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Thread: Lathe improvements?
17/08/2019 20:44:30

My son has fallen in love with the 180 lathe and I am preparing to send it out in the world.



It has got a 15mm steelplate between stone and headstock as support.I have also ordered a box with ER40 collets 3-26mm.

That means I will not be able by daily use to decide wich of the spindle variants

WM180 assembly

That is the one I have made

or the proposed is best.

I have  unscrewed 3jaw with backplate from present spindle and screwed the 4jaw plus backplate on and that is around 2 minutes.

I then put only backplate on again to simulate the new and maybe better spindle.

It takes a little more than three minutes to take the three long M6 bolts out ,place three-jaw in drawer

put four jaw on and secure with four long M6 screws.

The new configuration saves ca 20mm length for chucks but makes ER collets less accurate.

Can I have some advice before I write a letter to the Chineese embassy?


New spindle

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Thread: 4 stroking a Merco 61...
14/08/2019 09:26:18

Why not try a worlds first:saml.jpg

Thread: Is your spindle bore large enough?
10/08/2019 17:52:09

The affordable chineese Weiss Machinery 180/210 lathes can maybe be improved at no great cost.

Lower part of picture shows situation as bougth.

That is

Morsecone 3 , 20mm bore, two 30 times 62 times 17mm conical roller bearings.

Upper part is a new spindle that

Can work with ER40 collets,  has 30 / 20mm bore and needs a new single 32908 conical bearing.

This can be changed by everyone with lathes and only nessecary modification is the front bearing inner grease seal that shall be opened to 40.05mm.

All drive and feed drive geartrain is not changed.

Just put on the new spindle.


Are we enough to make a demand at the chineese embassy and how much would we pay per new spindle without tears?


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09/08/2019 18:28:41
Posted by JA on 09/08/2019 17:55:11:


How stiff is your headstock structure?


Very weak until I connect the unsupported corner of bed to Stone.

Am still undecided how to do itwp_20190418_004[1].jpg

09/08/2019 16:50:49

Bending and torsional resistance or rigidity of spindles cannot be to high and is a power four thing of diameters.

Let us asume a Myford spindle is 30mm outside and 15 inside and let us calculate in centimeters.

Stiffness will be 3*3*3*3-1.5*1.5*1.5*1.5 eguals 81 minus 5(more or less) that is 76 something.

The same numbers for my proposed minilathe upgrade are 4cm outside and 3 cm inside gives 256 minus 81 is 175 in same units whatever they are.

To have the same softness as the myford my new spindle can have an hole diameter of 3.6cm or 36mm.

If the 62 mm bearing holes were 68mm ,spindle can be 45mm outside and hole almost 43mmNew spindle

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Thread: Serious question, What is a Mini Lathe?
06/08/2019 10:35:16
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 06/08/2019 09:55:24:
Posted by Brian G on 06/08/2019 09:40:36:

Going back to the original question, given that a typical 7x Mini Lathe has a 20mm spindle bore (significantly bigger than an ML7 for example), an ER32 collet chuck would seem to me to be a perfect match and much more useful than my ER25 one, or for that matter the tiny hole in the centre of the 80mm 3-jaw chuck supplied with the lathe.


A very good point, Brian ... and with a little bit of design effort they could probably delete the Morse Taper and incorporate both an ER32 holder and a chuck flange on the spindle nose.


All the 75 kg max mini have spindle bearings with 62 mm diameter.

A rejuvenation solution with 30mm bore/ER40 and extreme accuracy can look like this

If the spindle is casehardened and the 72mm recess comes as 72.05 it is no big deal to get it down to 72.00 with a sharp piece of carbide as first operation when exchanged.New spindle

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Thread: Collet Chucks out of true
06/08/2019 06:27:23
Posted by Iain Downs on 05/08/2019 20:55:48:

I'm up for attempting to re-machine the ER32 taper in principle, but concerned it will end up scrap.

How I would approach this is as follows.

wind back the topslide, loosen the bolts holding it and set to exactly 8 degrees with my aldi angle gauge.(actually it will be 98 degrees as I will measure against the cross-slide edge).

You can save a lot of anger by drilling two holes in the topslide as shown on picture.

The outhermost hole is for the indexing of the the fourway.Not relevant

The other hole in topslide sits directly over one of the locking Unbrako screws with topslide in more or less normal working position..It has a mate not shown but symmetrical.


Thread: Serious question, What is a Mini Lathe?
06/08/2019 06:09:23

Mass is a better classification

Micro less than 25 kg

Mini 25 75

Small 75 200 kg

Thread: Lathe improvements?
31/07/2019 19:24:50

A new backplate has been made for 3 and 4 chuck and big cast iron faceplate.

It meant to use the ER 40 thread (M50 1,5mm collett closing thread).

I dare not and will make a new spindle.

The three M6 screw finxing shown will be safer,just a little slower and saves lengths space.


New spindle

Cast iron faceplate death of a Dream.wp_20190731_006[1].jpg

Three jaw using the M50 1.5mm thread



Weiss 180 lathe with ER40

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Thread: Warco WM250 Chuck maximum size
29/07/2019 08:14:03

From my Boxford days with screwed on chucks,faceplate etc it has become a habbit to take them away again as soon as job is finished.

Enterring the chineese bolt chuck country was a maddening expirience.

I have thinned the flanges of all the four blue lathes I have had.

Chuck change is now less than two minutes start to stop.

My advice will be to get the lovely non chinese 6 inch chuck and exchange the 5 inch chucks for 4 inch dittos.

4 inch chucks are so much easier to handle and put on spindle and will do 95% of the jobs.

Picture is a 5 inch taking off from my WM250 lathe.

Finger friendly

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Thread: Lathe improvements?
22/07/2019 17:29:55

New love lathe

Serious Lathe for an old man

Harsh treatment for an Unbrako M16 12,9 bolt

22/07/2019 13:59:57

Judgement day.

I adjusted the compound slide to 8 degree with a Lidl thing for 6£ for good.


Cut cup seat at 1000 rpm.


Put a 24mm RDG test bar in a 25 mm Arceuro ER40 collet and tested for run out.




plus minus 0.01mm at far end of bar.


Edited By Niels Abildgaard on 22/07/2019 14:05:56

15/07/2019 13:37:09
Posted by Robert Atkinson 2 on 15/07/2019 12:52:22:

Hi Niels,

Nice machining but it must be said that your electrical installation is terrible. This type of connection is just asking for trouble. The power input including the weight of an extension lead is hanging off the conductors. Even worse the earth connection is taking most of the strain. if this come off, even without any other fault the filters in the drive will put your lathe metalwork at 1/2 supply above ground, i.e. 110V AC. Admittedly low current, but even a slight shock around moving machines can cause other injuries as you pull away.

The drive should be in an enclosed box with ventilation protected from swarf and coolant and the power input and motor connections by either proper power connectors or cable glands with strain relief. The enclosure should also incorporate a fuse and suitable EMI filters unless they are included in the drive. I assume this is just a trial set-up but it can electrocute you just as quickly as a final design. Reaching across the motor, pulley and gearing to reach the drive is not great either.

Robert G8RPI.

Hello Robert

You are absolutely right and I will do something about it.

This is one of the reasons for wanting to use the original DC thing.

Ideal will be a 48 vol DC motor that can sit where the present DC motor is meant to be.

I d not care for low speed high torque anymore.

Rather turn spindle by hand with all electronics disconnecte when screwcutting

15/07/2019 11:40:13

I have been working quite some hours to make a useable M50*1.5 ER40 thread.

M50*1.5mm ER40 thread

Spindle- material was a cheap end of bar offcut and soft and like water pipe with inclusions of old scrap that is hard as tool steel.

It was quite a learning.The motor torque and power is more than enough for normal cutting and when it hits on of the hard spots spindle stops immidiately and belt slips.

Stopped motor and  applied some brute torque with a C spanner in the spindle  holes close to headstock.

One time  the motor had not stopped (very low noise) and when I was through the hard spot,my guardian angle did her work..

Very ,very nasty.

Monster threphase motor for a 180 size

Future considerations on motor power and rev will exclude motor powered single point screw-cutting.

A handle screwed on end of spindle is the way to go for old fools.

The frame 71 four pole motor turns a 50mm Gates5M belt pulley and spinde pulley is 100mm.

A frame 63 two pole with a 25 mm pulley can then do the same job but wil run two times faster and make more noise.

Will try and compare.


The spindle I am trying to make has 30mm bore full length and is an overkill.

WM180 assembly

It needs two new bearings, and all the grease seals need modification.The real trouble is the bigger (50 teeth)spindle gear wheel.

If the spindle looks like the lower of these it will only need to have front bearing changed.


Drive system with electronics and the geartrain to leadscrew can  remain as is.

Powered speed range needed for me is 120 to 1200 rpm that can be done with existing DC motor in one step.

I think thats the way to go.

I bougth a MC3 ER40 collet chuck from Arceuro and was not shocked by price.

The factory that made the shown collet chuck/nut can easily make the new spindle for same kind of money.

Material and machining time are identical I think.

It can be a good buissness as there must be many thousands of these mini lathes around.


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12/07/2019 21:02:14

My Weiss Machinery 180 made its first swarf to day.

A new spindle had its final ER40 cup made minus one mm.

Predrilled hole of 29mm was opened to 39mm in eigth pass at ca 700rpm.

Could not provoke chatter as the small 50mm V belt disc slipped first.

At one round per second I cannot hold the spindle with two hands.

I like it more and more but it is not cheap chineese anymore.


Thread: V-Twin 100cc Design & Build
10/07/2019 10:47:58
Posted by Emgee on 10/07/2019 10:01:57:


Isn't the greater weight of the counter balance shown in your pic a result of the heavy fan unit, on the model engine it will only be a much lighter prop driver.



The fan unit/flywheel with ignition magnets etc balances very nicely on the rotation centerline.

10/07/2019 08:29:57

I think You need to reserve more space in crankcase for crank,counterweigth and conrod big-ends.

The crank shown from a leaf-blower engine balances all rotating and half reciprocatory forces.

To achive primary perfect massbalance i a 90 degree V-twin You shall balance all rotary and one reciprocatory totaly.

This means that Your crank will be two times as voluminous relative to piston as shown on picture.

Real production engineering

Edited By Niels Abildgaard on 10/07/2019 08:30:57

Thread: Small modeling lathe
08/07/2019 08:47:50
Posted by Frances IoM on 08/07/2019 08:13:04:
Niels: the WM180 is adequate for the tasks I use it for - I have a small cellar workshop so space and access somewhat restricted - the two annoyances I have are the awkward + restricted nature of gear changes if you want to screw cut and the lack of T-slots or room to put mounting holes on the cross slide.

Sounds interesting as my goal is to make the best performing lathe within the space cube of a WM180.

The changes are:

Solid base of Dolerite

Much stiffer spindle with less overhang

Stiffen up the headstock ,bed connection .Either Epoxycrete the bed or put a hefty brace of steel steel between Dolerite and headstock.


Your gearchange annoying will be avoided by having an electronic leadscrew .

The cross slide lack of stud holes are more difficult to remedy.

If and when I have it running,it will be tested like this:

Cutting M16 Unbrako 12.9 bolt

Do You know if there is a forum for WM180 lathes and will You be interested to try finding the limits of Your present WM180?

I can send some screws?I have a quarter bucket.

08/07/2019 07:51:22
Posted by Frances IoM on 07/07/2019 21:18:48:
I don't have an adapt but I do have one of its competitors a flexispeed student - but I have a WM180, a Perris Me90 and also a Taig

How do You rate the WM180?

I am asking as I am trying to improve one with a much bigger spindle and VFD.

Am I wasting my very precious last years on a painted tart?wm 180 ER40nose

Thread: Myford Super 7 Top Slide Base - Alternatives?
30/06/2019 08:12:39
Posted by Nicholas Hill on 29/06/2019 20:22:27:

In the interim, I decided to do a vibration survey of my lathe. Just using an App. It's quite interesting too see that minor changes make huge differences. So the time hasn't been entirely wasted.


How do You do that?

Sounds very interesting.

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