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Thread: Looking for a very small lathe.
06/10/2020 16:09:34

I have a Cowells ME90 that was bequeathed to me, it is an older model probably 30 or so years but it works very well. The only real problem is that the headstock spindle thread is the earlier M14 by 1.5, whereas most aftermarket bits are M14 by 1.0, and the lectrics are difficult to source spares for. The motor is obsolete and it uses a start relay that seems unobtainable, Cowells don't have any, basically it is a slow to operate relay that disconnects the motor start winding. Mine has become very slow to operate so it runs very lumpily until the relay eventually works.At the moment neither is a major problem and I don't really use the machine that much. The other thing that might be an issue is top speed, the earlier ones were three speed of which the fastest is 880 rpm. Other than that they are probably the best of the obtainable v small lathes unless you can afford Schaublin. You don't state whether you are buying new, and if so none of the above much matters but certainly the Cowells in preference to the Proxxon.



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Thread: Music in the Workshop
03/08/2020 12:50:33

Well I suppose I should declare an interest, or perhaps I should say an involvement. Back in the mid 90s I worked for a small company that won the contract for the technical installation of the studios for ClassicFM then situated in the basement of the Gilbeys Gin building in Camden Town, so I suppose you can praise or bame me according to taste. Just to compund Peter S's joy or disappointment I also built CFM in Carlisle.

Music is of course a personal taste but I don't understand anyone who claims to dislike a musical genre, I will listen to all and everything, some things I inevitably prefer, anything from Gregorian chant to Rap, there's good in all but because so little is recorded prior to 1900 all the rubbish is long forgotten whereas all modern stuff is readily available and insuffient time has passed for the chaff to be discarded. We might well remember the Stones hits from the 60s for example but thankfully the crap from that era has been forgotten.

The one thing I have found from over 60 years of listening is that commercial broadcasting is firstly aimed at the advertiser, secondly, at the particular stations profits, and lastly, if at all, at the listener. It is universally dire everywhere in the world, and I have some experience to draw on here. You might think the license fee is a poorly hidden tax which you begrudge the BBC but it's still light years ahead of anyone else, and we lose it at our peril.



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Thread: It would happen now!
14/04/2020 12:52:45


I'm with Grindstone Cowboy and Phil on this, fitted an Intergas HRE24 three years ago which I am very pleased with, the heat exchanger is a model of good design and will not suffer as a plate heat exchanger does especially in high water hardness areas. If you get it fitted by an Intergas registered engineer I think you can get a 10 year warranty.



Thread: Face mill prices
11/04/2020 11:23:38

I bought a 50mm R8 one from Cutwel last year, I think they were doing a deal, which has inserts with 8 cutting edges. I have in honesty only used it once but it did all I wanted. I can't now remember what I paid but it won't have been silly money. I would have bought from Arc but it was just before they started stocking them.



Thread: M-DRO Magnetic Tape / Linear Encoder 
23/03/2020 17:24:17


Herewith some pics of my installation





For some reason this is 90deg out so mentally rotate it clockwise, it is the Z axis which in truth isn't too much use on a SX2.7 I find. The other thing is that because M-DRO sell this as a universal package the supplied brackets are all far too big so I had to homebrew mountings and you do end up with a length of magnetic track surplus however I had a good deal from them so the cost of individual parts was still greater than I paid.

Found another better pic of the X and Y arrangement. Any questions please ask.




22/03/2020 11:26:16

Hi Ken

I installed an M-DRO magnetic DRO on my SX2.7 last year, if your interested I can put up some pics.



Thread: Emcomat 7
04/02/2020 11:37:05

Morning gentlemen.

Firstly thanks for all of the most helpful thoughts and suggestions. When this opportunity arose my thinking was that the Emco would likely be more rigid in the whole saddle/ toolpost arrangement which is something I feel lets the SC3 down, although if one is not in a rush and I most certainly am not, it's workable around. Secondly utilising a gearbox rather than a brushless motor it would not suffer from torque reduction at low spindle speed.

They are both solid enough reasons to consider it, however I took the chance to ring Tony Griffiths at and ask his opinion. He pointed out the known possible problems, motor switchgear, fibre toothed gears and Mazak gear selector forks and also that the price was on the high side. He most importantly suggested personal inspection before committing. This is a problem, the lathe is in northern France and I'm in Scotland, and having purchased it I would need to move it the 6 or 700 miles at a cost. Additionally spares are difficult or impossible. With all these factors in play I have decided against it, the benefits are somewhat outweighed by difficulties and the nett gain might well be a significant loss.

At the risk of reopening the UK/European/Far East discussion the SC3 works, it's not perfect but it it will do most of what I want and likely need. Brushless motors in themselves are just one solution to the power requirement and not ideal but then neither is a single phase motor, and are for a hobby machine manufacturer probably the most cost effective.

A further thought, if Chinese made mini lathes weren't available what could you buy new around that size? Not much I think which would condemn most of us to do something else for a hobby.

Once again thanks for all the input, an interesting read.



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03/02/2020 10:23:51

I have an opportunity to purchase a 2nd hand Emco 7, that comes with 3 and 4 jaw chucks, quite a few Dickson style tool holders and I think other tooling as well for something like £700. An acquaintance of mine is selling on the contents of a late friends workshop and I am in no doubt about the provenance of the machine and am told that it is in full working order. This would replace the Sieg SC3 that I currently have which works well enough, so is this a sensible move forward do you think?



Thread: Metric Flat brass bar
21/01/2020 16:36:23

I think this might be difficult, all of my usual suppliers can do imperial without a problem, only one shows metric stock but not in the sizes you need. You could try John Hood who have outlets in Clydebank and Newcastle, they will do short lengths.



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Thread: Tapping drill size
31/10/2019 18:18:17

I thought a wee update might be in order. I am making a bigger version of the clamp shown front left, and the piece of steel which started out at 30mm by 20mm has been milled to suit and at the weekend I will access the power bandsaw at the railway to chop off 26mm wide bits allowing a finish to 25mm wide. I bought some blank T nuts, at £1 each it's just not worth making them, to which the drilling and tapping presented no problem at all, Sometimes I think the fear of cocking things up is a too powerful disincentive to progress, and even the power tapping was susprisingly undemanding. Anyway a good result.




20/10/2019 10:35:41

Who knew threads could be so complex. I note from Harold Hall's tables that a 7.00mm drill gives a thread engagement of 65% which I think will be fine for this application and since I have that size I will use it. The thread is to receive a SS cap head screw which I will measure just in case they are seriously undersize, once again my thanks to all the contributors, I know a bit more now.



18/10/2019 14:24:48

Further interesting thoughts from posters today, for which I thank you. Since I've yet to order bits it seems 7.1mm might be a better choice, and whilst I have a full 0.1 increment set up to 6mm I'm reluctant to shell out for the 6.1 upwards set as most of it would remain in pristine condition.



17/10/2019 17:37:17

Many thanks chaps, the concensus appears to be 6.8mm so far be it from me to disagree. Tracy tools can supply reasonably inexpensively so I'll go there.


17/10/2019 12:51:20

I have a need to tap some M8 holes. From published information it seems the tapping drill can be anything from 6.8mm to 7.5mm. I appreciate the small drill will produce a tight thread and the large one a loose fit, so is approximately the mid point between the sizes the optimum, given that the application is some T nuts. I would appreciate your thoughts.



Thread: Tingling from Myford Super 7
12/10/2019 15:55:48

Just for the record, the earth loop impedance of a given supply, at the supply point (the meter) should be no greater than 0.8R for a TNS supply and no greater than 0.35R for a TNCS supply. It can be and often is lower, the princpal variant being the distance from the substation.

Brian G makes a very valid point, the house previous to my current one was built in 1922 and used the lead rising main as the earth electrode which was fine until the supply pipe was replaced by an MDPE one. It took 18 months to persuade the DNO to provide an earth which took 5 minutes to implement. It's certainly worth checking in an older property that there is an earth at all.

I would agree with Emgee that a separate supply to the workshop is sensible, not least because you not limiting the current availability to the rating of the circuit it is currently spurred from and as in this case a ground floor ring final might well have a washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer all potentially in use at the same time before considering the workshop needs. If it can be done easily I would.



Thread: Blued metal cleading
18/06/2019 18:27:22
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 18/06/2019 13:36:39:
I wonder if "cleading" is a regional dialect version of "cladding" that's somehow found its way around the country with the locomotives and crews?

I suppose it depends on whether you call old Scots a regional dialect or not, I'm in the not camp for self preservation reasons. Clead is an old Scots word meaning clothes/ clothing hence boiler cleading or boiler clothing. I feel cladding really only applies to sheet steel mounted in crinolines, no doubt there are many equally valid explanations.



Thread: How to price up and sell a super 7 lathe
12/06/2019 10:34:11

There's currently a chap in the wanted ads looking for a Myford on a stand, got to be worth a conversation.


Thread: Mini-Lathe setup for an absolute beginner?
21/05/2019 21:39:27


I'm near Glasgow and I have a Sieg SC3 supplied by Arc. If you can face the west your more than welcome to visit my workshop and have a look and play, and get my feedback. PM me if you want to take it further.

Kind regards


Thread: fly cutter or face mill
10/05/2019 21:40:33

Thanks Jason, I'll give it a try tomorrow.



10/05/2019 19:50:33

Arc delivered to me a 2.5" flycutter and a pre ground HSS cutter, so thought I should try it out. Obviously never having used one before I didn't expect perfection however as you can see from the pic it is several hundred percent better than the first effort. I cut at 570rpm, a doc of 20 thou, and a fairly conservative feed rate, and whilst it's not glass and the tool marks are feelable it would suffice if surface finish wasn't critical, it isn't. I will do the other side at a slightly faster rpm to see whether that finesses the finish.The chips were definitely hot and tending towards blue, does this indicate the feed rate is still too high? A huge step forward nonetheless.




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