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Thread: Plan B upgraded to Plan A
23/11/2021 12:39:23

See if you can get delivery with a Moffatt handler - you pay a bit more but they are incredibly agile and can run over gravel etc. These are the three wheel forklifts with bigger wheels that you see strapped top back of lorries. Their wheels articulate independently through 360 degrees meaning it can go in any direction or rotate on the spot.

I had a 4 post car lift delivered off a narrow lane and through an even narrower gate entrance and then up our inclined gravel drive.

The driver twice moved the load round through 90 degrees and placed it with a margin of a couple of inches. He reckoned it was easy but I suspect he was skilled!!


Thread: Book Your Covid Booster! Errr, How? Where?
11/11/2021 18:37:58

I am in the same locality as Nigel and the situation is nothing short of shocking.

My 95 year old mother (limited mobility, lives alone) was in the first tranche of vaccines and expected to get her call for a jab in September.

When she heard nothing she has twice contacted her GP surgery who said 'await your call'.

When my wife got her call (with appointment associated, 35 years younger and in good health) in Weymouth this week I contacted Mother's GP and was again told my mother should wait.

I have spent four days trying online and calling 119 (literally hours on the phone and conformed 'no appointments available in Dorset' !) and finally at 11.30 last night I went got an appointment booked online in Bournemouth. That will be a 2.5hr round trip for me to collect my mother and take her there.

The local pharmacy Nigel refers to is clearly swamped and we have no walk in centres offered in Dorset.

The first round of vaccinations, arranged at pace and run by volunteers worked a dream, so more time appears only to have allowed bureaucracy and muddle to develop.

So much for Climate Emergency and saving fuel if we are all doing this LoL.

Thread: Resurrecting an old model
01/11/2021 17:53:07

A delightful model and well worth the effort to bring back into showroom condition - I think I have the original articles on Lady Stephanie - Engineering in Miniature I seem to recall?

I guess we all have our favourite cleaning compounds - in my case what I have 'lying around at the time'!)

I tend to head initially towards WD40 and strips of Sotchbright to clean up such gunge or heating oil , diesel etc for larger components.

Probably best to avoid 'lighter fraction' solvents initially when working on painted parts as it will soften the paint and allow it to be scratched. I would use IPA sparingly just as a final wipe over if needing to degrease it fully (such a prior to painting).

I too find the citrus degreasers remarkably good but won't you end up re-oiling the parts to avoid rust?

Obviously it is not easy to get Scotchbright right into nooks and crannies and I tend to use a fibreglass 'pencil' for such areas. You can get fine ones which fit in the old style clutch grip propelling pencils. A really fine 'doofer' helps pick into the very tightest corners.

I have also used commercial oven cleaner (Sodium Hydroxide I think?) on steel parts but not on painted bits. Not sure how brass gets on with it though, it certainly makes aluminium look strange. MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone?) is another strong degreasing cleaner but to be used with caution. I have used it to decrud model Diesel engines which suffer a hard lacquer from the castor oil, but again it will demolish paint.

Hopefully your gunge will not prove too be so obstinate that it needs highly aggressive chemicals.

Thread: Special 4.5MT to 3MT sleeves - lost contacts
28/10/2021 22:06:07

It is possible that 'Steve' and 'Peter Cook 7' may be from members who have been in touch under other names.

In any case if I have not been able to ascertain otherwise by close of play tomorrow there may be a couple of sleeves available for anyone else who needs one!

Thread: Yet another scam
28/10/2021 20:29:40
  1. Not so sure Artful  and Michael - my 95 year old mother had a meter reader call, no uniform, no ID offered and no COVID introduction / precautions. He didn’t have a clue where the meters were and could not apparently recognise the gas meter box by the front door. She did let him in and he had a good look around including at the boiler in the utility room.

Mother has a smart meter and prior to that I took all her readings for her so we smelt a rat and reported the event to the police and the supply company. The company had on their records that she was elderly / hard of hearing and that I submitted her meter readings and managed communications on her behalf.

It took nearly a week to investigate but turned out it was their meter reader, they agreed a reading was not necessary and undertook to terminate the meter reading arrangement (which did not exist before we had a smart meter installed)

Two weeks later we got another letter saying they needed to take a meter reading and had tried unsuccessfully several times recently.

The next week another letter arrived to say the supply company had folded.

You couldn’t make it up but with activity like that it is easy for scammers to look more credible than the real thing!


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Thread: Special 4.5MT to 3MT sleeves - lost contacts
28/10/2021 17:13:28

I am trying to make contact with three people who replied to my earlier posts on this subject. (I am having some sleeves adapted 'at cost' to help others like myself who are unable to procure in the UK - they fit certain Harrison and Boxford lathes with a larger mandrel bores)

The people I am trying to contact are 'Steve', 'Peter H' and 'Peter Cook 7' but having difficulty making contact by replying to their original messages on this site. I do not have their direct email addresses.

These names may be a duplication of enquiries under another name or people who no longer follow the ME Forum, however I am making this one final attempt to reach them before offering the sleeves they had reserved to other 'stand-bys' on my list.



Thread: What spray do you use to stop your tools from rusting?
27/10/2021 13:00:32

Ambersil corrosion inhibitor - as used by the Navy I believe.

It leaves a thin and slightly tacky film so is not great in dusty environments. I apply it using a trigger spray bottle.

Last year when I was moving house I had to store my garage and workshop items in a draughty, unheated industrial unit with a leaky roof. Fortunately Ambersil did just what not said on the tin and WD40 seems to clean it off easily now I am 'home and dry'.

Thread: MT 4 1/2
20/10/2021 09:24:31

Latest update - the Engineering firm advises that the sleeves are scheduled in for machining next week.

I am actually away from 3rd to 8th November so will be in contact with purchasers next week to firm up arrangements for payment and postage so that all is set to post the sleeves out between 9th and 12th November.

Thread: Hermes. A Company in Total Confusion!
12/10/2021 08:31:28

Yes Bob I have a similar issue - paid for express delivery and then get this message from Hermes

'There's a delay with the delivery of your Lighting Direct parcel.

We'll let you know when your parcel will be out for delivery.'

At one point the Hermes website referred to some exceptional or major issue but did not specify what that is / was. I had wondered if maybe that was connected with the WhatsApp outage recently as their confirmation of receipt of the parcel from the retailer appeared slow and Hermes sent that message twice, however your wife's experience predates the WhatsApp outage so maybe it is a separate issue (driver shortage, fuel difficulties and associated backlog at depot?)


Having paid the retailer extra for express delivery (1-2 days) last Thursday' and the goods not arrived on time I have asked for a refund of the postage cost (the delay has caused me to miss the deadline on the job in hand.)

Edited By John Paton 1 on 12/10/2021 08:31:54

Thread: MT 4 1/2
05/09/2021 17:51:02

All now spoken for but I can take two more names in reserve in case anyone changes their mind at last minute.

Thanks everyone for speedy uptake on this - makes it easy for me and reduces anxiety over recovery of my outlay.


05/09/2021 11:48:34

Last one now, be quick if you want it as I shall not be doing this again!

I shall be taking two reserve requests after that one and will then remove my advert.

05/09/2021 09:03:15

Just 2 left unspoken for now.

04/09/2021 17:05:59

Just 8 unspoken for now

03/09/2021 09:34:16

Just a quick update on this.

I have arranged for a batch of 24 to be made by paying a precision engineering firm to CNC turn 5MT-3MT adapter sleeves down to 4.5MT (the entire stock of 5MT sleeves from the selected 'ME Partner' supplier) with a quoted finish of 4 microns.

I am taking UK pre orders for these (see ads) This is to get one myself and to help others who are struggling to get one of these adapter sleeves. I am not looking to get a profit from this.

Over the last 24 hours I have received requests for half of the batch so it looks as though I should be able to re-home all of the sleeves by the time the machining is completed (6 week lead time)

'Where there is a will there is a way'!!


01/09/2021 16:31:33

Right guys and gals, following this thread I have done a bit of research and the two 'discount' UK suppliers of sleeves will not be getting 4.5 taper sleeves even if we need a batch of them.

I have however spoken to a local precision engineering firm who can machine down a small batch of 5 to 3MT sleeves to 4.5MT (actually to match the taper on my original Boxford VSL collet adapter sleeve so I know it will be 'right'

It will be CNC turned using carbide tooling and he has quoted a 4micron surface finish which I am sure will suffice or needs.

The internal bore (which takes the wear) will be as supplied by the importer.

I will put an advert on this site when they are done which will be at the £40 / £45 mark if I find I have extra costs to carry but for those who contact me now wanting one 'for sure' I will be letting them go at cost which should be the magic £30 plus postage.

Lead time on machining will be 6 to 7 weeks.

Please PM me quickly / over the next week if you want one (or how many) as this will be s strict;y limited batch and `I shall be making the same offer on the Boxford site.

Basically I am doing this at cost to try and help fellow Boxford VSL users.

If others know of Harrison etc users who need 4.5 sleeves please pass on the message.

30/08/2021 20:51:50

My figure of £30 was based upon cost of a 5 to 2 MT reducing sleeve bought from RDG Tools in 2019 for £15. Basically I would be prepared to pay twice that sum for a smaller sleeve and suspect there would be a good number of others like me who would pitch in quickly to buy one at that price level.

Thread: DRO for Boxford AUD
29/08/2021 22:25:51

Hi Mike, I plumped for Machine DRO with the smaller magnetic coder on the cross slide and made some detailed modifications to retain maximum travel and access to lubricating points and gib adjustment screws. Fiddly but worth the effort. I also fitted a cable carrier to the rear of the lathe bed to keep the wiring out of harms way. With some materials I get a lot of springy swarf just where the cables run!

This kit has transformed my life and I can now machine to much closer tolerances first time so I would say ' go with it'!

Thread: MT 4 1/2
29/08/2021 21:57:30

4.5MT is also used on Boxford VSL headstock. Boxfords produced an adapted sleeve for 5C collets as well as a reducing sleeve but these are now out of stock and apparently not being remanugactured.

I have a 5C adapter but would buy a 3MT reducing sleeve if they were hardened and ground and available for under £30.

I believe there are a number of VSL owners who would want one too as this issue has cropped up in the Boxford User Group in the past.

on the VSL the 5C adapter is a bit more complex but that is off topic so let's not get drawn into that here.


Edited By John Paton 1 on 29/08/2021 22:15:54

Thread: Centec 2B - New arrival and Q&A
06/08/2021 21:45:59

My 2B (As well as the one I had previously) both had the motor mounted inside the cabinet on 'goalposts' as others describe. Slots in the angle give the required scope for adjustment.

The only reason I can see for mounting the motor the other way round would be to increase storage space inside the cabinet, but I would have thought that little is to be gained by that (not easy to reach into the rear part of the cabinet under the drip tray) and it must result in the machine standing well forward of other machinery / workbench.

The Centec 'goalpost' gives a very rigid mounting and belts provide ample resilience. The suds tank lies blow the removable plate below the motor mount. If not using that tank one can fill the void with sand to damp down any vibration.

Centec design always struck me as being pretty well sorted, a very capable machine for its size and as time goes on it is amazing how many continue to give faithful service.

Edited By John Paton 1 on 06/08/2021 21:50:01

Edited By John Paton 1 on 06/08/2021 21:52:25

Thread: An interesting device, on ebay
06/06/2021 21:11:46

This looks very similar to the work holder on a small valve refacing machine I once owned.

At one time any decent garage had one as valve grinding was a standard requirement at 50k miles ( and valve lapping at pretty much every service!)

I still have the diamond fixture used to true the grinding wheel and only hung on to this in the hope that one day someone will say they need one.

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