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Thread: Coping with deafness
01/08/2020 16:03:03

There are wi-fi doorbells which can connect to a smart phone. Should sort her out as long as she carries the phone with her all the time.

Thread: Lathe turning speed in relation to different metals
01/08/2020 15:50:31

I find it much easier to get a good finish on a small lathe with a VFD as I can alter the speed while taking a cut. The finish will change with rpm.

But as mostly said above, it's trial and error, I know there are books and recommendations etc...but I'd rather make some swarf first, and then post the results and questions on the forum, probably you will get more meaningful answers.

Edited By ChrisB on 01/08/2020 15:52:27

Thread: Is a drip feed coolant advisable
25/07/2020 19:16:11

No one mentioned a vacuum cleaner if the real issue is swarf. I rarely ever use cutting fluids on the mill, but I also only use carbide cutters. Swarf on the other hand is really annoying, especially when hot chips start flying all over the place. Rather than a bix enclosure I have a deflection screen and a vacuum hose. You will not pick up all the chips but you'll catch most of them. After the pass is done I can then give the table and workpiece a good clean up. This only works on small chips not stringy swarf.

Thread: Power feed for a VM32L mill
15/07/2020 10:22:47
Posted by Simon Babb on 14/07/2020 12:35:36:

Just going back to the first part of this post, has anyone used a magnetic clutch to engage / dis-engage the drive motor? look like it could be a simpler and cleaner option?

I built mine with a simple friction disk clutch. Works both as an engage dis-engage device and also will slip in case of a jam somwhere.


Thread: Installing a magnetic DRO on my VM32L
02/07/2020 18:37:42

This is how I installed mine, possibly the simplest way to do it! The mounting bracket is just a piece of 1.5mm sheet metal, bent to match the angle of the milling machine base (the base casting has a slight slant to it) The bracket is slotted to allow for the readhead hide height to be adjusted.

The surface finish of the base might not be the same as that of a machined surface, but it's certainly fine for the magnetic tape to be installed on to. Installed this way you will not have any issues of anything sticking out.

My readhead and tape might be considerably smaller than yours but the length should be approximately the same. Have had no issues with it yet - my only complaint would be that some chips do tend to stick to the tape occasionally, but it's easy to wipe off with a brush.


Thread: Tool post project
29/06/2020 17:40:00

Thinking of how to get the tool post to index, I have found online **LINK** serrated washers which could fit on the bottom face after modifying both tool post and washer. The washer has 24 teeth, so I will get 15 deg at each step, that's all the important angles there.

toothed ring.jpg

Thread: Installing a magnetic DRO on my VM32L
29/06/2020 15:56:19

It should not matter which direction the strip is installed. The stainless strip is a protective cover, and it should have a self adhesive backing. You can use the magnetic strip with or without the protective strip but for obvious reasons I would install it as well once you have it.

Be careful how to install both strips, they have to be installed accurately inline to each other and to the read head.

The way I would go round the installation, if you are installing the magnetic tape directly to the mill is to first get your brackets ready and install them then machine a block of aluminium with similar dimensions to your read head. On the block machine a slot the width of the read tape (as a guide) Then pass the tape through the dummy read head while traversing the axis you're installing the magnetic tape to.

It probably sounds a bit complicated, if you read through my build thread there are photos of how I did it. Probably there are other ways, but that is how I did it.

29/06/2020 09:59:38

The installation kit you have there is very basic, not even carriers for the strip and readheads!

I built my DRO from scratch as described in the link above by Jed. The magnetic strips have adhesive backing and I stuck mine directly to the machine. I drilled no holes for the mounting brackets - either used existing holes or epoxied the brackets to the mill itself (but you could drill if you wanted of course) I think you would be better off to manufacture your own bracketry or modify what you have. You don't have much to work with tbh!


Thread: Tool post project
28/06/2020 11:47:51

This project never really took off, have the rough cut material for it, but it's stood on the bench for close to a year collecting dust. Had a look at the design again and did some changes (again). This is what I think I will go on with unless someone notes some major flaw!

The intention is to use 16mm shank tooling which I already have but am not using. The idea is I do not have to shim or adjust any of the insert tool holders as the tool post will place them on centre height (for 16mm tooling) For Hss tools I will machine the holders to centre height (but I don't use Hss much anyway)

The central pin will be 22mm dia, will step down and be threaded m12x1 for the top lock nut. It will fit directly into the compound slide with out any modifications so I can still use the original turret tool post. The tool post block will rotate around this pin and lock at any desired angle - I'm still thinking about angle indexing ways to include in the design.

The clamping action is via a 32mm dia threaded hollow pin and a clamp plate. The jaws are bolted to the clamp plate and slide in dovetails. I am assuming that the clamping force will be big enough for the insert tool holder not to move under load. Not sure what thread I'm going to use on the hollow pin, most probably I'll go for m32x1, and included a thrust needle bearing to reduce friction losses.

toolpost update 3.jpg

tool post updated 1.jpg



Edited By ChrisB on 28/06/2020 11:57:13

Thread: Tramming Milling Machine
22/06/2020 07:01:40

Don't know what type of mill yours is, so it could have a specific tramming procedure. When I trammed my WM18, which is a very common vertical column mill design, I could not get the head nod right and there's no adjustment for that. The only solution was to shim the column as mentioned above or shim the head. I opted for the latter. The only drawback I can think of if you do it this way is you have to re-shim if you need to rotate the head, but I will not be doing that inless it is absolutely necessary.

How often to do it I think would depend on how you treat your mill, a deep doc with a flycutter might knock it out of tram.

Thread: boring head and tools
19/06/2020 20:41:22

I see what you mean Jason, that would be an easy fix.

For the OP, the LH drawing is how the tool is supplied with anti CW boring bars, so you have to run it in reverse to do cuts with the boring bars in vertical.

What I'm trying to suggest is mounting the bar horizontal in the side, turn the cutting edge to face down and run the mill in fwd direction. As Jason says the geometry of the cutting edge might need some adjustment but nothing major I think.


19/06/2020 20:03:34

Hi Ian, when you place the ACW boring bar in the side holder of the head and rotate it through 180' to get the cutting edge facing down, wouldn't it become a CW tool? You can then spin the boring head clockwise and do your cuts.

Will try to draw a diagram, maybe it's clear to me or maybe I'm missing something

19/06/2020 15:39:01

Maybe a silly idea, could you stand the sheet on spacers on the table and bore it from the bottom face to the top?

Thread: Mono or Multi tube water heater
19/06/2020 15:16:58
Posted by Bill Davies 2 on 19/06/2020 13:46:59:

Interesting problem, raise a body of water to temperature, and simultaneously stabilise it against heat losses. A a general rule, gas is one third the cost of electricity generated from gas, due to conversion losses.

Dave's comment is interesting,regarding solar. Assuming direct solar heating, we've all felt the heat of water from a hose pipe on a hot day. But how doable? Today, in Cardiff, it's cool and overcast, so it depends on where Fizzy is located.

What's the power of the electrical heater?

Solar water heating kind of depends on how much cloud cover you experience in the country you live in, I have a vacuum tube water heater installed and supplies very hot (boiling) water all year round apart overcast days (which are rare in Malta where I live)

It's heating capacity is not affected by the outside temp, but by the amount of direct sunlight the tube can receive. So it could be a sunny day in cold weather and you'll get hot water. I doubt you could use solar power efficiently in the UK tho, I believe it's mainly overcast up there, right? smile p

Thread: Milling power feed
15/06/2020 10:16:37
Posted by Colin Heseltine on 15/06/2020 09:53:51:


PM me your email address and i will send the Excel spreadsheet to you.


Thanks Colin, pm sent.

Did you build your own motor adapter ring? If I'm not mistaken on the Ward website I read you can get one from Arceuro but I could not find any in their shop. What they have is the whole table with motor, maybe he was referring just that?

15/06/2020 08:09:09
Posted by mechman48 on 14/06/2020 23:14:23:

Unable to view video... message says...

annotation 2020-06-14 231103.jpg


Sorry about that, I edited the video and thought I saved it, but apparently instead I deleted it!

Here it goes again...

14/06/2020 22:11:49

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I was searching for a stepper motor angle controller and could not find anything which I could use in this application.

The Ward controller is just what I need, ready built PCB is even better. I could use your spreadsheet Colin thanks. Just spied in your album and saw a couple of photos of the front panel, nice work!

14/06/2020 19:42:07

Now that the powerfeed project is ready I got a couple of related projects I can start with.

The first should be simple enough, a powering the milling head. Will use a nema23 similar to the one used on x-axis, and rather than using a separate controller I'll use the same one for the x-axis.

The other project is the rotary table. I got a 6" table from Arc but it's without dividing plates. The plates cost around £110, to which I have to add shipping. If I could fit a stepper drive on it to somehow control the angle it would probably cost somewhere in the same range.

Have seen a couple of stepper controllers which you can set the angle but they are a bit crude and there's not much info on them.


I would prefer something plug and play tbh! More research is needed!

Edited By JasonB on 14/06/2020 20:12:58

11/06/2020 12:03:17

Powerfeed project finally finished.

Did some changes to the clutch release mechanism which was not working as intended - rather than the two rollers mounted on the fork to release the clutch I replaced them with a bronze thrust bearing. This gave a smoother feel then turning the handwheel with the motor decoupled.

Here's a video of the powerfeed operation.

Nema23 stepper, direct drive to the lead screw.


Clutch internals, motor drive disk, clutch friction disk, thrust bearing on fork, actuating spring.




Thread: ArcEurotrade machine deliveries to Switzerland
08/06/2020 12:11:07

I don't see why Arc should not ship overseas if the buyer really wanted to. I bought my lathe and milling machine from Warco and had them delivered all the way to Malta. Their shipping quote was too high so I arranged for shipping myself through a local shipping groupage company which specialises in bulky goods. I'm sure you could do the same if you waive them off responsability for anything happening during transportation.

I think Arc are more worried about aftersales, and I would understand that.

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