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Thread: Fkesxispeed...what is the back gear for and how to use it
20/05/2022 17:39:49

As Nigel, here, too.

My lathe and one mill have infinite mechanical variable speed control but they are both powered by variable three phase motors (as was my previous lathe). I have never yet needed to select back gear on my current lathe.

My other mill is now powered by a three phase motor with VFD - even though it also has a six speed gearbox. The table power feed is also speed controlled by a VFD, even though there is a choice of 4 (or more) mechanical geared alternatives, for the table feed, with only a 50 Hz supply.

My surface grinder is fitted with a VFD also. Partly because the motor was the original 3 phase item, partly because the speed can be ramped up over several seconds and partly so I can adjust the wheel speed should I ever need to (like if I fit a smaller grinding wheel, requiring a higher optimum rotational speed, or wish to ‘soften’ an abrasive wheel by slowing it).

The stand, for my Centec, was often criticised due to vibrational noise, when fitted with single phase induction drives - so there is yet another advantage (like Nigel’s) of fitting a 3 phase motor on that machine. Likewise my previous lathe was sometimes reported as noisy at slow speeds (only when fitted with a single phase motor).

Everything leads me towards avoiding single phase motors, wherever possible/practical. But this thread was not really about this aspect of our machines? Specifically, it was about the Flexispeed back gear, I think.

Thread: mini grinders
20/05/2022 17:08:29
Posted by magpie on 20/05/2022 14:07:24:

I have 3 Dremels, the oldest was bought in 1981 and still going strong.



What about the other two?🙂

Thread: Fix my (new) Lathe
20/05/2022 17:02:55

JB’s seems OK with about ten times the clearance you have measured. If that means anything, it means that the clearance is not particularly important.

Thread: Advice on DROs for a mill
20/05/2022 16:51:04

For what it is worth…

This thread was started in 2016 by Paul H 1 and, until the 18th of this month, the thread appeared to be completed on the 6th Jan 2017.

None of the recent posts appear relevant to the ‘non-reply’ posted on the 18th of this month.

This is just for info - in case others want to waste their time replying in the same way.

Thread: mini grinders
19/05/2022 16:44:09

Sorry, it was the Toolstation one at a mere thirty quid which quoted 4cfm.

Thread: slipping chuck
19/05/2022 15:02:53
Posted by Howard Lewis on 19/05/2022 12:11:27:

Faced with this problem, I would feel inclined to lap the two tapers together, and then follow up with dab of anaerobic, rotating the two against each other to ensure that it is evenly distributed.


Hi Howard,

If they are properly lapped together there will not be any space for the sealant, if the parts are assembled correctly.

Thread: mini grinders
19/05/2022 14:59:46
Posted by JasonB on 19/05/2022 13:39:32:

Same here my Dremel mostly gets used to tidy up castings, first lasted 10yrs or so and the current one is 4-5yrs old.

If your needs are heavy enough to wear them out or make them hot then maybe a commercial electric die grinder would be a better option as your compressor won't be up to powering an air driven one. The Makita ones are good but should be for a bit over £200.

Most are only 4 cfm. Even screwfix’s 100mm angle grinder quotes only 4cfm (but likely a bit of a joke).

Thread: Fkesxispeed...what is the back gear for and how to use it
19/05/2022 14:35:16

What SOD says refers mostly to variable speed motors - while the majority, on older machines, are constant speed, fixed by the frequency of the supply.

Generally single phase induction motors are not a variable speed commodity. Three phase motors can be driven, with variable speed, from a VFD. DC motors rely on the voltage supplied, for speed, and the universal motors will run from AC or DC supplies with the speed proportional to the applied voltage.

Perhaps best to determine what type yours is, before thinking about varying the speed of the motor?

Constant speed means constant power - torque at the spindle being altered by altering the gear or pulley ratios.

Reducng the motor speed generally reduces the motor power and, therefore, the torque.

Thread: Oil can (again)
19/05/2022 10:38:08
Posted by Steven Francis on 19/05/2022 09:39:44:

The oil can supplied with my Amadeal is utter rubbish, I've adjusted the seal several times and its impossible to stop oil coming out through the trigger pin.

Why am I not surprised of that!

Choice is between a can or gun. I use both. A Wesco type as the can and a good quality gun are among my lubrication armoury. Cheap tat is just that - cheap and tatty. Lost oil will soon outweigh the extra cost of a good quality oiler. I also keep a range of syringes for dispensing anything that is important or expensive.

Poor design if important things are covered up. I installed a DRO with it spaced away from the table, to allow access to the gibs, for instance.

Thread: Sandblaster
19/05/2022 07:06:12

Firstly the 50 litre spec is just marketing hype, little more.

Next, is this air displacement or free air delivery? I suspect it is the former which may bear little resemblance to the real (true) capacity of the machine.

As an aside, don’t use sand. Use the proper grit abrasives. The fine dust from sand is carcinogenic (it can, at least, cause serious respiratory illness if not cancer).

Of course you can get away with it, but your run time (feeding abrasive) will likely be seriously restricted and/or your compressor motor may exceed its run factor, the pump may well overheat and generally shorten the useful life of the compressor - particularly if the machine is a cheap budget machine.

Depends a lot, too, on the size on the cabinet and hence the nozzle diameter - details of which we are not privy to.

Overall, I think you are simply hoping replies to justify an under-sized machine. That is not coming from me, I’m afraid.

Thread: threading delrin - alternative method
18/05/2022 10:56:22
Posted by Steven Francis on 17/05/2022 23:21:03:
Posted by not done it yet on 17/05/2022 22:44:07:

To make perfect-fitting feed screw nuts, the “heat’’n’squeeze” method works well.

Might this method be suitable for this application?

Searched ...ah yes backlash.all round.appears to be part of the 210s specs.wink

I have some aluminium -

Yesterday I turned the shed upside down looking for a bag od 50x75x1.5 mm aluminium strips, unable to find those ..I cut and ground flat some 3mm & 5mm plate.

Today I found the aluminium wasn't in the shed.

Sorry. Don’t see any connection to my suggestion.🙁. Please explain….

Thread: slipping chuck
18/05/2022 10:51:12

A tiny differential, but if the parts are serviceable - and only if - a more permanent fitting of arbor to chuck could be achieved by shrink fitting.

I very quickly learned that cool and warm parts can cuse difficulty when removing arbors from my mills - so I am always careful to make sure the ‘fresh’ arbor is as warm as the quill, when changing tools.

Thread: threading delrin - alternative method
17/05/2022 22:44:07

To make perfect-fitting feed screw nuts, the “heat’’n’squeeze” method works well.

Might this method be suitable for this application?

Thread: A question about reamers and hole tolerances.
16/05/2022 14:27:45

Posted by Mick B1 on 16/05/2022 13:46:23:

….. And I don't know if I'd buy from a supplier who thinks Glass-Hard Steel is anywhere near 40 HRc... (?! surprise)

You ought to! I wouldn’t! I steer well clear of suppliers like that.

Thread: Myford ML4 change gear modification
16/05/2022 11:00:42

My Raglan LJ used pins to connect together change wheel combinations. Those I made, as I recall, were drilled only part way through at the pin size, so there was no chance that they could ‘fall out’.

I Also took the obvious precaution of completing the hole at a slightly smaller diameter, to enable easy removal of the pin, if required.

Pins were (sensibly?) derived from the appropriate sized shank of cheap/blunt/broken drills.

These pins have worked perfectly adequately for the last several decades. KISS Principle in operation, as usual, I expect. That, or the age-old adage “If it ain’t broke, why ‘fix’ it?” applies.

Thread: A question about reamers and hole tolerances.
16/05/2022 07:31:20

Apart from anything else, what is the service available from these Am a zon suppliers - compared to a good model engineering supplier?

How many users actually use these devices in the optimum manner (to achieve the expected tolerance)?

Cheapness is not always a merit. Think here whether a commercial user/buyer would even consider these cheap buys.

Thread: Myford ML4 change gear modification
16/05/2022 07:21:11

Think about it. The lathe is very likely less than 500W.

How much of that available power is used by the lead screw drive?

Can you drill a hole without breaking a drill bit of that size?

Is that short pin, in shear more, or less, likely to break than a long drill bit, of similar size, waving around?

Do you have the skill to drill a small hole in these change wheels, at the appropriate position, bearing in mind that they all line up at the same distance from the centre line?

The answers to those questions may well lead you to the correct conclusion - as to whether the pin-drives are a cheap and practical drive option.

Edited By not done it yet on 16/05/2022 07:23:56

Thread: Fkesxispeed...what is the back gear for and how to use it
15/05/2022 18:45:45

Back gear is a different train of gears to drive the spindle more slowly. Likely it has locked the spindle because you are still trying to drive the spindle at a higher speed - ie two gears selected at the same time.

Edited By not done it yet on 15/05/2022 18:46:50

Thread: Myford ML4 cross slide
14/05/2022 07:08:01
Posted by Lynne on 14/05/2022 00:45:57:

What is a fcuk,ng NOS? You,ve got fingers and a keyboard, spell it out, and use the language. Lynne


Ha ha, I don’t suppose you know what OEM stands for, either. Most people know these common acronyms.

But nevertheless, no need to post expletives to get your point across. Gives the impression of drink related from my POV. Sometimes, less language is better?

To the OP.

Doubt it is too difficult to make a new feed screw from scratch, but an alternative would perhaps be to source (or turn) a piece of the screw thread and join it to the rest of the current feed screw parts, after removing the old threaded section and carefully preparing the ends so they can mate together and be fixed in that position.

Regarding the female thread - can that be bored and bushed? Suitable taps are (relatively) easily available, for cutting the thread.  Another possibility might be to use the next size up for the threaded parts, if appropriate.

Failing on those options, I would expect the current threaded hole could be filled in and reworked.

Edited By not done it yet on 14/05/2022 07:10:51

Thread: Tyres
13/05/2022 13:40:10

What's unwise is mixing tyres at different pressures on the same vehicle, a problem avoided by using the same gauge on all the wheels.

Often different tyre pressures are stipulated for different axles. Further, the pressures can be different for different loads in the vehicle.

I would not dream of using a different pressure gauge for different tyres on the same vehicle!

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