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Thread: You think you have trouble starting your car on a cold morning?
16/02/2021 18:47:06

One of the more senior members of our club was a fireman on the GWR and a driver on GWR and BR. He says that the multiple units would go flat overnight on shed so they were just left running instead!

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 16/02/2021 18:47:32

Thread: Plans for updating the archaic forum?
16/02/2021 18:43:59

Purely out of interest if someone wished to compare the RCM&E site in Jason's link above with the MECH site at **LINK**

There are a lot of layout similarities once you are in a forum, but the colours could not be more different.

IMHO neither is incorrect, but I do need to set this monitor slightly differently to read each optimally.

16/02/2021 18:34:34
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 16/02/2021 17:54:55:

[for what it’s worth: I have BSc Ergonomics with Human Biology, and a daughter whose partner is visually impaired]

The only reason I added my qualification and current job role was to give some context to what might appear to be unsubstantiated opinions - it is not really what we are about normally however as a matter of interest I also have my cycling proficiency certificate somewhere - must put that on the office wall cheeky

As someone who has had cataracts treated I suspect you a very aware of the affect a loss of contrast can have on vision.

It is interesting that someone with low contrast sensitivity can perform well on a visual acuity test, such as the well known eye test chart (Snellen) yet actually still not be able to see well!

Take care,


Thread: Caveat emptor
16/02/2021 11:41:32

According to an online thesaurus synonyms of procurement include obtaining and acquiring.

Could mean lost in the post, stolen while in transit, or most likely from my experience - a signed for parcel left on the step or just shoved through the door and not actually signed for which might be a problem in multi occupancy premises.

Thread: Fitting circular windows on Large Boilered Tich ??? Best Options ???
16/02/2021 11:34:03
  • Cut the window spaces in the cab front - I would clamp to the drill table and use a tank cutter very slowly.
  • Remove the centre drill from the tank cutter and use it to cut two disks of plastic (you may need to change the setting depending upon the shape of the cutter).
  • Chuck a large piece of metal in the lathe and hollow out the end about half an inch or so to leave a thick walled tube large enough in diameter to allow for a ring of 8 or 10 or 12ba bolts to hold it to the cab front outside the round window, but with a bore that is a bit smaller to hold the plastic in place.
  • Drill holes for bolts in the frame - I would use a tool post drill, but in the past I have made a guide that I have held in the tool post and used a hand held drill.
  • Part off two slices and you have your frames. Drill holes in the cab front and bolt frames in place with plastic in between.
  • I would probably face out the metal enough for 2 and a bit frames at a time before drilling deeper and facing/boring deeper for the second pair taking the size from the 'bit' still there after parting the first set off.
Thread: 2-Part Covid Vaccinations
16/02/2021 11:18:30
Posted by blowlamp on 16/02/2021 11:16:53:
Posted by Rockingdodge on 16/02/2021 10:51:10:

My wife and I were contacted by our respective surgeries by phone for our jabs and had them last Friday and the Friday before, we're 69 & 70. Missus had quite bad reactions, myself not so bad, to the Tizer vaccine.


That's got to be the best typo/joke in the history of the internet.

Can't stop Lol-ing yes smiley

Did it affect your appetite as in 'Tizer the ..... '

Thread: Plans for updating the archaic forum?
16/02/2021 11:12:26

MichaelG's comment that this site is easier on the eye and John's about being easy to read quoted by Emmgee are not quite the same thing. Human vision depends upon contrast and so it is easier to distinguish items where there is high contrast - on a computer screen black on white or black on yellow are effective. However neither of these are particularly restful on the eyes as a high luminance (bright) colour scheme can be tiring to use.

The answer is to maintain the contrast while lowering the brightness to an acceptable level. Unfortunately this is sometimes difficult to do as many LCD screens and laptops in particular control the brightness and contrast by adjusting the backlight rather than the image displayed, even though there may be controls labelled brightness and contrast.

The current colour scheme attempts to address the issue of tiredness by reducing the brilliance of the background by changing its colour. This seems an effective and easy way forward until declining contrast sensitivity of the viewer becomes an issue due to age or visual conditions.

If you find the brightness of a site with black print on a white background difficult reduce the brightness rather than changing the background colour to grey which simultaneously reduces the contrast. On modern push button LCD monitors this can be a confusing wander through a number of menus but may need to be done as all of the LCD monitors I have come across seem to be set at 50% brilliance and 50% contrast out of the box and this is rarely the optimum once contrast sensitivity begins to decline after the age of 20 or so depending upon eye health.

Vision and text is a complicated compound of different, sometimes contradicting issues and usually one aims only for the best compromise. Two examples - a 'thin' or 'lightweight' font like the one this site uses is harder to see, but the counters or 'holes' in letters like O B and D are easier to distinguish and c & e are easier to tell apart. So Bold is more difficult, but then so is the lightweight normal! Also making print larger may make it easier to see but less is taken in at a single glance so reading, and making sense of what has been read can become slower.

The most important single piece of advice must be to take breaks from the screen. While outside the workplace the Display Screen Regulations are not policed, it is important to remember that they still offer excellent advice if you are using computers for extended times in the home.


Lead Teacher of ICT to Blind and Visually Impaired Students

Qualified Teacher of the Visually impaired

Thread: Steam engines with electronically controlled valves
15/02/2021 14:37:48


15/02/2021 14:34:27

Is the one?

2008 vol 200 Issues 4319 p197, 4323 p440, 4327 p689

Les Kerr (Australia) Self-starting single-cylinder double-acting steam engine

Thread: Martin Evans, Royal Scot in gauge 0 - Walkerite sheet?
15/02/2021 11:11:24
Posted by J Hancock on 15/02/2021 10:47:26:

There are 'a few' , who I would tie to a ball and chain and only release them when they had constructed what they had drawn !

While normally I would agree wholeheartedly with you, in this case the loco was designed by Martin Evans and built by Severn Lamb for a French customer in 1965 although the design was not published in ME until 4 years later.

15/02/2021 10:20:00
Posted by Chris Kaminski on 15/02/2021 10:15:21:

@ Nick

Cynic in me tends to agree with your views about Martin Evans's mistakes devil

but I must give him credit were it is due - elsewhere in this series he acknowledges a mistake in the drawings of tranverse stays in the boiler "...Slight slip by draughtsman!..." wink

But not by him!

Cynical, Moi? devil

15/02/2021 09:55:37

This is the other half of the OP's drawing:-


As the only dimension shown is the thickness of the gasket material, one must assume that this is necessary for motion clearances.

Reasons for including it might be a. the original drawing of the cylinders was incorrect or b. that the cylinder castings, originally meant for a different design, would not clean up to the size required here.

Having read many of Martin Evans's articles I conclude he would appear not to find it easy to acknowledge a mistake and would either ignore it or suggest an 'improvement' had been pointed out to him - and at least two other well known authors would seem to not offer any corrections at all!

I would think that commercial gasket material would be best here being less compressible than my goto oiled braille paper.

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 15/02/2021 09:56:05

Thread: Cringle model engineering
14/02/2021 21:39:02

No experience of Cringle but do you have access to silver soldering equipment?

If so there are other boiler kits available from various sources Reeves2000 and GLR Kennions to name but two.

Thread: Starting out a young enthusiast
14/02/2021 20:26:14

At any other time my advice would be to see what any model engineering club could offer but that would not be possible at present. In addition my own club would expect youngsters to be accompanied by a suitable adult and this may also be the case with others.

There are kits of parts that will be able to be assembled into a passenger hauling loco using only hand tools - Polly Engineering is one manufacturer, but even hand tools cost money and the kits are priced in thousands. This is not expensive when compared with the number of hours work that goes into making a single steam locomotive - economies of scale help here - but still not cheap.

In a smaller size I would have recommended Ellie the tram engine but most parts for this are not available at present.

The main requirement is to find suitable guides/teachers/helpers that might be able to assist your son, but that isn't possible yet.

If you post details of your general location (but not your eMail, postal address or phone number!) someone may be able to point you at a club or clubs near to you.


Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 14/02/2021 20:31:12

Thread: 2-Part Covid Vaccinations
14/02/2021 20:09:10

Quantifying protection is difficult as much of the original testing was on the basis of a 3 week gap between inoculations. Only now is the level of protection after 12 weeks being investigated.

While the level of protection is apparently good the current advice (which may well change) is that if you were shielding before the first jab you should continue to shield until a week after the second one - at least that is what I have been advised by my consultant at a specialist chest clinic.

Thread: The new R Pi Pico
12/02/2021 14:37:24
Posted by J BENNETT 1 on 04/02/2021 13:09:59:

They are so cheap its worth having a look. However, unless you have other items to order it costs almost much in postage. Pimoroni and The PI Hut both have them back in stock now, although they are limiting it to one per customer. RS will have them in stock as well soon.


Just been on the PiHut site - 3 per customer now if you want that many

Thread: How does this temp trip work?
12/02/2021 14:28:32

I had one of those fake logburners that actually conceal a fanheater.

When that stopped working I took it apart an discovered two thermal switch devices. Checking part numbers which fortunately were visible I discovered one was a self resetting device and the second was a trip once only, non resettable one at a higher temperature.

So there are (at least) two different kinds of thermal switch/cut-out

The fan was so full of dust that it was stiff to turn - hence the cut-out cutting out permanently, thank goodness!

Thread: So it seemed like a great idea at the time
11/02/2021 19:12:06
Posted by JasonB on 11/02/2021 14:56:33:

.........You might also find Neil's bool useful

Book!! - or even his previous book that used a lathe the same as yours for many of the pictures and examples.


Thread: Ultra sonic cleaning
11/02/2021 19:07:56

My unheated unit (It is a 15quid Aldi special) uses water with a spot of washing up liquid as above.

I have not had to use it for engineering stuff but for mechanical film camera parts, fountain pens and spectacles it works a treat.

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 11/02/2021 19:08:07

Thread: Plans for updating the archaic forum?
11/02/2021 09:17:48
Posted by John Pace on 10/02/2021 20:13:32:


Anyone on here also uses the RCME model flying forum ,used to have a similar layout to this one ,has been changed over this last few days , go and have a look at it , be grateful for this one and hope there are no plans to change to a similar layout ,it looks bl**dy awful.


Whilst not wanting to appear a Luddite or a 'stick in the mud' any change of software might lead to issues like this arising. With the only revenue stream being from advertising, which has to pay for hosting, paying for a professional rebuild and then fault finding for an indeterminate time could be an expense too far.

Having seen many amateur websites in the day job the option of someone creating a replacement without the constraints of a commercial contract appeals even less!

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