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Thread: My new computer
03/05/2021 10:30:44
Posted by Frances IoM on 03/05/2021 10:27:44:

Personally I just remove the harddrive and start with a newly wiped drive for a linux install.

Exactly what I would do

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 03/05/2021 10:31:40

03/05/2021 10:17:30
Posted by Peter G. Shaw on 03/05/2021 09:25:14:

It may be of interest to know that these two laptops came with Windows 10 Home so the first thing was to remove Windows and install Linux. However, with them being new machines I thought that for possibly warranty reasons I had better create a re-installation copy of Windows before deleting it, something that the operating instructions recommend anyway. And that was where the "fun" started.

As soon as I powered up the laptop, I was straight into Windows setup which has to be completed before I can create the re-installation copy. Which is fair enough, but what is NOT acceptable was the requirement to put in my date of birth, my telephone number, an email address, and then to enter a code sent to the telephone number, and to have to accept an impossibly long set of rules & conditions. In contrast. Linux asks for my name AND NOTHING ELSE.

I did give a false DOB, and a false telephone number, and a redundant email address supplied by TalkTalk (who, by the way have threatened to delete that address unless I sign up for one of their expensive options), and so far I have received two emails from Microsoft about my Microsoft Account, which I don't want anyway, being ready for me.

You bought a laptop with Windows 10 on it. As part of the setting up of Windows 10 you have to activate it which normally needs information from you including DOB for age related content. You are upset and fraudulently tried to activate it with incorrect information.

You want to keep Windows 10 as a future option, but appear to be unwilling to do what the company expects any user to do.

Why does Linux not expect this - because it is open source and not proprietary.

Either just wipe the computer, forget Windows and install your software of choice or do what everyone else has to do and install Windows 10 as the people who licence it to you (note they do not sell it) ask you to do.

The basic deal when acquiring anything is that a contract is made with conditions binding on both parties and the Microsoft ones, even if you are unhappy with them, are part of the deal.

You don't have to buy Windows, you don't have to use Talk Talk - but if you wish to do so there are strings attached which are rarely negotiable

02/05/2021 09:57:32
Posted by Bob Brown 1 on 01/05/2021 23:35:02:

Neil, That's a little under the spec of my 2 year old Lenovo Thinkstation, i5 6 core, 512Gb nvme M.2 primary drive, 1Tb ssd, 32Gb ram, 8gb Radeon graphics card + 3 years on site warranty. Runs Autocad and photo editing software with no problems what so ever. Probably a little over kill but it should last a few more years.

Just because a machine is high spec does not mean it will last forever. Here I have 3 computers that will not run modern software - 2 are windows 7 machines where windows 10 drivers were never produced and so cannot run the new OS and the other was a Mac mini that was bought new, and top spec but as it has a G5 processor has never been able to run anything past OsX 10.6 All machines work well and spec wise are all useful, but they are all out of use at present.

Before anyone says Linux - as a Linux user since 1995 I already have a powerful Linux desktop and a useful Linux laptop so do not need any more - and if an old machine uses 32bit Linux this is becoming increasingly hard to find and may disappear totally at some point.

My last purchases for 'everyday' computers have been off the shelf machines, a laptop and a desktop from a major high street retailer, both i5 8Gb machines with a SSD in the laptop and they both run Autocad faster that I can use it. When they are no longer able to do the job they will have more than paid for themselves. I was thinking of buying upgraded machines when I finally retire this summer but there doesn't seem to be any point at present.

Thread: How Do I Open Walker-Midgeley Documents Please?
30/04/2021 07:55:29
Posted by Clive Hartland on 30/04/2021 07:46:05:

I had to,use a prog/ called 'Egress' for opening some medical files

Egress is a proprietary encryption system so is unlikely to have been used on a .pdf unless both sender and receiver are aware of it and are using the same known keys.

Thread: Problems trying to sell-on a 'Swiss' Army knife
29/04/2021 14:12:10
Posted by Samsaranda on 29/04/2021 14:06:09:

I have to say that Amazon are on the ball when it comes to the regulations concerning bladed items, ordered some Stanley knife blades and they arrived this morning, the delivery person wouldn’t hand them over until he had verified my age by giving him my date of birth, I must look younger than my 74 years! Dave W

When I take booze through the supermarket till and you see them having to press the verify button on the screen to confirm I am old enough it makes me laugh - mind you I am a bit younger than you and they *NEVER* have asked me if I am old enough - I must look aged!

Thread: Finding a penknife
28/04/2021 19:27:37

I have a folding 'Stanley-type' knife in each of my toolboxes/bags **LINK**

Not stylish or beautifully made, but very practical

28/04/2021 15:51:50

I have seen them, but I can't recall how recently, in pipe and tobacco shops.

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 28/04/2021 15:51:58

Thread: Bygone Trader Catalogues
28/04/2021 12:55:11
Posted by ega on 28/04/2021 10:47:31:

In 1939, B&R had premises in both the Euston and Edgware Roads; another nearby attraction was Proops (I don't know if they ever produced a catalogue of their fascinating stock).

Proops definitely produced catalogues - to a teenager they were fascinating to read. Their branch in Nottingham was full of the stuff in the catalogue while the Tottenham Court Road branch also had loads of ex military and ex-government surplus stuff in as well down the steps towards the rear of the shop.

The shop was a few doors away from Buck and Hickman - any link with Buck and Ryan?

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 28/04/2021 12:55:22

28/04/2021 10:41:17

I have quite a large collection of bound volumes of ME which is still growing.

It is a pity that, depending upon who bound them, covers and ads were usually not included as I find those I do have, fascinating reading.

Thread: How can you check that DVLA field of vision machine is OK.
26/04/2021 09:12:57
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 25/04/2021 21:11:33:

”Our DVLA eye test chart is a 3m Snellen style eye chart. The chart is made of plastic and perfect for hanging on a wall. Our direct eye test chart conforms to DVLA standards. It includes the 7.5 test line as introduced by the DVLA and must be viewed from 6m away.”

Carrying out functional vision assessments is part of the day job, including visual acuity tests using both Snellen and Logmar test charts.

The Snellen test is a standard test that can only be carried out at 6m or 20ft. All reduced Snellen charts are 'Snellen style' as in the quote above. The Snellen chart does not include a line for 6/7.5 so the DVLA chart has this added - whether the 'viewed from 6m away' is a typo, or whether it is a separate line that is meant to be viewed from 6m, I don't know - but I suspect the former. The reason for this extra line is that by the nature of the test interpolation between the lines is not possible - although I have seen an ophthalmic surgeon with many years of experience estimate between lines accurately.

Moving out of my professional experience to my personal experience wearing varifocals all varifocals can operate at any strength between the distance setting and the close up setting (used to be 14" - probably now 35-40cm) - and usually a little beyond both of these. The only difference is in the rate of change between the two and this can mean more of the lens is available in the area most used for driving or computer use so less searching for the 'sweet spot' is needed for these tasks - but they will all match the prescribed distance and close up powers somewhere. (and everything in between)

Thread: Machining Wheel Castings
24/04/2021 17:26:57

Here are the front and back of a small wheel casting.

The back of the casting will need to be recessed to open up the spokes. Stan Bray in one of his books suggests that this used to be done like this in the past.

How much extra care do I need to take to avoid chipping the spokes as they come clear and the cut becomes intermittent? - and while normally I would use a tipped tool would I be better with HSS or a combination of carbide to begin and switch to HSS after the skin has been removed to avoid chipping the tool tip?


Thread: How can you check that DVLA field of vision machine is OK.
23/04/2021 09:13:21

Ah a different page on the same website - I searched for 'Driving eyesight rules' on and got the far vaguer information I quoted.

Thanks Michael - If I needed the information as against looking out of curiosity they don't make it easy, do they!

Thread: Buying a used car
23/04/2021 07:50:45

Being in Birmingham with a Low Emissions Zone happening from June 1st an older diesel is not a good buy - and there are about 20 more similar zones being set up over the next couple of years so if you need to drive into or through any cities I would check to see if any of these might affect you before making your final decision.

Thread: How can you check that DVLA field of vision machine is OK.
23/04/2021 07:44:06

The day job is concerned with teaching blind and VI students but as far as field defects we only check for functional vison - ie how it affects reading, mobility, use of a computer etc and don't use any machinery to get a more exact record.

However as I was interested in Windy's post I checked on the website and found out that for bus and lorry drivers the required standard was:

"You must have an uninterrupted horizontal visual field of at least 160 degrees with an extension of at least 70 degrees left and right and 30 degrees up and down. No defects should be present within a radius of the central 30 degrees"

All OK but for car drivers it was:

"You must have an adequate field of vision - your optician can tell you about this and do a test"

What is adequate?

Thread: recommendations for locos
22/04/2021 19:22:54

Members IanT and John Baguley work in this gauge I believe - perhaps look at John's website as well **LINK**

Thread: Boilers
22/04/2021 19:15:32

According to the magazines LBSC's Tich boiler is 18g with 16g tubeplates and 13g backhead

Thread: Soldering Electrical Connections to NASA standard
22/04/2021 12:15:04

In the nineties I was a trained assessor for the then British Standard for Quality Assurance.

Thinking about the friendly, but rough and ready back street garage I used then - they probably told anyone who complained to '**** off or we'll set the Alsatian on you'

If they only did that consistently and wrote it down as a procedure they could use it in QA certification!

Thread: Wheel flanges
21/04/2021 16:56:50
Posted by Hacksaw on 21/04/2021 16:46:49:

The chart that Duncan linked to , says overall width of a 3 1/2 " gauge wheel is 0.375 " - 9.5 mm . I reckon it's possible ! There isn't any wobble - run out , a think they'll skim up ok and still be wide enough . However... the hand drill bevel gear is a larger diameter than my wheels..?? I hadn't thought about that ..Any way around that ?

Edited By Hacksaw on 21/04/2021 16:48:23

LBSC in his write up for Canterbury Lamb, a very small 3½" loco says that he is returning to 'his' standard tread  width of 3/8" instead of using 5/16" like he specified for Rainhill - an earlier and even smaller 3½" loco. Later on he uses 5/16" tread width for the tender wheels. Tich also has wheels 5/16" tread width.

Please don't take this as being authoritative, a standard is a standard after all but there are locos with narrower wheels out there.

But tread width is not overall width of the wheel so the standard is 7/16" overall width with LBSC's slimmed down version 3/8" overall.

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 21/04/2021 17:23:35

Thread: Snapping taps
21/04/2021 14:00:43

This what Citric acid does to steel and as Jason has noted it can't tell the difference between toolholder and tap.img_20210207_170213900.jpg

Thread: No, not tooling from the Titanic!
21/04/2021 13:59:00

Posted in wrong place

Moderator could you delete please.

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 21/04/2021 13:59:58

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 21/04/2021 14:01:32

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