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Thread: Tightening a Threaded Bolt
01/09/2021 18:24:54
Posted by john halfpenny on 01/09/2021 16:24:55:

From memory, shouldn't it be a shouldered bolt, ie plain portion larger od than the threaded portion?

That is what is shown on the illustration? I would not expect a high tensile bolt to be threaded right up to the head.

Thread: Newman Motor Star To Delta?
01/09/2021 18:19:15

Not quite what the man told, I think. The power will be about 60% for 230V star as if driven at 400V star from the mains supply. But that power would be at 50Hz and normal motor speed. Power is Torque x RPM and, as that line on the graph is straight, the power will be about 60% of the 400V rating, power will drop as RPM decreases if the torque remains constant.

With a 230V output VFD, the motor power will be the same (at 50Hz) - as if the motor were wired star @ 400V @50Hz.

Power of the motor @230V single phase in star configuration would be nominal motor power divided by the square root of three, so just under that 60%.

Thread: Tightening a Threaded Bolt
01/09/2021 11:30:18

First question: Is the bolt the original or what is its origin - like was it purchased from mini spares on that part number?

Thread: Overheated Drill
31/08/2021 22:27:35

Looks like a half inch chuck, so expecting a lot, especially without a pilot. Likely nowhere for the drillings to go caused the stalling? As we used to say ‘expecting a boy to do a man’s job’.

Not all SDS drills are equal, btw. Couldn’t even get a spare trigger switch for a TitanTTB278, recently.

Thread: Scribing with verniers
31/08/2021 22:11:40

I know it's kind of wrong, but...

Says it all, really. Do you use your micrometers as ‘G’ clamps? Cheap digi or vernier maybe, but not a proper Mitutoyo!

The scribed line can only be most precise with zero overlap on the casting edge, so might just as well use odd leg calipers to do the job (if a rough line) or a proper scribe.

Thread: Cutting Brass Sheet
31/08/2021 22:03:41

I used a tool similar to THIS to rough cut about 3m of 0.8-1mm thick aluminium t’other day. My tool is years old and has glass reinforced handles, I think. It can cut straight or gentle curves but I only use it occasionally for light duty work - I would generally use a powered nibbler.

It was easy once I could ‘help’ the kerf by gently pulling it up (it tends to roll the kerf, otherwise)I don’t think I would buy a silverline tool, mind.

Knipex looks like the proper tool, silverline a cheap knock-off.

27/08/2021 16:20:14
Posted by Mick B1 on 27/08/2021 14:59:26:

In the colloquial-speak I'm used to, anything with a round head - machine or wood thread, domed, cheese, flat, c/sk or cap, and slotted,Phillips, Pozi, hex socket, torq or other drive - is a screw.

Anything with a hex head is a bolt, however high or low up the shank the thread goes.

I'm not saying this is right, just that it's common parlance. I've seen enough variations - such as setscrew/grubscrew conflation as above - to think that the only way to be certain to get the right screw is to

  • buy from shops, where you can check any important features such as threaded length;
  • from suppliers who specify their wares exhaustively;
  • or make 'em yerself.


Well, for a start, I differentiate between cap-screws and cap-head bolts. The bolts have a plain section of shank. Screws are made to be screwed all the way in and secure the part on the head - that can be a hex or round. Cap heads are particularly useful when counter-bored below the surface. Bolts are generally tightened with a nut, or threaded into a different member to that which is being secured by the bolt.

I specify dependent on the situation in which the fixings are to be used. There are often alternatives, but also some specific fixings (coach head bolts are one example that are never going to be screwed in!) for some applications.

I don’t think I have ever seen a coach bolt/screw threaded completely to the head.

In summary, all is not simple when specifying a fixing. There are always going to be exceptions to the basic ‘rules’. Some bolts even have square heads, after all.🙂

Thread: Oil Dauber
25/08/2021 07:49:40

Raglan fitted one on at least the LJ Mk ll. Copied from the other side of the pond.

Thread: THE NUMBER 9 !
25/08/2021 07:46:11
Posted by Nigel Bennett on 24/08/2021 17:08:10:

I'm sure there must be a much simpler expression for the 9 o'clock position, but I can't imagine what...

Yep, I thought that, too. After all it is about the number 9. KISS principle and all that.

Now set about the minute hand?!

Duncan, Ama-zing or -zon.

Thread: Twinner Multi-Jigset (what is this tool for?)
25/08/2021 07:29:16

IF it sells, or you could get another one, on sbay. Good bargain for a couple of clamps for a quid


Thread: Interfering with fits?
24/08/2021 22:10:00
Posted by JasonB on 24/08/2021 14:59:46:

That turned out well and a good example to a certain Centec owner on how it should be donewink

I’m not sure that he will be seeing this!

Thread: Midlands Exhibition
23/08/2021 13:04:02

This topic has come up several times this year. Back in about Fed/March(?) someone raised hopes that it was going ahead and I think it was Noel that said he was booking his spot (maybe because he would be exhibiting?).

I replied that until the show was a certainty I, for one, would not be be booking anything in advance - just in case. Since then notification has been posted (date above) and only now we have people ‘grumping’ about booking hotels accommodation so far in advance.

It’s a bit like going on holiday to an amber listed destination and complaining if the status changes for the worse while there. People just don’t think ahead or take in the risks of events/destinations not being just as they ‘expect’.

The first real event we went to was the CLA game fair at Ragley Hall. Outside mostly and I only booked our rented buggies on the basis of a return if the show was cancelled. Similarly my brother left ticket purchase for us until close to the show.

People just need to consider all the possibilities before jumping in at the deep end. One can only blame oneself re pre-booking accommodation without checking. If non-returnable costs are involved and one knows about that - one either don’t or make a back-up plan.

Thread: Brainteaser
23/08/2021 10:53:31
Posted by roy entwistle on 23/08/2021 10:47:32:

What part of a machine is it ?

A cog?

Thread: Faulty Sieg C0 Lathe
23/08/2021 09:57:19

I expect that given the low price of this model when new, and the described condition of this particular item, it did not cost much at all. However, the cost of parts to return it to s sensible user-condition may well be close to the cost of a new machine - and still not work as well as it should. If he paid more than a hundred for it, in that condition - especially if at on auction site - nobody else wanted it in that state.

If dirt cheap, some parts sold or retained as spares might be a means of recoupment. If too expensive, it may well have cost more than a brand new item. Things like warranty probably mean the real valuevof the machine is less than a new fully warranted item.

I can only guess that it was bought at a ‘spares’ price (not even ‘spares or repairs&rsquo. If it was the ‘devil I knew’ it would be better than the ‘devil I don’t’ from a point of repair or not. But some buy things to repair - insurance write-offs, etc. Paul needs to sort this one out for himself. My question is: how much is a good second hand machine selling for? I would think that £250-£300 tops?

Thread: Brainteaser
23/08/2021 09:34:33

Me too, except I had to look up the word on t’nternet! Perhaps because I followed the science route at school, rather than humanities…

Thread: Faulty Sieg C0 Lathe
22/08/2021 19:02:03

My advice? Scrap it. Use what is of any use as spares.

Thread: Getting accuracy with my newly added DRO.
22/08/2021 15:18:03


The DRO has usefully found the centre line but more information is actually needed for the slot width to be what's required, I think.


Second and third para of my post?

If width is OK (whatever it comes out as), no problem. If the width is imprtant, just do as per my send and third paras!


Edited By not done it yet on 22/08/2021 15:18:39

Thread: surface grinder
21/08/2021 21:11:32

Also which 'nut' is it that needs oiling ?!!

Don’t know anything about these machines, except that I discounted looking at them because of size snd weight, but removing the cover may reveal something under it! Guessing it refers to the motor?

Agree with Noel, it should only be run at 50Hz - because it also runs hydraulics if there is only one motor on the machine. If more than one motor, things may be complicated with VFD use.

I can vary the frequency with the Eagle because it only has a spindle motor so I can alter the speed dependent on the size and grade of the wheel if required (as long as I don’t exceed the safe maximum for the wheel in use). Apparently, running a wheel slower effectively changes its grading. Smaller diameter wheels may be cheaper and need to run faster for the same surface speed. But that is all further down the line for me. Simple surface grinding to achieve a good finish is my main aim.

I would be checking the thickness variation on a workpiece of full table length - it may be pretty well perfect over a short distance while not at the extremities of the table travel. I hope you have easy access - I don’t think I would relish taking one to pieces to move it? The J&S is at least three times the weight of most manual machines of similar size, I believe, but doubtless a good one would run rings around a manual one!

Thread: Getting accuracy with my newly added DRO.
21/08/2021 14:10:42

Are you cutting a 10.00mm slot with a 10.0mm slot drill?

I don’t do that - our hobby machines are not as rigid as huge commercial ones. I would use a smaller slot mill/drill to rough out the slot, measure it, and then make a finish cut on each side of the slot to bring the slot to width.

The edge finder/dro reliably sorts out the centre line and the dro sorts out the small corrections for the finish cuts. This would only be for a precision job; my jobs are rarely dependent on that sort of precision - a part is usually sized to fit in the hole that was made for it.🙂

I suppose that means that I, for one, do not assume anything such as cutting a 10.00mm slot with a 10.0mm slot dril/mill. I only fairly recently acquired a set of slip gauges, which makes assessment/measurement of slot widths just that much more easy and accurate.

Edited By not done it yet on 21/08/2021 14:11:10

Thread: Keeping fit and the economy
20/08/2021 20:19:03

If you leave beans on the plant to grow into the seed state, the plant seems to stop producing new pods. I think if the beans are broken away leaving a piece on the plant they also give up, ‘thinking’ they have produced seed for the next season.

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