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Thread: pdf's increasingly flagged as 'dangerous'
26/10/2021 09:08:05

PDFs can include Javascript and a hacker can add malicious code to this without affecting the look of the documents, so if you are uncertain of the source you may need to pay attention to Firefox.

Confusingly, in my personal experience, there can be false positives as well.

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 26/10/2021 09:08:21

Thread: Advice from the photographers.
26/10/2021 08:59:39

A very important decision is what software to use.

A few years ago I impulse bought an HP flatbed scanner that would also scan slides up to 5x4 from a table full of customer returns in a major high street retailer.

Getting it home I tried it and as a slide scanner it was useless producing grainy images with numerous artifacts not found on the slides.

I read reviews and many said the same thing so probably why it was returned by the original purchaser.

Tried trial versions of software downloaded from the web and both Silverfast and VueScan transformed the results - I eventually bought VueScan and still use it with updates.

As regarding speed the flatbed will scan 12 2x2 slides at a time but is quite slow while a Plustek clone will only do one at a time but is faster to do 12 one after another. The flatbed can scan at a higher resolution though.

Thread: LBSC 440 Virginia
25/10/2021 12:49:30
Posted by Roy Birch on 25/10/2021 12:06:07:

I am going to change to working springs and dispense with the castings, does anyone know where I can get the steel to make the working springs?

Reeves2000 and Blackgates both list spring steel as no doubt other suppliers do.

While the drawing suggests 26g spring steel strip the write up says spring steel 'as used in gramophone motors' with no indication of size.

While I have read that LBSC was building a Virginia at the time of his death he had not done so at the time the design was published so I should try to contact someone who has made the working leaf springs to see whether the thickness on the drawing works. Certainly the description of 'three or four laminations per leaf' suggests some experimentation might be necessary!

Other methods include slotting out the spring steel and using tufnol instead of steel.

Thread: Ferrous, facing, HSS tool geometry
24/10/2021 11:24:38

I am right handed but my left eye is the master and shoot (or rather shot - not done any for years) with a normal right handed shotgun. A bit frightening for others to watch as I appear to be shooting at about 45 degrees to reality! Of course in the cadets at school I shot standard Lee Enfield rifles using my left eye as well which is my excuse for taking so long to get my empire test!

This different master eye to handedness is apparently called being cross lateral, whatever that means.

Using a 35mm film SLR was an issue as if you look through the viewfinder with your left eye there is a tendency to poke your right eye out with the lever wind. The answer was Exacta cameras which were left handed until an Olympus with motor wind took over.

Thread: LBSC 440 Virginia
21/10/2021 09:14:37

I too have the Kozo A3 book and it will build into a realistic model while Virginia is a freelance design 'in the style of' an American 4-4-0.

If you don't already have them the Virginia drawings and articles are available online on John-Tom's website.

Being built from castings which are easily available I suspect that Virginia will be a faster build than the A3.

Go figure!

Thread: LBSC Vera
15/10/2021 08:53:37

There is a general arrangement of the loco in Brian Hollingsworth's book on LBSC with a couple of dimensions on.

LBSC designed Vera in 1951 (along with the similar Gert and Daisy) exclusively for Reeves and the design was never published in a magazine. Also there are no references to any completed models in the ME index.

So if Reeves are unable to help you with drawings the only chance would be someone with a second hand set they are willing to part with.

Brian Hollingsworth describes Vera as being 5" gauge but there are a few other misprints and mistakes in the book.

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 15/10/2021 08:55:52

Thread: Hermes and current petrol difficulties
10/10/2021 12:03:17
Posted by Keith Hale on 10/10/2021 11:06:48:

There are no reports of problems affecting model engineers using petrol fuelled blowlamps. Yet!


Edited By Keith Hale on 10/10/2021 11:08:36

As the only occasions on which I have tried to use petrol fuelled blowlamps they have done their best to kill me I suspect they might not be in a position (or even an earthly location) to respond!laugh

Thread: gr 8.8 ht bolt steel which carbide tip
06/10/2021 18:27:33
Posted by brian jones 11 on 06/10/2021 18:14:58:

Now Im puzzled by this JB area you saying that there are carbide insert on EB that are little better than butter for cutting steel? Yet there are reputable inserts costing 10x 20x that perform a job ask expected

This implies a massive fake fraud with serious implications

Not quite sure about fakes or fraud - unless of course they are being passed off as a quality brand (and even some of those can be doubtful today what with world-wide manufacturing and selling on of brand names!)

These may just be lower quality items, but at the price they might be good for some tasks and good value as such - just not able to do as well in a more difficult situation.

Thread: Small bandsaw needed
06/10/2021 11:57:57
Posted by Gerhard Novak on 05/10/2021 14:13:38:

Just got myself the Scheppach MBS1100 bandsaw, curently available from Screwfix and also Tool station for the same price. My first impression, after two test cuts is very positive. Very sturdy, well made.

Edited By Gerhard Novak on 05/10/2021 14:20:13

This is the same machine as my Aldi one bought a couple of years ago and I agree totally

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 06/10/2021 11:58:18

Thread: Another what is it?
04/10/2021 12:01:12

A couple of days ago I was given some items by the son of a late engineer - A foot candle meter with a dead cell, a handheld mechanical tachometer with three ranges 0-500rpm, 0-5000 rpm and 0-50000rpm and this which I don't know the purpose of.:-


It seems to measure force in grams when the pointer which is ball ended is pressed from side to side, it has an adjustable pointer but it cannot be used like that as there is no means of mounting it and no signs of there ever has been. It must be hand held and if so it cannot produce an accurate reading as far as I can see. The tool maker who originally owned it was born in 1918 and was working to within a couple of years of his death in 2009 if that time window helps. 

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 04/10/2021 12:02:17

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 04/10/2021 12:02:47

Thread: Testing Medieval Gunpowder
30/09/2021 10:32:44

Nearly 50 years ago a friend who was a history teacher (and model engineer) was asked to teach some science due to a shortage in that department.

Until very firmly told to desist he did some excellent experimental chemistry on gunpowder investigating the effect of different mixtures, size of particles and the difference (if any) between bone charcoal and wood charcoal.

The kids loved it and no one was hurt but if H&S had been a thing then heaven knows what would have happened!

Thread: in a mount fitting the Leica and with thread M 39x1
20/09/2021 08:12:08

Just a small sideways point - pre-war T, as in the extract above, was a reference to the coating applied to a lens whilst post-war, due to copyright disputes, Zeiss lenses could not be referred to by their previous names. As a result T on a post-war East German lens meant it was a Tessar and S (as in the original letter posted by Michael) referred to an eastern Sonnar.

Thread: Is this blindingly obvious?
17/09/2021 11:29:39

I have had my Ender 3d printer for a while now but it fell out of use after I finished my first reel of Creality branded filament with zero problems and bought another reel of a different brand from a major internet supplier.

This filament kept sticking as it pulled off the reel ruining prints despite having fitted a guide to give a smoother feed.

Decided it was the (admittedly cheap) reel so bought another. Same jamming.

Frustrated 3D printing was ignored for a while until I bought a pair of the reel holders with ballraces fitted so instead of sitting on the top of the printer the reel sits on the bench alongside and feeds almost directly into the feeder. Problem solved.

Is this so blindingly obvious I should have known to do this all along or one of the hidden mysteries of 3D printing?

Thread: Extension to Digital Version
16/09/2021 14:04:44
Posted by Peter G. Shaw on 15/09/2021 10:01:43:

Quite correct Michael, I do indeed live in Cumbria. Which is why once Neil was advised by Jason, I've not done anything about the offer in the email and am now waiting for something more, anything more, from Neil.

Incidently, has anyone received MEW308 yet?

Peter G Shaw

No. 308 Just plopped onto the mat here in Brum

Thread: in a mount fitting the Leica and with thread M 39x1
16/09/2021 08:41:20
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 15/09/2021 18:28:12:
Posted by Bob Stevenson on 11/09/2021 21:35:20:

Carl Zeiss Jena,...or, in common parlance, 'East German Zeiss' made the lenses for the Pentacom 35mm SLR...the standard lens was the 58mm Biotar, if I recall and, I think used a 39x1 thread. This was later crudely copied by the Russians in the Zenith SLR which also used 39x1 and the Biotar(?) was the origin for the Helios 58mm lens.for that camera.

No, they used M42 x 1, the same as Pentax.

Note that T2 thread is M42 x 0.7.

There was nothing crude about the Helios 58mm, it's an excellent bit of glass.


The later Zenit SLR cameras did use the M42 mount, however the earlier Zenit 3m used M39 but with a greater film/lens distance to allow room for the mirror etc in an SLR. The Zeiss Biotar copy, the Helios 44 58mm f2 was available in this registration, but while this will physically fit a rangefinder camera there is no cam to operate a rangefinder and it will not focus.

Thread: Apple recipes
15/09/2021 13:23:58
Posted by Lee Rogers on 15/09/2021 12:56:06:
The thing is that being Head Chef is like being a dad, they expect you to know the answer to everything .

So how come neither of my daughters (both in their early 20s) appear to accept that I know anything about anything??

I even get corrected when they ask for money or a lift and I say no. Apparently that is not the right answer!

Love them to bits but at times can scream! laugh

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 15/09/2021 13:24:29

Thread: in a mount fitting the Leica and with thread M 39x1
15/09/2021 13:07:13

Michael - have you seen this?


Thread: Win 10 back t0 Win 7
08/09/2021 10:24:28
Posted by Vic on 08/09/2021 10:11:11:

Well, what does 'market share' mean? If it's anything to do with the amount of money paid to buy or rent an operating system, it's not surprising that Linux is at the bottom - it's free!

If that was the case then surely it would be zero?! wink

Not necessarily as there are paid for versions of Linux where the software is bought with support as a package.

Thread: Multimeter recommendations
08/09/2021 10:18:34

Moving away from the OPs question, while I have a number of meters (quality, AVO and yellow cheapies) I recently bought an inexpensive Chinese made digital meter with bluetooth that talks to my phone which then speaks the reading aloud.

So when you are struggling to take the reading and unfortunately have forgotten your extra hand and extra pair of eyes to hold and look at the reading you can just put it somewhere nearby, out of sight if necessary and hear what it says.

Originally bought for blind students to hear what was being measured I have found the facility useful in awkward positions (and FAR less dangerous than an assistant to take the readings for you!)

Thread: They see you coming
08/09/2021 10:02:05
Posted by Nicholas Wheeler 1 on 08/09/2021 09:47:39:

Damaged locking nuts or lost keys are the biggest reason for not being able to do wheel changes at the side of the road.

I won't have them on any car I own.

I have to disagree - I think the biggest reason is no spare wheel and in some cases no facility for carrying one safely and conveniently - all to bring the weight down and improve fuel consumption test results.

With today's traffic I also suspect that even with a spare on the vehicle there are very few locations where changing a tyre on the drivers side of a vehicle could be done safely without the attendance of breakdown services.

As the purpose of locking wheel nuts is to prevent the theft of wheels even if damaged they are doing their job and an insurance claim for wheel theft may fail if they are removed when supplied as standard with the vehicle (as they have been with the last 6 vehicles I have bought new).

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