and the gentlest feed rates. No real problem as I am not earning money with it. Size of workpiece is a serious limitation, however.

I'm sure that a proper milling machine would be great but the only available used ones are really old and too massive and a new mini milling machine will cost as much as my new lathe setup did. (£600 plus)

Now, bench press drills are cheap as chips on the second hand market and you need drive only a few miles to pick one up, apparently, at the drop of a hat. If I were to buy a reasonable milling table, what would be wrong with bolting it to the base of my drill and just buying a new drill when the bearings start to go wobbly?

Is that a totally daft idea as a way of getting long dovetails and slots in aluminium?

Thread: Min lathe steady rest for up to 65mm diameter
27/12/2018 14:43:59
Posted by Michael Cox 1 on 27/12/2018 09:17:42:

Here is my solution:


Very nice Mike.

27/12/2018 14:40:08
Posted by Mick B1 on 27/12/2018 10:03:05:

Go for the easiest solution you can afford. If there's a suitable 3-point for your model of mini lathe, or one you could modify, don't waste time you could be using to make the things you actually want. It's too easy to become enmeshed in tooling projects that never leave you free to pursue your real interests.

That's a good point but i need the practice and the steady wouldn't;t be 'on show' if it ends up a bit scrappy.

It seems that I cannot do multiple quotes in one post - is that true? I have to say, the forum software is not as good as many others i have used, even down to what the Return Key does!!
I can't find a 'like' button either.

Edited By andrew lyner on 27/12/2018 14:42:58

27/12/2018 14:37:27
Posted by JasonB on 27/12/2018 10:51:12:

How much excess meat does the supplied one have, there may be room for enlargement?

The lathe comes without one. But I have only a small milling slide and no circle facility either.

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