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Thread: TTFN
18/07/2019 16:14:29


Likewise, I would be sorry to see you go - even temporarily. Your posts are informative and helpful on occasions (I don’t benefit a great deal from CNC (computer numerical control) discussions, for instance and are appreciated by the OM (overwhelming majority).

Most assuredly there are some whingers on the forum. Perhaps it might be better for them to go elsewhere? Or perhaps they might be confined themselves - to ‘the tearoom’ ? - ‘for a few weeks, maybe.smiley That should straighten them out a bit, if at all possible.

BTW (by the way), was it an acronym that caused the derogatory comments? You can PM (personal message) me if you wish.

Thread: Faulty LED
17/07/2019 22:21:26

With a DC supply they are all dimmable - simply by reducing the current with a series resistor. Clearly the resistor is duff or the connections are poor - dry joint?. That resistor is bypassed for the brighter illumination.

LEDs start to pass current at about 0.6V, so all need a current limiting resistor on a 12V supply - they would simply thermally run away without a current-limiting resistor.

Thread: Crystal Ball Gazing
17/07/2019 18:04:18

Here is a trend.

Let the climate change deniers note this one. There are trend results going back much further, if I can locate, but this one is striking enough.


Thread: Remembering Apollo 11
17/07/2019 17:14:53
Posted by ChrisB on 17/07/2019 16:55:47:

A very nice project going on at the moment commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 named Project Egress. Adam Savage and a group of well known makers (most of them on you tube channels) are building a replica of the Apollo 11 command module hatch door. Very interesting. There are a lot of different videos of the various parts by various makers on youtube right now, this is one of them, probably the most complicated one:

Not seen that one yet. Here is This Old Tony’s piece.


Thread: Angle grinders - Dangerous or not
17/07/2019 17:09:33

ALL power tools can be dangerous. Even manual tools can cause severe injury, if used improperly.

Thread: Crystal Ball Gazing
17/07/2019 14:08:46

Threads like this are for the scaremongers amongst us. Who knows what will aspire in 30 years or more? It may be so hot that we don’t need any house heating. New houses might all be built to passivhaus specifichations or better.

Perhaps solar electricity generation will be shifted around the globe via huge or multiple interconnectors. But what is certain is that things will change... Wait and see. Lots of people sweeping dust off solar panels in the desert?

I would have a battery and sufficient solar power for most of the year (for my engineering activities), but I doubt I will be here then (I will be pleasantly surprised if I am!). We do need to try to leave a habitable planet for our descendants, mind, and we are most certainly not doing that too well at present.

Thread: The Chocolate Fireguard as designed by Mercedes Benz
17/07/2019 08:33:41

Funny(?) that there is no mention of the stark facts of continued fossil fuel usage.

That of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (and the likely consequences) and that fossil fuels will (relatively soon) be all used up - and in much less time, than predicted, if all the third world populations were to instal fossil-fuelled central heating systems or air conditioning.

So this sort of tripe has to be considered as lobbying by the rich vendors of fossil fuels. A shame that it is clear (even from the mention of this ‘report’ on the forum ) that there are so many out there who are unable to sort the real truth from the carp they hare presented with and read. For a considerable proportion of society, it might have been better had they been illiterate?

Over forty years ago, I had cavity wall insulation installed. I wonder how much house heating costs that has saved over that time? Cost was £174, IIRC. Since then, I have added a huge amount of loft insulation (relative to the measly 25mm installed before my occupancy). Double glazing has been added, but not only for energy saving, but also for ease of maintenance and sound reduction. The triple glazing was the extra ‘icing on the cake’.

The internet has a lot to answer for. Fake news only fools the lower quartiles of the population. Do remember that half the population is below average intelligence levels.

Thread: Yet another "parting off grief" thread ;)
16/07/2019 20:32:03

I expect the tool was too high, too. It managed to get started on the larger starting diameter and was depressed to centre line while actually cutting, but when not loaded it returned to slightly high and just too high for the decreased diameter. Admirably demonstrates the flexibility of the cutter arrangement.

Less likely to happen with a dedicated tool post fitted directly to the cross slide for gat least two good reasons. Much more rigid set up and tool height is sorted - as long as you don’t try to use one of those silly angled parting tool holders!

I will guess that you are also using a QCTP with lots of overhang? Possibly too much cutter extension, too?

If you have not altered the cutter, try facing with it. Remember that at the centre, the cutting speed is zilch, so the downwards force on the cutter is at a minimum.

Thread: Myford Vice for Vertical Slide
16/07/2019 13:18:12

No myford and don’t use a milling attachment on a lathe, but firstly I don’t use the swivelling base on my machines. Secondly, I agree with Mick - holding items close to the slide can be challenging enough, without introducing extra distance between slide and workpiece.

It may be satisfactory for some materials, but....

Thread: Cheap Tipped Tool Set - Maybe not all bad..?
16/07/2019 13:02:03

Apart from the shortcomings you have discovered and corrected(?), there is always the possibility that the carbide was of a ‘less than optimum’ grade for most, or many, turning operations.

First thought is that they may well be ground to a point - which is likely the first to chip, without a small radius....

Thread: Myford Vice for Vertical Slide
14/07/2019 10:26:43

Back in the 70s? Unlikely that those items would have been cast in a back yard foundry like many are these days!

Thread: Different ways of boring a hole
14/07/2019 10:08:12

Rather depends on the shape and size of the workpiece and how deep the hole needs to be.

Pointless to use 3) if only a thin item?

Pointless if item is so out of balance for 2).

1) is an option if one actually has a mill.

I do it the simplest and easiest way dependent on the job.


Edited By not done it yet on 14/07/2019 10:11:43

Thread: Cable Gland?
14/07/2019 07:54:06

If it is the common ‘K type’ transducer get another that can be sealed, is my suggestion.

Edited By not done it yet on 14/07/2019 07:54:38

Thread: Aldi bargain laser level
14/07/2019 07:49:29


I thought everyone would understand that particular grouping of two letters!

BUT, it is still good to befuddle those that just reply without really having a clue of the topic under discussion. But, yes, acronyms should be accompanied by the real full wording on the first occasion of use. Now, how often have I needed to back-track in a report because I missed the first occurrence? More times than I could possibly remember...

Thread: Items of Caving Equipment
14/07/2019 07:37:33

I doubt the sound of running water,in complete darkness, is particularly restful if one knows that the water level is rising .... and there is no easy exit!

Thread: Electric Cars
14/07/2019 07:33:00


How do auto-piloted vehicles react to a good covering of snow? Do they simply stop?

How about black ice? Can they see it? Do they attempt the impossible(like some drivers on u-tube videos where the vehicle simply accelerates backwards after losing adhesion attempting to drive up a slope?

Perhaps they will simply take to the air in future?

Thread: Myford Vice for Vertical Slide
14/07/2019 07:08:23

I don’t know how ‘original’ that vise might be. Could have been cast in some back yard in India. I would expect subcontract machine shops would have far better vises to start with - not a myford hobby exhibit.

Likely, too, that any hard-worked commercial vise has replaceable jaws?

I suspect it is not a vise from the 70s or before. Myford quality started(?) to go downhill when they imported from asia? Cheap and cheerful, I would suggest. Cheap casting, minimum machining and no replacable wearing parts. Give me an Abwood any day (probably now sourced from the far east but built robustly).

Thread: Electric Cars
13/07/2019 15:23:43
Posted by pgk pgk on 13/07/2019 14:58:14

As part of their vertical strategy Tesla are reported to be actively looking at the insurance market for that very reason and have already claimed that owners will be able to place their own vehicles into the Robotaxis network when not needed by themselves (If/when they ever get autonomy working well enough). And with unique access to vehicle logs they will be able to quote premiums based on user data re speeds, road types, driving behavious etc.

Additionally, they would have access to all the data prior to, and including, the incident!

13/07/2019 10:14:22

C’mon guys,

Perhaps I’ll be accused of being condescending again, but it is actually reality (not thinking with the fairies) that all vehicles can be fitted with GPS locators which can pinpoint your actual position to metres, so could calculate/measure every journey. Very simple, then, to charge the registered owner by distance travelled for that particular vehicle. Tesla virtually monitor it already!

No reason, these days, that goods vehicles should ever be overloaded as they can have load cells fitted to monitor how much load they are carrying (as well as the distribution over the axles). Last time I loaded a grain wagon with corn, the driver told us how much more he could accommodate and where to tip the bucketfuls of grain.

Simples.  Make road usage charges by distance and mass?

Only 30 years to develop and standardise the infrastructure? How long have mobile phones been around (in their pocket sized format)? How long has personal computing been available? ICE cars have only been around for about 120 years. Get real, times change, technology marches on. I don’t necessarily like all of that, but it is reality.

30 years ago, mobile phones were ‘bricks’. I bought a Model B BBC Acorn computer with 32kB of RAM (Ive still got it) back in the very early ‘80s.

For our hobby, how long will it be before 3-D printing takes over rather more than it does already? How long before manual lathes and milling machines are relegated to the pastime of the minority of model engineers?

I do hope that the younger generation can be better informed of the dangers that humans cause to themselves and the environment, and actually take it onboard. If they don’t, the end of civilisation (as we know it) will not be far off by the end of this century.

Into my 7th decade, it will not particularly affect me - but it will be a problem for my grandchildren and their off-spring. Thinking ahead has never been a strong point of humans, even though we do have that capability.

That includes Joe Public as well as those large companies that are currently raping the planet and its life-forms. We can think DDT, CFC aerosols and refrigerants, plastic waste, mercury in the food chain and loads of other errors made in the past. Companies could include fossil fuel, cigarette manufacturers, asbestos users, pesticide manufactures, among others. They have all had strong lobbyists at some time or another.

The worst scenario, of course, might be the (inevitable?) use of modern-day nuclear warfare, which could easily mark the end of most life on the planet (any read Neville Shute’s ‘On The Beach’? Published in 1957, only about 60 years ago, but could still turn out to be starkly true. Humans do seem to have a certain propensity to destroy themselves and their surroundings.

Go on, have a real think before condemning the inevitable change from ICE vehicles. They are totally unsustainable in the longer term, in their present form.

Edited By not done it yet on 13/07/2019 10:16:49

12/07/2019 19:46:32
Posted by Clive Hartland on 12/07/2019 14:31:38:

I am at a loss to understand how they are going to replace ALL the diesel lorries that are used for carriage of goods to electric. Also how are they going to get an electric Bulldozer or a JCB unless diesel. In fact any earthmover?

As usual, behind the curve! Have a look at this if you don’t believe me. Check up on the large number of electric trucks and vans now available.

HYVE are already working with JCB and JCB are soon to introduce their first all-electric excavator.

If you don’t believe me, read it for yourself, here:


It would help if all the naysayers would do a little research before posting? Or is it just ‘heads in the sand’ mindset?

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