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Thread: Fitting DRO to a mini mill
28/07/2021 19:10:58
Posted by andrew lyner on 28/07/2021 18:06:
the front of the mill table is a vulnerable position.

Agreed. I did say there are some down-sides. It just means that protection must be more substantial and secure. The table lock is the other side on the Centec, but on the Raglan the scale needed careful positioning, but still obstructs the gib adjusters.

I would not be surprised if the travel loss is more than 15mm. You might lose 40-50mm to the vise fixed jaw and only be able to reach just 30-40mm across a workpiece fixed between the jaws. 15mm extra, above 30mm would be an extra 50% in reach - not to be sniffed at if it happens to be as bad as that!

Thread: New Chuck won’t screw on
28/07/2021 18:54:25

Deleted.  Double posted

Edited By not done it yet on 28/07/2021 19:14:31

28/07/2021 18:54:23
Posted by duncan webster on 28/07/2021 18:34:47:

If one buys something and it's not fit for purpose, send it back. Any attempt at rectifying it, buying a tap for instance, will void any warranty, and anyway why should you be put to the expense of a tap.

one advantage of ebay/paypal is the no quibble return

Edited By duncan webster on 28/07/2021 18:36:04

As well as ebay, I would recommend everyone to ask for (or even demand) a receipt for expensive goods at exhibitions, etc. I’ve heard more than enough stories of poor items not being accepted as sourced from stalls - RDG not excluded in that - although I cannot remember the particular item(s) involved.

Thread: Fitting DRO to a mini mill
28/07/2021 15:45:57

Neither are mini-mills but both my x axis scales are fitted to the front edge of the table. Some down-sides, but better than reducing the y axis travel - which is considerably reduced if using a vise (fitted in the usual ‘across the T-slots’ direction) for work-holding.

Edited By not done it yet on 28/07/2021 15:47:19

Thread: Maximat V10-P Lathe Headstock Gears
28/07/2021 12:43:42

Latest news about them

Apparently still trading, but …

The owner(?) of the unit opposite told me that the owner was severely asthmatic and only looks in a couple or perhaps three times a week - he has been shielding/furloughing for some time.

The gent told me that he was there ‘most of yesterday’. He noted down my ‘phone number and said he would pass it to him the next time he sees him. He also said he is never ever there on a Friday.

Thread: Tapers
27/07/2021 20:29:56

Oily Rag,

Have you considered measuring it a little more accurately yourself? Two ball bearings, of different but known sizes, used to measure the distance from a fixed point to the balls when dropped in the taper, then apply a little trig to calculate the angle. Possibly closer than guessing.

Possibly get to within a smidge with a good digi angle gauge?

Or can you just use the half centre to set the cutting/grinding angle on the lathe?

Thread: is a belt sander any good for hss tooling
27/07/2021 20:02:19

They are all abrasives - often Aluminium oxide - whether belts, discs or stones. They all can abrade HSS quite controllably with Al 2O3 abrasive. I simply touch up my parting-off cutter by holding it against a belt.

Easier to change a belt, for different grades of abrasive, than only having choice of one or two stones fitted to a bench grinder. Not so handy if you require a hollow ground finish.

After ~60 years of sharpening things, one should know the basics of the process, if not the latest technological progress with abrasives.

Thread: Valve Run Out Gauge
27/07/2021 19:19:55

Yeahbut…. The sodium in the valve stems also transferred heat from the head to the stemms for dissipation via the guides. Not as simple as a morris minor, for sure.

Thread: Centec 2B - New arrival and Q&A
27/07/2021 13:13:16


Don’t over-think things too much! If a 10mm length of threaded rod will suffice, just use that as needed and get a 10mm threaded one (Arc sells one for £5.20 plus delivery). I have 10mm, 3/8” and 5/16” drawbars, some which simply stay with the tool (definitely the smallest chuck with the 5/16’ thread). Mine are complicated by some bits needing to be used on the other mill (or even in the lathe). I made all the imperial drawbar nuts from the same length of hex so they fit the same spanner. Metric are double-nutted.

I have a row of screws, in a board on the wall, and hang the tools up by the drawbar nut. Some screws get used, some don’t. The 10mm drawbars get most use and my Clarkson is not often put into service these days.

Next time I take the ER32 chuck off my Raglan, I will be fitting an ER16 and get a third nut for the set (that way I can just swap cutters and nuts rather than separate the cutter, then collet, from the nut for each change). I expect, at some point I might pick up a few extra collets in the most used sizes, giving more options when changing cutters.

One of the first things I made on my mill was a pair of wedges for removing Morse Taper tooling. Saves ‘bumping’ with a soft faced mallet - just loosen the drawbar a bit and prise off the taper with the wedges.

26/07/2021 21:36:30

Hi William,

I can't seem to move the vertical head ontop of the riser block even with the nuts slackened off, it seems to be held fast. Before I do anything stupid, is there a common cause for this?

The drive belt will stop the whole thing from sliding and the belt adjuster may well prevent the head sliding on the riser block keyway. There is only one position for the vertical head when in use.

Both other posters have good points to bear in mind.

It takes up a lot of space, doesn’t it? Mine needs even more as it has a power feed drive on the end of the table - another ~6”.

You will need the motor reverse when you change between vertical and horizontal milling. My VFD defaults to the same setting each time the power is switched off - something to rememer if yours is the same.🙂

Thread: Leveling machines
26/07/2021 18:59:48

The Alien in the House (AH) has spoken, once again. Perhaps his comments should be directed at the OP?

26/07/2021 16:50:51

Questions: Are boats level, when at sea? If they needed to be precisely level to the planet Earth surface, how did the navy cope with all those Drummonds during the war?

Thread: Tapers
26/07/2021 09:27:28
Posted by Peter Ellis 5 on 25/07/2021 11:48:35:

Probably a daft question, but what are the B Series tapers, please ?

I was looking for an MT1 JT6 drill chuck arbour, but kept getting offered the B series ones. I´m familiar with Jacobs JT ones and even B&S ones, but B16 meant nothing. Machinerys Handbook didn´t seem to mention them.



Question: What year is your Mach. Handbook? Mine is definitely an older version, so may not include more recent european standardisations.

In simplicity, tapers are easy to compare as long as the taper is quoted in the same units - taper per unit length.. Imperial tapers quoted as inches per foot will not be the same as the european standard, but inches taper per inch will be the same numerical value as feet per foot, or mm per mm (or even m per m!). As these comparisons will show, the B16 taper is the same as the MT2 taper.

Edited By not done it yet on 26/07/2021 09:29:32

Thread: X2.7L vs SX2.7L
26/07/2021 09:10:02

Have you asked the suppliers for a comparison? They should know.

I would expect one of two reasons for change to brushless - either better or cheaper.

Thread: Myford Gear Spacers
25/07/2021 19:00:42

I’m quite confident the spacers should be 5/8” - not 16mm! Myford didn’t know much about metric. Only 15.87mm.🙂

Thread: Is there a chart for drill hole dia vs. boring bar size?
25/07/2021 09:21:04

I'd agree that it makes sense to use the largest diameter and stiffest boring bar available in any given situation.

The main problem arising is that most 25mm boring bars are not made to fit a lathe with an 8mm toolpost.🙂

I believe the most recent case of a ‘learner’ getting a tapered bore was due to using the compound slide for feeding the cutter?

Thread: Hydrogen
25/07/2021 09:10:27

Re road usage tax.

Tesla can do it. So could the government. That is including software that can effectively prevent the vehicle using the roads. Computer software to monitor road usage and compare to tax paid. No payment snd vehicle could be immobilised. Simple enough?

Also the computer would obviously know where the vehicle was located - if in a public space it could simply be recovered and scrapped/crushed/re-sold/recycled to pay the debt - or whatever the government dreams up.

Systems such as this will be implemented - probably sooner than later.🙂

Thread: New Chuck won’t screw on
25/07/2021 08:52:00

Then check the runout of the front face outboard of the step and skim that part true if needed. Then refit the chuck.

Steady on! You’re not suggesting that rdg would get that wrong as well? I am very selective when buying items, so don’t often buy from that source. I would guess that only s small proportion of parts are actually checked at the time of manufacture - and likely no further checks at all (unless a complaint arises? ).

Thread: Royal Mail Tracking Numbers!
24/07/2021 12:36:01

Watch out re some ebay deliveries. Some say stock in the UK, but delivery is from china.

Thread: Hydrogen
24/07/2021 12:31:18

I just watched that video.

Simply him comparing his new car with the old one? Yes. As a car journalist, would he provide all the down-sides? No. Not many of his profession would do that - they lose the ‘jollies’ they get from the car makers, wouldn’t they?

No mention of whether his hydrogen is ‘green’ or if it is simply produced from fossil fuels.

He could not really avoid the availability of re-fuelling points, but that does not affect Toyota.

Do Toyota not make battery only EVs? Oh yes they do!

’Orses for courses’? Definitely.

Fuel cells must refine the combustion air before use - or they become ‘poisoned’ (a bit like catalytic converters on cars if leaded petrol was used). There would not be any ‘vehicle engine emmission’ pollution to clean up if FF ICE cars were no longer running. But the fuel cells would still require cleaned combustion air, even if all other vehicles were BEVs (likewise with no ‘tail-pipe’ emissions).

We all need to watch/listen more carefully - and analyse/consider what is behind these videos. I’m quite sure of that.

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