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Thread: Home built trailer
06/08/2019 20:22:56

Presume driver is old enough to have a driving licence that covers towing.

Son and heir was towing 12 ton trailers when 16 years old at work (farming) but could not tow a wheelbarrow sized trailer behind his car as he had not done a towing test to get the necessary category added to his licence.

01/08/2019 21:11:49
Posted by Malc on 01/08/2019 20:59:42:

I remember my Dad buying a Renault Dauphine, it was the first brand new car he had. The front weight (or rather the lack of it) was a problem. I remember my Dad keeping a 1 cwt. bag of cement in the boot to compensate.

Just like me in my Skoda 105 (no skoda jokes please) in the winter, bag of gravel in the front and drive through snow up to the headlights like it was bare tarmac, dead reliable ,built like and ran like a tractor. smiley smiley

Thread: Edison thread tap
31/07/2019 21:02:58

Would something like what we used in skool be of use ?

The Interwebnet is full of choice eg.

Thread: Holding sheet metal on milling table
31/01/2019 21:37:14

You could try going back to your laser cutter person and ask them to engrave the pattern with their laser as it is a no contact process

Thread: You tube videos of entertainment if not informative
27/01/2019 21:39:17

Anyone like to try making one?

Another one to Goggle is "most useless machine" responds in many forms of much the same device, mostly wood or plastic construction but I'm sure a design could be replicated in metal.

Thread: A question about lock (jam) nuts
26/12/2018 21:28:57

Temporarily remove offending nuts and threaded shaft. expand hole for half inch or so depth (approx 12.5 mm, other units are available)

A hollowed wooden dome made to allow covering of the nuts and turned to fit hole occurs to be a solution to me.

I am sure wood haters could no doubt cobble together a metal version of same.

Thread: Modern efficiency !!!!!!!!!
18/12/2018 21:44:24

Put 100.000miles on my last company van and the only faults were 3 different sensors failing and needing carried back to the VW dealers as they said it was unsafe to drive simply because a sensor failed (I could see one failure hanging on the end of the wire, it had snapped off the steering pump),

The particulate filter didn't need much keep it clean just a changing to 3rd gear on a dual carriageway at 70 mph and keep it a t 70 for a 30 seconds or so, job done and if one is not happy about matching revs and changing down to 3rd then just check for no following traffic, slow down to a speed you are happy to change into 3rd and rev it to the red line or 70 mph and hold for the aforementioned period

Thread: Cost of deliveries
11/12/2018 21:14:10

You should try living up here£2.20 item in a large national chain shop, £.20 on their website, £27.20 charged to their card and delivered in a small padded envelope. No wonder our local friendly MEP (not for much longer, hopefully)*

*if ever we get this brexit sorted.

Thread: Interests other than Model Engineering
03/12/2018 20:22:56

Good old fashioned wine, women and song

'cept I'm no good at one of them so I concentrate on the other two.

Thread: G-gem gib or g-golf -gib?
09/10/2018 21:18:51

Engllish American is even more fun

A boot on the pavement or is it a fender on the sidewalk, both intelligible to us, then comes along solder or sauder

Thread: Junior Hacksaw Blades
14/09/2018 22:57:08

Ah, but which direction do the above users fit the blade, cut on the push stroke or cut on the pull stroke.

I find that blades last much longer cutting on the pull stroke, at least they do in the pupils hands at work.

Thread: The colour of threshing machines.
07/08/2018 21:16:55
Posted by Terry Balaam on 07/08/2018 18:36:50:

I have followed the Post in the Forum with interest for several years. This is the first time I have added a post.

The Posts on Alligator belt fasteners was interesting as when I started work it was in a granary and Alligator fastners were in use but the most common type were the types in the photo.

You could judge if the machine was running at the correct speed by the clicking of the joints as they went over the pulleys.

Belt Fasteners

Fitted many of these and also hammered in the alligators, we preferred these bolt on types as they could be slightly adjusted to run true by careful tightening of the bolts but if you got an alligator ever so slightly squint the belt would not run happily with the fast and loose mechanism and the pin wore and broke quicker.

Back to the colours, chalky feeling pink for the woodwork with red metalwork or an orangey/creamy/yellowish woodwork with black painted metalwork but this was on a restored thrashing mull

Thread: Mail order ban on bladed products
13/07/2018 22:33:42

As Homer Simpson says "It just gets woise and woise"

Many many years ago, 1968 or thereabouts, I was sent to the Post Office to post a neatly wrapped brown paper parcel all securely tied up with strong string (an 8 inch cube).

Upon placing on the scale the postmaster asked what was in the parcel as it was very heavy for a parcel so small.

I replied honestly "it is a stone". Upon hearing this he said that I couldn't post a stone, now being an objectionable teenager I enquired why not as it was well wrapped, properly addressed and below their size and weight limits and I had the means to pay for its postage.

He then asked why I wanted to post a stone and I told him it was to help with the country's exports.

Funnily enough he said he didn't believe me and take it away.

So I went to another Post Office where it was accepted and paid for then was asked what was in such a heavy wee parcel and again I answered truthfully "a stone". This answer was followed up with "why would anyone want to post a stone"

I resisted the temptation to tell the nice lady that the addressee was building a house but replied honestly that the parcel was a sample of the stone quarried at the place I worked and a potential customer had asked for a sample.

And as they say at the end of a good book - "everybody lived happy ever after"

And at an airport have anybody ever tried answering truthfully to "did you pack this box yourself "

I did on two occasions, boy did I get a hard time before me and the box getting on to the plane.

Thread: ABRAFILE : MEW 270
12/07/2018 22:12:26

Found a nest of them nice files in a cupboard at work the other day and the boss said chuck them so I did, right into the red wheelie bin that I drive to work in smiley, they should last me out.

Thread: Political views within the forums
12/07/2018 21:49:16

There are plenty other forums, soap boxes, pubs and the like for political spouting, discussion and usually before too long, abuse so keep it clear of this forum.

Unlike politics, this forum interests me. Am I sad or what?

Thread: English dialect
18/04/2018 20:01:05
Posted by Gordon W on 18/04/2018 10:45:20:

Strange, I've just got back from Cumminstown with a new MOT. Don't get going about Fougie, or however it's spelt or pronounced. At long last I have found why a dyke is a ditch in England and a wall in the north, it is derived from Viking and just means "boundary". A few years ago we were at the Welsh two day trial, in one pub all were speaking Welsh, including the Polish barman. No probs tho' ,very friendly.

Min you wan bin in the Cumineston by Turra, - the Collach (Cummingston) by the Broch, not the FraserBroch, disnae hae a MOT placie.

18/04/2018 19:53:48
Posted by Mike on 18/04/2018 10:16:12:

George Clarihew is right: the area around Burghead is also known as "The Broch". In the circles in which I moved before I retired, Aberchirder was always known as "Foggieloan", or just "Foggy". And in the North-east Scottish tradition, George must be known as "Dod."

Edited By Mike on 18/04/2018 10:17:45

Spot on Mike, Foggieloan,

by Turra, nowhere near Auchterturra smiley smiley wink, explain that one


Was known here as Dod till compooter took over and lost me so was set up as me is now sad

Edited By George Clarihew on 18/04/2018 19:55:43

Thread: Ball bearings
17/04/2018 22:13:09
Posted by not done it yet on 17/04/2018 12:24:49:
Posted by J Hancock on 17/04/2018 10:22:30:

I think you will find that, in the case of washing machines, it will be the failure of the mechanical seal/seat that has allowed soapy water into the bearings .

A few hours of that on fast spin will do the damage.

It should not. There should be a weep hole to allow any water, which might pass the seal, to drain away without affecting the bearings. If no weep hole it is a crass design. It is often the bearings failing, that does the seal in. Chicken and egg situation. 1800 spin speed with a horizontal drum and undersized bearing was what caused the hotpoint to fail.

During nearly 26 years on the job, virtually all the machines I repaired and saw a telltale trail from the weep hole by the drum bearing signalled that the bearings, although they sounded and felt servicable at the time, were not long for this world. I reckon the drum seal gave up first and the damp and soapy environment then went for the bearings.

The old fashioned spring wire bones from corsets wrapped round the shaft were instant seal wreckers even though the machine was stopped as soon as the noise made itself known.

Thread: English dialect
17/04/2018 21:45:39
Posted by Mike on 16/04/2018 14:31:44:

Alistair's observations are interesting. Even my unpractised English ear can detect differences between the way in which the older generation speaks in communities along the Moray Firth coast only a few miles apart. When I became editor of the Banffshire Journal in 2000 I noticed that the Doric in Banff was different to that spoken in my home village of Portgordon 23 miles away. Presumably there were differences in all of the coastal communities in between. There are even differences in place names. Alistair points out that Fraserburgh is always referred to as "The Broch" in these parts. Also, there's a village near here named as Findochty is you look at the Ordnance Survey, but everybody around here calls it Finechty. Someone suggested to me, with what accuracy I don't know, that the original makers of the Ordnance Survey, being English and therefore not able to understand the locals, made plenty of similar errors with place names throughout Scotland.

As you will have found out , English is the second language of Scotland wink smiley

Speaking as a Doric spikker loon brocht up in the Collach ( eng trans - Cummingston) I would have thought as an editor of the Banffie I thought you would have noticed that along from you there is a difference in the fisher gaelic of Buckie and Finechty, just as the three mile difference between Cairnbulg and the Fraserbroch cos the proper Broch to me is Burghead and 3 mile away is Hopeman (pronounced houdman by the real locals) and you should know how those in the know pronounce Aberchirder.

I'll leave you to put everyone else out of their misery on that one.

Thread: Mobile Phone Mast Installation
16/04/2018 21:02:31
Posted by Roger Williams 2 on 15/04/2018 15:58:09:

Wish we had no mobile phone coverage, nobody talks to each other any more. Sick to the back teeth of trying to converse with people( including our kids) who just cant stop gawping at their phones.

Sorry for the rant.

No need to be sorry, I agree.

Worth a look

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