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Thread: What Did you do Today 2022
03/06/2022 14:08:01

Acquired an old oil gun last week. Bit of a state both iside and out-


Required desoldering to reduce it to constituent parts to clean and repair. Found it to be another Lucas Oiler like the other one I have, but this is a Nbr 36 syringe type-


Had to replace the pitted/worn steel ball for a new bronze one. Also needed to hard solder some internal joints to ensure all remained joined and sealed when 'closing up' the last 5 joints. Cut new leather seals/washers.

Finished it this am with making new nozzle and cap. The nozzle fits into the grease type nipple holes on my machines. All now functoning perfectly without leaking at any angle. Not bad for a nearly 98 year old oil can-


Thread: Modded 1" Minnie Progress
29/04/2022 15:58:23

It's been a while since my last effort with the race to finish this. Thanks to Joseph, Jeff and Jon for their compliments.

Thanks to medication, I can manage short periods working on smaller detail again, so pressed on with finshing the pins and clips. Had to come up with a method to cross drill 3/64th (1.2mm) pins (rivets) with a nbr 78 (0.4mm) hole for the 14 thou stainless wire clips (0.35mm). Worked fine using WM16 Mill and Peatol/Taig and a jig.

3 different widths for the cross hole point, one for the damper flap/rod and one each end of the regulator reach rod.

Reg rod ends-



Also finished the drive pin retainers and clips giving a more detailed finish to the rear hub layout-



Thread: Source of brass treblet tubing as used for making a whistle.
17/04/2022 18:37:32

I have found K&S range to be of good quality tubing for many years. Thin wall of 0.014". Sizing enables slide fit in next size up.

A link for you to peruse- TUBING. Presume you are in UK?.

Thread: Myford ML7 1956 back gear removal
05/01/2022 18:56:58

Socket size of that screw is 1/8" Allen Key on my 1949 ML7. Regards

Thread: Over 70 Driving Licence Renewal
04/12/2021 14:30:43
Posted by Bill Phinn on 04/12/2021 11:07:21:

Most of my (admittedly limited at present) night driving is urban so I don't suffer too much from being dazzled by other drivers' headlights.

What I do find increasingly troublesome is having to sit behind drivers when stationary who, contrary to what I was taught, keep their foot on the brake pedal; the dazzle from permanently lit brake lights at close quarters can be very hard to ignore.

Sad anorak that I am, when stationary in queues I have taken to counting the number of drivers who have and don't have their foot on the brake pedal. The number of the former now generally outweighs the latter by a big margin. I'm sure this wasn't always the case. Can anyone tell me why this change has occurred?

There is another reason why so many drivers are noted as riding the foot brake at T/lights etc.

The facility of 'Hill Start Assist' will apply the handbrake when the pedal is depressed harder when stationary. It is released automatically when the driver selects a gear, declutches and throttles to pull away. I have this on my Focus and it does leave the brake lights on for the stationary period. but I agree with you also that there are many who just sit with the foot on the brake nowadays. I am also aversed to the bright headlights and have always adopted the the advice from long ago to divert my line of sight to the kerb side ahead temporarily to avoid dazzle.

Also will have to jump through the hoops to replace my paper license which expires in 2022. Assuming my current painful wrist condition fades and I can get back to driving and the workshop?.


Edited By Richard S2 on 04/12/2021 14:31:17

Thread: Wallis & Steevens Water Cart in 1' scale
14/11/2021 13:18:06
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 13/11/2021 18:24:30:

Good specimen of the appropriate font, here: **LINK** MichaelG.

Thank you. I did use images of full sized examples for research initially and my available stock of lettering was close enough for me.

I had no intention of making more lettering to a presupposed idea of what it may have looked like around 1900.

So for anyone who is bothered by it, can peruse the images of a full size Cart example on this - LINK - for another comparison. I can't post them (or others) into this Topic, as they are copyrighted.

13/11/2021 14:26:16

Now the Minnie T/Engine is back in one piece on 'all fours', I've finished fabricating the alternative drawbar for this cart. Trial fit -0620f517-f7b0-4793-a305-a7a7becec7b2_1_201_a.jpeg

Just the painting of the drawbar and some plumbing/hose parts to do and it will be finished.

Thread: Modded 1" Minnie Progress
10/11/2021 17:09:04

Thanks Jon & Phil. Rather a long pause with progress report, had 86 days of hell with replacement windows and scaffolding.

Spent 2 days last week masking and painting the rim sides and strakes to finish the rim faces-


Didn't want to paint the strakes, looks a bit tidier.

I managed to make the Regulator Reach Rod dead straight and able to make/fit a crutch fork on the spectacle plate to support it.

Still doing odd parts, but nearly there with main assembly after painting. Oil blackened the steering worm gear to blend in. No fancy lining etc, I want it basic and plain like a general purpose should be-


Not fussed with trying to equalise the band spacing on the barrel. Minor failure with the cladding, have a short gap of 0.4mm at the front of the cylinder pad and the L/h cladding sheet somehow?-


Need to dull the front wheel faces off and various retaining clips & pins to make next.


Thread: Brian's 1" Minnie Traction Engine
05/11/2021 14:52:06

Hi Brian, Sorry for the delay. 7/64" bore for the valve seatings for 5/32" valve balls. Are you changing the pump layout/location ?.

Thread: Music on TV Programmes.
04/11/2021 16:18:01

I also find background, or incidental music (if you can call it that) very annoying. to the extent that I don't bother watching the programmes. To me, it is the production sound set up they use that produces inferior audio quality. A modern trend it seems, UKTV, Channels 4 & 5 documentary commissions are a classic example of inferior production.

I resort to using quality headphones, rather than built in TV speakers, but that is due to my problem with accute Tinnitus .

I have no problem at all watching//listening to older films and programmes on channels like Talking Pictures, even with old technology sound tracks.

Thread: An Uninvited Guest!
27/10/2021 19:11:00

Another advocate of SBK. Killed off many 'a large Ivy root and tree stump. It will take a while.

Best time to treat ivy is in the dormant period over winter. I have drilled deep holes diagonally downwards near the base and filled them with 50/50 dilute SBK. plugged the holes after.

Additionally, a mixture of correct dilute strength SBK and kerosene to spray over the foliage during a dry spell.

Repeat treatment will accelerate it's demise.

26/10/2021 14:11:14

From the leaf form, it could be Hedera Hibernica?. And to alleviate your guilt complex of neglect, it is considerably fast growing.

Thread: Ml7 toolpost
14/07/2021 15:32:11

ML7 tool post base measurements of mine are 0.8735" x 0.192" thickness. The dowel pin is 0.081" diameter.

It is on a PCD of 0.3135" on mine, so nominally 5/16" (0.3125). The pin height is 0.2187" or about 5.5mm-

This is a 1949 model, the dowel pin size is wire/number size 46. Later Myfords may have different size pin.

And I've gone to the effort of providing an image-


Thread: Weird Small Hand Drill
05/07/2021 22:32:51

I also like it. Very compact. Looks about 3.1 spindle to hand wheel ratio from the pic.

Nice find and never seen one like it. Shame it was not a good day for you.


Thread: tool post stud
25/06/2021 14:49:41

I replaced the tool post stud on my 1949 ML7 way back in 1986 with a new one from Myford, purely to accompany a new Single tool holder clamp set. The original one is clean (BSF) threaded.

I presume the threads on yours are a bit chewed now?,

So IF you wish to go down the 'back to original' path and use the proper nut, drop me a PM. The old one is used as a 'Keeper' for the Single parts set as a whole for storage, but I'm sure I can find an alternative.

Thread: Aircraft General Discussion
25/06/2021 14:30:39

VC!0 eh!. Envious of your experience. Loved the sound of those 4 Conways crackling on a cold clear frosty morning at Gatwick in the 70s/80s. Lovely spacious Flt Deck with a panoramic view. But probably a contributor to my having to live with Tinnitus now.

Thread: Modded 1" Minnie Progress
08/06/2021 18:07:27
Posted by Steviegtr on 01/06/2021 10:55:18:

Absolutely stunning. You should be proud showing that off. Steve.

Thank you Steve, Having been a bit apprehensive about painting this, it's coming together better than I had anticipated.

Just about finished the front end now, except for fitting the chimney and one stud/nut to replace the c/sunk screw on the top slidebar. The hand wheel for the blower valve was all drilled and filed by eye, so not perfect.-


I made some changes to the design of the chain drum to reflect more full size practice which is now fitted. This drum is flanged each end and the chain bolts pass through these, rather than the drum itself. The worm wheel fixture is secured by a separate grub screw. finish is just oil blackening-


The redesigned feed pump is now fitted and tucks away nicely behind the rear wheel to disguise the out of scale size. I have to sort a tiny high spot on 2 teeth on the 2nd and 3rd shaft gears(spotted in red). only an issue of slight resistance when they merge, so I can't leave it-


Getting there.


01/06/2021 10:40:21


Thank you very much gentlemen for the positive responses. It's becoming a race where it's a challenge with the old hand joints locking up and the eyesight needs more assistance-

Posted by vic francis on 31/05/2021 15:49:58:

Great work of art ,Richard Forget the mower restoration!let the grass grow long!! Vic

Thanks Vic, I have avoided them up to last week where the Museum has just asked me to sort 2 engines, one is a Stuart Turner N2 1933 and the other is a little J.A.P 2a 1940s, So my summer has been allocated for me. Be easier to deal with larger nuts and bolts etc though! (then there is also the Treshing Machine).

Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 31/05/2021 21:02:02:

Magnificent! Thank you for showing us.

How did you make the proper chequer-plate profile?

Thanks Nigel, appreciated. I took the process a stage further and made an embossing block from gauge plate.

Put the diamond hatching in with a slitting saw with 0.025" blade and about as deep. I then used that to press the pattern into well annealed brass sheet pieces by hitting it with a 1.1/2lb hammer on a block of railway track (my anvil, as I didn't have a press then). After the first impression hit, the cuts line up with the impression to get a 'register' for the next hit (again annealed). Had to put a screwdriver slot in the side to prise the plates apart, as the fit is very close. 3 hits and they were of good impression. I also tinned the top of the hatching so that I might wear the paint away a bit and it will show as looking like steel, rather than brass.

I still have the block I made over 30 years ago, as I might need it again-


This is the best shot I can get with my old camera to give a better view of the step(s) -


Thanks again. Regards.


Edited By Richard S2 on 01/06/2021 10:40:50

30/05/2021 21:00:56

Well, nearly 2 months of frustrating delays to the painting/assembly due to unfavourable weather conditions.

Finally able to set up yesterday and apply the penultimate coat of semi matt black over hot bits at the front end. The chimney saddle and exhaust pipe were painted separately as it is bolted on. This enabled me to apply a consolidation coat over all the Cylinder block joints, stud heads and nuts without access issues, having satisfied myself with the valve timing setting etc (he says with fingers crossed).

Assembly began today of the respective front end parts, some of which are embellished with a bit more detail like the flanged and bolted exhaust at the cylinder end-


Bolt heads to paint, followed by a final black spray touch in around the saddle/smokebox joint. A Clean up of the raised lettering to do.

I settled for a cylindrical locknut on the valve rod with 2 flats on it, which to me anyway, looks less bulky or obvious than a 5 ba nut. The extended regulator rod and gland at the front of the cylinder is dummy of course. I found that there was so much spare metal on the casting, that I decided to turn and file this bit up to give it some detail. Yet to make 2 14ba studs and nuts for it yet (before I put the chimney on) -


I did manage at least to get the flywheel painted last month and really pleased with the finish. Gib key lightly fitted as it has to come off again -


Boiler barrel cladding (nickel silver) has had the top coat flatted down and ready for clear coat, along with the rear hubcaps. So hopefully more progress soon.

Thread: Today on Talking Pictures TV
24/05/2021 14:29:27

Another avid viewer of this channel. I particularly enjoy the 'Look at Life', 'Glimpses' and the educational shorts.

I despair of many modern produced programmes where they prefer to overlay the background incidental music to the mumbled narration and the minimal content.

The films and programmes on this channel are better for me. I suffer badly with tinnitus and normally have to listen using headphones to prevent general background noise drowning out the soundtrack or narration, less so on this channel because of the mainly clear, concise speech etc, despite the occasional iffy soundtrack quality....Long may it transmit.

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