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Thread: How to repair old King Dick socket extension?
27/09/2019 21:39:49
Posted by Speedy Builder5 on 27/09/2019 20:50:57:

Guaranteed for life ?? My Elora set is.

I have often wondered with these guarantees how one defines the life of, say, a spanner. There is a medical definition of life for a human, but maybe no equivalent for a spanner?

If it fails to function for the designed purpose can its life be said to be over?

However I sought to buy spare parts for an aged Blue Point torque wrench and was pleasantly surprised when the required bits came back FOC! Easy repair and that tool is now excellent. I don't know if King Dick offer the same guarantee or adopt such a generous interpretation of the word 'life'..

Thread: Caravan Insurance
22/09/2019 22:27:19
Posted by Peter G. Shaw on 22/09/2019 20:29:45:


Please note: I am NOT proposing abandoning Third Party protection - merely the other stuff, eg fire, theft, damage etc as I can easily afford to pay for it myself.


The full story is this:

Yes, new caravan which automatically includes the tracker system. However, to activate the system requires an annual subscription of £95. (Actually, I took out the 3 year cover for £285.) The insurer, which as I have already said was more or less the default one from the C&CC club because I was too lazy to try elsewhere, did indeed allow a reduction becasue the tracker system was activated.

The caravan is normally stored inside an old barn, or possibly a cowshed. Access into it is by means of a personnel gate comprising a set of heavy steel bars welded together. To remove the caravan one has to walk to the other end of the barn and undo another set of gates, again heavy steel bars welded together. Both gates are secured by locks. On top of that, the barn is located deep in the depths of an old quarry, along an access track past the landowner's house. Finally, most of the time, the landowner's locked up tractor and trailer are parked in front of the caravan. Indeed, standing instructions are that whever we want to remove/replace the caravan, we have to give the landowner 2/3 days notice so that he can ensure access/egress is clear. It is my personal belief that this location is about as secure against theft as it is possible to be. Malicious damage, though, is another thing, even though any possible vandals would need to get on site whilst carrying a petrol powered disc cutter of some sort.


Yes, I quite agree, it may be cheap, relatively. However, over the 40 years of caravanning, I have made a total of four claims - two for windows being accidently broken, and two for corner damage done whilst manoevring in confined spaces. Possible total of £1.2K to £1.5K . I haven't bothered working out the premiums paid over those 40 years, but I'm darned sure it's a lot more than that. Also, the last claim was at least 10 years ago.

The point is, Maurice, I'm in my mid-70's with money in the bank, and all I can see for the future is theft by the state when I die, or even before that depending on the political party in power, or theft by various parties, eg insurance companies, care homes etc. I do have children, but still foresee difficulties in passing it on, hence I'm loth to fork out good money, for something that I can cover myself - if needed. And that is the important point - if needed.


There are other points which so far I haven't mentioned. The tracking system is only of use if the caravan is stolen and the monitoring people advised, and hence the Police. This means that whilst in storage as outlined above, I may not see the caravan for a few months through the winter, but I do consider this to be acceptable considering the storage location. Therefore, the only real use for the tracker is when on site, and hence theft would be detected within a few hours at most.

Another point is that although it was January when I was advised of the problem, I decided to leave it until late March/April when the caravan has its annual service. It is actually 59 miles from my house to the nearest authorised dealer. So, in due course, the caravan went in for service/repairs and whilst it was in, I received a call from the tracker manufacturer stating that they had discovered that the system as fitted to certain caravans did not work correctly, hence they were being recalled for rectification. So, there we were, being penalised by the insurer because the tracker manufacturer had produced some duff equipment. And that led, in turn to my original thoughts about self-insuring for everything EXCEPT Third Party risks. Hence my original question.

Incidently, the same thing could also apply to the car. My car cost £19K, so if it was readily available (actually it is no longer made, but that's by-the by), I could just go out and buy a replacement. But that still leaves the problem of Third Party claims.

Now I know that what I'm saying is somewhat radical, since we have all been brainwashed into buying expensive Comprehensive insurance, but really, do we actually need Comprehensive insurance if we can afford to self-insure? Perhaps ThirdParty insurance might well be satisfactory, and would certainly stop all these problems one hears about caused by insurance companies looking after themselves at our expense.

Peter G. Shaw

We had our campervan insured through C&CC but the premium unexpectedly rose by £1000 (about x4) following a daytime break in and theft from our campervan while in France.

At that rate the insurers would have recovered the amount of our claim within 2.5 years had we stayed with C&CC.

We changed insurers and ended up paying £30 a year less than the original C&CC premium so all was not lost, but had this not been the case we would have been better to self insure the burglary risk.


Thread: Disposal of workshop contents
03/09/2019 23:03:48

A properly organised and advertised auction 'on the premises' certainly produces results if there are sufficient interesting items to attract 'end user' bidders rather than dealers - I have seen well used items fetch more than they can be bought for (trade) new and have come back from several auctions empty handed as the prices were so high.

Conversely the items can fetch next to nothing in an inappropriate local auction. A couple of years back a friend and I were the only bidders at one such and each picked up really high quality grinders ( a woodworking whetstone and a tool and cutter grinder) each for a maiden bid of fiver and each worth nearer £200. I was waiting for a second bid on the tool and cutter grinder but it never came. Both worked without fault.

Thread: Garden shed find
20/08/2019 13:18:23

Don't panic if the taper is u/s as I am pretty sure I have a spare spindle for that model!

Thread: What coating/grease for long term tool storage
20/08/2019 10:35:49

I find Ambersil Corrosion Inhibitor excellent. The Navy uses it so that is a pretty good endorsement.

It does not create as thick a film as many other products.

Thread: Bulking problem?
09/08/2019 19:32:59

Brian, that fees like a huge reductio in size to me and I do wonder if it will be possible without softening the horn first.

Could you just use a battery of Jubilee clips - if necessary they can be dipped into hot water along with the horn and by differential tightening you can adjust the fit.

I would clamp onto a suitable mandrel first and then transfer the horn to your stick once down to size.

Thread: What are these off
09/08/2019 10:26:05

I love the storage rack

With one like that you could have your lathe in the lounge!

Edited By John Paton 1 on 09/08/2019 10:27:40

Thread: Up and over door seal
30/07/2019 10:03:07

Given that most rain (and leaves) only comes in when wind driven, I pop rivetted brush pile draught excludr around the bottom and side inside edges of my garage doors. This accommodates uneven concrete surface and 'wobble' of the door within the frame better than rubber seals do. It is not 100% watertight but keeps dampness to within 50mm of the frame where it came in 300mm or more previously.

Thread: Surplus subjects learnt at school.
20/07/2019 01:10:39

I also ditched Latin and took up German instead.

It had been drummed into me that Agricola amat Puella ( the farmer loved the girl?) which wisely taught me not to leave my daughter unattended when on holiday in the Italian countryside. Not sure the towns were any safer in that regard, so maybe the problem has spread into the cities since the days of Caesar?

German has been of some value when visiting countries to the East of France where German rather than English tends to be their second language.

Thread: Electric Cars
11/07/2019 14:40:02

I'm thinking of converting my SUV to steam power burning a blend of shredded unsolicited mail, plastic food wrapping and rendered pig fat.

0-60 in 18 seconds and no need for a horn as they can smell your approach.

in fact there could still be a role for the Sentinal steam lorries. On the road they were fuel efficient , it was. The standing idle time that made them inefficient. Now they could be used to charge batteries when the vehicle is stationary.


Thread: Forging brass; how easy would it be?
10/07/2019 09:18:00

I can echo the words of others on this one after my experience in making car radiator top and bottom tanks from brass sheet.

I had done some google searches and read the books but even so the best advice came from a particularly skilled and experienced engineer who was aware of the pitfalls of the wrong grade of brass and the limitations of the home workshop. My first attempts were pitiful but with his advice I succeeded.

Beware overheating the brass , when it goes crystalline it is scrap.

I was shown to use soap rubbed onto the surface and heat until the soap turns brown.

My (sadly now deceased) friend's advice was to press or draw the material if possible as hammering work hardens it so quickly.

Do not be put off from having a go - actually trying it is part of the fun and adds to your knowledge and skills.

Posting your question here helps others like me to learn also.

I never cease to be amazed at the breadth and depth of skills and knowledge held by members and so generously shared with fellow enthusiasts.

Edited By John Paton 1 on 10/07/2019 09:19:35

Thread: Goodwood festival of Speed Coverage
05/07/2019 21:21:55

My personal favourite is Goodwood Revival, usually go for the tree days but its just Saturday this year due to family commitments.

The aircraft at Revival are great too and I love how unassuming a lot of the owners are when you walk through the paddocks at both FoS and Revival, despite having mega pounds invested in their cars!

Thread: Is this chuck too big/heavy?
29/06/2019 21:59:30

I have not done a comparison but imagine a large and heavier chuck will resonate less and therefore be less prone to chatter as long as the power train is adequate to power it up. Like a flywheel on an old treadle lathe!

That said I do like smaller chucks for turning small work pieces (and collets even more so).

Thread: Removing Broken Tap
28/06/2019 22:44:00

Thanks Ian J, appreciated but I am in Dorset so a kind offer that I cannot take you up on.

I ordered some apparently genuine Potassium Aluminium Sulphate today so will see how that goes.

I have been using a 'bain marie' arrangement to keep the solution hot but not boiling away. Hopefully using the correct variety of 'Alum' will bring results!

28/06/2019 12:56:41

Noted also your advice as being PAS / Potash!

28/06/2019 12:54:59

Thanks S.O.D, I suspect that is the problem. My 'alum' came from internet and the origin is stated India. I can well imagine it is the ammonium sulphate version.

I am having difficulty sourcing a trial size pack of potassium sulphate - local pharmacists just ask 'what is that'!

27/06/2019 22:47:01

I have just been trying the warm alum solution method of removing a broken tap from a piece of aluminium.

After 2 days I can see no sign whatsoever of any change in state of the tap. The tap has letters 04 CPB 4-4k and AFS marked on it. I wonder if the tap is of a type of material unaffected by Alum or if the Alum I bought was of the 'wrong type'. (Ammonium Sulphate or Potassium Sulphate, other versions of Alum maybe?)

Perhaps this method only works for carbon steel taps? Does anyone know for sure?

I should like to persevere with this recovery method but not waste time exploring blind alleys.

Thread: Satnav
24/06/2019 20:34:13

I opened this thread in the bizarre hope that someone had found a way to use satnav in place of a DRO!

Perhaps my stupidity will not look so daft in a year or two. I remember telling my neighbour (who had been enticing me to get into 'pre DOS ' computers) that I would get a computer when it spoke English. A very few years later and Windows was launched - and I got a computer straight away!

Thread: Historic Frogs
20/06/2019 11:16:36

Paul McCartney and the Finchley Frogettes - 'The Frog Chorus'

Thread: Tools or 'things' as therapy
18/06/2019 08:18:20

Oh no Henry, thats just weird and kinky! You risk backlash for encouraging people to put filthy, oily fingerprints on priceless domestic treasures. Door handles and light switches are one thing, but furniture ..noooooo!wink 2

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