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Thread: Songs for the Workshop
23/07/2018 21:12:49

The old mill by the stream (Nellie Dean?)

Lathe Lady Lathe - Bob Dylan?

Anything about sheet metal forming by the Spinners

and of course when some new equipment is needed - Money money money by Abba

Thread: BR1 Tender tunnel
23/07/2018 07:45:43
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 22/07/2018 20:04:43:

You have my sympathy, Brian ... and my respect for trying !!

I remember [decades ago] watching the chap in BSA, lining a petrol tank.

Tank supported on his left hand, and a fully loaded dagger brush in his right

The classic D shaped line was produced in a matter of seconds; then he flipped the tank around on his hand and did one to match on the other side [these are of course, mirror images!].


In a previous life I sold lining tape, both the type where a centre section was torn out leaving a strip either side and also the type that left a line of colour when you pulled a carrier tape away - Perhaps if the first type is still available it might help? - mind you I also remember a TV documentary about Van den Plas where they showed a strip being applied the full length of a BMC 1300 in one go with a long brush loaded with paint, like Michael saw on the tank. No guide or anything - just a steady hand and years of experience. I am deeply envious of course!

Thread: Microsoft Windows 10S - One to Avoid?
18/07/2018 17:26:19

Posted by Vic on 17/07/2018 20:44:55:

Then there’s this.

“Just 5 percent of IBM’s Mac users needed to call the help desk; In contrast, an astonishing 40 percent of PC staff request tech support help“.

All this recognises is that a greater proportion of PC users needed help than the Mac users. For example if the PC users are low level clerical users just given a computer and similar their computer knowledge might be low.

If a user was sufficiently high level to be able to choose a far more expensive option or a graphic artist, media creator or mac developer they might be more independent as a computer user.

or perhaps any of many other different situations.

The statement is not justified by any valid evidence.

Thread: New application of Mole Grips
14/07/2018 15:43:10
Posted by Martin Connelly on 13/07/2018 12:34:11:

This reminds me of a day in my youth when waiting at a bus stop to go to school. A bus went past with the driver wearing an open face crash helmet, goggles, scarf, heavy coat and thick gloves. He was driving a bus (a Leyland Atlantean) with absolutely no bodywork on it. This was in the late sixties or early seventies so he had no seatbelt and nothing around him to stop him from coming off the seat.

Martin C

I saw one of these once, and they were so common a sight that either Dinky or Corgi produced a 1/43 model of a bus chassis under test with weights on to simulate a body.

Nowadays it is harder to drive round with no body on a vehicle than with a body in the boot!!!

Thread: another mystery object
12/07/2018 17:21:59

I agree it looks like a thermocouple to measure temperature - your ohms readings are unusual though.

But if it is something you have just come across remember it is not necessarily a working thermocouple.... !

Thread: Age related macular degeneration.
12/07/2018 07:40:49

A word of caution -

Although I work with the blind and visually impaired every day I'm afraid I made a daft mistake.

My optician gave me an Amsler grid to monitor my sight and it was very distorted - when I looked at it through my varifocal glasses!

After a moments panic I looked at some print and realised the issue was with the glasses not me! - subsequently confirmed by my optician.

Thread: fire warning
10/07/2018 09:41:24

I have read in an old ME (can't remember which - will have to hunt) a warning about a welder who had a gas lighter in his pocket that was set off by a spark, exploded and killed him.

This caused some discussion in the letters pages until the editor was forced to write a retraction as the whole thing was a hoax and had never happened!

Thread: Workshop in this weather..?
08/07/2018 17:34:42

As my workshop is in the garage that also stores the freezer and other domestic items it has it's own built in cooling system.

Unfortunately it is off at the moment as I can't find the bottle opener.

Thread: Powered Bogies
08/07/2018 14:26:37
Posted by Ian S C on 07/07/2018 10:12:31:

There was an article in ME, starting in March 1989 called "Going Electric" by Rex Nicholls, this goes into using old automotive DC generators as traction motors for a 5" Growler with 2 powered bogies.

Ian S C

While unfamiliar with the article mentioned above there were others from the 1970s onwards that suggested the use of three brush car dynamos converted into traction motors. Two brush dynamos are far less easy to use as motors.

Three brush dynamos were replaced on cars by the more efficient two brush types from the late 1930's and were almost totally extinct by the 1950s. However due to the fact that cars tended to be kept longer then, the older kind of dynamos were still available from scrapyards in the 1970s and eighties.

I suspect that today you may find it harder to source any type of car dynamo, let alone the three brush type except as a very expensive spare part for a classic car. The scrap car trade has shrunk, as has the car electrical spare part business.

Check carefully what the article asks for, but my gut feeling is that advances in motor technology, particularly in permanent magnet motors, my mean that old car parts are not the best way to go.

Thread: Hiding a PIN number
06/07/2018 18:38:52

In the early nineties I was part of a team doing a roll out for a large organisation and as we went round the huge office we would ask the user to log in and we would do the upgrade. However people were less concerned with security in those days so after the first day what happened was that we would turn up and a bunch of people would allow us access by telling us their passwords or letting us know where they were saved while they went off for a coffee.

Post-it notes on the edge of the screen with the password in plain text or perhaps disguised as phone numbers were the most common, followed by a note in the top desk drawer. The passwords we were told included sports teams (MUFC, AVFC, LCFC, Blues, Reds, Notts, Barbarians, Essex etc) names, presumably of family or pets, or every swear word as foul as you like.

I still reckon that if I typed **** or ******** into a computer in any large office I could get into at least one computer. (replace the asterisks to (bad) taste!)

Thread: a new skill
05/07/2018 17:15:02

The ability to lie convincingly when the boss asks is that work you are doing?

Thread: Am I getting an irritable old git?
05/07/2018 17:13:08

Robin quite agree - it takes effort to be a truly irritable old git!

Thread: Hiding a PIN number
05/07/2018 17:11:43

Posted by Zebethyal on 05/07/2018 14:33:14:

C4t.$at.m@t - Cat sat mat

Or for C programmers 2b || !(2b) = To be or not to be

and if you are worried about biometrics what about removing the entire eye as in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons?

Thread: Am I getting an irritable old git?
05/07/2018 12:05:30

Ar you getting an irritable old git?

I hope so but I have been waiting for mine for weeks. I have tried phoning and only got that awful music - and if it is not some awful stuff why to they insist on ruining the Brandenburg concertos by using them for such an inane purpose - and if you do get through to a real person they only take you through a script on their computer - if I wanted that all they need to do is to put it on the internet as I have several computers of my own that would do the job jut as well and while my day has already been spoiled at least it would not involve another person - and talking of other people have you noticed that if you have an issue with someone on a phone support desk that they can never let you speak to a manager - in my day if there was a problem in a shop you just asked for the manager and someone would come down to sort out your problem for you - although as the issue seems to be 'the system' there may not be a solution and when did we start 'the system' it seems to be an inflexible barrier to customer service - service!! I ask you when our first colour TV arrived two guys carried it in and they set it up an checked you knew how to operate it - nowadays you give yourselves a hernia lifting a huge box into the back of your own car and then lifting it out again before having to set it all up yourself and if it does not work you have to take it back to the shop and repeat after spending precious hours out of your life on a customer support line that offers no support. And breathe!

I hope you get your irritable old git soon - I am certain I am not one yet!

Keep smiling!!

Thread: Relmac Lathe Help and advice needed.
05/07/2018 11:52:44

Drummond recommended 250 rpm as the speed of a countershaft so perhaps 400 rpm might be at the top end?

Thread: Hiding a PIN number
05/07/2018 11:49:42

As an IT professional and trainer for more than 35 years please do not hide your password, no matter how well disguised, in a phone number. It is the first example of 'what not to do' in many security training sessions, followed by a word or number that can be related to you - wife/child/pet's name favourite sports team etc.

The good news is that most thieves cannot be bothered to try to find out a PIN - but in the odd exception do not leave your PIN in the same wallet as your card.

If you carry a phone with you put the number in that, with a screenlock on the phone.

Separation of card/PIN is the key point here.

Thread: Workshop in this weather..?
04/07/2018 18:27:31

And while on the subject of memorable winters -

1963 when with my brothers and sisters we created a superb slide around a corner of the path that surrounded our house - full speed and then almost on one elbow as we went round the corner - unfortunately this was the corner where patients came in through the gate leading to my father's GP surgery.....!

After the first casualty we all got belted and the slide was salted!

Andmuch later on in 1982 when my flatmate at uni came back from Christmas to find that while his car (1963 mini) ould start it was frozen to the ground and stalled every time you tried to move it!

04/07/2018 18:09:41

Regarding the winter of '47 ( way before I was born I hasten to add!) go to Youtube and search for the British Transport film 'Snowdrift at Bleath Gill'.YI first showed this to the school railway society as a 16mm film borrowed from the British Transport Film Library more than 50 years ago.It is still great!


Thread: 5 1/2 pint blowlamp
04/07/2018 18:02:55

I enjoy reading old ME magazines and LBSC frequently mentions 5 1/2 pint blowlamps as if they are the ultimate before moving up to oxy acetylene.

Purely out of curiosity what would be the equivalent in propane burner - 50mm????

Incidentally Amazon still lists a 2 lt paraffin blowlamp, and another where the capacity is not mentioned, but it looks strikingly like the paraffin blowlamp I used as a teenager 50 years ago with the burner on the end of a flexible hose (and with which I nearly incinerated a group of friends - long story!).


Thread: Battery Packs for Remote Control
28/06/2018 11:18:09

You may find you need a different charger for NiMH.

Some information here:

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