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Thread: Hydrogen-powered train makes UK maiden journey
30/09/2020 10:00:14
Posted by J Hancock on 30/09/2020 09:26:21:

Not against the idea but it still relies on 'making electricity' by a rotating machine , with all that implies, in order to

'recharge ' the tanks .

' That' ( nuclear power stations ), are falling like skittles at the moment ( Hitachi, EDF, China?/Sizewell/Bradwell ).

At the moment I expect it is actually running on fossil derived fuel. No moving parts for solar PV energy production, mind. Hydrogen production from electricity is only worthwhile when there is a surplus, over grid use, which cannot be utilised elsewhere. Can’t see it happening in the short term. Maybe in a few years?

Thread: BOMBSHELL!! last!
30/09/2020 09:49:13

Weight on the net says 75kg - but 95kg on that epay item from Halifax

Possibly the input power from the mains is 850W - but what is the output power? 400W?

As usual, those that buy ‘blind’ may well be short-changed on what they expect/hope to get. So John (Journeyman) seems to have hit the nail securely on the head. “Caveat Emptor" applies with a vengeance, IMO.

Spares? Repairs? Service? Warranty? Accuracy? May be others.

29/09/2020 18:24:20
Posted by not done it yet on 13/09/2020 13:14:53:

Well, I’ve tried that because I was surprised by that claim on the 11th.

I turned down a piece of steel bar (for about 15-20mm) until the end of the bar was just insufficient to lift my 10 x 5 Eclipse (~1/2mm on the diameter was the last cut). I then left it with a strip of mild(?) steel plate covering more than the chuck area and the magnet switched on.

I will attempt to compare the magnetic force per unit area or the lifting/holding power of the chuck at some point if there is a specification in the manual linked in other posts.

An update. I checked with the piece of steel, as previously. I detected no difference whatsoever. The test may not be entirely definitive as the bar cross section at the end was relatively small, compared to the whole table area, but switched on for well over a fortnight with a sheet of steel over the whole area showed no discernible increase of magnetic power.

The chuck, I decided/realised, had been switched off for virtually the whole period, previous to its recent move to my workshop, as the handle would have been projecting outside the end of the frame - and it was not stored in a sensible position to have the handle sticking out...

Thread: 3/16 Cast Iron Rod
29/09/2020 17:04:03

Here you are Bazyle.


That is how it is done/what it is for. Simple expansion experiment. for Physics or Science lessons.

edit: Fig 2 experiment

Edited By not done it yet on 29/09/2020 17:05:13

Thread: Ideal Rotary Table size
29/09/2020 13:09:22
Posted by Kevin Hodgkins on 29/09/2020 12:54:39:

I have a Soba HV6, on my SX2.7 it's fine using it horizontally, but vertically the mounting slots are too wide apart for the table t-slots. I've not needed to use it vertically yet, but I'm sure a clamping arrangement can be devised.

Same here. My Vertex are the same. I have made a mounting plate for one of them, for one of the mills.

Thread: Cheap Milling Vice Question
29/09/2020 12:50:10
Posted by Circlip on 29/09/2020 10:55:01:

"While this is in part to protect the advertisers who largely fund this site "

Oh dear, the times they are a changing. Can remember, despite numerous complaints of malpractice from users with proven cases, ONE site advertiser was protected vehemently and continued to "Rook" the customers. Some of us have loooooong memories.

Regards Ian

Poor quality or service is one thing, but with potentially unsafe items (marked ‘china export, not with approved european safety clearance), that is another. Where (UK) legal action cannot be taken for recompense, in the case of any of the above examples, any endorsements by third parties can cost a packet to anyone following that advice.

A good airing of a bonafide complaint about a UK supplier will not do their reputation any good whatsoever. But they can improve, if it is shown the supplier is wanting in any area of supply or support.

Some advertisers on the forum doubtless get better reviews than some others.

Thread: Ideal Rotary Table size
29/09/2020 12:28:14

My milling machine tables are, according to the literature, 610 x 127mm and 530 x 139mm. I use 150mm RTs on either. Could have done with a larger one, if anything, for the Centec. A smaller one might have been preferable for the Raglan, but I get by. Other factors apply, rather than the table dimensions.

Rarely(?) is anything ‘ideal’ - often not more than the job it was initially purchased for.  It is usually a compromise of some sort.

Edited By not done it yet on 29/09/2020 12:31:28

Thread: Rocol T.F.P Spray
28/09/2020 19:07:25

Has the name changed to “moisture Guard”? If so, several on ‘goggle’.

Thread: ER 32 Collet Tightening Torque.
28/09/2020 19:01:43

Thanks, Jason.

Thread: Ways to use your calipers
28/09/2020 18:52:41

Is that for growth rate or confirmation of checking the right lion?

Thread: ER 32 Collet Tightening Torque.
28/09/2020 18:50:31

Get a longer spanner? End of problem.🙂

Good commercial machine shops likely always torque the nuts when changing the cutter. Off the machine, not on it - like most of us do it.

How much torque reduction do we get for using a bearing nut?

Thread: Covid causing mental health issues.
28/09/2020 18:42:35


I’m much in agreement with what you posted - pwrhaps with a few exceptions.

I agree with the aviation. We could survive without it.

Football is geared for success - making money. Some will fail. So what? Football and other sports will continue at a lower level. The top level is there for what?

Mental health. Much like obesity - it just did not happen in world war II (lets not include shell-shock trauma sufferers). I suspect that a lot (not all, of course) mental health (and obesity) is self-inflicted. Expecting a pill to ‘cure’ the problem (quite likely caused by taking pills in the first place) and/or a pill to reduce poor eating habits just adds to the cost of the NHS at a time when we should all be able to put right the ‘ills’ by changing our outlook - or expectations. Rightly, there are some who need help for mental issues (and some for obesity) but I honestly believe a lot is down to over-blown social expectations.

Just at the moment, the NHS needs all the help it can receive to minimise the covid load, not students ‘jollying it up’ and creating infection hotspots (reported as at the rate of 6000/100,000 infection rate on one forum) or people complaining of the limitations on their activities.

I know that my local pub didn’t care a hoot about social distancing (until recently). I suspect that if the names of those shouting that covid is a hoax, etc,were recorded so that if they catch it they would forego any NHS treatment, there would be fewer out there complaining.

Thread: 3/16 Cast Iron Rod
28/09/2020 16:54:12

I would expect a short length of suitably heat treated high carbon steel would fail with a suitably sudden and noisy mode of failure?

Maybe there might be a few flying fragments, safety pecs and behind a screen for them and also some for you should suffice. Care with safety is possibly one reason for the high price of basically a shear pin. Do you pour cold water over the heated bar to speed things up?🙂

Sleight of hand is a good ploy for experiments such as this - distribute rusty examples of annealed pins for some to try and break, but use a ‘hard as glass’ pin in the experiment.

I used to do the same with a challenge of catching a small rod as it fell through and out of a copper pipe. The magnet had to look like the rod.🙂

Edited By not done it yet on 28/09/2020 16:54:45

Thread: Cheap Milling Vice Question
28/09/2020 10:40:56

I have numerous vises around the place.

Chester (Ugh. Used on the Centec but limited, partly by the fact of only two table T-slots on the Centec. Generally used only for the extra opening width, with the jaws fitted behind and in front of the usual positions. The vise is not particularly refined, but it was my first purchase after buying the Centec.

Abwood 4” (good)

Abwood tilting (Good, but big - not used often but when needed is very good. Certainly needs the riser block on the Centec!

70 and 90mm type 2 vises from Arc (Delightful to use, once used to their operation. Both in regular use. One bought directly from Arc and other (in as-new condition) from a forum member who was disillusioned with it. Clearance between bolt and bed checked before use - bigger one was from an earlier batch and needed the bolt shortening slightly to be idiot-proof - presumably that fault has since been rectified at source. Main gripe is the (common) use of allen head screws which collect swarf - I may eventually change one, or both, for a bolt which will accept a box spanner 🙂 . I particularly like that they can easily be moved back and forth on the table to help with ‘reach’ on occasions).

Thread: Machinery hire?
27/09/2020 18:31:26
Posted by duncan webster on 27/09/2020 18:03:21:

I've seen what I can only describe as 'scoop lorries' picking up rubble from building jobs around here, a telescopic arm with a clamshell grab mounted on a big lorry. Not sure how far they reach, but ring a local skip hire chap, they will know someone who has one.

I watched the water company fitting a meter a couple of weeks ago. One man loosening the ground with a jack hammer and the loosened clods being sucked into a large truck. Suction pipe was likely a couple hundred mm in diameter. They finished the job in about an hour from start to finish, with most of the gang standing around when I passed by (three times).

Edited By not done it yet on 27/09/2020 18:31:58

Thread: Removing bang in self tappers
27/09/2020 18:22:19

Tried a pair of pliers? No need to mask the ‘window if you intend changing it. They usually unscrew easily, once started.

Thread: Restoring a wooden tool box, help needed
27/09/2020 15:06:11
Posted by Donovan Kaardal on 27/09/2020 12:44:30:
Posted by KWIL on 27/09/2020 11:19:45:

Veritas is a trade name of Lee Valley Tools, Ottawa. A family owned firm. Google it to view some treasures.

I lived right by their store and manufacturing location in Ottawa (Nepean) for years. It was a very expensive time for me.

It was a definite ‘must visit’ whenever we went to Ottawa. Space In our luggage was always made for quite a few quids worth of stuff, on our return.

Thread: Cheap Milling Vice Question
27/09/2020 14:58:14
Posted by Circlip on 27/09/2020 12:50:52:

Can't see how "C of C" has been contravened....

Likely from a rubbish supplier that often sells reject items and is utterly useless regarding any recompense for trash sold? If it is, there is likely some fault somewhere.🙂 I think they specialise in selling rejects.

Thread: WM16 or SX2
27/09/2020 09:55:26

A good decision, I would say. At least you will have no regrets because of your meanness!🙂 Well done - you can now start playing. Good luck with your machining.

Thread: What *should* a Warco Super Major Milling Machine be able to accomplish?
27/09/2020 09:49:40
Posted by Steviegtr on 26/09/2020 16:48:02:

I did see one article by Hass who said if the cutter is wide enough, do not run it central down the work. Slight offset gives a better cut. I do this now if the piece to be cut is narrower than the cutter, to allow such a cut.

Also when the trailing edge of the cutter comes along, does it show a arc on the work the opposite way. Meaning the cutter is touching at both ends.

Only from a amateur prospective of course.


If the cutter is wider than the workpiece, cutting to one side should emulate conventional milling (avoiding climb milling on smaller machines), while cutting with It offset . As always, I suppose there are limits to how far the cutter should be offset, to avoid other issues...

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